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  1. Just out of interest, is it only grown men that can't be bullied by other grown men, or women too?
  2. Matic has bene training on his own since the start of pre-season, even when Conte was taking the players through double training sessions at Cobham. The reason is injury.
  3. As I predicted the striker situation has been resolved to Conte's satisfaction and there's even a chance we sign another striker in the form of Llorente though it wouldn't surprise me if Batshuayi stayed even if we were to sign another. Goalkeepers we're sorted and central defence we're sorted too. 6 would be too many CBs as ideally you don't want players who feel they have hardly any chance of playing. WBs we need to sign. Interestingly the RWBs we're linked to can also play in midfield, players like Sergi Roberto (originally a CM), Candreva and Oxlade-Chamberlain (both established AMs). We need cover in midfield if Matic is to go and it looks like he's going to force a move away, unlike last summer where Conte managed to persuade him to stay. The hope is we can tempt Juve to part with Sandro with Matic as bait, because we need another LWB and we don't want Matic going to Utd. Contrary to some people's views here, Conte rates Sandro very highly and we've already bid hard for him and I don't expect our interest to drop, although it may be hard to prise him away, especially given the fact Juventus have already lost 2 top defenders. Contrary to some people's views here we also don't need to sign Bertrand because of his HG status. If Matic leaves we can still sign 3 more non-HGs, and make that 4 if Batshuayi goes out on loan. Having said that, there's always an advantage to a HG being signed as it creates more space in the squad, even if you don't need that space immediately. Oxlade-Chamberlain has one year left on his contract so maybe we could keep the price realistic but would Arsenal do business with us? Would he join seeing as he'll want to be a starter? Is he good enough? I have my doubts but I also think he could improve under Conte. AM we're short too, especially with Hazard injured for the start of the campaign, but Conte has already said he thinks Fabregas should play more games so I suspect he won't just provide cover in midfield but will also get games playing more forward. We've also got Moses and maybe one of the WBs we bring in to cover the AM positions, and maybe we'll keep hold of one of our youngsters. As I've said before, Conte won the title with 13 players last season, which was a remarkable feat, especially when you consider the squads Utd and City had. This season those clubs will be stronger and we'll have more games to play so he won't be able to do that again. Right now already he has 15 outfield players he trusts so things have already improved in that sense, but I expect that number to rise, with a WB or two and a striker maybe. It's a big IF but IF we were to sign Sandro, Llorente and a versatile RWB, Conte would suddenly have 18 outfield players he felt he could count on as opposed to last season's 13, and we would have a very good squad with sufficient cover in every position but not so much cover that players start to become disaffected. Basically every player in that squad would feel valuable, unlike last season. I think this is shaping up to be a very good window, but we need 2 or 3 more signings in my opinion to be truly satisfied, and possibly as much as 4 if we feel we need extra cover in the AM or CM positions. I don't think anyone in their right mind wants to see Luiz or Dave playing CM.
  4. What a bizarre apology.
  5. Actually what you said was all we needed to get over the line was 2 WBs, a CF and an AM. Regarding Luiz, I'm saying I don't think he ever knew how to play there in the first place. Bringing in a HG LWB is far from crucial, as I've said before, and Bertrand would be painfully overpriced, wouldn't represent an upgrade on Alonso and probably wouldn't even want to come. EDIT: I'm interested why you think it's so crucial we bring in another AM but not another CM. You cna bring up Dave or Luiz as midfielders but I can bring up Moses as an AM. Before you say Matic is still here, realistically he is going to go, unless you think that's media nonsense too. And as for any youngsters we may have in central midfield, well in that case, Charly Musonda can be brought up too.
  6. Here's a direct quote from Juventus' general manager if it makes you happy. Conte's never going to comment on another team's player but I think it's safe to say he rates Sandro and we've bid a tidy sum, just like I said.
  7. If you're happy to go into the new season with 3 central midfielders I'm glad you're not our manager. I disagree that Luiz performed well in that role, but regardless, it's been a long time since he did so. As for Bertrand being homegrown, it works in his favour but it's hardly crucial the way things stand. As for Sandro being an upgrade and worth a hefty sum, our manager seems to be of that opinion and I think he's probably right.
  8. Thank you very much Ham.
  9. Conte doesn't want to be going into next season with the same XI, more or less. He wants upgrades. Right now the only player we've brought in who's coming into the side is Bakayoko, and he might not be fit for the start. Conte wants to freshen this side up with better players, that's why he's going after Sandro. Shame it doesn't look like happening.
  10. You're forgetting a central midfielder, which is absolutely crucial, right now we have 3, and neither Dave or Luiz are midfielders, by any stretch. Bertrand makes no sense at all, apart from the fact he's homegrown. He is not an upgrade on Alonso. Paying £60m for a world class WB makes perfect sense, as it's possibly the most crucial position in a 343. If you get somebody in who's a significant upgrade in a crucial position for 60m, in today's market you do it. EDIT: Would Bertrand even want to come, knowing he might not be first choice? One thing's for certain, he'll DEFINITELY be overpriced.
  11. Last season Conte performed a miracle, winning the title with 13 players. Having said that we were very lucky with injuries and we didn't have Europe to contend with. We also had 8 squad players who were seldom used: our 2 back-up keepers, Terry, Zouma and Ake, Chalobah, RLC and Batshuayi. Incredibly all these squad players (apart from Eduardo) will be gone this season, which tells you a lot. So, the 13 main men, with Bakayoko replacing Matic and somebody replacing Costa. We will surely bring in players to replace Chalobah and Batshuayi, and we've brought in 2 CBs who Conte feels he can play. If you add our 2 back-up keepers that gives you a squad of 19, which is painfully small. Of course we all suspect 2 WBs will be brought in, taking the squad up to 21, which is the same size as last season. Crucially, these will be 21 players Conte believes in, as opposed to only 13 last season, important seeing as we will play more matches. People need to chill out about the strikers. Conte will bring in strikers he is happy with. If we assume those 2 strikers are foreign, our 2 new WBs are foreign and Chalobah's replacement is foreign, that's our full quota of foreigners permitted, so if we're looking to bring in another attacking midfielder to take RLC's place in the squad, he will have to be homegrown. Crucially of course Moses can play further up the park if needs must (as can Fab and possibly one or both of the new WBs that are brought in), so Conte might think he's okay to go with 21, which is small but there's always the January transfer window, in which I assume players can also be recalled from loan if we need them. I'm quite comfortable with the way things are shaping up although it's crucial we replace Chalobah in the squad and ideally I'd like another attacking midfielder (particularly as Hazard is out for the start) and maybe a 3rd CF too (although I find this unlikely). This season we might not get so lucky with injuries. It's going to be a squad of 21 rising possibly to a maximum of 23, augmented maybe by 1 or 2 youngsters. EDIT: Kenedy and Musonda have squad numbers although I wouldn't read too much into that seeing as Zouma does too and he's likely to be loaned out.
  12. Brilliant Paul, and very sensible advice if I may say so.
  13. I'd say you've lost your marbles but I don't think you had any to begin with.
  14. Here's Michael's post in Polish, courtesy of google translate. You should be able to understand it better now. "Nie chcę, aby gracze myśleli, że musimy zrobić lepsze I skończyć na czwartym, a czwarte miejsce nie jest celem, chcę wszystko. Chcę wygrać mecze, chcę grać dobrze, nie chcę się zgodzić. " Jose Mourinho przed rozpoczęciem sezonu.
  15. An unequivocally brilliant post. You absolutely smashed it Hugh.