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  1. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    (I said I'd get back to your post Paul when I got to a proper computer).. There have been times in this roller-coaster season when both Arsenal and United looked far more likely to finish above us and times when they made us look like footballing Gods. But I think I've been pretty consistent (and right) about where our club was going this season. Here is a post I made in November in response to someone who was getting a bit excited about our prospects : …suppose it depends on how excited and positive you want to get after 12 games? Personally, I thought 50% of those games were very unconvincing. But don't let me burst your bubble. If you see no potential problems or future issues or don't feel the last two games are worth discussing much, then more power to ya. I've nothing against positivity at all but I'll make predictions now: 1) We will probably not cement 2nd place again this season… (we never did) 2) We will drop again from 3rd to 4th before the New Year..(by Dec 30th we had dropped to 4th) 3) If we don't buy a decent CF in the window and if we don't start playing Kante where he should be played, we probably miss out on a CL place again (Higuain for Morata was no major upgrade but secured top four penultimate game…very close.. we made it by 2 points) 4) As a consequence Hazard will be off (we know how that ended) 5) But the good news is that it's all in our own hands ( well…. Arsenal and United BOTH hit relegation form 10 games from home so we didn’t exactly take the bull by the horns. We bumbled along to 3rd, a point ahead of Spurs who lost their last game crippled by injuries and were probably focusing on CL final). Noblybobly CFCnet Nov 12th Re Hudson I would say this. I've also no idea on the validity of his transfer request but it was widely reported and never denied by Hudson or the club. You mentioned in your post that you assumed Cahill must be unhappy because he was always on the bench. You're probably right. I'd say he felt pretty humiliated by Sarri tbh. But lets look at Hudson case because it has some similarities (all be it one player is on the way out and the other is on the way up). Hudson O is the Jewell in the crown of our academy. At youth level he achieved everything and has been on the radar of big clubs for a while. Pre season he looked great and ripped Arsenal apart. In the EL he looked great and proved more than just a precocious 18 year old . Also bear in mind we had an under performing side that needed pace and width. Now are you aware of the stat (and I trust its true) that Sarri didn't even see fit to put Hudson on the Premier league BENCH until the New Year!!! I know comparing Hudson with Cahill situation is a bit different but seriously. Sarri was certainly not the right person to bring through and encourage our youth. Its interesting now to see how concerned we all are at Hudson and RLC injury absence for next season when a few short months ago Hudson was not even worthy to keep the bench warm. Very odd from Sarri and I think some of the booing stemmed from his complete lack of faith in one of our finest prospects. Re Morata. Ok ok I'll try and be more mature in my answer. But here's the thing. You defended this player through thick and thin. You say he was hopeless under Conte did you ever call him out over his hopelessness? I dont think so. Towards the end I think he was even wearing you down with his performances, and in the end you finally mustered "well he can run and move".... so can Usain Bolt but I don't want him in my team. The irony of all this is that their is a debate to be had now ( or post transfer ban) about whether he should return here. I am actually curious what a couple of months with Drogba as a mentor and guide might do for him. Well probably. But his actual departure happened under Sarri's watch. Thats all we can say with certainty. This season Sarri bought the players in he wanted. Sarri picked the tactics. Sarri played Hazard too often as a false number 9. Results and performances post Xmas made it very uncertain that we could nail on top 4. IMO that wasn't a gamble Hazard was going to take as 28 years old. He is not a Europa league player. I have no proof other than it makes sense.
  2. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    It matters a little bit for our own sanity because If the next coach flops we will hear the argument that it was the Chelsea boos boys that forced Sarri out as sure as eggs are eggs. But yes I'm sure there were possibly a mixture of reasons. The more pertinent question which will be repeated and debated is how did he do while he was here. For me it was an unpleasant journey... we achieved the minimum required with some highly embarrassing results and performances along the way. We were very very fortunate to get there but I'm pleased we did. I have heard comments on this pages like "amazing" and "fantastic season". This is complete fantasy imo.
  3. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    I think you're really going to have that booing conversation with a supporter who has booed Sarri to get their perspective. I've never booed a player or coach so I can't make a persuasive argument, but yes I can understand the frustration boiling over at that point. I'm certainly not going to 'big up' any Pool supporter because they can be a nasty vile lot. re Klopp, many Scousers wanted him out initially. I'm not sure about booing but the radio waves were full of moaning Scousers. They are partial to a bit of a manager boo though. Woy Hodgson got it loud and clear during his spell. And the main thrust of your argument and discontentment is that it was the boos that sent Sarri packing. Has he ever said that? It wasn't in his leaving statement so what evidence do you have? He's got to be bigger than that hasn't he? And if all it takes is some boos and a whisper from the Old Lady in Italy to pack his bags, don't you think it would be wise hire someone with a bit more loyalty to the club than that? I actually trust Lampards judgement on this. He is not an idiot and has seen all the comings and goings in the Roman era and will go into it eyes wide open . To me Sarri often looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Old school Italian with no knowledge of our culture or league, getting on a bit (_and poor English to boot). He tried...I'll give him that , unlike Conte who I feel threw a massive sulk for the last season and wilfully gave up. That annoyed me more. Everyone got behind Sarri when he arrived including me . (Sadly I lost faith in his decisions and tactics) .Why can't we do the same for Lampard if he arrives. This is a very special person and I feel we could be verge of a new era. The energy he will release into the club, the terraces and the players will be worth its weight in gold. If he fails I'll be ready for that too. And so will he.
  4. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Sorry I'm on a crap tablet and I can't seem to separate the paragraphs. I'll wait till I get on a computer. I appreciate it's difficult to follow an argument. Edit:I don't even know how I've done what I've done
  5. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Completely glossed over apart from me mentioning it in the very piece you highlighted. But Sarri is not Klopp because he quit . Klopp stuck at it but Sarri didn't want the challenge. Why? You say moral was good with the players plus he's been allowed to bring his own players in, he had a good contract, he won his first trophy, the club wanted him to stay, and his mantra as always been " I work with the players I have to make my team and work my philosophy " so the ban should hold no fear, in fact an opportunity. Perhaps a chance to show that it wasn't Hazard who almost single handedly dragged us into top 4. A real challenge that I would have been interested to witness. But he's offski so we'll never know if he would have been the next Klopp.
  6. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    well firstly I said "Challenge" for know, make a good fist of it...push City a bit. After 8 or 10 games when we were joint top level on 20 points with Pool and City I have a distinct feeling that you and many others were getting very excited about the possibility of a title challenge. You may remember back then I told you it was never going to happen because we just weren't good enough compared to Pool and City and results were flattering us. Top four and maybe a trophy was the best that we could hope for I said. Do you remember that? Probably not, but do you remember you kept telling me to stop being so negative and to "look at the table". From that point Liverpool and City made us eat their dust and we utterly capitulated as they finished 25 and 26 points above us with Pool also becoming Champions of Europe to boot. I suppose getting top four did seemed a bit magical after we dropped to 7th at one point and every man and his dog thought The EL was the only way we could make CL footie next season. it does depend from which point you are looking at it from. The second half of our premier season was very very bad. And you think our players were content and happy about the dull football and terrible results that regularly befell us? .What were all the clear the air meetings about then? Your mate Morata utterly hopeless. Did he look happy? Some of our best performing players openly criticised by Sarri. Do you think they had a spring in their step and their hat at a jaunty angle? Did Hudson Odoi look happy when he handed in his transfer request or RLC look full of hope when regularly ignored after man of the match performances in the EL, or Alonso with his match winning performances, or Giroud sitting glum faced on the bench as Hazard tried to be a centre forward. Ah but Higuain ( Sarri's choice) was going to change things around here... little tinker! He had that little twinkle in his eye when he picked a fight with Luiz the day before the EL final didn't he. Sarri didn't look his usual cheerful self as kicked his cap down the tunnel. Seriously I could go on. And I haven't even got to Cahill yet. But why would you even mention him? Did Cahill say anything. Did he complain? No nothing, because players don't do that mid season if they know what's good for them ( see William in Contes last year). But if you want to believe it was a bit of " All for one and one for all" then fine but I think you are deluding yourself. And as for Hazard. none of us can read his mind but yes I do pin it on Sarri and I also equally pin it on Conte. I think Hazard loved this club and loved living in London . He was settled here, his kids spoke English and went to school here. Personally I think all he wanted from Chelsea was for us to be a big player. A team that matched his ambition and quality. a club that could win titles and compete in the CL. He could of gone last season but I think he wanted to gauge how things would go here this season with Sarri. I don't think he was impressed. Around January February he probably made his decision based on the fact that CL qualification for us looked increasingly vulnerable and by no means guaranteed at that point...anything but. The collateral damage of this season with Sarri has I believe been the loss of Hazard. The jewel in our crown that says we are a huge club that can keep huge players. We now seen happy with what a Chelsea team could achieve the in the late 90s pre Roman, whereas Eden wanted his final years to be brilliant and remarkable. None of us blame him do we.
  7. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    First point: what exactly did we have to judge Sarri on? I will tell you. 20 years without a trophy and a second place with Napoli. I would say that's a risk wouldn't you? A risk that didn't actually pay off imo . The main hopes and ideas for last season ( and I stand to be corrected) was that he would exorcise the demons of Conte's last season, lift player moral, start playing the kind of football Roman liked, keep Hazard interested in staying, achieve top four minimum but challenge for the title which we won convincingly only two seasons before, get some continuity. As far as the last point goes, he just quit despite the club's apparent efforts to keep him. Whose fault is that? Mine for moaning about him on these pages? HIS choice to quit, not mine, not yours. We got top four out of that list but I'll talk about that in a moment. Let me address your second point about Lampards performance so far as a coach. My views on Lampard as a coach go back a long way in this site, long before it was fashionable to discuss it, indeed I was largely lampooned for laughably mentioning he should be our next coach. My opinion was that he might actually not do that well at a side like Derby. The evidence being that great players can and do become good managers of great clubs even without much experience ( see Pep G and see Zidane) but they can often struggle at smaller clubs ( there's a long list of examples and I'm not repeating can look it up). The argument is that they just don't understand or appreciate that the players they are coaching can't do what they use to do with a football. Frank did really really well at his first appointment despite your attempts to belittle it...much better than I thought tbh. To nearly get promotion was one hell of an achievement. The big question is, how would he perform with a team of top grade players together with the egos and the rest of it? I don't know , neither do you, neither does Lampard I expect, but if he has a little twinkle in his eye at the prospect then I'm all in , lock stock and barrell. And yes Lump of Celery, balls do count. They always count. They are behind every successful man or woman in any field. And of course he's not a top manager yet. Why state the bleeding obvious, you don't get any brownie points for that. We are talking about potential as you well know. You don't think he's got it, I think he has. If you DO think he's got it then you and I are on the same page. Finally let's briefly touch on our top four place. You mentioned we finished 3rd behind two of the best teams the premier league has ever seen. Ok, then answer me this; essentially what was the difference between Liverpool and ourselves last year? I put it to you that the difference was the coach. True Klopp has had time to bed in at liverpool and Sarri has just quit after his first season rather than continue the project, but 25 points behind....seriously!! This a team that in our modern history we like to thump, and mostly finish higher than and win trophies that they can't and take the piss out of. Near the end of the season we had a chance to put a massive dent I their title hopes by taking points off them and we were pathetic. Thank God City didn't falter . Didn't that hurt you? Didn't that gap concern you? It's too easy to say " Pool were really good and there was nothing we would do about it" because if I then say to you we only got top four because Man United and Arsenal were so bad , you will then have an say something like " well you can only beat what's in front of you" . You can't have it both ways. Are the performance of other teams relevant or not? And what about Spurs? We like to take the piss out of them too don't we. Still finished a point above them didn't we. Still no trophy for them hahaha! I'm not laughing. Spurs haven't bought a player for two years. They played most of their homes games in a soulless Wembley. They achieved top four and got to a Champions League final . They probably would have done better had they not had crucial injuries to key players like Kane and Ali near the end. Oh yes, and they also moved into a magnificent new's done, it's out the way. All that is ahead of us I'm afraid. 4 billion quid, 4 years away from the Bridge ( that's If Roman can still be arsed). where we are as a club now is not all Sarri's fault , but some of it is. We can only hope United and Arsenal continue to falter. If Sarri or any manager ever achieved what Ponch achieved this season, I would bow down in thanks. And believe me it hurts me to say that. We need something to change.
  8. I think he got great support the majority of the time he was here. He was warmly welcomed with much love and expectation...pretty good for a guy who had spent 20 years as a coach without winning anything. His name was chanted and even through a rough period (turn of the year period) he was given much support on the terraces and on these pages ( not by me I should add but by most). But at some point things did start to turn cumulating in the Cardiff game where the rumour is he decided he no longer wanted to be at this club. But in retrospect I would say this about those away Cardiff fans....good on ya. You had got up at 4am to cross the country to watch and cheer on your team. You were greeted with the same dross , the same stubborness, the same insipidness, the same inflexibility, the same formation, the same subs and what looked like another defeat from a terrible team ( but take a bow the lino). These are probably many of the same fans who partook in a 5000 mile round trip to EL final. God bless you boys and girls. Now if you want to boo this dross , I won't support you but I will understand you. And If this snowflake of a manager can't understand that frustration he could benefit from someone coaching HIM on human psychology. I would also say this. This reaction may have been the moment he decided to change his stance a bit on tactics, players and formations because that's about the time it happened. Maybe top 4 was enabled by this light bulb moment. And If this echo of booing has made Sarri quit at the end of the season then it has saved this club an awful lot of money in compensation. I must say it makes a change for us to receive compo rather than paying off huge sums to ex coaches. So yes, in retrospect, thank you away fans for top four and thank you for a net plus 10 mill in the bank.
  9. Eden Hazard

    Thanks. I wanted to make sure the whole Brexit thing was well and truly sorted before I poked my head round the door again.
  10. Eden Hazard

    A very sad will seem mighty strange without him. Cheers Eden.
  11. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Just have the argument Droy... It's late and I can't be bothered with this nonsense.
  12. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    I'm sure in the years ahead when Hudson writes his biography ( probably in German) he will gives special thanks to Sarri for the faith, trust and vision he showed in making him the player he became. Sarri too will look at the now English superstar and think " one of the proudest products of my career ".
  13. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    I suppose that depends on what you call a lot. Do you mean a lot for an academy 18 year old or a lot compared to say... Jorginho. The phrase " a lot" is a little vague. I suppose he has played a lot of the meaningless/ less important games...the type that we should win comfortably, but hardly any of the other kind I.e PL games . Would you agree that that is a fact and then perhaps we can go from there and see how sillier a joke it is. Out of interest , why do you think he has put a transfer request in?
  14. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    he's put in a transfer request so yes its clear Bayern want him and it's clear he wants to go. I am genuinely hoping you are right all along with this, but I'm not sure you are. You did say that the Bayern thing had nothing to it ( just gossip and paper talk) but it turns out it wasn't. It will be terrible in so many ways if he only have to see how the anti Chelsea brigade are desperate for him to go. We need to refuse all offers, say he's not for sale and offer him a great extended contract because it will be worth it. What we seem to be doing is just ramping up his price . His goal today will add another few million but Bayern have deep pockets.