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  1. Sell him and get someone who can score 25 goals in the EPL.With the money spent by Chelsea, you lot should be challenging for the title every year. New forward, Lukaku and Ba should be enough for depth in that area. You need squad depth in other areas though. You can't win titles with only 20-22 players.
  2. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    Mata and Fabregas in the summer and Chelsea will be back to its best.
  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Here is an interesting article about the the latest financial statements. Seems to indicate a deficit of 50 million this year for FFP. Next year accounts will have this year's jan spending which might make it difficult but if few high earners leave that could all be sorted. What was shocking to see though for me was the poor growth in revenue from footballing activities. This is a biased article as it seems to be written by a Manchester fan so take it with a pinch of salt. I personally think that Commercial income at Chelsea is poor and you have to find better sponsors than what you have now.
  4. Chelsea Finances Thread

    That is not you have done. What you have done is essentially write off the wages you agreed to pay your players before June 1 2010. You cannot write off the transfer fee no matter what- only amortisation is possible. The rules allow wages to be written off in the first two years so Roman can pay the players wages for the first two years without the club digging into its pocket. The result of all this is you will have a lot of cash to play with in the transfer market. Chelsea are in a far better position than most fans think.
  5. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Few things... Abromovic cannot buy boxes or give money to the club via sponsorships. Friendly sponsorship deals involving big money is not allowed as well and will be monitored by UEFA. He also cannot give gifts- some retarded City fans seem to think that they can get away with it by doing this lol. UEFA may start banning clubs from 2013 so Chelsea have two more years atleast to reduce the loss to 45 million. The transfers made will be amortised so the 70 million spent now will be shown as 14 million in Chelsea's accounts for the year 2011-2012. A few years ago most contracts would be for 4 years but now they are for 5 years so that the amount recorded each year will be minimal. If Roman chooses to invest 150 million then it will be recorded as 30 million a year- a much more manageable figure. Chelsea already have the revenues and they need to be improved a little more to break even - unlike City who have to do a lot more to comply with the regulations. If Chelsea can improve the sponsorship agreements then this could be achieved. Currently Chelsea's commercial revenues don't bring big money like Manchester's and Liverpool's- who are both far ahead in that aspect. If Chelsea overshoot for a year or two, UEFA will put you in observation and guide you. Only if you repeatedly cross over the line will the banning come into the picture. One more thing that Chelsea need to take care of is the wages/ revenue ratio. Under the FFP that figure needs to be about 70% and Chelsea are currently at 68%- if revenues can be increased or player wages can be reduced then it can be reduced. Now coming to converting the losses to equity- the issue here is that a total three year loss of 45 million can only be converted to equity. Which is about 15 million a year (pocket change for Roman surely). If say Chelsea break even but don't have enough money to go into the transfer market then Roman can spend up to 45 million in 3 years and convert it into equity. If Chelsea's wages still remain high and drive the losses to 45 million Roman can convert it into equity as well( again 45 million only). As it stands Arsenal are in pole position to do well when the rules come into play- there may be other clubs who are better off I.e make profit and have no debt (Lyon, Bayern, Spurs, Liverpool ??). Some United fans are saying that they are in a good position as well but they have 80 million in interest payments each year- don't get how they will break even with that much money going out.
  6. Josh Mc Eachran

    Hmm.. haven't watched him tbh. Is Josh McEachran as good as Jack Wilshere? Both are about the same age.