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  1. Baba having a medical at Schalke according to Sky Sports.
  2. not sure what is up with the team selection???? not even RLC who he played against City???
  3. What do you people think of Pedro? Would he be first choice here?
  4. had to move quick to get that in before anyone else!
  5. Would be more than happy to lose out on Griezmann if it means that we get Koke.
  6. Monster of a performance against Arsenal
  7. ????? 1st part - Blatantly not true 2nd part - Speculation. How do we know that Cuadrado was bought with or without his permission?? Or anyone for that matter???
  8. Oh yes they did...10 players away from home and by far the superior chances. If anything we did more manipulation to get zlatan sent off
  9. Fatigue from lack of squad planning...how many seasons has it been now
  10. Even though Ibrahimovic and Costa both didn't score, look at the difference in their impact on the game. Costa was a little too indecisive and was caught on the ball far too many times. Having Ramires in the middle of the park just ensures that we won't get quick transitions occurring (unless there is a large amount of space to run into, which was not there in this match).
  11. Strangest referee as well... so many yellow card challenges that were let go
  12. Cahill displaying this season's form again
  13. Ivanovic has had an awful game
  14. Well, I happen to agree with zaffo. He was awful, and a goal and an assist are masking the bigger issue. His ball control is poor, and his passing was very inconsistent. This is his third season for us and we still repeat the same excuses, hoping he will come good eventually. A player in his position should be in charge of production, with graft as a much desired extra. He is a player with graft and insufficient production. Do I want him to succeed? Sure. But facts are facts.
  15. When will Remy play