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  1. To be fair everton were only a half strength team.
  2. That's probably Because it won't be Liverpools first win in 2012.
  3. The media are loving this.
  4. I know. I'm saying people only think that because of how good he is not because of his attitude.
  5. Nah he is just simply a class player. A real scumbag would be Suarez. Average player who uses diving and controversy to create a name for himself.
  6. *loads gun*
  7. Nani? Was almost as important as Rooney. Van persie is at a level well above the rest of the arsenal team.
  8. Never seen a team rely on 1 man as much as arsenal do.
  9. Until city spend as much on players as united do on referees then they will a,ways be the 2nd beat team in Manchester.
  10. I hope they can hold on and claim the title. Don't see why anyone would be against united winning it, its nothing new and it saves all the "city fans" gloating about it.
  11. They have a Bunch of mediocre players with a mediocre manager. Irs quite easy to see how we managed to lose to them
  12. So he can work with world class players?
  13. Leverkusen back in it!
  14. Commentators again mention Chelsea.
  15. Messi is a poor mans Kalou.