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  1. Who's overhyping Droy? Just liking the look of him is all.
  2. I was well impressed with Boga. He didn't look too far off senior squad place to me on that performance. Liked his direct style, he made their defence uncomfortable. Thought he still looked a bit green and tried to do too much but that probably has a lot to do with him trying to show the boss what he can do given a chance. I'd be happy to see him get some meaningful minutes this season.
  3. Good performance. But it was only Arsenal after all.😅
  4. What about when we play manure. (To the tune "Let's call the whole thing off" You've got Lukaku, we've go Morata, You can keep Lukaku because we've got Morata, Alvaro Morata, Alvaro Morata, He'll score more goals for us.
  5. Welcome to the Pride of London Alvaro. You've got some big shoes to fill. I'm sure you'll be a success. All you've got to do is work hard and we'll love you.
  6. Mendy? Oh yes please!!!
  7. James, I think that you confuse what we are doing with what the media says we are doing. You keep asking why we didn't bid for Morata when Man U. did. Seems obvious to me that we were well into negotiations at the time and that the media couldn't figure out what was going on seems about par for the course. Stress not.
  8. Pretty much the same as me mate. Is there a sarcasm emoticon (sp?) I can use occasionally.
  9. Nothing wrong with hip hop Bob. I have more problems with people stuck in one genre or era. Broaden your horizons mate. I love towatch old games with the likes of Osgood, Best, Greaves et al. But give me the modern game any day. Same with music. Did I stray off topic there? Can't tell.🙄
  10. James, as someone who has defended you several times over several seasons about some unfair, personal criticisms of your posts, I have to agree with the "pot, kettle" post. You do repeat yourself constantly and are forever griping about the incompetences of the club with no basis whatsoever other than media reports trying to drum up advertising revenue. When the window is nearly over is the time to judge the club, not before.
  11. Just musing Bob. Couldn't care less if tapping up was going on or even with the legalities of it all.
  12. I suppose that if AM said to Costa in January, "We want you, you want us but your value has soared and we can't afford you, so, if you start making it public that you want to leave and that you will only come to us, then maybe, just maybe your price will drop. It's a crazy plan but it might just work." would that be classed as tapping up? Just thinking out loud as it were.
  13. Get in there! Some good signings so far. Still a long long way to go in the transfer window so my blood pressure will not be going into the red like a few on here. I reckon that Conte has a squad in mind and we're delivering. I don't think he wants a team of super stars but a squad of good players that he can work with. That would prove to everyone (esp. himself) what a great manager he is. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of years. Just hope it doesn't go tits up.😬
  14. Would be good but I'm not getting excited and setting myself up for a fall. A few others should do this as well.
  15. Exactly. This is the transfer talk thread. Could these posts be put in the "I Love/Hate Jose, Discuss" thread please.