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  1. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Oh yes I was clapping along like a Nazi!! I saw him in Brighton and we have a lot of 'tree hugging yogurt knitters' in this part of the world. Some of his observations on immigration (from an immigrants perspective) were very funny but I could see it was a bit unpolitical correct for some. At one point a woman shouted out "all refugees welcome here". He said "of course, but it makes me feel a bit guilty... I came here 20 years on British Airways business class but they've had to swim across the Mediterranean then hang onto a lorry's axel for three days". Some in the audience didn't quite know what to make of him but I loved it!
  2. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Not often I read a post where I wouldn't change even a comma or full stop but these sentiments are mine EXACTLY. I don't actually know any Dippers who can goad me or that I can goad. It's enough for me to imagine their little faces leaving Anfield after a Chelsea drubbing.Went to see a very funny German comedian the other night called Henning Wehn. His show was called Failure Is Not An Option. This is my motto for the week.
  3. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Sad but true. If we get second place this season I will rejoice by running down the Kings Road wearing nothing but a kitkat wrapper over the essentials.
  4. Official: Michael Emenalo leaves Chelsea

    4 years at wembley!! I don't like the sound of that and I don't like the idea of going to wembley...only for cup finals. The Arsenal syndrome is where they lost their mojo in a new ground. Away teams liked the nice big pitch and carpet surface as oppose to Highbury which was an unpleasant place to play at, and then for 10 years Arsenal gooners would be told the light at the end of the tunnel was always next season when the new stadium debt was paid off. If it were me I'd help Fulham develop their ground (as they want to) to seat 32,000 and share that. The rent would be half the price of Wembley and it would be on our door step. The atmos would be great (unlike a half full Wembley) and we can still drink at the same pubs.
  5. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    ...and that's probably the surgeons rifling through your pockets while your under anesthetic! The paramedics up there must be rushing around like headless chickens picking up bindippers from the floor after they have all tripped over paving stones and need six weeks off work. Poor Mrs Seafoot.