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  1. Ashley Cole

    I know we talk about him all the time, but do you really need him? If he does come to Chelsea are we even positive that we need him? I personally don't want him. I rate him and rate him highly, probably the best in England and maybe the best in the world, but Bridge is great too. Anyways Bridge has a place in my heart after last year at the Library. Anybody who scores that big of a goal and knows to run straight at the crowd is Chelsea. He knew how much it meant to us. Well back to the subject. I just don't think that we need A. Cole because I feel that Bridge is as good. But I do agree that we need some backup at LB.
  2. New Kits

    "0" for the amount of intelligence he has. "0" for ability he has.
  3. Didier Drogba

    I was disappointed with Drogba during the WBA match, but come one he is still our best striker. I agree with Menno, on his day he compete with anyone for top striker. He missed sitter after sitter against WBA but still managed to score the winner. As far as I am concerned that is all that is needed. As for the article, well it is class. I have been extremely impressed with how the team has played this year and they are a team, not a few individuals who can dominate but a cohesive unit. I like what I am seeing from Drogba but I realize it could be better. I hope that he finishes strong this year and can become the striker that we know he can become.
  4. Ashley Cole

    A deduction of points won't happen. We will be fined and get another slap on the hand and add to our long list of fines for the season. Tapping up is common, for a team to be docked points it needs to have happened more than once and after various warnings from the FA. I still don't buy anything. I won't until the CFC website comes out with an official statement.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The point here is that we invest in youth. And I think that Cobham is a major step in the right direction. If in five years we have some home grown talent that are challenging or even ten years than who can complain. With the new UEFA guildines about home grown players and the such we best hope that we have a decent youth system.
  6. Michael Essien

    With all this summer transfer talk I was wondering what people would think about Michael Essien. Weren't there rumours earlier this season linking him with us? He is only 22 and a right sided player. He has been doing extremely well at Lyon this year and could make an impact for us straight away. I have only watched Lyon a couple of times this year and was really impressed with what I saw. Just wondering what everyone thinks. I just feel that Kaka and Adriano are out of reach. Both play for Italian giants and I just don't see them leaving Italy. With the cash we can get for Crespo we can spend on Essien. To me this seems like a great transfer and could be made without RA forking over cash. This would mean that someone in the midfield are on the way out and I am assuming Geremi is on his way out. Essien is a real talent and will probably be the Ligue 1 player of the year.
  7. Didier Drogba

    I think that Drogba is really happy to be here. For those of you who saw the US matches, his reaction after his header against Milan made him look like it was his first goal ever. He was really excited after the Gudjohnsen's goal against AC Milan as well. I think that he realizes what is happening and how lucky he is. He is starting to make an impression on me, I like this guy.
  8. Didier Drogba

    That is good to hear. I that is what JM is ulitmately trying to get; a team with soul. With all the rumours about saying how players aren't happy, this is good news. I can't wait to see Drogba on the pitch.
  9. New Kits

    The kit looks pretty good. I think it goes with the new away kit. Would like to know where the kit came from? Does anyone know if it is real or not?
  10. New Kits

    I don't know, I guess I like it. I was surprised that it was black. It is a very contrasting look to most of the other kits throughout the EPL. I like it the kit, it is a different look for a new Chelsea. Maybe that is what they wanted to get across. Whoever said 'atleast it isn't yellow or orange,' is spot on. I would much rather have this kit than a drab yellow kit.