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  1. But every ref will let a free kick be taken if it was before the end of time and, then, if it is put into the box and headed into the goal it will be given. Happens every match. If the time runs out whilst a team is attacking the goal, the ref will wait til the initial thrust has stopped. We would have been livid if he'd blown up against us before we'd taken the free. I have no problem with the ref just with our defence of said kick
  2. Don't listen to music radio? You've got to get into BBC Radio 6. Only station to put on IMO.
  3. But Paul, you've already answered yourself in your previous post. The free kick and the time to take it was the "stoppage" time. Whether or not we agree that the time should be added is moot as the ref decided that it was. There was.
  4. Was just going to post the same myself.
  5. Amazing really isn't it. We're "bigging up" a defender (me included), who has just had 5 goals put past him. Gotta love this game haven't ya?
  6. I did like the look of Mendy. And what a goal from ex Chelsea player Falcao.
  7. Just like say that I'm always happy to see Sian Massey-Ellis run the line. I have to say that I've not seen her give a bad call. Not saying she hasn't but I feel more confident with her than some of the male counterparts.
  8. Excellent.
  9. So going by that it would seem that Lukaku is the best striker in the prem at the moment. Just saying.
  10. I don't study stats at all, just watch the games, so is 49% shot to goal ratio bad? Seems to me that scoring with every other shot would be a good thing. What are the stats for the top goal scorers in the premier league in comparison?
  11. Yeah. Probably the best for him to go to a club where he will get regular games. What level that will be .....?
  12. Point one. Do you read the posts you reply to ( how many times have we heard you utter those words) as I never said that it wasn't there second half did I. The point I was making, and one you failed to offer an opinion on, was that a thin squad should have had very little affect on the first half, nay, third of the season where fatigue should not have be an issue. Point two. "Everything else is just speculation"? Players coming back from pre-season unfit. Now I'm saying this as a supporter of the big man, but that was his responsibility as team coach/manager to make sure that his teams fitness was controlled. Not speculation, just his (well paid) job description. Yes, we all knew it was a thin squad and would catch us out but other problems destroyed the season before squad size had had a chance to get it's hands dirty. Please don't come back with "theories about JM" when people have a differing whew to your own as I do like the man but understand why the club let him go (not agree, understand). For what its worth, I like Conte a lot, I like his tactics (you don't, I understand, I've read all your posts) but, I think his squad management has been poor. e.g. With JT injured and Luiz carrying an obvious injury, I feel that Zouma would have been the better choice. But all managers make mistakes.
  13. There were many reasons for last season's debacle. Squad depth was one but not as much as you keep banging on about Droy. If it was the main reason then it would have manifested itself in the second half of the season when regular players get fatigued, not straight from the off. Squad size does nothing to explain that. I await being told how to count on my fingers with relish.
  14. Fingers crossed eh?
  15. ??? Since the loss to the spuds, we've scored over 2.5 goals per game. Since the bad loss to Arsenal, we've scored over 2.3 goals per game. Since the start of the season, we've scored more than 2 goals per game in the toughest league in the world. My questions are; what do people watch and what did people expect this season. Consensus was that top 4 would be acceptable, well we seem to be doing so much better than that. I read someone saying that if Man C. win on Monday we would be "only" 8 points ahead. If I'd have offered anyone that at the start of the season I wouldn't have any hands left. We are playing well, we can play better and I believe we will play better. I am pro Conte. I am/was pro Mourinho. Unlike some, I don't think you have to hoist your flag on one flagpole and try to shoot down the other. This, for me, is one of our best seasons ever as it came from out of the blue so, although I can understand a bit of nervousness, I find some of these negative comments a tad bewildering.