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  1. But I do think Dave, that the only reason you got involved to the extent that you did was in order to defend JM. Had it been someone else, Wenger for example, who had labelled us simply as a counter-attacking team, then I think you would have been in the opposite camp.
  2. So do I, but it's not necessarily counter-attacking, quite clearly.
  3. No. Not only not quite. Not at all. Having possession of the ball and passing it around at the back before moving it forward, whether with a single long ball or in a series of further constructive passes is not counter-attacking. It's controlled movement of the ball and players with a view to constructive, creative attacking play. Not sitting back and waiting for a mistake from the opposition before seizing on an opportunity to capitalise on a mistake and loss of possession from them to allow for the launch of a riposte. That would be a counter-attack. There seems to be no lengths you're prepared to go to merely to defend your hero Dave and both you and your compadre on this have resorted to desperation on this one ad nauseam.
  4. No idea what you're talking about there I'm afraid. What I said was quite clear. Anyway, I've had enough now.
  5. Garbage Take the famous goal scored by Argentina in a world cup. 26 passes. a lot of them square, but always retaining possession before applying the final decisive cut and thrust. Not counter attacking at all and not defensive either. Simply patient, controlled, inventive attacking play.
  6. Not at all. Firstly because I am not trying to "get out of" anything. I really couldn't care less about the whole stupid argument really. Secondly because there are countless times when an attack is launched by pushing forwards. In fact always surely? For example, from a goal kick the GK passes the ball short to a FB who in turn passes it square to a CB who then moves it on to the other FB who then launches a long pass forwards to a colleague who continues the move, exactly as described in Dave's post. That's not a counter attack is it? And it does result in an attack.
  7. Not entirely Dave. Because Pedro's goal started from a series of passes by our back 3 doesn't necessarily imply it was a counter attack and the fact that there then followed a long ball doesn't either.
  8. Yeh, I noticed that myself Bob. Can't imagine why.
  9. So if that's the only conclusion that one can take, then it can't be inferred that it's a predominately counter-attacking team as well. Not if that was the only conclusion it was possible to take.
  10. Yep, pretty much like Diego in fact.
  11. Yeh. What was it that Ian St John said about Norman Hunter? "Top player. Had a lovely left foot. Used to belong to a German lad I think".
  12. Added to that Matt, as a player, particularly for Utd, his game was very like Diego's too. He had some real technical ability, but he was always a "bovver boy" at the same time.
  13. Very good for us as a player, but always been a manager who has adopted physical intimidation as a tactic. Largely because of the teams he's managed, which has embittered him down the years I suspect. He's always felt that he's not been given a chance to manage a top team, particularly ourselves and in that Blackburn game and today his team's approach reflected his sense of injustice. His post match interview today was a complete travesty of what took place in the game.
  14. Yep. You and I in sync totally on this Sam. Hughes? A "boyo" thug manager in every sense and he routinely sends his team out to assault the opposition whenever he deems them to be superior, particularly us. He's a piece of crap.
  15. Exactly the thought I had to, when the players were told by JM to throw their shirts to our fans.