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  1. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Well yes. Some things really do never change.
  2. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Really? A strong word from yourself doncha know?
  3. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    For all our "problems" Nobly, we still can't be lower than 3rd in the table tonight.
  4. Eden Hazard

    Yep, I loved him.
  5. Eden Hazard

    I agree with you Ham.
  6. Media / Press

    Well that's not surprising surely? Since no-one will have the authority or the right to "send people to Auschwitz". They might invite people to go there to see for themselves what it was like, in order to cause them to reflect on their own attitudes, but they wouldn't be able to mandate it, but then that's probably not what you meant?
  7. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    I'm surprised to see you include Barclay Holy.
  8. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    So it would seem at the moment, but I remain hopeful that it may change eventually, if for no other reason than the current mediocrity of the alternatives.
  9. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    Yep, I like that. I'd still like to see CHO featuring on the bench though.
  10. Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

    Maybe, but he's been really poor tonight.
  11. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    There's been a good exchange of opinions about this game here and here's a link to The Coaches View of the match to stimulate more of that:'+Voice&utm_campaign=28c861df2f-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_10_02_09_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cb36640fea-28c861df2f-79980797
  12. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Exactly, that's why I said they should be given a chance. Personally I've already seen enough to form a very positive opinion of their qualities.
  13. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Agree on both counts Kev. We're doing OK I think, but CHO and Ampadu should be given a chance, not because it's good to give the youngsters a chance, but because they really are the best players in their positions that we have.
  14. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Agreed Martin. Far too many on here determined to be negative whatever happens.
  15. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Well I would certainly have liked to see those 1 selected as well. Nevertheless, we did beat them mate and they won’t have enjoyed that.