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  1. Today is a big day.

  2. RT @MazzGooner: @JackWilshere 1. Szczesny 2. Hart 3. Krul

  3. RT @SimplyCosta: @JasAFC @ChileanCivilian he sold players to build a better team lol. Remind me who won the league?

  4. RT @BarclaysUKHelp: @JuanVertonghen @majesticmousa Use your imagination, you need to have a good one if you watch Tottenham week in week ou…

  5. Never seen a more irrelevant tweet.

  6. RT @ExcitableExpert: The Arsenal fans (some) on twitter are the stupidest, the most moronic and the most embarrassing of all fan bases. Jus…

  7. Muse 'Madness' | War Child 20th Anniversary Show 2013 | HD OFFICIAL LIVE via @YouTube The beat kills me everytime

  8. RT @GNev2: Worth a try he might catch that disease called " Winning" and spread it through your lot!

  9. Just coming home after completing his medical at Arsenal.

  10. RT @beebzyrozay: Or maybe Cech fainted after seeing what he has never seen before. #History

  11. With Gay marriages being legal cavani can actually sue Jara for attempt to rape or unforced sex in the U.S right?

  12. RT @spurs: Hearing rumours ISIS have got hold of a dragon.

  13. RT @intifada: Palestinian boy shot by Israel on Monday is brother of teen used by Israel as human shield during Gaza invasion…

  14. RT @Simon_Rowntree: It is also believed that Cuadrado himself is forcing a move out of #CFC after being unhappy over his teammates nicknami…

  15. The Transfer window has not actually started for Chelsea until Hulk has been linked.

  16. RT @DelhiKaGeezer: @BlueNawaz Jose has won the Champions league after every 6 year's. 2004. 2010. 2016?

  17. Cuadrado's deal to LA Galaxy confirmed.

  18. RT @KeenNomad: Gonzalo Jara should probably come to where he belongs

  19. RT @Pengumile: @piersmorgan I don't think they really care because Courtois