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  1. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    Call me a crazy fool but I don't think we've seen the last of Costa in a Chelsea shirt. The spanish window is closed and surely even Costa knows that he can't just rock up at AM in January totally un-match fit with his little beer belly and expect to walk into the team. And does he want to get picked for the Spanish squad this season? A world cup is looming.
  2. Chelsea 6 FK Qarabag 0

    I really hope Morata is the real deal but pinning all our hopes on his form/fitness/talent when the only other option is Bats or playing a midfielder upfront is a complete joke. We are defending champions and one of the world's biggest/richest clubs. How has this happened?
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    You're thinking of someone else. Firstly I don't constantly run down our players (certainly no more than yourself) and I'm not running down Morata. I'm running down the board for not giving us adequate back up IF he struggles. Is that unreasonable? With regards to Morata here's my thoughts. We don't know yet do we? You can't judge a player on three games can you (for good or for bad?) but he hasn't filled me with confidence. He could be amazing then do his cruciate and be out for the season. He could just not adapt at all to the prem or our team. The back up is Bats or Remy. You talk about Costa and Drogba as success examples so I will give you Bats and Remy as my example. Anyway why do you need examples...we could go on all night exchanging players names who have turn out great or shite.. The sheer volume of games this season will be unlike last season so Morata can't play them all can he? Or maybe you think he's got superpowers? I just don't think our expectations of the lad should be too high or our whole season should rest on his shoulders. That will be the cue for people to come on here and rip him apart...he is indeed a human being. And secondly I don't eat Mars bars.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Or if he doesn't step up. We are rolling the dice massively with this guy as our main striker. I know people want to put a positive spin on him but we just don't know. So far this season he has scored two goals, had two assists, missed a pen, missed an absolute sitter, fluffed several good chances and if he had left a ball to go in instead of touching it the offside flag wouldn't have been raised. He does not have a record as a prolific goal scorer in the past so I would therefore say this is a huge gamble. Llorette is the one we needed for cover and we blew it and were humiliated by Spurs who also probably whispered in Barcleys agent ear at the last knockings just because they could. Will Conte be doing cartwheels? I doubt he'll even manage a Robbie Kean style forward roll. Having said that I would blooody luv it if we retained the title with this thin squad. How much fun would that be. Then we can accuse the likes of City Spurs and United of trying to buy the title and failing. p.s Ross Barclay you're a thick tit.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well if Conte likes a challenge he has now got one. Goals will be our problem. Neither Morata or Bats or Remy are dead-eyed dicks. Bats is probably the most prolific if that's the right word. We don't have a 15 goal a season midfielder so I'm hoping we'll scrape an awful lot of 1 nils. We are totally at the mercy of injuries in our front line so luck will play a big part. Let's just get on with it and hope we can shut some of those cock sure loud mouthed feckwits up from Liverpool and Spurs. At least no one can accuse us of buying titles anymore.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    mate, you need a six month break.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    we'll I applaud your optimism, and faith in Bats ( and morata for that matter). Not sure I share it. In fact I don't. This utter stupidity.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    really? What's your plan if Morata does a cruciate next week?
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    are giving off a bad karma or something?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    drinkwater? optimistic aren't you?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Does anyone on here think there's is the smallest of chance that we could persuade Costa to come back and put a shift in for 6 months if we promised him his dream move in January?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Indeed, next thing we will here is that Brighton have outbid us at the last minute.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    No no no! If I were a producer for Chelsea TV I would hire James to be the roving reporter outside the Bridge this evening. Just imagine the scene..... ' go to Prescot 3-2-1 action (zoom in to James looking flustered with a few jeering fans behind him making rude hand signals) ..." well it's a bloody disaster here at the Bridge, the board are a complete bunch of cnuts...but hang on I'm getting some news....we're bloody brilliant, Mahrez is in the bag!!!! sorry dodgy twitter feed we are still cnuts....but hang on Llorente is coming to London..Hoorah we are back in the mix!!....oh hang on he's shot straight past the bridge and is heading for North London???!!...board are a bunch of ******* cnuts...... no but hang on......." And so it would go on until midnight when the camera would pan back to James alone lying on the floor sobbing amongst a few discarded Chelsea scarfs, muttering to himself "I knew it , I bloody knew it, no one would listen." Cue credits.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd like to tell Dijon he's mustard but sadly.....
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Reckon they'd be bottled off after this fiasco.