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  1. Boom boom!
  2. Boom boom!
  3. Would this be called the Bactrian effect?
  4. Amen brother!
  5. 2:0 to us. (Glass half full kind of guy.)
  6. So, there's a few of us veggies in here then. Blood pressure is fine atm but I'm sure it goes pear shaped watching some of our games. I've got myself an immune disorder which has forced a more sedentary lifestyle. This getting older lark is a bit of a bugger if you ask me.
  7. Duh. The benefits of goal line technology is that there is no ambiguity. Everyone accepts it and play goes on. Seems like a benefit to me but what do I know.
  8. Bullcrap of the highest order Droy. You seem to see this as some kind of "political correctness gone mad" sort of scenario. Have you not seen the benifits of goal line technology. If the ref says no goal and points to his wrist, the game goes on. No surrounding the ref for a couple of minutes, the game goes on. Total acceptance. How many times must we see players surrounding the ref, then the linesman, then back to the ref to go and consult with the linesman. One quick yea or nay from upstairs, game goes on. if it can be used quickly and simply on the black and white decisions, then use it IMO. The ref still has enough judgement calls to make, was it deliberate handball? Was it a foul or just a coming together? Jeez, anyone would think we're advocating refereeing robots the way some people go on.
  9. How is getting some wrong decisions right the worst of all worlds?
  10. But they wouldn't be goals if they're offside would they?
  11. For me it should be used in game for only those black and white areas. Was he offside? Was the ball in or out? In those areas when it isn't obvious within a couple of camera angles, then the referee's decision stands. No real hold up in the game. For something like offside, you could have an extra official in the video booth that could, as soon as a flag goes up, watch a replay and give a yes or no well within 10 seconds. I also can't see any reason why a review board can't look again at yellow cards and rescind them if need be.
  12. Never said anything of the sort Dave. My "on topic" bit was aimed at my first sentence. And don't tell me what I can and can't read mate. I read everything on this site, even the crap bits. In my opinion, and it is only my opinion, the transfer window is the biggest load of shyte in the football world. I would rather do away with it but we are stuck with it so I will read the rubbish that a lot of posters post so I stay informed. On a different tack, if we have a transfer window, why doesn't the changing of managers fall within the remit? If a coach is deemed not good enough then drop him and get the assistant to take over. Just thinking out loud and I'm sure I will get shot down in flames but there you go.
  13. Jeez. Only 4 more weeks of this crap. Can't wait to discuss football again. On topic, my biggest disappointment was not going in for, or getting, Mendy. Would have been great for us. isn't this club great? 😊
  14. Lol. Accusers works a lot better. 😀
  15. No. Only time I have anything to do with murdochs companies is when I watch it on mobdro. Ahh, wait a minute. Would I have clicked on a link from here I wonder? But then why would I get their ads.