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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Nice one that man.
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Well....yeh. I'm afraid we might have to alas.
  3. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yes indeed. Yet again I've been out-kellied, (and out-hammed to boot in fact! Formidable mon brave.......
  4. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Ah right. Thanks Ham.
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Right....???? I like it, but nevertheless in this case your acute rhetoric leaves me nonplussed my liege......
  6. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    To be fair it only started with a brief and light-hearted exchange concerning Cicero being the major instigator of the art of rhetoric, the power of persuasive speaking. He was also a philosopher, but what views he actually held I don't know and they weren't brought into the discussion on here. How or why his nibs the messiah ever got brought into the equation I really don't know. He never had anything to contribute with respect to rhetoric at all, whether or not he existed.
  7. Chelsea vs Manchester United

  8. No idea what you're talking about Kev. "high-level" referred to the description of Sarriball and I used the word because I thought the description was "high-level" and could not be considered detailed. "Enjoyable" was used because I simply wished you an enjoyable evening and again, I don't know how you find that patronising.
  9. Yes, that seems reasonable to me.
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yep. Makes the point emphatically, that adopting a playing style which plays to the strengths of the playing staff available will optimise the potential performance level of the team. Whereas forcing a style down the throats of a squad, without due consideration to their natural preferences, is always going to be a problem for all concerned.
  11. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yep, fair enough. Pity that RLC is unavailable.
  12. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    OK. Thanks Bob. Yep, Cicero was yer man for rhetoric, although 'Arry Stottle was also a big noise in that department methinks.
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Yeh, the equipment was certainly really primitive then. Bit like League 2 today.
  14. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Studiously noted sir. Thank you very much. I believe that Cicero was a major proponent? Can't remember who he played for. AS Roma I guess.....
  15. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Well you name 5 players that you think look tired there, but then you have all of them involved in your own selection. You have 4 actually starting and 1 on the bench.