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  1. You don't think we can get longer than that then Ham?
  2. Indeed it is Johnny
  3. You're a real soldier Kev and no mistake.
  4. So are you a fan of De Bruyne now then Dave. I may well be remembering things incorrectly, but when we let him go I thought you had not been bothered as you hadn't rated him then. He's certainly done well for them I think for sure and I agree that the list of players you've put up there is quite formidable. I'm still unsure about Stones however.
  5. Well, they have been playing better lately Ham. Mind you, they were certainly entitled to. They've got Ozil and Sanchez who are good players and will need watching for sure.
  6. Actually they've been playing much better over the last couple of months. The switch to our system seems to be a major reason and the most recent thinking on that suggest that their defensive frailties may not be as acute as was initially thought. It's up to us to really turn up and take the game to them I think. We are the champions and we should go into the game with that in our DNA.
  7. I think you're straining credibility there Dave. When Jose Mourinho holds up 1 finger in that way it only ever means one thing. That's fair enough when appropriate some might say, although I would much prefer understatement and an unassuming behavioural style myself. In fact, one of the most humorous things I've noticed to come out from last night's victory for Manure is the post-match press conference given by JM, in which he claimed the victory to be a "victory for the humble"! I've got to give it to him there. The idea of JM assuming the role of standard bearer for the humble is akin to Donald Trump claiming his victory was a triumph for the intelligentsia! Even then, JM couldn't stop himself from going too far. He went on to say that it was a victory for the humble because it was a victory for a team that had accepted its limitations and simply tried to nullify the strengths of the opposition and squeeze the best from the far inferior resources and talents at their own disposal. It was an amazing statement from a Manure manager and I wonder what his players might have felt about being portrayed as inferior, plucky johnnies, valiantly overcoming the far superior capabilities of their opponents. Might have sent the wrong message there by talking too much again I reckon. Finally, in that same press conference, (here's the link - ), JM also makes it clear that qualifying for the CL next year by winning a trophy, rather than by finishing 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, is a superior achievement. I don't think so and I don't think you do either. He only said it in a doomed attempt to defray the fact that, after spending a vast amount of money, he had managed to take his team to a finishing position of 6th in the PL.
  8. Well, there's nobody qualified than yourself when it comes to identifying spoilt children. And with respect to the last part of your sentence, it's crystal clear that you're much more excited and pleased with JM's "success" than you are with Conte's. Crystal clear!
  9. Not to mention the Charity Shield!
  10. Yeh, but if they hadn't won last night they would have been in the Europa League again, which would have been far better for us.
  11. Allelujah! Absolutely spot-on, all of it. The last para in particular sums up exactly what was always true about him, always, even when he brought us the initial great success, it was absolutely all about him.
  12. Absolutely. Self-effacing modesty from a genuinely great player. How common that is in today's game! In today's world for that matter!
  13. You worry about every match Matt, but then so do I!
  14. Yes, but they're all in the context of the game, not to orchestrate a guard of honour. That would be the differential they're citing.
  15. I don't think the extent of the collusion really matters. Like I said, agreeing to a halt in the game to allow Terry to be subbed is OK for me in a dead game, but I hadn't been aware of the betting angle I have to admit and that is unfortunate. The key thing that the hostile elements of the media seem to be jumping on is that JT suggested the whole thing himself and that is "typical JT" etc etc. It's not clear to me if those elements of the media are claiming that he merely suggested the substitution on 26 minutes, in which case so what, or whether he also suggested that he be given a guard of honour and/or carried from the field, in which case they, (the media), would be bound to say it was a sign of the ego of the man and all that. In fact, of course, there was a precedent for it anyway, with respect to Didier. I feel that is the most likely background to what happened. That JT remembered how Didier ended his career with Chelsea and thought it would be a nice way for him to go as well, that's all.