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  1. I wish him good luck for the future! Thank you for THAT goals against Barca, ManCity, Bayern etc. Now it´s time to move on.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    We have Schürrle. He´s a Nr. 9 in german squad, he´s a good option up front.
  3. I didn´t see any pics of his warm up or sitting him on the bench, on the stands whatever.
  4. Sexy as hell. I mean these shirts. :D I told you he was in Spain. I simply don´t get it. He was on holiday a month ago after WC. Why now?
  5. This. Btw. he was at Ibiza this weekend and had a couple of days off while we were playing against Leicester. What the hell the club is doing? I´m his fan, you all know this, but it is just wrong. He should leave Chelsea.
  6. Chelsea 2 Leicester City 0

    Hopefully. I would like to see Drogs anlong with Costa in the 2nd half.
  7. Chelsea 2 Leicester City 0

    Oh come on, stay. It´s only my opinion, nothing more. ;)
  8. Chelsea 2 Leicester City 0

    After Mata is gone both players don´t really work out in our team.
  9. Good goal. Very poor defending though.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Our highest paid player is Hazard not Torres.
  11. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    The team after Torres came off was even worse that with him. Well, it´s allways his fault. I know he was poor yesterday, so was every player in the squad. But he will be allways Chelseas scapegoat, even he´s not on the pitch, won´t he be?
  12. Werder Bremen 3 Chelsea 0

    Embarassing stuff...
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Great post.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    And Schürrle.