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  1. Indeed Bert. Magic stuff.
  2. Thanks Chara. Yes, that must be it - "absorb not learn - absorb not learn - absorb - etc etc Right, forza Pietro!
  3. Thanks Zoowraa
  4. Yeh, I agree Danny
  5. 1) Yes, I'm sure you would and I have too, but read my later post to hear of my experience doing it. 2) How can you be sure of that? Make no mistake, I don't want Costa to stay either, but I am aware of the difficulty in learning a new language, that's all.
  6. Absolutely. I've been here in Italy now for a bit more than 18 months. I've done and still do Babbel Italian online every day. What's the outcome of that? The outcome is that I know a lot about Italian. I know the verb types, how to conjugate them, I know the major irregular verbs and I know about gender, number and how to use the pronouns etc. Yes, I know quite a lot about Italian, but that's not the same as speaking it live. The problem with speaking it to a native is that they have an annoying habit - they reply! And then no language instruction course can help you. Only experience can. Of course, I can converse a little, to to a greater extent than I did before, but I'm still a significant way off where I'd like to be. So I have sympathy with Diego, although I accept that he may not have been strongly motivated. In fact, it's very analogous to learning to play a musical instrument. I've played guitar for a long time now and decided to have a bash at learning the blues and boogie-woogie piano now that I have the time. Again, I have excellent learning resources. There's never been a better time to learn to play a musical instrument. If you only used You Tube there's enough on there to support you. So what's happened? Again I know a lot about music and how to apply that to the piano. I know how you mmake a major chord and turn it into a minor or diminished chord etc. I can play all types of scales and so on, but yet again that ain't playing the piano. To do that you have to sit at the keyboard and labour hard with your uncooperative hands and fingers over and over again. Christ you know it ain't easy! You know how hard it can be!
  7. Sorry, but do you mean it isn't easy or it isn't hard?
  8. Fair enough Danny, but how can you be sure of that?
  9. Look James, speaking as someone who now lives, at least for the time being, in a foreign country, I can tell you that learning the language ain't easy. You imply here that Costa not learning the language is evidence of his lack of application. That may be a reason to some degree but it needn't necessarily be the entire reason. I repeat, it is hard. Have you ever had to do it yourself?
  10. The action in that superb drama/doc didn't take place on an internet forum Kev.
  11. Thank you James. The emboldened bit is exactly what I've been trying to get across and of course you're right - you have a right to be treated the same as all other members. Mind you, I've had some pretty severe tongue-lashings myself sometimes. But I've dished it out too at times. It's just a forum on the internet mate and nothing more. Cheers.
  12. And living in SE London. I think not Batesy! Oh I believe you're Ken alright, but no way are you living there!
  13. I reckon that Jane could do that OK. It might be a bit of a come-down for her though. I'm sure she's got far more money than Marina!
  14. Yeh that could be good. I'm not sure Dave will be up for being Marina, but hey why not. On the other hand, surely that's a role for our excellent on board woman member here - Jane?
  15. God yes! Imagine that. Time we'd reached any sort of agreement it would be time for the January window! Might work actually!!