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  1. Only in patches for me Mikel. Too much square passing and a significant lack of urgency.
  2. No. I don’t think he’ll be under threat because of this
  3. True Mark, but we should have cleared that and been 2 up anyway yeh?
  4. I’m a bit nervous about the introduction of Moura
  5. It’s certainly the midfield which is the problem. We have no presence there and no authority.
  6. Our defence is no defence at all! I think Mendy must be realising what he’s walked into now!
  7. Yes, I think Ross might be a good call for Jorginho soon
  8. That’s me! Mr Establishment! You can ask Jane!
  9. Yep! So far so good from Mendy for sure
  10. I know that mate. I’m not that senile yet, although on my way!
  11. Any number I guess, but I think he should be playing as our centre-forward