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  1. This Michael Appleton bloke seems upwardly mobile!
  2. BBC says Chelsea have offered £7m up front, with a further £2m in add-ons
  3. OMG your serious! you care about other fans and what they call our players?
  4. maybe because life just isn't that serious and its actually not that bad! Oh and this is the same best left back in the world who likes to bring air rifles into training and many other classy acts, like cheat on one of the most desirables females in the world! Get over yourself. Oh and I also think JT is a horrible person - so sue me.
  5. Means nothing - they are wigan players! He put in some pretty decent crosses to me, just no one tried to get on the end of them. We have much better players and will thrive on those crosses Also, wng play isn't just about crosses - we dont have Drogba anymore, its about the ability to behind the defence and then pass the ball. hug the touchline and all that. At least he will be looking to pass\cross it rather than do a danny hollywood shot! He will learn alright
  6. He gave cashly a good going over last sunday!
  7. yes, says to me, we are finding it difficult to get our better targets, so move now for him and if we do get someone else, its not a lot of money wasted!
  8. Finally a more natural right sided atatcker
  9. Sorry, did you say Champions of Europe. Surely you meant to add, FA CUP HOLDERS and CURRENT LEAGUE LEADERS?
  10. That is one sick price -how come no one else was in for him and why so low anyway? Are we finally doing a Newcastle?
  11. I agree with this. He was a breath of fresh air, our new zola and we got him and not arsenal or spurs. Very very clever player, plays with his brain
  12. hmmmmmm 60 million -Taxi!
  13. Lol, once you start praising Torres movement, you know we are back to square one! We've been praising his movement, work rate, teamwork etc for far to long. I'd like to start praising his goals The guys a dud, solid gold dud, and he will be the reason we dont win anything if we try and rely on him For all our creative work, new creative players etc, we created 6 shots on target. (not sure if penos counted there) So the goal we expect to fire us to the league had one shot on target, cleared easily because he was well tackled Welcome to the future! Do we need another striker? I wonder!
  14. I'd pay 9 million in one hit for him. More of a threat for them than Torres for us. Worked hard and would do better having better players around him I agree with Wigan - our bids so far have been insulting
  15. Watched him the other night - not ready yet As I have said very often it will be Ivan then Cesar then Kane, Then hopefully, Cesar then Kane then youth player, then Kane, then youth player promoted, then youth player