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  1. Happy Demba Ba Day everybody. Lest we forget.
  2. Are these the same Geordies who cheered and abused Demba Ba when he got kicked in the face and broke his nose? Just asking.
  3. 👏 Well done N'Golo. Superb job.
  4. Always wear mine. Always have, always will. Most men I know do as well.
  5. Just watching the Youth Cup final. I have to keep turning the sound down. Why do they have bands in the crowd? It drives me mad I tells 'e.
  6. Ahhh I see. My sarcasm indicator was turned off. 👍
  7. To be fair, BieW was referring to them, I.e. Spuds.
  8. Funny you should say that. I was screaming at the tv every time one of our players lost the ball. Needless to say I was hoarse at the end of the game and I'm now wondering why I've got a sore throat this morning. (Not)
  9. Doh! I played as well as the team did then didn't I?
  10. What I meant Zaffo is that we've had a settled back three for quite a while. With our GK out keeping the back three would have been preferable. Luiz looked as if he didn't trust Zouma, he collided with him several times iirc on Zoumas side. Just my observation.
  11. Did anyone notice Jamie (cheeky scouse character) Carragher explaining how well Herrera was marking Hazard. 'es followed him 'ere at RB, 'es followed him all over and look where he's given the free kick away all the way over there. Isn't that just saying that he's chased him all over the place and fouled him. I'm not saying Herrera didn't do a good job but tell it like it is please.
  12. Oops! We, to a man, put in a 4 out of 10 performance. Utd put in 9 out of 10 performance. Beat us all over the pitch and were better in all areas. Still only beat us with a couple of fluky goals even though they deserved it. Should have been given handball with a 50/5 chance of a yellow. Could have changed the flow of the game and could have given Hazard a chance. Having said that, we didn't deserve to get anything from that. Droy. Matic was very poor but no worse than anyone else today. Fabregas pulled out of some challenges and gave the ball away so no worse than your favourite Croatian.. As much as I like Conte, I thought he was as poor as the rest of them. With Alonso out, you don't change the whole team and shape. Leave everybody where they have played well so far and replace Alonso with Ake. He might have been struggling but at least we would have had the rest of the team in their right positions. May not have helped but changing the whole shape was never going to work. Let's draw a line under this and learn the lessons. Come on you Chels.
  13. Not rocked my boat Dave and I'm not arrogant, just confident and saying it as I see it as you do.
  14. Jaysus H . We are going to win the ieague. The only team that can catch us are spuds. They are playing really well I'll grant you but they ain't gonna catch us. The pessimism on this site is unbelievable at times. Come on you blues.
  15. What about the goody goody Royale Brothers or Kendo Nagasaki. Damn, is my age showing again?