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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ham, you have to stop this, apparently I'm only allowed to "like" 1 post a day!
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Very nicely put.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Perfectly put Ham. Some people seem to think if you disagree with them it's because you can't understand their argument, whereas the truth is maybe it's because you can see they're an utter fool.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thanks very much Bert, you are a man of discerning taste.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    "Stanley Matthews was more expensive than Neymar."
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well put.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Follow up question: Are football squads today more expensive than they were 10 years ago? Dave you can phone a friend if you want!
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Okay I'll ask it in even simpler terms: Are house prices in London more expensive today than they were say, 10 years ago? EDIT: Come on Dave, I know you can get this one!
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Dave, I've got a question for you, seeing as you're such an expert on money: In 1961 a 2 bedroom flat in Vauxhall cost about £2.50. Today you can buy the equivalent flat in Battersea for about £300m. Which one is more expensive?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    We all understand the concept of inflation Dave. House prices are more expensive than they used to be, and so are football players.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Dave, are you deliberately being a moron? Yes I"ve used Sky Sports as a source but I could have used any source, just google it. I said Utd had the most expensive squad in the history of football last season. You told me it's clearly not true, but it clearly is true. Interestingly, and rather tellingly, you haven't given me a more expensive squad. I'm guessing because you can't. Now, I know players cost more these days, just like I know houses cost more these days, we all know that Dave. Things are more expensive nowadays. Thanks for the information. Rio Ferdinand was the world's most expensive defender in 2002 and now it's somebody else. Have you got any more revelations for us?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Clearly it is...............
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yes and 4 of those games are in September, after the window has closed. Our first game is against Burnley at home. Please don't worry about a thing.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think I know who you're referring to. Must admit it's a delicious irony. All last season he was boring everybody shitless with his repetitive claims that Conte was useless and Mourinho was The Second Coming, yet Conte won the title against all odds and Mourinho finished 6th despite having the most expensive squad ever assembled in the history of football. Now, to top things off, his idol has signed Matic for 40 big ones plus another 10 in add-ons, the same Matic who we've been reliably told (again and again and again) is absolute garbage. And guess what? When Utd do far better next season he'll claim Matic has nothing to do with it. Lest we forget of course this is the same guy who thought Mikel was the reincarnation of Franz Beckenbauer. I wonder if he's ever got anything right on this site? Anyway, everyone's entitled to their opinion so let's not dwell on that. Many Chelsea fans are deeply unhappy that Matic was sold to Utd but I think if they were told at the start of the summer that we would get Conte's number 1 choice (after the unavailable Nainggolan) in Bakayoko and sell Matic to Utd for 50 big ones they would have accepted that. Matic may not be a genius (as Jose puts it) but as a holding midfielder he has few peers. When he first came he played in a 2 beside Fabregas with Oscar in the 10 role and Matic was incredible, a vast improvement over the lamentable Mikel. Remember he was playing beside Fabregas who offers practically nothing defensively yet we swept all before us, in a 4231 formation. Matic screened the defence expertly, allowing Fabregas to do his thing. That free-flowing football got sacrificed as teams worked out they could outnumber us in midfield (Matic was having to do the work of 2 people) and we battened down the hatches to win the title, often with Ramires taking Fabregas' place in away games. The season after that went horribly wrong and evidently Matic wasn't happy with something, and in fact he hardly played under Guus*. I think it's telling that Conte had to persuade him to stay last summer and this summer Matic wanted to re-join Mourinho. We don't know what went on behind the scenes in Jose's last season but we do know that Matic suits Jose's formation far more than he does Conte's. At Utd, Matic will hold but instead of Fabregas alongside him he'll have Herrera, and he'll have Pogba ahead of him making up the midfield. In other words, Jose will play Matic to his strengths and the player will be happy, and he'll have a bloody good season and be a vital member of the team. Under Conte Matic had to be more than just a holding player, and while he was good there are players out there that can perform that role better, such as Bakayoko we hope, who is a bit more all-action. Swapping Matic for Bakayoko undoubtedly suits Conte but unfortunately signing Matic undoubtedly suits Mourinho, both managers playing different formations. Jose wants a specialist holding player while Conte doesn't, that's the bottom line. We'll have to see who comes out on top. It will be intriguing. Utd will be our biggest challengers this season, because of their squad and the signing of Matic. Mourinho always wins the title in his 2nd season and it always goes tits-up in his third. If he doesn't win it this season he never will. However Conte is a far superior manager so I'm not worried, despite our inferior squad. City's squad is also superior but again our manager is better. Lots of angst and soul-searching in this thread but we'll be okay, I told you before that we would sign a top striker and so it's proved and I'm telling you now we will sign 2 or 3 more players and everybody will be happy, the priority being CM and LWB as I've said before. A RWB and a CF would also be nice. I'm very optimistic about our season. Our squad is already stronger than last season's, if only marginally. The bottom line is last season Conte only had 13 players he could trust. This season he already has 14, and you never know he might also trust Batshuayi and Christensen, and we haven't finished yet. We're getting rid of so many players so we can bring in players the manager wants. Sometimes you can't always conclude all of your business early. Last year we left things late with 1 or 2 and that worked out pretty good. There's no reason why the same can't happen this time. * I seem to recall Matic scoring at Sunderland and not celebrating. Something was definitely amiss.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just out of interest, is it only grown men that can't be bullied by other grown men, or women too?