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  1. Definitely. He looked so sharp until he came off after getting a right clout. He and Willian looked like they hadn't stopped playing over the last couple of months. Both looked really at it from early on.
  2. Yes, Chelsea tv said he had a thigh or groin strain ( can't remember which) and was not part of the match day squad.
  3. We played one game and he came on for 20mins. As moans go, this is up there with one of the most ridiculous. Yeah he did.
  4. Just not very good. Got a chance through running around a lot , but offers nothing.
  5. Really good start to pre season. Surprised we look so much sharper than Arsenal with them playing two games already. Couple of cracking finishes from Bats. Fantastic to see our young lads forcing experienced Arsenal first team players into making cynical block challenges. Very positive performance from Boga, you can see the growth in his physique from a couple of years back. Fabregas running the game. Wing backs understand their positions so well. Great start!
  6. This is not really the case though. They don't have any sources on these type of markets and they will certainly never lose any substantial money on these markets. Example, 24 hrs before the Utd bid for Lukaku they had Lukaku odds on to join Chelsea and something like 5/1 for Man Utd. They had no idea as their stance was the common position that many people took in Lukaku joining Chelsea. These type of markets do not attract big money/liabilities, they are purely for PR and nothing more. They adjust their odds in these markets based purely on rumour and will NOT stand any decent bets in these markets, despite their PR coming out with complete bollox that they do. Its just lies to get people talking about things in hope of adding momentum to a market. Try it if you don't believe me, call any of the big bookies and try getting a bet on something that has not really been in the press much. Lets say Isco to Chelsea and ask for a price, then ask them for £200 on at that price and see what response you get .
  7. Hindsight eh! If only we could factor it in early , would have saved you the effort of numerous posts repeating this for the last 3 weeks and the rest of us the time and effort of reading the same thing over and over.
  8. In terms of a balanced view, Morata has been at very dominant clubs surrounded by talented players to achieve those stats. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have him, but they are a little misleading on face value.
  9. He could be a good shout. He does seem to pick up quite a few injuries , but on the plus side, we have the best medical team in the PL so if anyone can understand him and keep him fit, then it is probably us.
  10. Personally, I am quite happy with the Morata deal. My only real concern is his ability to play up front on his own and lead the line, but he is still an improving player and hopefully he can add this to his game. I'm not concerned about his scoring record, I expect this to improve in the PL and he is at the time in his career where he needs to be a number 1 striker and get that experience under his belt, week in week out. Its been an underwhelming window so for in my opinion, but this is the best signing so far and inspires a little more confidence. I think its time to give Baba Rahman a shot as understudy to Alonso, we invested a chunk of money in him so lets try and get some worth out of it. Defence looks sorted for me, plenty of options and we certainly don't need more in that department. I think we do need another RWB option and I would rather this be a midfielder with a good engine and tactical awareness, rather than a RB who is half decent coming forward. Use Palasic as 4th choice option for Centre Mid. Then look at adding another body in a wide attacking forward role, this only needs to be a squad filler rather than an expensive first teamer as Willian, Hazard and Pedro are hard to displace. Player I have seen bits of in Germany and quite liked for this type of role is Kevin Kampl. His is pacy and direct and at a decent age, don't think he would cost huge money and could be a smart addition. Forwards - I think Morata, Bats and possibly Hazard or Pedro there as false strikers is enough options. Two more additions, one at RWB and AM and I think we are done and the window then starts to look more successful.
  11. You are a fan of nearly every player we are linked with though. You love a new signing regardless. I'd be disappointed if we were interested, even at his very best he has not shown to be at the level of a top English club. I would always avoid players who lack general intelligence and this lad comes across as one of the dumbest. A massive no for me unless we are talking a punt at £10 million, which it isn't going to be.
  12. I didn't realise that. He is a better all round player than Lukaku, I have little doubt about that. He does not have his pace and desire to score as many goals as Lukaku, but I think he would fit with how we play better. I think Lukaku could have adapted , but would have had to keep improving and progress. Beneteke is the more rounded of the two for me.
  13. Great counter argument FFS! Yeah there is a bit of that in him I admit. I just feel the right manager could get more out of him and I reckon Conte could get a tune out of him. He was unlucky with the way things went at Liverpool with BR buying him then getting chopped, it was clear early on that Klopp didn't fancy him, but he don't seem to really fancy any genuine No9 for what he wants. I wouldn't advocate paying more than paying £35-£40 million for him. I know some will think that's overpaying but precedent is set with him due to what Palace and Liverpool have paid in recent times. I think we could do a lot worse.
  14. I wouldn't mind. Underrated player, he has also underachieved a little, but I really think he would do well at Chelsea. Would bring others into play, has decent technical ability and check his goal scoring record in the PL. Its pretty decent and mostly for clubs that were struggling. Yeah he not as sexy profile as Aubameyang, Belotti etc . But we know he handles the PL for sure and he would cost half of what they will.
  15. Yeah same here for that price.