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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I see old Jamie 'Gobby' Carragher is being sneeked back into Sky as a co commentator.... gently gently catchy monkey. Don't know why but this clip from the very very funny Lee Mac brought him to the forfront of my mind!
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    In a way those clips almost flattered him. Shocking doesn't cover it last season. Getting him a loan deal was singularly the most brilliant bit of behind the scenes manoeuvring I have ever seen. And to Milan!!! I'd say most of the time he is league One level and sometimes possibly lower.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lovin that Mark.... that phrasing works fine....this time next year we'll be millionaires!
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can't help myself....Mrs Nobly thinks I've been doing my tax returns.SSSH
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ok Ham, so I’ve pondering on our Copacabana song for Thibault and I’ve come up with a few ideas. But if we want to make this a mega hit we also need to think about the video because that’s what will send the song viral. So picture the scene. We are in a small bar nightclub anywhere in the world…could be Madrid, could be Battersea, but that’s not important. It’s all shot in black and white (think Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal vid to get the vibe). A dozen small candlelit tables are just visible through the smoke and the gloom. On the small stage are a mariachi band playing the unmistakeable intro to Barry Manillo’s ‘Copacabana’. Suddenly a spotlight falls on one of the tables. Who does it light up? It’s only Thibault Courtois out for a drink with one of his kids!..... no hang on….that’s not his kid, it’s his 18 year old dog sitter (easy mistake, it’s gloomy in there). Now permit me to divert for a moment, but how lucky a chap is Thibault? Not only is he a multi-millionaire sportsman but just when his marriage got a bit shaky, a dog sitter arrived at the house looking like she just walked off the pages of Loaded Magazine! I mean fancy getting a bit of totty like that to look after your poodle for the minimum wage when you’ve just fallen out of love with your pregnant wife!! Or….alternatively…did me meet her down China Whites and get her to apply for the job of dog sitter and then fix her up in the spare room so she was available 24/7 for “dog sitting”? Anyway, that’s my imagination running away with me again, and I’m not questioning in any way Thibault’s loyalty, honesty or qualities as a man. Now back to the video. One of the band members moves towards the mic and starts to sing the first verse to Copacabana. “His name was Courtois, we thought he’d go far Had his shorts cut down to there, with too much Brylcream in his hair He signed for Chelsea, the super Chelsea But he acted like a kid, said ‘I’m off to Real Madrid’ And then the punches flew Contracts were torn in two Wrote a love note to the fans but they said… “Fck You” (CHORUS) Coz we’re the Chelsea, the super Chelsea Why don’t you piss off somewhere elsey (poetic licence)? We are Chelsea, the super Chelelelsea He could have got fitter but chose the dog sitter At the Chelseaee…. He lost his mind.... Is that unkind?..... Well I don’t mind.... I can’t get fined"..... (music fades out to clips of the ball flying past him before he could move and also examples of him giving away his record number of penalties for other teams to score against him….coz he’s never saved one). I think we have a potential hit Ham. Like I say, straight 70/30 copyright split between me and you ….luvelyjubly!!
  6. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Harry does look small compared to Old Big Nose but size is not everything. Even we wouldn't have blown 71 mill on a dodgy keeper.....
  7. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    I think you could be right. A wing back needs a massive engine to get up and down the pitch for 90 mins. He also needs that bit of extra speed and turn of pace to get behind their defence and get to the line now and again. Alonso is not really that player although he shows great willing. I think he will be fine in a back four.
  8. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Do you know what, I can't be bothered to waste any more pixels on this man. I am very confident in my own mind that I know him quite well, even though I have never met him. I think I know his motives and his little games. he's a bad egg and an over rated keeper and I'm more than happy that he's not here anymore. I'm fully behind the new chap.
  9. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Oh they are out there. And if that's a dog sitter, I'm a Chippendale.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ok I'll get my people to talk to your people. I need to get in the zone first....
  11. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    So how far can the statement go for you? For instance, would you be quite happy if Courtois (under cohesion from another trick question) spouted out something like : " Madrid is a much better football club to play for than Chelsea. We win more, we are paid more and we treat players like Hazard with the respect they are due. I would advise any player at Chelsea who wants to better himself and be near his kids to: 1) Play like you don't want to be there. 2) Show just enough effort to let the big boys know you are still around. 3) Keep your intentions to yourself. Say nothing, then a couple of days before the window closes don't turn up for work and force through the sale to your preferred club for a bargain basement price (hence leaving more money for your wages...hehe!). 4) If you fail to follow the above point and show your intentions too early, the club might buy a good replacement for 18 mill in the January window whereas if they are forced into a corner in August they will have to pay 71 mill for exactly the same player! Do the former and the club also then has the option to let you rot on the bench. 5) Write a lovely letter to the ex fans and club saying how much you adored and appreciated them, but take it down quickly if you get pelters. 6) Point six involves thinking a bit outside the box and it's not for everyone. Get your Madrid based girlfriend up the Duff again, then when she is only two months gone, get very very close to your beautiful 18 year old dog sitter (check that 18 is legal in your country of choice). This will give your heartbroken partner no option but to leave you. She will be in a terrible mess with the baby and all but she will get over it and probably move back to her family in Madrid. This will give you a 22 carrot reason for moving back to Madrid at some future point with the purpose of seeing your kids when the lawers allow . Sorted" Ok point 6 may be a bit tough and perhaps not exactly how things happened (lives are complicated) but your post rather tricked me into writing it.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ok I'll finish it. 60/40 split yea?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh stop teasing you little tinker!!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Very pertinent questions Jane and for many years I thought the answer was that everyone (that mattered) knew better than me. Of course I now realise thats not true and I am indeed the font of all knowledge and wisdom :) You are probably way too young to remember a young brilliant 17 year old keeper called Steve Francis. He was touted by many (inside and outside the club) as not only Chelsea's future but the future for England. He's probably a painter/decorator now.
  15. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Should I be asking myself that question? Is Courtois not used to dealing with the media? Is he a child? Is the stock football answer not "well Hazard is a great player but he is a Chelsea player so I don't want to talk about it now as it's not my place" or is Courtois so thick that he falls for a trick? Or maybe Hazards kids are moving to Madrid and he knows the lure will be irresistible to him ? Are you happy with Courtois behaviour towards this club because I'm steaming (I'm sure the behaviour towards his children is adorable and admirable)?