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  1. Raiola sounds like a difficult character. Read Zlatan's autobiography a while back ( it's utter cringeworthy ***t incidentally) but he really respects Raiola. Sounds like he takes no ****t from anyone and has little respect for reputations. Zlatan went to Raiola and asked him to represent him when around mid 20's I think. Raiola pretty much said to him your ***t, how can I represent you with stats like yours ,compared him to his other clients stats to prove this and said come back when you deserve me to represent you ! I'm paraphrasing as its from memory, but that was the jist of it.
  2. Same as Pogba (Raiola) but not Toure ( Selcuk). If you ignore Raiola then you ignore quite a number of the best players around.
  3. ^ It may have been a bit more. However, the standard wage for a first teamer at Chelsea seems to be around 70-80k with the more special players anything from 100k upwards. So the likes of Cahill, Ivanovic etc etc I believe all came in on around 70k per week, maybe different now due to contract extensions etc. Given Lukaku's age at the time, I doubt he would get the 70k per week deal and would expect it to be a bracket below that and somewhere in the 30-50k bracket, but its guesswork on my behalf. As for loan clubs not covering it, they maybe didn't cover it all. I'm fairly certain they would have been covering at least 50% of it though, we are talking two pretty established PL clubs were he has been on loan. It's not like he was loaned to championship or Vitesse is it.
  4. Your still twisting it to what you want to believe. The fee was £13million but with add on's to £18 million. Highly likely the add on's would be based on how he does and he hardly played, so I can't see what add on's we would have payed. Wages I imagine were around 30-40k per week.
  5. So buying for £13 million and hardly playing him is an error, despite selling him for £28 million. I have said potentially rebuying virtually every time in this conversation. We are all well aware that we have not spent money on him..........yet........or maybe never will Your tying yourself in knots on this one mate. I'd knock it on the head now. I'm done here 😳
  6. I'll repeat this for a second time. Lukaku is going to cost any club a minimum of £60 million, more likely £70 million. If we except the current market has a 25% premium mark up for inflation of prices in the last 12-18 months, then that makes the mark up circa £17 million and the actual price around £50-53 million. So for the second time on this subject, can we put to bed this absolute bollox about inflation as the reason behind his likely fee and focus on the reality that is he is 23 years old and has a 1 in 2 record over nearly 4 seasons in the Premier League. That is what will dictate his price. The idea that your using inflation to justify things only shows your trying to mask the situation to cover up an error.
  7. It's not inflation though is it. His goalscoring record in England for a 23 year old means he will cost around £50 million minimum, the inflation is what is going to push the fee towards £70 million. You know that as well as I do . I don't believe he really wanted to leave, I don't dispute he asked to leave, but circumstances made him make that decision and that's different to wanting to leave. We are seeing a similar scenario with Martial now and it will end with one outcome. A player leaving who has been cleverly manipulated into a situation where it looks like its his decision to leave. I guarantee you that will be the outcome and narrative that will describe Martial departure. Mata at Chelsea another example. Jose is a master at it.
  8. Surely that's more of a byproduct of the decision, rather than a grand long term plan over a season in advance. Without making things too black n white, surely selling then potentially rebuying at more than double that you sold has to be some sort of error? I agree. I was not referring to starting him. If you remember that season, Eto'o was good at home but non existent away from home. Torres had flashes in a handful of games, whilst Ba only got any sort of chance in the final third of that season. His impact off the bench that season would have been more than any of the three we had, in a season where we didn't score enough goals yet was not that far away at the business end of the season. At the same time, maybe it was not as simplistic as I am saying. Had Ba left the club then maybe Lukaku would have stayed.
  9. Cock up is probably a bit strong. But selling a player for £28 million and three seasons later he's gonna cost at least double that amount has to go down as an error, regardless of how some want to dress it up. Especially when that first season we lacked goals in a title challenge.
  10. Regarding the second paragraph , you have mentioned this before and I think you have also answered it. Those type of scenarios are avoided in training, it's one thing a player injuring himself in that manner in a game, but too risk it in training is just stupid. The training sessions I have seen footage of consist of organisation , team shape and passing drills in short spaces. Obviously more to it than that basic description, but very little in the way of aerial challenges I would imagine in this day and age at the highest level. Partly because it's virtually impossible to jump and contest without using your arms, unless you want to naively get smashed .
  11. I just can't see any scenario where Alonso's goal can be a foul. Eyes on the ball, you need to use your arms to jump and actually protect yourself from possibly being smashed. Just unfortunate what happens as one player 6ft 3in and the other not as tall as him. Obvious the smaller guy will come off worse, you can't penalise a player he happens to be taller than his direct opponent. Pure deflection by Wenger
  12. Your right we will never know, I suspect he would not have got the break he needed as the manager didn't fancy him. That first season back under JM could have been so different had he used some players more than he did, mainly Ba and Schurrle. However, because he didn't fancy them they never got the opportunities that they warranted at that time . I suspect Lukaku would have fallen into the same category, but it's just an opinion .
  13. It's proved to be the right decision from his point of view though. He earned a big money move on better wages no doubt, he has proven himself and will earn and even bigger money move and wages in the future. He has also made improved dramatically under two very good coaches, maybe question marks over Martinez as a manager but not so much as a coach. They have improved his game over the last 2/3 years, something he would have unlikely experienced had he stayed here. I'm talking from the benefit of hindsight, my opinion at the time he left was definitely different as I didn't see the level of improvement being there. He is not as good an all round striker as Costa and maybe never will be, but it's a no brainer for me that we need to do everything to get him back here this summer. He could even threaten Frank's goalscoring record if we sign him this summer and he will jump at the chance to come back.
  14. I think its going to be an interesting summer. Personally, I can't see Cesc staying here another season. I think he has put up with this season as its gone so well and difficult to complain too much, but at his age I can't see him wanting to spend another season as a squad player. In my opinion, we will be in for Lukaku in the summer. I think he will be the main target and any money we potentially get for Costa is likely to be spent in recruiting Lukaku back. I take your point about lack of options for Costa, but its kinda gone on a little too long now as these rumours about him being unsettled were around after the first season. Not too sure what to expect on the GK front. If a serious bid comes in from Madrid for Courtois then I suspect he fancies that move and its a case of getting some serious dollar out of it, I think £40-£50 million and I think it would be decent business. I say that because I think he is a confidence player and when things going well he is very good, when things not going so well then I'm not convinced he installs confidence in the defence or has the strongest of confidence like last season. If compared to Cech for example, I would say he can produce a higher level at times but not as consistent a level as Cech did over a number of years. Personally, I would sell if we could get £50 million , but as it looks like Begovic is likely to go, not sure I see us selling two experienced Gk's in one summer. I think there could be a bit of value in looking towards the likely relegated teams for some good squad options this summer. For example, Swansea (Sigurdsson) , Hull (Robertson), Palace (Mcarthur, Zaha). Obviously just because they are relegated don't mean we would get them at a good price, but I think they are all players who could do potentially do a job in a squad role at the club and give us some rotation options in a season which we expect will see many more games across the season.
  15. Some talk of Emenalo in Turin for Belotti deal. Be very surprised a deal of that size could happen at such short notice. would be a fantastic signing though