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  1. John Terry

    I'm certainly not trying to defend it. Like KEF, I'm an 'old school' supporter and agree that the whole industry has gone down the toilet. The people you happen to know is neither here nor there. The fact remains that there are many who can and do afford it. As for the aside, my point is that going to uni these days costs a fortune, yet more than ever before are going and being financed by their parents to do so. But are they such a different case? They have won f all for many years and don't look like doing so for a lot longer either. Yet still the fans turn up in droves and pay a fortune to do so. Are the prices low since the football there is so dire, or has the policy led to the collapse of football at these clubs? I assume that KEF regards the battle as already lost. I certainly do. Although laudable, your attitude has an air of King Canute about it. The tide has come in and drenched your feet; it cannot be turned back by an act of will.
  2. John Terry

    But there is no evidence of this, is there? Of course the kids can afford to go - poncing off parents is more common today than ever and there are plenty of parents with a lot of money. Look at the costs of going to uni these days and the ever-increasing number still applying.It isn't as if Chelsea are located in the dole-scrounging north, is it? Ars are clear testimony to the fact that there isn't any strong link between winning things and support. Look at Newcastle, even Norwich down here. Complete sh*te, yet good attendances. But don't clubs involved in 'normal European fare' also gain plenty of dough from TV coverage? It is the speed and skill of the Prem, plus our luring of many of the world's top players that draws sponsorship and TV interest. If atmosphere was chiefly responsible, one might imagine that Chelsea would get pretty small coverage at SB.
  3. John Terry

    On what basis can you say that? I do not see it as unreasonable to suggest that JCL's are replacing the old school fans at SB. The latter are still about, but not in the stands. Why should it be 'unbecoming' of a supporter? Personally I have not seen any willy waving from KEF at all.
  4. John Terry

    Rightness or wrongness doesn't come into it. As posted above it is all about supply and demand: there are next to none CB's of JT's ability and leadership qualities, hence he can command a massive wage. Seemingly there is no shortage of 'fans' who can afford £50 and a limited number of seats at little SB.
  5. Didier Drogba

    ......or one who bases his opinions of 'true quality' on soppy little clips and no doubt derives the same sort of physical pleasure from them.
  6. John Terry

    For all its faults, no-one who went to matches in that era is seriously going to contend that it is better overall today than it was then, surely. It wasn't all sit down, shut up, mind your language and eat your prawn sandwich. Nor was one charged 50/60 quid for the privilege.
  7. John Terry

    I mean here threatened as in disconcerted, a feeling of not fitting in any more with the fanbase
  8. John Terry

    What you are describing here, ken is the cultural alienation that is a part of the natural process of ageing and it goes way beyond football. No doubt the post-war supporters said something very similar about the baby-boomer fans and no doubt the fans of today will be saying the same about the 'new' fans in 2030... Social change can occur quite rapidly, but individuals become culturally 'fossilized' and feel threatened as a result.
  9. Didier Drogba

    Is that supposed to be conclusive evidence? A poxy w**ktube clip? How many w**tube clips are there of him standing about doing f**k all, losing the ball, falling over his own feet with just the keeper to beat? Roll on the end of the school holidays....
  10. John Terry

    You seem to overlook the fact that this is a discussion forum and supposedly an 'intelligent' one at that. Only a complete moron would accept that every single decision of those running the club has been a sensible one; only a compete moron would accept that every player we have could not possibly be replaced by anyone better; only a moron would accept that we haven't gone backwards in the past two seasons. On the assumption that most posters are not morons, what is the point of putting criticisms out of bounds, or simply refusing to face facts? The old tribalism of the 60's/70's has long gone. But even then, I recall the likes of 'Mary' Houseman being jeered from terraces. It is nothing to do with hate for Chelsea. It is to do with hate for those b*stards who have buggered up the club we love; either in the Boardroom, the manager dugout or on the pitch.
  11. John Terry

    Were not both lamenting the change that has occurred in the relationship between club and fans?
  12. John Terry

    Correction: it is you that has created that image. No player can stay at any club 'no matter what. If the club say he is no longer wanted or let his contract lapse, for instance. And he IS so seen. You admit that you don't have a clue about reasons behind any delay, yet proceed to calculate the chances of it being of two.I say again - it is not unreasonable that such a large offer should prompt JT to ask the club whether they still want him or want to cash him in, in the best interests of the club
  13. John Terry

    Nonsense. Most celebrities like media attention only too well, but on their own terms. If they dislike it that much, why don't they pack it all in? Given that they have both stayed and you admit not knowing anything else, I see no reason for any disappointment. In any event, I guess it will be purely temporary, give the general fan attitude to Drogba who shouted from the rooftops that he wanted to get away last season. I do not think that you will find complete 'unconditional love' by any player for any club. Anyone who thinks it exists in the modern era at at least is living in a dreamworld.
  14. John Terry

    They may be human beings, but they are also celebrities who often delight in media attention and make a lot of money from such activity. As such, they cannot complain if their motives for certain actions are the subject of public discussion. Some may see these in a negative light, others in a positive one. I suspect that the ultimate outcome is usually a result of a number of different, often conflicting motivating factors, rather than any single one.
  15. Didier Drogba

    The topic was not whether he would stay or go but whether he should stay or go. However, the thread is admittedly running out of steam. Any contract extension means nothing in terms of his Chelsea shelf-life.