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  1. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Its a real shame Kev coz I always got on ok with Droy in the past. I don't mind a bit of heated banter and tooing and froing and I have had it in the past, but at the end of the day its football and chelsea we are talking about and we move on from disagreements. But he is trying to assassinate my character and he's been trying for a while. Thank you for pointing that out because for a moment I thought it was just me. He's clearly frustrated that some of his very high and mighty opinions have been proved very wrong of late and I've had the temerity to point it out (particularly because my opposite opinions at the time were derided by him). None of us like to be wrong but most of us know we can't be right all the time although sometimes we have a tendency to stick to our guns. We have one poster who is the exception to that rule and chooses to be rude and insulting with it. If I need to be convinced about Jorhinho being a top footballer I will let Jorhinho try and do that. In the meantime I might decide to point out some observations and some stats to back up my point and he can try and false feed me the opposite all he likes. I won't put him on ignore because sometimes he has some interesting thoughts and perspectives on other stuff and I've never put anyone on ignore. I will though give him a wide berth from now on because I don't want to waste the emotional energy on a person who has no wish to concede a point or resolve any issue. I'm sure he's somebody's hero but he sure ain't mine.
  2. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    I often get things wrong and can write you a list. Perhaps you could start by telling me the last time you think you got something wrong or at least admit you got something wrong. You can't and you wont , so firm is the conviction of your football opinions. Anybody else is an idiot for questioning you. You will then subtly change your opinion of something if it looks like you've totally misread something...CHO is a prime example. I dont need to pull up quotes because every one remembers your feelings on his inclusion or exclusion of Sarris team. Now you say he is an impressive 18 year old shite Sherlock! Everyone knows your thoughts on Lampard and Morris taking over at this club and their plan to trust in youth. It was pure folly. You might end up to be right , and you will certainly remind us of that constantly if you are. But if you're wrong , by the end of the season you will have been the one that backed the young coach and academy players from the start. I understand your mentality completely and your name calling and personel insults are bordering on childish. And youre not going to spoil a delightful week for me when Lampard and his young team proved they are right on track to prove a lot of doubters wrong.
  3. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Apart from our numerous debates last season because you thought he shouldn't be anywhere near the first team. Why are you pretending otherwise? RLC you never stopped moaning about him. What an absolutely pathetic and dishonest line of argument you have Droy. I am perfectly entitled to question and criticise a player that I don't think performed well as are you, and you do it frequently. I have never ranted against Jorhinho so why are you pretending I have? Are you getting me mixed up with someone else perhaps? I want nothing more than Lampard (who you never wanted as our coach) to get the best out of him and achieve what Sarri couldn't. He played pretty well today as did the youngsters you thought should be nowhere the first team. But last season he was bang average/poor in far too many games and you know it. Last season Barcley (another one you like to dig out) 6 assist with 10 games less played than Jourhino. Willian 13 assists. Come on then , discuss. So far all you've got is our forwards were rubbish. But keep sending up the smoke screen Droy coz I can see right through it.
  4. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    I thought we looked a bit more solid from set pieces. The goal was annoying but it wasn't typically us. I can see us building a bit of momentum and rhythm now . All played very well today and if Willian keeps that up we are a top four threat, no question.
  5. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    I know he has to be careful as he was on a yellow but it really was an "after you sir moment". Apart from that he's done well, but having a fit CHO back is great to see.
  6. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Willian has been great.
  7. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    To be fair he's done well so far and contributed to both goal plus that goal line clearance. I think someone just walked past him for their goal though ...maybe mount too.
  8. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Holly crap, we are at it again. Well done Jorge
  9. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

  10. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Usual roller coaster in store.
  11. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Spot on by Willian. I am just loving our fantastic kids. I'm going to have a crafty tenner on England winning the next World cup. By then they will be long as Lamps isn't the coach!!!
  12. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

  13. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Fantastic goal and great assist by CHO....great to have him back....wouldn't you say Droy?
  14. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    Not you unfortunately so I wouldnt throw stones in glass houses. Lets see how you get on with CHO and RLC when they get back? You have been far more dismissive and critical of them than I have ever been about Jorhinho. And hows Lamps getting on in your opinion? Don't be a hypocrite Droy because it suits you. He should have realised before giving him any shirt at all. We all did. you didn't....and Higuain? wasn't he the one missing all of Jorhinhos brilliant set ups? My word, you and Frank "it's too soon" Lampard on the same page page!!! Maybe you'll see something in this young coach yet if he keeps agreeing with your thoughts. Happy you're super confident that he is though. Charming as ever. Try watching the Norwich game for starters. I see you select your comments from my posts and ignore the ones you haven't got a glib or rude comment for. I repeat.... how was every other Chelsea player making assists last season and not Jorhinho? Was it just bad luck and bad strikers? If it was then say so instead of trying to be ironic and cutting.
  15. Southampton 1 Chelsea 4

    I only wish I had your eagle eye...I'll try and watch a bit harder this season but there's a lot going on in a game so sometimes you have to refer to some stats. And I have just checked some various stat sites and I can confirm that he didn't make an assist for 2018/19 season (one site said he made one, but most say none). So you're conclusion then is that there was something seriously wrong with our strikers? Tbh I wouldn't 100% disagree with you. In fact I was saying it for most of the season as it was actually happening. So who do we blame for our striker selections that were messing up chance after chance of Jorhinho assists ? It has to be Sarri doesn't it? He's the one that decided Morata was worth another shot (most of us could have told him different), when that penny finally dropped Sarri was the one that brought in Higuain (most of us raised eyebrows at that choice) , when that didn't work it was Sarri that preferred to make Hazard a false number 9 (when thats not his position) instead of Giroud (who was probably our most effective striker). Somewhere along the line hundreds of chances (ok lets say dozens as I'm sure you were exaggerating for effect) were being wasted. Hazard meanwhile was playing out of his skin (when in his best position,) scoring incredible goals, making 17 assists and generally running his feet to bloody stumps. He literally dragged us over the finishing line. For this he was sometimes criticised by Sarri for not doing his duty in the 'defensive phase'. I can't imagine why he wanted to go? But before I'm jumped all over for suggesting that Sarri didn't do a brilliant job, lets just take a step back. Other players managed to get assists. William had 13 I think in all comps, and this is a player derided for his final pass. Barcley got 6 having played far fewer games than Jorhinho. Kante got 4 . In fact every single Chelsea outfield player got assists including bit part players like RLC and CHO. The only ones I think that didn't were ones that played less than 5 games (Fabragas and Zappo). Jorhinho played almost every game but stands alone with a big fat zero. And this from a player who made a record 3,600 passes over the season plus a record 180 in one game. Now I really think you need to explain your position on Jorhinho in a bit more detail, coz something isn't adding up here. IMO he might be a decent player but we are only seeing it in flashes and Lampard is still assessing. This season he has been poor and good in equal measure. Its early doors but injuries has certainly meant he's had plenty of game time. Does being made vice captain really mean that much? Have a chat with Gary Cahill about that. As far as assists go I feel he is rather a one trick pony . He collects the ball somewhere between the centre circle and the D and with a side foot lifts the ball over the defence for a striker to take it on the run. He does it quite well but the first thing to say about this is that it got very predictable. Defenders would see it coming and step up. Many times last season we were caught a yard off side through this over the top ball. If it does come off the attacker has the ball coming over his shoulder with a couple of defenders very close by. He needs a perfect first touch. If the striker manages this, the keeper has also seen this ball coming and is already off his line to narrow the angle and make a save. So yes its a chance but its a tricky one and in the whole season it didn't come once.