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  1. Did my post sound like it bothers me what he wins? I would hazard a guess that it bothers you though . For the record I'm sort of OK with United winning the Europa but I'd rather they didn't. There are plusses and minuses. I'm sort of OK if they finish in the top four but only if it's at the expense of Arsenal or Liverpool (who I really detest more than United). Really don't know what else to say to you Blue Rod. My post was about different perspectives of the man and the continuation of posters like yourself to wheel out "Sainthood of Mourinho cultists who want to kiss and snog him" type lines, which on cue, you duly did. The obsession with Mourinho is from some posters who just won't let him get on with his next job and wash their hands of him. Instead they froth at the mouth when he says something they perceive as anti Chelsea. Not only that, but if someone has the temerity to say "I don't think he did much wrong there" they are thrown into a metaphorical cesspit of snakes and shite with a note nailed to there heads saying "Mourinho Worshipper". If you really are looking for the "Truth" Rod I suggest you try a bit harder .
  2. But by the same barometer would you not agree that there are a few on here that will not tolerate the possibility of him ever being worthy of praise for his past achievements no matter what the evidence to the contrary (one poster even described it as all luck). It really is too early to assess his achievements this season because the season hasn't ended and he could end up winning the Europa League, getting a top 4 finish (having already got a domestic trophy in the bag). It seems that in particular an insinuation by him that we play defensive football got many foaming at the mouth dismissing everything that he has achieved with us or will achieve with United. Is that perhaps a little over reaction?
  3. The one person whose morals and ethics can make Donald Trump look like Mahatma Gandhi.
  4. Not so sure that any of us gave that comp any respect while we were regularly doing well in the CL and even winning it. Spurs and Liverpool were in the losers cup and jokes abounded about them having to play Thursday night football against a team no one had ever heard at the arse end of the world. The fact that the winners now get a free pass into the CL has really changed teams attitude to it.
  5. Mates? Certainly . Having to answer Blue Rods posts? I'd rather not unless it's absolutely obligatory! However regarding Europa..... we here were all very dismissive of it weren't we....until we were doing well in it. Then we were giving it large with the best of them . If JM finishes the season with a domestic trophy and a golden ticket into the CL, you are going to have to try very hard to convince JM and United supporters that he has failed in what is his first season. You'll convince yourself and a couple of others maybe but it will be a very vulnerable argument.
  6. Wasn't meant to be..... Kev thinks a book about JM should be called Bravado and Bullshit and I merely suggested that he was the man to write such a titled book as he already has a lot of the material. Might be a jolly good balanced read for all I know. I'll look out for it on Amazon.
  7. Collect all your posts together on this thread and your book is ready to go.
  8. I'd go along with that.
  9. I enjoyed that last page very much! missed the game though.... had a college reunion with people I haven't seen for 35 years. Whoa!! that can be a bit of a shocker!! (naturally had my phone on silent craftily checking the score updates).
  10. If his mind is right and his body is right I wouldn't want any other striker out there, but if either of those things is slightly off the difference on the pitch is instantly noticeable.
  11. I agree too. It's one of the few games this season where we should have got some points and didn't. Not wishing to hark back to last season again, but this type of game happened with incredible regularity and eventually the team lost all confidence. No good fortune in front of goal, the oppos shots all fly in, the odd stick on pen shout turned down and Bingo , 3 points down the swannee . It is quite feasible that this pattern could develop again. Any gambler will tell you that good fortune and bad fortune come in blocks. My guess is that this is a blip and we have too many winners in this team and in the dressing room to let this slip. Let's give Spurs a little chink of light through the door for them to stick their fingers through..... and then slam it shut. That will hurt.
  12. ..and she never had any idea that it looked more like wild boy American golfer Tom Daley than Lionel Richie. Worse video ever...I cringe just thinking about it.
  13. It makes him look a little bit "special" to me...if you get my drift . Also his head seems to have shrunk and his neck has stayed the same??
  14. Thank heavens for that, another crises headed off at the pass. On the plus side, if I ever start another band (and to be fair I'm a bit old for all that now) I'm going to call it "The Weeping Snowflakes". What a great name!
  15. Bob you are a mine of information. I had a feeling I shouldn't have started a political debate.