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  1. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    I too am moved. SFL our greatest ever IMO. A model pro of the highest highest quality. A footballer supreme. Up there with best, which he was at one point during his career. Also a thoroughly decent, intelligent and amusing human being. Loved him.
  2. Frank Lampard Breaks Chelsea's All Time Scoring Record (#210)

    SFL. Not only our top goalscorer, but our greatest ever player. Truly a superb professional, in every aspect. Doesn't he also hold the record for (outfield player) games on the bounce? About 168 I think . I bow to him and like MT above urge the board to resign him. He brings so much more than "just" goals.
  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Well I think the press are onto something, even if they are only sniffing at the momenmt. I love the British Press, they are disrespectful and pitbullish. Without doubt, Romans wealth has decreased in the credit crunch, to what extent, I don`t know. Russia as a country has seen many of it assests go down the plughole, oil & gas have halfed in price and have further to go. Its recent bullying of the Ukraine is a sign of weakness and not strength. Is Roman a seller of CFC. Yes at the right price imo.
  4. Happy Birthday, Paul!

    Best of luck!

  5. Didier Drogba

    Top Drog The indisputable leader of the gang He's the boss He's the best He's a championship He's the most tip top - Top Drog With apologies to Hannah & Barbera.
  6. Didier Drogba

    I love the big fella (the Drogs that is, not Droy, just to clear up any possible confusion) Haven`t always, but he's grown on me. Yes he has faults, yes he's a prima donna. But aren`t top stars supposed to be flighty and emotional and unreasonable at times. You have to take the rough with the smooth, the sweet & sour of life. The combination that goes behind any good meal. And Drogs without doubt is a la carte. A Raymond Blanc recipe of exquisite fine dining and well worth the price and the occasional frustration, that is all part of the make up of top draw. Top Drog.
  7. Didier Drogba

    I think this thread should be re named "Stand up for the Drogs. I am phissed off with the criticism he receives about him allegedly diving. What a lot of nonsense. I did not see the big man dive once last night. I did see him though get pushed and pulled around.I did see him fight for the ball with back to goal and try to be the spear point at the front of our attack. I did see him him making himself available as an out ball to his colleagues all game long. I did see him back defending and rallying the troops. I did see him being a superb sportsman, without a hint of malice in him. I refuse to criticise the man. I refuse to do the oppositions fans job for them, I refuse to dance their tune. "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone" Well miss him when he's gone.
  8. Didier Drogba

    Course he is selfish and hallelujah for that. All top strikers need the arrogance and belief , the ego to believe they are capable of scoring-they need to keep trying. Alright , he didn`t score last night, but I'm not going to start pointing finger at him and moaning because it didn`t come off. Anyway, have you ever seen a top striker work as hard as the big man does in defense for us. At one point last night in the second half he tackled back deep within our half, on East stand side. Playing wise he's doing nothing wrong imo.
  9. Didier Drogba

    As everyone else, he has to play for numerous reasons. 1/ His line leading 2/ He`s a targetman/out ball 3/ He, more than anyone, keeps the scouse defence honest 4/ Goal scoring threat (one goal up there, means they have to score three to go through...very tough) 5/ Liverpool are not able to fully handle him 6/ he's one of the leaders within the team. 7/ Last, but by no means least...his defensive capabilities. he's vital to our set piece/corner kick defending. Not only is he vital, he`s bloody excellent at it. I'm afraid no player at this stage can be wrapped in cotton wool. Every game is vital.Bill Blood and his team are now probably the busiest people at the club.....its a team game.
  10. Michael Essien

    Whilst sympathising for your loss, on what basis do you come to the judgement that Michael is a Moron. Also while agreeing the drink driving is unacceptable, one also hopes you never speed or run a red light. Those in glass houses. I will be disappointed with him, IF & when he is found guilty. It is worth noting that the police are not the prosecuting authorities in the UK, neither are they Juries, Judges or even Magistrates. Lets just pass over a fundamental right that finds it origins in the Magna Carta just because of ones own prejudices.
  11. New Kits

    Hope its not yellow which apart from being the Goons second colour is disgusting. 10 Chelsea players running looking one bananna, two banana, three bananna, four. Keep with white/and or black.
  12. Didier Drogba

    Well done DD, fully deserved.
  13. Musical Tastes

    Your are indeed a man of great taste Benner, Susie Sue. JUJU has to be one of my all time favourite albums, we are entranced,spellbound.
  14. Musical Tastes

    What a load of rubbish about modern music, there's nowt wrong with modern except the attitude of old farts like me harking back to good old days & musical snobs, not being able to recognise a good new tune even when its blasted straight into their heads through their poxy ubiquitous Ipod headphones "Love" a great album...nonsense, load of rehashed & jigged 40 year music that EMI marketing team have done a great job of selling to half deaf fossils. Me, I'm rather partial to Country music these days, and would recommend Seth Lakeman to anyone who likes the genre. Damien Rice is also quite exquisite at times although 9 is slightly disappointing (although its growing on me) My favourite love songs...they change weekly, but I do like Take Thats " I want you back" Great pop/pap music 3 mins of disposable brilliance and Neil Diamond also turns out a good tune.
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Extended highlights on CTV dippers next round