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  1. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Do you think Cesc can play in the same team as Jorginho?? I have my doubts personally, I just think they are too similar in their styles and will end up stifling each other . It will also reduce our mobility massively by playing both of them in three. Cesc has proven people wrong on a number of occasions, but I see his future here as a squad player at best and covering Jorginho role when he not available. If Jorginho and Kante are certain starters, then I struggle to see how Fabregas gets ahead of any of Kovacic, RLC or Barkley for the final slot in a midfield three. He is likely first choice in Jorginho role if he not available though.
  2. Yes I think you have described the basics of how/why things shape up under Sarri well. I think at present, Sarri is not quite looking to stamp Napoli MKII on this team. Whether that's due to some slight tweaks in how he wants to play, or a case of not quite having the right personal at present, I am not too sure. I thought Saturday was a great example of why Luiz will continue to play. First half he played at least three long defence splitting to passes that were a fraction away from perfection and there are just not too may defenders out there who can pick out these passes on a regular basis. We are quite lucky really, because Rudiger too can pick out the odd long defensive pass also. The other advantage Luiz gives you is he is comfortable in playing vertical passes. This is one of the areas so far where I think we differ slightly to Napoli, their CB's used to play alot of vertical passes into midfield and so far we don't seem to use this quite as much as I was expecting, maybe due to lack of opposition pressing us so far. The ability Luiz has on the ball is much better than the CB's he had at Napoli, so I fully expect any shortcomings Luiz has to be generally looked over. If anything, I suspect Sarri seems Luiz as an upgrade he has inherited as the likes of Albiol, Koulibaly whilst being decent on the ball, are not in the same league as Luiz for ability with the ball at their feet. Hopefully, Christensen will stick around and be learning and understanding what Sarri wants, with a view to becoming the long term succesor to Luiz under this manager..............but we all know we could rip up this whole thing in 18 months time and bring a new guy manager and then its back to the drawing board again and all this goes out of the window!
  3. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    In general, I tend to agree with this. What is a little strange, 4 games into his career here and I still cannot even start to form an opinion on him. I don’t think he has made a genuine save yet, the saves he has made have been routine for any GK. I think he could have had stronger wrists for the first Arsenal goal, but it was probably not a GK error as such. A mate of mine asked my opinion on him last night, but I still have no idea about him. It’s going to be interested to see him tested in the coming weeks , probably West Ham away will be the first serious test he faces
  4. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    Speaking of missing forum members and staunch Mourinho disciples. Where is sleeping Dave these days??
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    You may be right. I know the links to him existed before JM was manager, but still think he would have had the option to approve or veto his signing in some capacity. I can't think of Utd ever really acting in this way ie: signing a player without the managers approval. If anything , recent stories claim the opposite. Mhkitarayan by all accounts was being closely looked at by Utd when LVG was the manager, but LVG vetoed it as he didn't believe he had the attributes to be succesful in English football. Can only presume JM was happy to proceed on that deal. We may sign a player as a club as he fits a certain criteria, but can't ever recall Utd taking this approach, so he may not have been top of JM's wish list, but I still think he had a voice in any deal for Lindelof.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    The points you raise about Woodward might well be bang on. Question marks have been raised against him for the last 4-5 years now, so very likely something in that. However, I think the job Mourinho has done, for the money he has been given has been very average at best. I agree with the sentiments that if you are going to give your manager a new contract, then you have to back them when the time lapse between the contract and not backing him is only 7/8 months and 2 of those months with no games played, so I have some sympathy with Mourinho there. Lets look at his achievements since he has been there in more detail though. When he joined the club the two prized outfield assets were undoubtedly Martial and Rashford, both have gone backwards under his management.They have both probably held their value as players, but that is down to the potential of both players and the consensus in football that both are still very good forwards.Then lets look at who has he actually improved, possibles in Young and Valencia , though I am generally on the fence either way to say he has improved them. I think its more likely that they have maintained a level, but definite improvement on Lingard and Rojo has played well at times, though his style of management was always going to suit a tough versatile like Rojo. It was obvious that the likes of Fellaini and Rojo would fit very well as Mourinho type squad players. I think of those players listed, the only genuie improvement that can be attributed to Mourinho is Lingard. Now look at who has declined under him, Rashford,Martial,Pogba for sure. Whilst its likely that the likes of Smalling,Jones,Herrera are probably of a very similar level to when he arrived at the club. Then look at the money he has spent. It can be dressed up a number of ways, but the reality is he has spent a fortune and two years down the line they are no closer to their major rivals now than before he arrived, arguably they are further behind. Lukaku - Reasonable success but is always going to score goals. His improvement as a player came under Martinez and Koeman to some degree. Bailly - Reasonable defender but Mourinho don't seem happy with him. Pogba - Looked a rolls royce at Juve, looked good in WC, looks average under JM Mkhitarayan - Disastrous signing under him Lindelof - Zero evidence that he is a £40 million centre half. Disastrous signing under him. Sanchez - Gone backwards, no strategy behind this signing other than throw big money at a big player and get one over your rival. I don't believe he was ever on their radar as a player they wanted in the months before he was available.Offers zero resale value and can only be justified with instant success in 1-2 season. Matic - Done ok. Again no resale value and only justification for his signing is instant success in 1-2 seasons. Fred - Early days for him, needs time but early signs are £60 million looks a hell of a lot for him. Dalot - Unknown. I suspect football has evolved and he has not adjusted with it over the last 4-5 years. His style of football is the same now as it was from his days at Porto, but football generally speaking is not played the same now as it was then. The only synopsis that can be made for Mourinho at Utd is key players have gone backwards under him whilst players he has improved is very questionable, other than one. He has been given very large funds, yet his signings on the whole have been very poor. The style of football under his reign is predictably not great to watch and he has won one trophy (the most minor one possible) in his time there so far. Woodward might be an issue, but far more evidence that points to the issues being the direction of their current manager than Ed Woodward.
  7. Kante and Jorginho - The Conundrum

    Its a worthwhile debate to have, but personally there is no conundrum here. This Chelsea squad for the last 2 years has had two players who simply have to start every major game when fit, they are Hazard and Kante. Due to the change in style implemented by the new manager, we can now make it 3 players who have to play with the addition of Jorginho. Jorginho/Kante has looked fine so far and you just play them, if something has to give in their style of play then its Kante as he is the more flexible and more athletic of the two.Though I'm far from convinced this slight change of role for Kante will have any impact on his influence or contribution to the team.
  8. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    He isn’t a defensive midfielder though. Think back to Conte’s first few games as Chelsea manager before the Arsenal game and switch to a back three. He played Kante as a holding midfielder sat in front of the defence, he was completely ineffective because he was just sat there using very little of his attributes. Same at Leicester, he didn’t sit protecting a back four, as a team they sat deep to create space in behind, but Kante was still pressing the opposition and breaking up play by going on the front foot on a lot of occasions. The simple truth is Jorginho has been brought in to dictate play from a central position, he needs runners around him and Kante is a perfect player to play this position. He is likely to find himself in more advanced areas due to this change and that won’t be completely natural too him, but he will have far more influence on the team in this role, as opposed to sitting as a defensive midfielder. You need him on the front foot to get the very best from him.
  9. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    Have we not all heard this before though? Yes, he has to have more awareness for the goal yesterday and it has to go down as his error. But we hear this criticism of him time and time again, especially when he plays in a back four. However, I’m yet to meet anyone who can justify why the guy has won so many major trophies as a footballer and most of them win in back four?? Teams cannot carry players at the highest level and especially at centre half. He plays a game that is risky and on the edge at times, he will also cost you a goal a times ( though I doubt it’s any more than many CB’s, it just gets highlighted more), but if you focus on the positives in his game then explains why he plays and why he has been such a successful player in his career. He is a leader, he is physically strong and intercepts play well, he is good in the air and can be dominant up against forwards, he has some pace(though it’s not as good as it was), he is very good on the ball, he contributes goals from defence, he can pick out defence splitting passes. Sure he will make mistakes that cost us at times, but his positivity as a defender will also snuff out a lot of danger early a lot of times too. Christensen is a promising player, but can he honestly contribute all the positives listed for Luiz at present? The answer has to be no. We need to focus on the positives Luiz provides the team, rather than the potential negatives , which in his case our very overblown over a number of seasons in England.
  10. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    An interesting game that showed how far we have come in a short space of time. I think credit to the opposition, they defended very well and were well organised with the sole intention of frustrating us and happy to nick a draw or set piece winner. Due to the approach Newcastle took to the game, it made us work a lot harder to break them down and left very few spaces in the final third of their end. I think this team will look better when it faces an opponent who actually presses, whilst it will put more pressure on our players in tight spaces, it will also open up more space and force the team to pass quicker when put under pressure. It another game where I don't think we learned a great deal. I presume Newcastle took the approach they did due to injuries/players left out, rather than this was part of the Benitez plan in training all week. Luiz was way too reactive for the goal, needs to thinking sharper and proactively in that situation. We really need Morata to find some form, he could have a major influence on this team and style, but at present he just looks so short on confidence and don't look at ease with the game in England. Giroud must be pushing for a start very soon, but his lack of mobility and lack of touch/subtlety does not lend itself ideally to the current team/style. If I was Tammy Abraham I would definitely stick around at Chelsea this season, whilst he appears to be a long way behind Morata/Giroud, if he can get a chance in Europa League/League Cup, he may just significantly reduce that gap between himself and our other two strikers who are vying for the one position.
  11. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I think you are most likely correct with this. I think Morata and Giroud will both get a real shot at being our No9 traditional striker role, but if they both misfire over the first third of the season, then it would not surprise me if we see Hazard move into the role that Mertens filled at Napoli. If you have mis-firing strikers that can be replaced by very good attackers from another area of the squad, then Sarri may see this as the way forward until the summer. I still have faith that Morata will prove his worth though, whilst Giroud is a very good squad option and ideal scenario is probably Abraham forces his way ahead of both of them, though probably asking a bit much at present.
  12. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Yeah I appreciate the Milik cruciate forced his hand. However, Sarri would have still had other options. Maybe not an experienced striker to call upon, but by moving Mertens to the role he still changed him as a player and adopted that tactic. So circumstances influenced it, but it was still Sarri’s call to make.
  13. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    I think the only change is likely Hazard for probably Pedro. Harsh on Pedro who has been good in pre season and last week, but only 2 of these fit unless Hazard becomes the false 9 Mertens did at Napoli. I think we have to win this game. They are in early stages of complete changes like us, but they lack our overall quality. I did a combined 11 between both teams had had three Arsenal players make the starting 11. I felt I was maybe being a bit kind to have three in it, the only possible shoe on is Aubamayeng and that’s up for debate.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah my thoughts too. He was also pretty good at Stoke early on. He just not good enough without time on the ball. Serie A will suit him far better, the less frenetic pace of their league means he won’t be as hassled on the ball as much as here. I would have much rather kept Chalobah and said at the time, but Bakayoko became a bit of a scapegoat at times,though the Watford game will live long in the memory as one of the worst performances ever in a Chelsea shirt.
  15. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Good to start with 3 points, in truth it could well turn out to be our easiest match this season and don't think we learned a great deal. My thoughts : Kepa - Confidence boosting start, but we learned nothing about him in this game Rudiger/Luiz combo - Looked assured and complimented each other well. Far stiffer tasks ahead, but it was a decent start. I still have my doubts about how well this pairing will work in a back four,but they have the shirts to lose. Jorginho - Just very classy, love the way he has imposed himself on the team and already looks a leader who has been at the club 5 years. Kante - Any change that gives him even more influence can only be a positive. Simply our most influential player with exception of Hazard. Barkley - Still early days so I am gonna cut him some slack, but I am yet to see anything from that suggests he can cement a position for himself in the team. It's only been two semi serious games, but he just stands out as a weak link for me. Needs to be more decisive in everything he does, flashes of pace and power when running with the ball at times, but I question whether he has it upstairs to succeed at this level. Morata - We need to persist with him, showed some nice touches at times and out of all the strikers we have, he is the one who ticks more boxes to make the style of play work. The look of no confidence in him is a worry, but I think we just need to stick with him and hope its a phase that will pass. Pedro/Willian/Hazard - Great quality and all will have no problems with this style. RLC - Similar to Barkley and wanted him to really impose himself on final 25mins which he didn't. I still feel he is much the better talent than Barkely and has more potential to grow further. Be really disappointed if he does not show his value to the club over this season. On the full backs, more so Alonso but same could apply to Azpilicueta. I don't think their is any doubt that Alonso can play as a full back, I think the question is can he play as a full back in similar mould to Ghoulam/Hysaj at Napoli . Anyone who has seen these two play on a regular basis will have seen very strong running players, with decent pace and both arguably better coming forward than they are defensively.Both Napoli full backs support the attack well and provide a real threat from out wide, they cover a lot of ground from this position and they often take it in turns, if the RB goes and joins into the attack then the LB sits in a more standard full back position. Hysaj and Ghoulam are both quicker than our full backs, I would also say they probably a little fitter as used to playing this way and I think they are both younger too. I'm a massive fan of both Alonso and Azpilicueta and hope they can make the changes that it is expected Sarri will want long term, the comparison between what he had and what he has now in these positions are a little different though. It's a shame Moses lacks the overall quality in possession as he could be turned into a useful RB in this role, but he is nowhere near the level of Azpilicueta overall.