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  1. ^ Costa also feels he is unfairly treated by the FA , the refs and probably Sky (Costa crimes!!). When he was making disgruntled noises about moving that was one of the reasons he gave. The FA and Sky really do like to shoot the geese that lay the golden eggs for them don't they.
  2. I'm kinda with you on this one. No matter how many goals he scores for other teams something niggles with me about him. He didn't have much of a chance to impress with us, but he hardly grabbed the few chances he had with both hands did he. His attitude is also suspect to me. He seemed to want two things simultaneously that weren't possible.... CL football and be a first choice striker. I knew he would get grumpy at Everton and said it at the time. He left a team which could have given him CL football (us) and then started moaning because he was in a team that could never offer him CL football. Come on Lulu, surely you did the math?
  3. Close thread. We're going round in circles.
  4. I think history has shown that this will never be a hippy commune and there is nothing wrong with healthy debate (it would be boring if we all just agreed with each other) but a sense of harmony and togetherness wouldn't go amiss in the big final push for the title. It will be a magnificent achievement (the title not the harmony!).
  5. Just to be clear here for people not sure what's going on, this thread was shutdown last night by MT but then re-opened this morning. Of course Zaffo we should all be free to navigate around this forum, drop in and out of threads as we please. In fact it's probably true to say that the ones that post most on this thread are the ones with an anti Mourinho stance, so if anything I'm standing for their right to put a point across- I for one don't come on here much anymore (prior to this incident , in the last 8 or 9 pages I think I've written about 4 short posts just agreeing with a view and suchlike). And we are not rehashing old ground. The chanting at JM at the last match, his response to fans, our response to him, the performance of United are all new points for discussion. If an old point comes up so bloody what? Your opinion is that little will change on this thread in long term. Well that's your opinion and you may be right and you may be wrong. Mourinho could be sacked from United and become the manager of Arsenal for all I know, but you nor I nor MT have a crystal ball so I suggest if people are posting and reading (as you have admitted you do) you should be allowed to continue to do so. If the thread goes quiet through it's own volition then MT can shut it down. I certainly don't see me posting much on it but you never know. I know people who think these forums are a waste of time and pixels. They have their opinion but I'm pretty sure they have no right to shut down. However if people stop posting and discussion points dry up Sampson might well do it for us. There's an expression in show business and it's called "bums on seats". At the moment whether you love him or loath him Mourinho is still "bums on seats". Gus Hiddink was our last manager before Conte... check out how his thread is doing.
  6. Seriously Zaffo, if you're unhappy with this thread (which I happen to think has had some top posts from both sides of the fence) then don't witness it from near or afar. It clearly fascinates people so much that they can't help themselves from clicking on it and commenting. It is one of the busier threads on this forum which is a good thing for the forum is it not? Some of us have been chipping in money to keep this great site open, so why should we then be told we can't talk about Mourinho? The mods are here to root out unacceptable behaviour and posts, not to cleanse all memories of past managers (good or bad). And I'd like bet that you would be posting on here big time if he got the sack next week.
  7. Thank goodness some common sense has prevailed.... I was seriously starting to get myself worked up. But Micheal the nature of Mourinho (like him or hate him) is that he has been here for two spells dating back to 2003/4 . If a JM discussion takes a fork it may well refer to earlier incidents and stuff will get rehashed. In the Mikel thread the same old arguments (for and against) carried on for years and no one jumped in and said enough is enough. Because you're bored with those arguments doesn't mean that we are or should be judged as boring people. Causing personal offence to a fellow poster is a different matter, but then I suppose it depends on how easily some of us are offended. Droy for instance appears to have the skin of a rhino , others appear a bit more sensitive. I personally am very unsure what the boundaries are. If someone is rude to me I am generally rude back but the person that seemed to be getting a real kicking in this thread is Mourinho...and I think he can handle it. I posted a perfectly reasonable post on the Eva thing because the discussion got bent that way. I see it's been deleted. Did I say something wrong? Is she off limits because she is a lady? I will say one last thing. History may well show that the Eva thing was pivotal in where we are today as a club. Sooner or later a book or article will come out and we will get at least one version of events of what was happening behind the scenes at that point. I hope we will be allowed to discuss it somewhere on this forum.
  8. :) I'm so pleased this argument doesn't really interest me that much...... however, I will make one teeny weeny observation. I'd like to watch again some Arsenal games from the Henry/Bercamp era, because I think our play/tactics is not a million miles away from that. The defense (a good one) would soak up pressure then in a flash Arse would win the ball and counter attack into what seemed acres of space. It would infuriate me how often teams would get sucked into this trap. (That's me done on the subject!)
  9. The answer to your question is yes I do, at least as much any other successful manager we have had past and present or any other manager in the league for that matter.. Which Chelsea manager would you pick out that only had the teams interest at heart and no interest for himself and what would be your reason for that assumption? Why do you incessantly ask me why I "can't see it?" If you're asking me if I can't see your point of view on Mourinho 'the man' the answer is I rarely can because you put your point so badly and just keep repeating yourself.. so lets leave it there. We are actually talking about a section of the crowd telling him to feck off. You clearly think it's appropriate and I don't. But let's not focus on me or you for the minute. Ray Wilkins (you know ...Chelsea ex captain and general blue blooded Chelsea fan) just said in the media that those Chelsea fans let themselves down and showed a lack of class. Now feel free to put the boot into Ray.... seeing as he left Chelsea to join United at the peak of his career, I'm surprised you haven't told him to feck off already (or show understanding for any fans that choose to). Who knows maybe you already have...nothing surprises me much anymore.
  10. But on the contrary you and a very few others seem the one to be obsessed by the man, analyzing his every word and phrase as it comes out of Old Trafford..... "what did he say?.....defensive?..... what a ******* nerve..... we're not defensive, how bloody dare he....great fans?.....who United?... better than us?.... what an infernal nerve!!....we supported him through thick and thin...well not me I suppose coz I hated the ******* ground he walked on... I'm gonna tell him to feck off next time I see him or agree with someone who does". The bloke has got a bloody nose. He left here with the team performing like someone had just poured 7 Up in the engine and now we are sitting 10 points clear and about to win the title. Of course he's miffed, of course he's embarrassed, he's a human being. Instead of frothing at the mouth when you INTERPRET that he has had a dig at you, have a little chuckle whilst looking down from a great height - that's what I do if I can be bothered to listen in the first place. There are lots of posters on here I like and respect who hold an opposite opinion on this subject and that is fine because I totally understand what a divisive character JM can be. But I'd like to think they also respect my opinion even if they disagree with it. And when you and the likes of Blue Rod go to your default setting (" you think he's a God, admit that your in love with him, you must be crying yourself to sleep at night"), I allow myself a little inner smile, safe in the knowledge that you've run out of anything coherent to say. You probably think I'm sitting at the end of my internet with steam coming out my ears screaming "how very dare they!!!" But I'll give you a little insight into my mindset. My partner is a United supporter. On Monday night as soon as Herrera was sent off she picked up her OK magazine and didn't take her nose out of it until 24Hours at A&E came on the box. I was sitting there quietly laughing me ******* arse off...
  11. I think you'll find Rodney that it's you that makes a "calamity" of it and then starts frothing at the mouth when JM utters anything that you can bend into the category of an "insinuating remark at our fans". My suggestion to you is to take a chill pill, act in a more adult way and not give a sh.t, but if you feel better getting yourself all worked up then be my guest. However when a significant number of fans (number not yet determined) start chanting within earshot of the worlds media "feck off Mourinho" I find it embarrassing and possibly damaging to our image as fans which people take great pleasure in dragging through the mud. It doesn't represent me and I don't think it represents the majority of other fans from what I'm hearing, so I think they just need to wind their necks in. If one shouted it sitting next to me I would turn and shout it right back in his face and see if he could take it as well as dish it out. I'm really not bothered what JM thinks because it's probably water of a ducks back. If he wants to retort he can (and did). He's a very rich and successful man and he doesn't need my sympathy or your approval.
  12. Wish you'd have told me earlier, I wouldn't have wasted 3 pages of posts :)
  13. ^ Paul I wasn't at the game so I can't comment on numbers but it's all the media keep talking about ....Sky, Chelsea TV, Talkshite, BBC, papers. It's a big old noisy ground and because you didn't hear it didn't mean it was just a couple of pissed up mates in row z . "Feck Off Mourinho" was chanted by a section of fans and a lot of people including the press, media and JM himself heard it. I would love to turn round and say to the media prove it, but they probably would.
  14. ^ ^ You have a great point there. It was incredibly refreshing to see a player sent off for two bookables on Hazard and Mourinho may well have thought impossible after his time here. For me this could a seminal moment for Eden. Maybe other players will think twice before attacking him. It would be nice to see a straight once in a while (but baby steps). I understand why some players do it. Eden on fire can make a player look very stupid and they would rather take a yellow than look stupid.
  15. Not true. I was an outsider and was allowed to post a half page rant. It's a very well run site from what I've seen. Can't bear the team but like on here, you get a broad base of opinion.