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  1. Chelsea vs Southampton

    Yep, I suppose so Ham. Such garbage from the likes of Neville, Shearer, Lineker and Jenas. Complete rubbish.
  2. Chelsea vs Southampton

    Absolutely Kev! Agree totally, they had nothing creative at all. In fact both teams were pedestrian I thought. I couldn't believe how the TV muppets were talking the game up - how fantastic it was and so on. It was poor, really poor and I was left wondering how we could possibly be in 5th place in the league, given how bad both of those teams were.
  3. I'm having trouble unscrambling this apparent contradiction James. Are you OK with Conte staying or not?
  4. Try rewriting that in English old boy. Go on - you can do it.
  5. Sorry old boy, don't understand your banter. My comment has been quite straightforward in its attention to that which you contributed. Once agin, it's a shame. You start well with a worthy contribution and then once again deny that which you actually said previously.
  6. I don't think so. The fact is that you said that you didn't like an approach based on the opponent making mistakes and that approach is exemplified by JM more emphatically than any other manager on the planet.
  7. Then you and I are of like mind I reckon. At least we could give him another season to see what comes to pass?
  8. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Indeed so Rod. Very good. Sums up the pros and cons of Cesc succinctly.