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  1. Brilliant Paul, and very sensible advice if I may say so.
  2. I'd say you've lost your marbles but I don't think you had any to begin with.
  3. Here's Michael's post in Polish, courtesy of google translate. You should be able to understand it better now. "Nie chcę, aby gracze myśleli, że musimy zrobić lepsze I skończyć na czwartym, a czwarte miejsce nie jest celem, chcę wszystko. Chcę wygrać mecze, chcę grać dobrze, nie chcę się zgodzić. " Jose Mourinho przed rozpoczęciem sezonu.
  4. An unequivocally brilliant post. You absolutely smashed it Hugh.
  5. Thanks once again Kev. You are indeed a true gent.
  6. Thank you very much Kev. Glad you appreciated my post.
  7. On the contrary, I intend to spend every waking moment of my entire life on this site, boring everybody rigid, repeating the same inane nonsense ad infinitum, until I've convinced myself I've convinced everybody I'm not a complete ignoramus. Wish me luck.
  8. I know your butt is hurting after being wrong about everything but there is a far bigger feelgood factor this time around, though that may not come across on your internet stream. Get some ointment for your butt and maybe you can feel happy too.
  9. Without doubt our most impressive title win, when you consider the fact Conte only arrived after the Euros and was new to the country, therefore had a distinct disadvantage over everyone else. Plus the fact we were so poor last season, thanks to rank bad management and morale was low and many players wanted out. Then you have the fact Conte only spent about £25m net and didn't get many of his transfer targets. The fact Jose rejected Moses for 3 full seasons and Conte brought him straight in and worked wonders with him and Alonso. What he's done with Luiz is impressive. The fact he got the likes of Courtois, Cahill, Matic, Hazard and Costa to return to form, and got performances out of Pedro, which was more than Jose could do. The fact he won the title with 13 men, no red cards, and the fact he's handled himself with so much humility and class. What a season. Then you look at how he's handled the Terry situation. The fact he relegated last season's POTY largely to the bench, alongside Fabregas, both of which have proved the correct decision. Then there's the fact he got rid of Mikel, Oscar and (a sadly past it) Ivanovic, which proves he knows a dud when he sees one. Brand new season, no-one's won the Prem with 3 at the back before. Now everybody's copying Conte. New look defence, new look midfield, and a new look attack if you consider Willian was largely preferred to Pedro last season. That is quick work Antonio. Looking forward to the cup final, the team almost picks itself. Some players dropped off a bit during the season to differing degrees, the likes of Moses, Luiz, Matic, Costa and Pedro but everyone's back on form. Matic particularly has been immense since he scored that incredible goal at Wembley. Fabregas will come on as a sub at Wembley, alongside Willian and hopefully Terry if the result's in the bag. Fabregas has been very effective, particularly towards the business end of the season, thanks to Conte's smart management. Conte has shown he can deal with pressure. There was pressure in January when we lost to Tottenham and then the story about Costa blew up, but we went on a long unbeaten streak. There was pressure when we lost to Palace (undeservedly) and Utd but we then went and beat Spurs at Wembley, breaking their long winning streak and administering a huge psychological blow. There was pressure to win at Goodison otherwise our lead would have been down to a solitary point by the end of the day. He's dealt with everything that's come at him. Pathetic mind games by other managers. Dealt with the Costa situation expertly. Not just that, Costa's on-field behaviour has markedly improved. No bans this year which is a miracle. When the players had a virus at Old Trafford, Conte didn't use that as an excuse, in fact he blamed himself for the defeat, as opposed to our previous manager who tended to blame the ref, or the media, or Chelsea fans or the Chelsea doctor. Conte's man-management has been exemplary. What a breath of fresh air. Good football, more goals than every other team, impeccable behaviour by our players on the pitch, despite the fact other teams try to kick us into oblivion. No dissent or anything. Compare and contrast this with what we had before. Hopefully we'll break our own record for number of wins in a single season. Remember, the Prem is far more competitive than it ever was, with all these big-name managers and so much more money spread around, as opposed to when Roman first came in and we could blow everyone away financially. Lastly, a word for Oriol Romeu, tremendous season at Southampton. Judging by the rumours, the big boys are circling. Let's see if they can keep hold of him. So glad he's recovered from his horrendous injury. We should all wish him well. EDIT: Roll on Sunday. It will be emotional. Most of us have recognised what an incredible job this guy was doing. Obviously you're always going to get the odd cranky Polish accountant. Well done Chelsea. Been a long time since we had this kind of good feeling around the club.
  10. I would like to take this opportunity to wish every Chelsea fan a happy new year. I'll be spending the night at a Polish accountants convention. Should be a barrel of laughs.
  11. This is actually perfectly correct.
  12. Matic has been in sublime form this season, and a lot of the credit goes to Conte, who has got our big-hitters back to their best, and even players like Pedro and Moses which nobody could have foreseen. This game proved once again that Fabregas struggles in a 2 and I'm afraid he'll be on the bench for the next one. We all know he's quality on the ball but the problem is when we don't have the ball he becomes a liability. That's just the plain old truth. 12 on the bounce is incredible, 28 scored and 2 conceded. Thought our front three combined excellently in this game and Conte showed his tactical prowess, to go with his man-management and his motivational mastery. What a manager.
  13. The team picks itself. Fabregas is quality on the ball but he struggles in a midfield 2 for obvious reaasons. He'll be on the bench and is a very good option to have once the game is stretched and players are tiring. Pedro is banned unfortunately because he is in fine form. This may be controversial but I'd bring Costa back.
  14. I heard a rumour we are now favourites for the league, not sure how true that is, but it will be either City or Chelsea at this stage, of course that could all change after the next few rounds of fixtures, as it always does with the bookmakers. Either way, considering we were totally unfancied at the start of the season, behind the favourites City and Utd, and the best we were considered able to achieve was a fight for top four, it just goes to show what a remarkable job Conte is doing. Long may it last.
  15. Nail on head. People really need to stop blaming everybody else for Jose's failings, after all, that's what Jose does himself.