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  1. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    He has tried way more stuff out in 6 months than previous coach would have done in 6 years. Hasn't always worked but I appreciate that difference in approach. And lets not forget how the limited squad was decimated by key injuries for first 3 months or so. RLC will not be back this season most likely and that is a real blow to Lampard IMO. Remember how Ranierie was lambasted for tinkering too much. There is a fine balance.
  2. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    No not once. And did anyone think at any point " when is our keeper going to make a massive brain fart" . I felt completely relaxed with Willy C between the sticks.
  3. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Opinions and post have been all over the place this season and I can understand why. Transfer ban , no Hazard, rookie coach = doom and gloom. First game and knee jerk is Lamps is on way out ...he's not the messiah at all. Then he is the messiah and then he's not. Now some think he's just a very naughty boy. Then we are only 4th coz others are rubbish but we can't beat anyone decent ourselves. The youngsters are great and then they are not. We need senior experience but then they the old gits who are worse than the youngsters. Our keeper is terrible then he makes a couple of great saves and he's worth 70 mill. We have been erratic and consistently inconsistent.... but neither you, me or anyone else on this forum has been proved right or wrong although a few are running through the chequered flag hands aloft screaming " I told you so".
  4. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    Oh but by the way, we won a game of football tonight. And we won it because we scored the vital second goal that everyone has been asking for. Tricky fixture, average performance, good result and in hat for next round. I have had a funny feeling all season that we will win this year's FA cup.
  5. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    Totally agree. When he came on I thought " oh that's what being comfortable on the ball looks like" . He showed up some pretty senior players today in his little cameo. I hope he develops because he could be a star.
  6. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    You think most people expected more this season than what we have so far achieved...are you joking? The hiring of Lampard was greeted with nothing but criticism by many including yourself and the predictions were dire. United , Spurs and Arsenal have been poor but we have been better. I actually think the quality and tactics of some of the lesser teams has been of a high standard and taken a lot of bigger teams by surprise. But Sarri benefited from the same kind of scenario last season, but when I suggested that I was told just told that we finished top 4 because we (and he) deserved it. So right now I'm going to say we are now top 4 because we deserve it. But of course the one thing he had that Lampard hasn't got is an Eden Hazard at the peak of his powers. Those goals and creativity are irreplaceable. We won tonight, we drew with Arsenal, we are not in freefall, but we are struggling for form and have lost momentum. There is no need to panic because on balance there is more good about this team and the coach than bad.
  7. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    It is quite amazing how we have got to 4th place with a 6 point buffer, reach the knock out stages of the CL and are progressing now in the FA cup when we have shown little game intelligence all season...and all with a transfer ban and a bunch of rookie kids! How seriously I take my post very much depends on what I'm talking about. If it's a passing thought or an idea that's crossed my mind I might share it with the forum or I might keep it to myself...depends on how I'm feeling and how much time I have on my hands. This was one of those occasions...there might be something in it and there might not....I really don't care that much. And If nothing I write is of any interest to you or has no merit just mute my posts as I won't be offended in the least. But if you want to chip in with your usual " no one is backing your point so quite clearly your talking bollocks" line , then I might want to point out the many times you have steadfastly and singlehandedly come to a conclusion on something that has had little or no backing from the rest of the forum, and yet never have you doubted your own correctness! You now seem to have come across a formula that suggest that on those occasions you were indeed talking complete bollocks ( and many times I had a suspicion that you were)! Maybe we should just have a mini referendum on each point raised on the forum and forget all the discussion.
  8. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    No I don't think that at all because I've been reliably informed that the list went up in August. So maybe the trigger for the drop in form was something else. Maybe it was connected in some way as someone chose this moment 3 months later to release it to the press....a player perhaps. I was making idle chit chat and conversation on the forum as people do . I wasn't expecting people to jump to my defence and defend my brilliant theory or do the opposite because most people don't see that as an obligation. I know You are a bit obsessed with how people react to my posts and seem to use it as a way of validating your own position. Personally I think you're being a bit of an idiot when you so this. Anyway you seem to think there has been no drop in form at all throughout the season . I happen to think we are showing a lack of energy, a lack of composure on the ball and a lack of game intelligence that we have previously shown and results tend to back that up post November. I don't notice anyone jumping to your defence so I think you might well be on your own on this one.
  9. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Point one....I've no idea. I think that's asking a bit much of me don't you? Point 2.....I know google is your friend which is why you will have already been on there and read all the articles about it. And the very reason your trying to find a counter point is because its a point that I made. Still waiting to hear when the moment our drop in results started oh Google master!
  10. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    It means what it got considerable media coverage both in the hard copy papers and on their on line sections ...what do you think you think it means? Do you want me name the papers and bring up the pieces? Google is your friend. And perhaps you could tell me the exact dates that results started to decline ( you know...we had a record winning run somewhere along the way). And if they haven't declined and we are still cock a hoop in 4th place, why the feck is everyone either moaning or constantly wringing their hands at the prospect of 4th place flying out the window. In case you haven't noticed we are now dropping point to both big teams and lesser teams and have been for a while.
  11. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Actually I thought it was quite interesting...not riveting but interesting . And the press generally try and find something interesting to say even if it isn't fact they have turned that it into an art form. And it's release to the general public did coincide with our drop in form. As I said before , very possibly a coincidence.
  12. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Were you aware of its existence on Aug 27th. Were the press? If so I'm just curious as to why five papers splashed it all over the sports page in mid November. It may be a moot point , It may have no bearing on anything ...If so I'm sorry to have troubled you.
  13. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    The reason I think Cavani is right kind of player is because I want to see Tammy succeed here in the long term. We buy a top foreign striker of 25 years old Tammy might not get a look in and angle for a move. He has too much potential to lose him. But Cavani is not going to be here for 10 years...maybe just 2 /3 seasons. Enough time for Tammy to learn from him and still get plenty of game time. But primary reason is Cavani will get goals in all areas immediatley. Experienced , big strong and cunning. I don't think this would be another Higuain. Greilish for me should be another prime target.
  14. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    If that's the case I wonder why it took this unnamed player 3 months to share it? Was there an incident perhaps when a player got fined for something...but that was never suggested. And why was this old news splashed across the every sports page of nearly every paper. Was it a light news day.? Hardly earth shattering revelations.
  15. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    In fact Paul all the media outlets reported it around 12th 13th November. Where is your info that these fines were imposed in August and why do you think it was splashed all over every paper mid November?