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  1. Media / Press

    To be fair to MotD, they were right to show the games in that order. Creates a bit of tension when the commentator says that they top the table for a few hours until the champions elect play later.
  2. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Looks like Sarri is now confident to do some rotation. That team should be good enough to easily win. 3 : 0 to us. KTBFFH
  3. Gianluca Vialli ‘fine now’ after cancer reveal

    Cheers m'dear. I have a good idea about every ten years or so. Chickens are well but since the friendly neighbourhood fox took a few they've been in an extended cage about 40 foot diameter. Shame, it was nice to let them roam free. Still, life eh?
  4. Gianluca Vialli ‘fine now’ after cancer reveal

    Are you two talking code. Is this some sort code word that's about to start some sort terrible flulike symptoms in our opponents by any chance?
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I may be wrong Droy but I'm not sure whether you got what chiswickblue was saying. Sorry about that. I read the quoted post in isolation. Since then I went back and realised that the conversation had been going for a few posts and it all makes sense now.🤐
  6. Chelsea 2 Fulham 0

    In a funny way I've got a good feeling about the fixture pile up this year. We all know that Sarri has his favoured core of players but I reckon that he must have seen enough now to know that changing two or three players through the team is doable now. Always the optimist me. Life's dished up a pile of shite lately so I get my small pleasures from watching us on a good run and looking hopeful for the near future. KTBFFH 🎼There's only one team in Fulham.🎶
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    A bit early for you isn't it James. It's only November.🙂 Agree with what you said though.
  8. Tottenham Hotspur 3 Chelsea 1

    You got that right!
  9. Media / Press

    Put up a picture of Bagpuss Jane so we can see the difference. 😹
  10. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 1

    His shoulder was in front of the defenders body but his back foot was playing Willian onside. Small margins but was onside. Personally I thought he was offside so didn't celebrate at the time.
  11. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Surely the vantage point is important as if you stood at the North Pole, gravity would be acting on you in a downward direction but observing the gravity effect from the equator it would seem to travel in a sideways direction. To be honest it could be the whiskey talking or even the added extra ingredient so please disregard if it is complete cack.
  12. Chelsea 3 Derby County 2

    Better than the finger/eye debacle though.
  13. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 1

    We're at home Mark.
  14. Chelsea 3 Derby County 2

    🎼 Super, super Frank, Super, super Frank, Super, super Frank, Super Frankie Lampard.🎼🎼 I've started already.😀
  15. Eden Hazard

    I am just enjoying Hazard being with us at the moment. Perfect timing for this thread as well. Page 666 on Hallowe'en.😈🎃🎃