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  1. I would like to take this opportunity to wish every Chelsea fan a happy new year. I'll be spending the night at a Polish accountants convention. Should be a barrel of laughs.
  2. This is actually perfectly correct.
  3. Matic has been in sublime form this season, and a lot of the credit goes to Conte, who has got our big-hitters back to their best, and even players like Pedro and Moses which nobody could have foreseen. This game proved once again that Fabregas struggles in a 2 and I'm afraid he'll be on the bench for the next one. We all know he's quality on the ball but the problem is when we don't have the ball he becomes a liability. That's just the plain old truth. 12 on the bounce is incredible, 28 scored and 2 conceded. Thought our front three combined excellently in this game and Conte showed his tactical prowess, to go with his man-management and his motivational mastery. What a manager.
  4. The team picks itself. Fabregas is quality on the ball but he struggles in a midfield 2 for obvious reaasons. He'll be on the bench and is a very good option to have once the game is stretched and players are tiring. Pedro is banned unfortunately because he is in fine form. This may be controversial but I'd bring Costa back.
  5. I heard a rumour we are now favourites for the league, not sure how true that is, but it will be either City or Chelsea at this stage, of course that could all change after the next few rounds of fixtures, as it always does with the bookmakers. Either way, considering we were totally unfancied at the start of the season, behind the favourites City and Utd, and the best we were considered able to achieve was a fight for top four, it just goes to show what a remarkable job Conte is doing. Long may it last.
  6. Nail on head. People really need to stop blaming everybody else for Jose's failings, after all, that's what Jose does himself.
  7. I think you've lost your marbles son.
  8. Nicely put and thank you.
  9. A lot of people saying Kante had his worst game for us, but they have to bear in mind he was playing alongside Fabregas, who doesn't offer a great deal defensively, and he was overworked to a certain extent. We've seen it with Matic in the past when he's been paired with Fabregas, you can't continuously do the work of two men. Having said that, Fabregas produced moments of pure class on the ball. City dominated us for the middle third of the game, and that was because of the midfield. Also, those saying Cahill and Alonso were poor, yes, not they're greatest game, but again you have to bear in mind the absence of Matic, who shuttles towards the left when we're defending. It's no coincidence our problems came down our left hand side.
  10. This. He has failed to win 21 of his last 30 Prem games, a quite staggering record, especially considering that's with Chelsea and Utd, not Rotherham and Hartlepool. He's obsessed with us in his interviews and he's bringing all his toxicity over to Utd, which is fun to see. The worst bit is the fact he always complains about his side being the better team after they've drawn to the likes of Burnley and Stoke. Er Jose, have you seen your squad? Utd have spent £500m in the 3 years since they won the title under Ferguson, you have De Gea, Bailly, Shaw, Herrera, Schneiderlin, Pogba, Zlatan, Rooney, Mata, Martial, Rashford, Depay, Mkhitaryan, Carrick etc etc. Not one of Burnley's players would get near your team, and you want credit for being the better team? Get a grip. Fact is, Utd were joint favourites with City at the start of the season because of the quality they possess, and because Jose was able to break spending records and purchase the spine he wanted, and now they sit 1 point above West Brom with the same goal difference, they sit 2 points above Stoke, 3 points above Watford and Bournemouth. That's the reality Jose. Stop making excuses.
  11. You can download this one into Polish via the app store..............
  12. Enjoy.........
  13. Alonso and Cahill were all at sea sometimes and it really showed the value of Matic.
  14. We were lucky today, City started to dominate the first-half near the end and deserved their lead. Second-half they could have been out of sight. On another day, they put their chances away and Luiz is sent off. We missed Matic, badly, in those periods where they had us under the cosh. He covers ground, positionally he's very good, he tackles, he intercepts, he wins his aerial duels etc, he's also been playing very well with the ball. We were far more vulnerable with Fabregas, especially against such good opposition, but Fabregas hits a pass better than anyone in the league, and there were a couple of pearlers today, one of which led to our first. The spirit is amazing under Conte, the work he's done with these players, Luiz, Costa, Hazard, Moses etc. We got the luck but we made them pay, and that's because we're a good team. 8 wins out of 8, some of them very tough games, 2 goals conceded, something like 20 goals scored. It's incredible, especially now the Prem is so competitive. Everybody should be very proud of our manager, and he hasn't done it with a chequebook. First time out of Italy, hardly any time to prepare after the Euros, didn't know the language. Impressive.
  15. Early days but it seems to me Alonso would struggle as a LB in a flat back four, at least at the top level. His main strengths appear to be stamina and crossing ability. He's decent in the air but nowhere near aggressive enough at set-pieces. EDIT: I appreciate this thread is about Victor Moses.