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  1. Ashley Cole

    According to Sky Sports News the Cole deal is close - and Gallas is going in the other direction! Apparently Chelsea TV have admitted talks are progressing and a deal is close. Expect Ashley Cole to be a blue before midnight! And Arsenal will wave goodbye to their last English player (bar Walcott) and welcome another Frenchman to add to all the others. Apparently Middlesboro chief-executive Keith Lamb let the cat out of the bag, when he admitted that Huth's transfer hadn't been wrapped up because Peter Kenyon was too busy working on "another deal."
  2. Ashley Cole

    As I believe Cole to be marginally better than Bridge I would welcome his signing - but £16 million sounds a little too high for me because of the way Arsenal can subsequently use that money to strengthen. So reports that Arsenal are holding out for £20/25/30 million make me wince. We should walk away from the deal and leave Arsenal with a dis-enchanted full back who can be a rotten apple in their barrel. Leave Gallas to compete with Bridge, and bring in Cannavaro or Nesta. To me that deal would make far more sense than lining Wenger's purse. We would be able to go back in for Cole in a year and get him for a relative pittance as he'd only have a year left on his contract. The thought of Cole walking away to Chelsea for nothing in a couple of years should bring Arsenal to heel if they start bandying £20 million price tags around. In no way should Cole become the next Drogba/Essien where we are held to ransom and pay well over the odds. Kenyon needs to hold his nerve on this deal.
  3. Ashley Cole

    I desperately wanted us to sign Zambrotta as he's the best around at the moment. However that won't happen now. But signing Cole would be the next best thing, especially if he can get back to his Euro 2004 form, when people were gobsmacked at the improvement in his defensive game, culminating in his marking Ronaldo out of the game in the quarter final. People began to talk about him as the best left-back in the world. He didn't look it during the World Cup, but months of prior inactivity could be an explanation for that. Let's hope so. Either way, I believe Chelsea will be a stronger team with Cole in it. Let the season begin!
  4. Ashley Cole

    I've wanted us to sign Ashley Cole for a long time. But his World Cup performances didn't impress, even though he was getting better with each new game. I've just watched Grosso play left-back for Italy v Germany, sign that man up!He looked top quality, and had the height and physique our Jose loves!
  5. Michael Essien

    On these pages Essien has been described as "world class" and "rubbish". Don't you just love opinions! Of course the truth is somewhere in the middle. He started very well but hasn't done anywhere near enough to justify a £24 million price tag yet, which isn't to say he won't eventually. Personally I can see a deeper role for him next season which suits his strengths. As for, "disgraceful media campaigns" against him - hmmm. Admittedly his tackles were featured extensively whilst the sins of others were glossed over, but two challenges that could have been leg-breakers were two too many. They didn't even look like clumsy or mis-timed tackles - just nasty. Hope he cuts that side of his game out.
  6. Ashley Cole

    I read this article in the Mirror - and it all looked the usual cooked up, space filling speculation that I have come to expect from this publication. They never even bothered with their usual "Chelsea insider", bit or a "source close to the player".... I'd like Cole to come and SWP to stay, but this article was a nonsense.
  7. Didier Drogba

    But Graheme - Drogba's star has been on the rise with the Chelsea support over the past few weeks since the diving/cheating accusations. I don't know what he has or hasn't said to the press in the last few days, just as you don't. So why doesn't he just go away and prepare for the World Cup, and not speak to ANY journalists. And if a false story surfaces, come out and dis-credit it immediately via a statement. If he never said any of this, to the Sun or L'Equipe, come out and say it. He keeps his reputation and we will hate the stirring media. But if he did say it...... Well he can prepare for that rising star to fall pretty quickly. We applaud him for being a trier, some of us (me included) believe he's actually a far more skilful player than he's given credit for, and some of us (me included) hate the theatrical way he goes to ground. But most of us agree that he is very hit and miss with his finishing. So to critisize the system just because Frankie scores more than him? Well have a look at a replay of the Cup Semi Didier - there were two goals in the first half that you clearly should have scored. That's the reason midfielders score more than you, because you're chances to goals ratio is not the best my old mucker. Sorry to break that to you.
  8. Ashley Cole

    I was shocked to see Jose deny the Cole link quite so vehemently in Friday's Telegraph. But then think about it....... If he admits it he, a)has Wenger running to the authorities again to protest that we're unsettling his player b)unsettles the current left-back Del Horno who Jose still needs to possibly play some big games before a possible summer departure. So Jose 'bigged' him up to make him feel wanted. (Jose has not shown much faith in either Del or Bridge before) Mourinho apparently admitted that a defender will come in over the summer. It can't be a centre-back as we already have four internationals covering two positions. (Unless Huth has already privately indicated that he wants to go for more first team football and would therefore require replacing.) And the right-back slot already seems better covered than the left-back slot (Ferreira-Johnson-Geremi-Gallas) so you wouldn't have thought that it could be that position. Even if Jose has decided to ditch Johnno we seem pretty well covered. Which brings us back to left-back....... Don't be surprised if Jose is playing little games with the press! It might not be Cole he wants but I still reckon a left-back seems most likely if a defenders coming in.
  9. Didier Drogba

    Pete, I have possibly been one of Drogba's biggest critics on this site (for the theatrics rather than his ability)and indeed I had a go at you putting him on the homepage last week when I felt that other players were more deserving. But I'm big enough to say that he was bloody wonderful today! It was up there with his performance at Anfield. When he's in the mood like that then there aren't many better around. And he cut out all the rubbish as well. Indeed on one of the numerous times he came back to help out, he was fouled from behind, you could see him consider for a milli-second going to ground, but he didn't! Didier Drogba I salute you. Fantastic!
  10. Didier Drogba

    I've been one of his biggest critics on here, but now is the time to give him a new chance. Despite what he says, he must have had a period of reflection over the past couple of weeks, and hopefully JT as skipper will have had a word too. So from now on we should get behind him, give him another chance, cheer when his name is read out,etc. And IF he decides to do the whole theatrics bit again then we should just assume he doesn't give a s..t what anyone thinks, and those of us who don't like it can say,shout what we want, knowing it makes no difference to him anyway! Pesonally I think he will try to curb it a bit from now on.
  11. Ashley Cole

    Cole was always a very good attacking full back but people had reservations about his defending (particularly his tendency to dive in and leave his feet). However he was improving on that and many people judged him the best left-back of Euro 2004. His performance against Ronaldo in the quarter-final was superb! Personally I think he's the best out there, (Harry you didn't suggest any better than him), we need a left-back and I think Arsenal WOULD be willing to sell (in his absence they've not missed him as Flamini and Clichy have done well). They know that if they sell him to us they'll get more cash out of the deal.
  12. Didier Drogba

    Oh I'm so sorry my description wasn't original Harry, I'll try hard to think of a new one just for you. How about, Drogba goes down "like Gillian Taylforth in a lay-by." However it's described, me and the rest of the cheat-baiters know the score. We're scum and not real fans (Prawn sandwhich munchers apparently) because we want our players to play the game like men. I'm not against Drogba,I won't boo him for nothing,if he scores I'll cheer him to the rafters, but if he hurls himself to the ground,arms outstretched, head back then I'll think he's a p...k! You lot backing him and supporting him will not lead to him changing himself. Being booed last Saturday will have hurt. Hopefully he went home and had a good think about it all - that MIGHT shame him into becoming a more honest player.
  13. Didier Drogba

    So poor Didier is being picked on is he? Let's put him on the front of the website and plaster him everywhere else to stick two fingers up to all those WHO DARE to ask for more honesty from the top players. Drogba is being victimised by the press in so much as they turn a blind eye to the diving of other players and clubs (did anyone see Reyes the other night?) But if Drogba didn't go to ground like a dying swan every time he is touched then the media couldn't say anything and fans like me wouldn't get on his back. If you want to put a Chelsea player on the homepage of the site, may I suggest John Terry? Frank Lampard? Or numerous others who play the game properly and deserve to be respected. Didier needs to re-earn our respect.
  14. Didier Drogba

    Of course the media dis-like us massively and treat us differently (because obviously we INVENTED diving and player tapping up). Of course other fans hate us - we're the best and so it goes with the territory. Also we've got the money they desperately wish their club had. And of course Drogba is a cheat - he dives and rolls around with hardly any contact. He gets treatment and then is up and running straight afterwards (after the obligatory 30 seconds of limping). We've all seen that for two season's now. And for him to stand their and say he doesn't makes him a liar as well.
  15. Michael Essien

    BridgeJunky, what's wrong with TalkSport? It offers opinions on football, that's all, and if there's one thing I've learnt is that no two football fans seem to think the same thing! Some of it may be anti-Chelsea (which show isn't these days?)but some of the presenters talk sense such as Alvin Martin, even if some of the others are idiots! As for Gabriel Marcotti, I've always admired his vast knowledge of teams and players. If Talk Sport is crap can you suggest an alternative I might like to try? As for 'establishing a reputation amongst a group of players that money is the only reason to join us', why do you think that Robben pulled out of a move to Man Utd when it was generally thought to be a done deal? Because Chelsea offered him and his club more money than Utd did, AND I'M BLOODY GLAD THEY DID!! That's the reality.