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  1. Somewhat extravagant there I'd suggest Ghost.
  2. Best suggestion so far, although I'd like to have kept Sarri really. We'd been through the hardest part of the transition and were looking much better at the end of the season. Having done that it would have made sense to reap the benefit of going through that pain for me. Instead we're flapping around looking at alternatives, none of whom are clear cut and all of whom come with question marks over their name.
  3. Well that's good coming from you. You clearly don't understand betting markets.
  4. Well he doesn't have to take the job.
  5. Eden Hazard

    Hey Nobly! Welcome back mate.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeh! Now that'll be a good old ding-dong won't it?
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hey yeh... nice one LoC..... But more seriously, what happens if a football club, (not just us, there must be others who could be affected by this), has signed a player by virtue of him coming from the EU and then we leave the EU, assuming that B will happen eventually? As far as I understand it, that's one of the major things that still hasn't been determined about the consequences of B yet - what happens to foreign nationals in the EU and what happens to Brits in the EU post the exit?
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes, but are we? That's a longer running question even than our managerial position is......
  9. 1) Err...yes in fact. At least with respect to "figures bookmakers". 2) Nope. You don't know if they've taken big money from anyone or whether they've taken money in smaller amounts from a lot of people. Also what do you mean by "very attractive odds"? 3) It's relevant because, as I said not all bookmakers make the need to balance a book their number 1 priority. They use another approach.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    What does he do now?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh yes. That sounds great. Really good. What do you mean - twerp? Have you not heard it before? It is a bit old I agree and I know you're such a young thing.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was joking ya twerp! As for the emboldened bit.... now I'm sure you're still groggy!! By the way, did the dynamic duo go away on honeymoon? If so where have they gone?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    So you're still drunk from the wedding then.........