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  1. With their defensive frailties and attacking qualities, and our counter attacking* and fairly solid defence, I predict a high scoring "classic" cup final. Something like 4:2 to us. * (For Dave. Not saying that we are mainly a counter attacking team but it could pay handsomely against l'arse)
  2. TBF to Bats, he can only score in the games he's played. Not saying he should start or not just that he scores when plays.
  3. Well let's hope he made a killing on the 26 minute substitution then. 😂 I'll get get me coat.
  4. Fall feather falls. Blimey, that takes me back further than I'm comfortable to go.😃
  5. Typical reaction from a Jose lover and Conte hater or was that the other way around. 😉
  6. Easy enough to realign the dish Johnny. Do mine all the time when the wind blows it out of alignment. You can get a detector online or just do it manually like I do. Scan left and right and up and down slowly til you get a signal. Got to watch it in HD. Will be weird to recognise the players, although I'm getting a dab hand at recognising players from the way they move and where they are standing on the pitch. (Last bit was for Droy, 😉👍.)
  7. But but but you said there was a mic and room. How can we have a sensible discussion if you can't keep to the facts.
  8. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round...........................
  9. You would make a good go at being a politician Droy. You've turned a critical assessment of your posts into me agreeing with you. Bravo.
  10. Of course we adapt to the oppo's tactics. What else is supposed to happen. That is the flesh of the team. The line up/formation is the bones and determines how we look and play. We all know it's not a rigid system that lasts for 90 odd minutes and doesn't change depending on the state of the game so why do you keep harping on about it. You really do sound like a petulant kid sometimes. You have argued with most people about Ivanovic last season, Mikel for a few seasons, Matic for a few seasons and now Conte's system changes. You appear to go against the grain for the sake of it.
  11. Well I've made it. 50 years ago to the day a 10 year old kid started his long journey as a Chelsea supporter. We were having our regular visits to see the family back in London and one coincided with the '67 cup final. My uncle was/is a die hard spuds fan and Chelsea were the underdogs so stuck up for them. Had no idea that that was gonna last a lifetime and that there was going on to be some crushing downs but some incredibly amazing highs. can't wait for my 50 years and 7 day anniversary when we will avenge that defeat half a century ago with a crushing defeat of the other north London team. KTBFFH
  12. That is good news. I had assumed the worse. Hope he's fine.
  13. Oh yeah, never take any of these wonderful times for granted. In football it can go pear shaped very quickly and easily. Re Bridgejunky, I fear the worse. He stopped posting suddenly more or less mid conversation if you know what I mean. The most level headed and intelligent poster we've had imo.
  14. Yeah, but you had to live through it to understand it. My main hope is that all the new and future fans never have to experience the low times. If last season is the worst that it gets I shall die a happy man. Hopefully not too soon though eh? On a side note, I hope that Bridgejunky is watching this from wherever he may be. He would have loved this season.
  15. RIP Chris Cornell. Never hear that great voice again.
  16. Made no sense to me either. But then Droy explained it and I'm still no wiser.
  17. What would happen next year when we win three of them. 😂
  18. Agree. It's everyone's right to love the guy or loath him but no one can deny what he did whilst here. When he came first time around everyone loved his pointing out the iniquities of the FA old boys network. He did it with humour and intelligence and got some support across the board. Unfortunately, he should have changed tack when the tide started to turn against him (and us) but, for whatever reason (personal family problem?) he seemed to just rant at all and sundry. He is still a great manager but, it seems to me, his personal demons have control of him at the moment. If he can get his "happiness" back he will again be up with the very very best. As Paul said, it is a lot of rewriting of history to score internet warrior points for some people. Loved him while he was ours, not bothered about him now he's elsewhere. I am loving Conte and what he's done so far and if he carries on next season and more then he will easily become my all time favourite.
  19. Must win game.😉
  20. Who I would like to see in and out this transfer window is whoever Conte buys and sells. Have 100% confidence in whatever decision he makes.
  21. Am I the only one here that doesn't feel the need to take sides in the great (not great) debate between past and present gaffers? Jose mark1 came and took a good side and won back to back titles and made us a great side that lasted for years. Absolutely loved him. Jose mark 2 came back and took a good side and worked his magic and won another title within two years. Loved him but not as much as mark1, Antonio came and took a good but demoralised side and after just 6 premier league games moulded them into a great side. Absolutely love him. We have been blessed with some of the best managers in the modern game. I for one am grateful that we have had them here and won't slag off anyone who has been part of this great club. (Well maybe one.) Champions people. Let's be happy.
  22. Quite right. I am and have always been proud to support this club. A classy club. Blue for ever!
  23. How. Good. Does. That . Feel.
  24. Never ending or begining, like an ever spinning wheel..
  25. Droy, I understand that you love Fabregas, I understand that you don't like Matic. What I don't understand is that you seem to think that it is always one or the other. They have both played together on several occasions and it has worked whether they do or not. We are going to win the league with what could be the second ever highest points total and we have done it with Matic and Fabregas in the squad. I would like to see Fab play more but I'm not going to berate Conte for his decisions given the position we find ourselves in.