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  1. Media / Press

    Sorry, but what do you mean by "culture marxism"?
  2. Media / Press

    Agreed 100% Mr Bartlett. It's so bloody tiresome. That's why my enjoyment of a live match was always ruined; because there were so many mindless morons spouting confrontational vitriol without context or cessation. Boring, gormless garbage! People talk about "passion"!? I'll give you a better "P" word - perspective.
  3. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Clare's just too Union Jack for me I'm afraid.
  4. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Crookes! He's been in the job for so long now and he must be the most ingratiating pundit of them all - by far!
  5. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Well who you know can help of course, but you still have to be able to do the job. I'd say that both Kelly and Gabby play their roles pretty well. The other 2? Not as good for me, but it's so subjective I guess.
  6. Media / Press

    Anyone's would. Now just add Sky to that and you'll be bordering Arcadia.
  7. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Do we? How can you be sure and even if it was true that she benefited from that connection, I still agree with James when he said: "True - that said, she is a damn good presenter in her own right in my view. Many new fans wouldn't know she was Kenny's daughter, objectively she is good at her job."
  8. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Absolutely Kenny and I'm sure he will if he's uncovered.
  9. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Well said mate.
  10. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Ah yes. I remember him.
  11. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Yep! Good reply Rod.
  12. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Well maybe Kev, but I still think that Sarri should be given his chance to try and do it his way. I agree that it’s really frustrating to watch us passing the ball for the sake of it, but I’d still rather that than all the JM bullshit that went before it.
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    And it certainly shall not Mark. I enjoy the contributions of both Ham and yourself as you well know. I just wonder about the bent stuff from time to time that’s all. It’s all in the fall-out from sickening disappointment when we lose I think. And that I understand absolutely.
  14. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    If games are “manipulated” then they’re bent and it’s not worth watching. We’ve won a lot of stuff since Roman bought the club and that flies in the face of your conspiracy theories I reckon.
  15. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Given that you think it’s all bent why do you bother watching?