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  1. Cut out the middleman.
  2. Ahh right. Cheers.
  3. Watched it three times and still can't see Oscar. Must be my old eyes. 😉
  4. You know me so well.🙂 I like the look of the new kits. Nice and simple with no fancy flashes or " clever" bits.
  5. I was going for ivory myself.
  6. Get you Mark. I'm 60 years old and reasonably well educated and I had to look up ecru. Nice to know that I can still learn something new at this point in my life. And yes, ecru would be nice, never liked white shirts on anything.
  7. Frank Lampard says hello.
  8. Personally I think Barkley is a good player in as much as Loftus-Cheek is a good player. If RLC can't get in the team I can't see why we would buy a similar quality player.
  9. If there is a player who is available who is an upgrade and the powers to be are happy to pay to get him then why not? If we get Sandro and a decent CB it gives us 2 RWB and 2 LWB who can cover the CB positions as well. Can't see what there is to complain about in my very humble opinion.
  10. Think he was talking about Ake Ham.
  11. When they pay us that kind of wonga they can put what they like on the shirts. As long as it's blue shirts, blue shorts and white socks, that'll do for I. White stripe on shorts, meh.
  12. Shame. He's an upgrade on Alonso IMO.
  13. Personally, I don't think it makes much difference who is captain unless you have an obvious General like Mr Terry. Cahill has done a reasonably good job of it and it has helped his game IMO. Out of the current crop of players, I would like to see sideshow get the arm band as I think it would raise his game and give him the resposibility that would, hopefully, raise his concentration levels up to the heights we all know he and we need.
  14. I tend to agree with Droy (quelled surprise), although not quite so disparagingly. I see a wing back as patrolling/controlling his side of the pitch. What he needs more than anything is a good engine and be fairly mobile. Other than that, an attacking FB or defensive winger will have the required skill set to drop in comfortably. Should only take a couple of games to settle in to it. Obviously not everyone is going to be excellent but should do a good enough job. A bit simplified I know but just my opinion.
  15. Did Costa "kiss" the badge though. I thought he bit it. I don't know if it meant anything but I thought it strange.