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  1. Fairly easy to spot though.😊
  2. Not for the first time. Its like de ja vu all over again. 😉
  3. 10/12. A couple of "educated guesses" though.
  4. Totally pointless post if I may say Dave. As is this one to be honest.
  5. Jeez Dave. Did you get out of bed the wrong side this morning? I've never, and I don't think anyone has, said that we don't counter attack. It is one of our tools but we have many more tools. But when you say that we are just a counter attacking team, that's when people will have an issue. To quote your reply in another thread, are you able to read.
  6. I know that that post wasn't directed at me but..... I have never said Matic should start ahead of Fabregas. I have only argued that Matic is a lot better than you give him credit for. If he gets picked ahead of Fabregas, I'll be happy, if it's reversed I'll be happy. I'm not going to get on Matic's case because he's not Fabregas and I'm not gonna have a go the other way around. As for listening to the knee jerk reactions in the MDF to gauge public opinion, come on, most of the views are reversed by about an hour after the game. And as for other forums, couldn't say. I like this one, it has all types of views which I like to hear, even yours Droy. 🙂 It's just that when a fair portion of your 20,000+ posts ( where do you get the time, plus numerous other forums now we understand) are repeats after repeats on the same few subjects with no further insight, patience is hard to come by and it does come across as "look at me look at me". Now I could be wrong, and if I am I apologise, but I don't think I am. I don't dislike you (internet you obviously😊) or your views, everyone is entitled to their own, it's just the repetition mate. Still friends?
  7. Dave, I personally don't think we are a counter attacking team. We are very good at counter attacking. We are also very good at defending but that doesn't mean we are a defensive team either. I feel that we are becoming a well rounded team much like the earlier Mourinho teams. Droy, you can't help but have a go at Zaffo can you. He obviously likes the way Conte gets his teams to play and you don't. You don't see any value in Matic whereas others do. Why is it that you are right and others are wrong. We all see things differently, some players play the way we want to see them play, others don't. Some are easy on the eye and some are not but you can't have 11 pretty players on the field unless you want to support l'arse. My own opinion is that Conte is doing a wonderful job at the moment and that Mourinho did a wonderful job for us in the past. I understand Droy's and Dave's stance in the Mourinho debate. I also understand Blue Rod, Robbo and Kev's stance. I agree with a lot of what you all say and also disagree with a lot what you all say. I reckon most people see it like that. Like most things in life, it is neither black or white but a bit of both. I know I shouldn't get involved but I log on and read this site about 10 times a day and just get fed up with the same ol' same ol'. We are gonna win the league and have a good chance of the double, if that isn't enough for some then that is their loss. Sorry about that. Rant over.
  8. To be fair Droy, I don't think people were saying that the stamp was to "take Hazard out". It was the tackles flying into and through his legs that was the injury waiting to happen. The, obvious, stamp was mentioned in addition to the "tackles". So saying that stamping rarely causes injuries as a contradiction of taking Hazard out was irrelevant IMO.
  9. Ver ver good.
  10. But surely if we are interested in, and try to sign, one or more of them then we are vultures as well. I have to say though that I am a big admirer of Mendy, he looks Chelsea to me.
  11. Pulling back on a shirt is not going to injure you but is, rightly, a booking. A stamp may or may not injure you but is an act of overt aggression which is not in the spirit of the game and should always be a sending off or, if missed, a retrospective ban for at least three games. 14 fouls given but we all saw Oliver giving the play-on signal which, if I'm not mistaken, will not count in the stats. I think Oliver needs to explain exactly what he thought he'd seen because I reckon he was talking about the foul that he blew up for and not the actual stamp after. And can someone explain to me why a player looking exactly where to stamp on a player is not worse than Costa "stamping" on Can with his back to him.
  12. Won't happen then. We've got nothing to do with Emirates.
  13. Absolutely.
  14. Khobar was a poster who used to revel in anything anti Liverpool.Sadly he passed away a year or so ago and this thread was renamed in his honour.
  15. I agree with Dave. I thought it was funny and laughed, but after a while I thought that it was beneath us and some (precious) posters on here would be up in arms if the boot was on the other foot. Plus it could have the effect of galvanising them to put that smile on the other side of our faces as, I hope, it would have done for us.
  16. Give it a rest Droy. He was the closest to him after sprinting back to help the back three.
  17. Yes he could have but as you have already said yourself, it is a minimum of one minute and we hadn't played a minimum of one minute. Look Paul, I'm as pee'd off as you about it but you can't blame the ref. Purely our own downfall that one.
  18. I think it was after that that the "spirit of the game" dictated the attack is allowed to have its chance.
  19. But every ref will let a free kick be taken if it was before the end of time and, then, if it is put into the box and headed into the goal it will be given. Happens every match. If the time runs out whilst a team is attacking the goal, the ref will wait til the initial thrust has stopped. We would have been livid if he'd blown up against us before we'd taken the free. I have no problem with the ref just with our defence of said kick
  20. Don't listen to music radio? You've got to get into BBC Radio 6. Only station to put on IMO.
  21. But Paul, you've already answered yourself in your previous post. The free kick and the time to take it was the "stoppage" time. Whether or not we agree that the time should be added is moot as the ref decided that it was. There was.
  22. Was just going to post the same myself.
  23. Amazing really isn't it. We're "bigging up" a defender (me included), who has just had 5 goals put past him. Gotta love this game haven't ya?
  24. I did like the look of Mendy. And what a goal from ex Chelsea player Falcao.
  25. Just like say that I'm always happy to see Sian Massey-Ellis run the line. I have to say that I've not seen her give a bad call. Not saying she hasn't but I feel more confident with her than some of the male counterparts.