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  1. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    I do. And up until quite recently. They didn't say he has no talent, just that he hasn't got enough to justify his place in a good Chelsea first team. Those people are all over this site. Not sure I get this comparison. I agree we sometimes think the grass is greener, but Benayoun career path has little in common with Rubens. One has been with our academy since 8 years old and the other is an ex Dipper. Sadly as I recall we had, at the time, no effective right sided wide players who could cross a ball or beat a man...some may have clung to Benayoun as the answer but certainly not me (but bloody hell that was a long time ago for an example). Well now you are contradicting yourself because in your original post you claimed that he had had a lot of game time so we had a jolly good look at him and sadly he had not shown enough. I'm not misquoting you am I? There is some lane swooping going on here, and there's nothing wrong with that because I now feel at last we are all in the right lane as far as Ruben is concerned. We are not in the fast lane yet, neither are we travelling at 50 in the slow lane behind some lumbering juggernaut with someone like Bakayoko driving it. He is nicely placed in the centre lane, but we now need to see if all that potential can be realised, but for Gods sake lets keep giving him minutes. Ruben has been given the small chance his talent and commitment to the club deserves. This season If he wants to move into the fast lane I think he can do it and become the first English academy player since Terry to command a first team place. Who on here wouldn't be proud of that? He can also drop without a trace. At 22 he can go either way. Salah and KDB were his age before they blossomed. I will concede one small point to you. Because he's an academy product and because he's English some on here (me for one) can initially look at these players with very slightly rose tinted spectacles. We give these players (well you don't clearly) a bit of extra leeway to develop. RLC was the jewel in the academy crown and I think (only my opinion) that Mr Abramovich would love to see his academy players come through more...maybe even at a risk to the team. He surely must want to justify the millions spent on the centre and player development. But it's tricky. You can't employ a new coach, demand results and trophies, and tell him he has to play 18 year olds from the academy. But I truly believe it would make Roman proud and give him a huge sense of achievement....and maybe he needs that boost right now. I'll concede that, and maybe you could concede that it's possible that some on here spotted a mass of potential in those short 200 mins and cameos (despite all the faults in his game) and some didn't . Go on Droy , you can do it!
  2. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    I'm getting myself in a bit of a mucking fuddle here. I think you are saying that when he was playing a lot of minutes, the people who said he was good when in fact he was just bad were bad judges of a not very good footballer, but when he had his recent sprinkling of Christmas fairy dust which magically made him look a really good footballer, this totally justified the people who said he was originally not very good because you could now clearly see the difference between a good footballer and an the average footballer that he once was. So they were right at the start then and even righter now. I'm not sure who the people were that lavished extraordinary praise on Ruben for just getting out of his car in the morning, but I'd be interested to know if you are related to Donald Trump in any way because that was an extra ordinary piece of manoeuvring! Just for the record I think Callum Hudson Odoi and Ampedu get out of their cars beautifully in the morning.
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    Brighton have been a bit hit and miss this season, but nevertheless they are no push overs so this was a welcome 3 points. I was there at the game and we were hardly a well oiled machine (but we haven't been all season) , however we keep trundling on with the odd cough and splutter along the way. The most significant thing about the day was Arsenal losing. It looks like United are out of it top 4, .... Spurs, City and Dippers are too solid. It's a straight fight between Arsenal and us for 4th and quite frankly I don't care how we do it as long as we do it. Sexy sarri ball is not top of my Xmas list to Santa. The things that give me hope are that Hazard is still up for it, he could replace Morata if he was blindfolded, Kante although not brilliant Sunday is looking more comfortable in what looks like a slightly different role, Ruidiger is one hell of a CB, and RLC is proving the many doubters wrong with every cameo minute he plays on the pitch. Still not totally sure Sarri knows what he's doing but I'm trying not to give it too much head space.
  4. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Maybe they should quit then. Do you think a player selected for England, any player, is as motivated for one of those pointless England friendlies in some far away land as they would be for a game during the World Cup finals under the gaze of a billion people? Call it human nature, call it what you want , but it's a fact of all professional sport (and to a degree amateur sport). Do you think it's fair dropping in an 18 year old like Ampedu , who hasn't been in the team all season and is desperately short of real game time, and expect him to all of a sudden light up the pitch? For instance when a striker earning 200k a week can't score a pen from 12 yards , you can moan and scratch your head as much as you like, but we are watching human beings , not robots.
  5. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    When the only reason you have been picked is to give an A team player a rest or to help avoid them picking up an injury it must psychology tough to focus on such a pointless game. And If CHO had scored a great goal or Ampedu had played great and help keep a clean sheet , would you expect them to play in the next PL game ( or any PL game this season for that matter). They are just cannon fodder . Unfortunately for Morata we have no CF cannon fodder available so he took the hit.
  6. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Haha me too mate. Found it by accident. You ain't missed much.
  7. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Nice free kick Giroud. Superb.
  8. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Last sentence unfair. Dead rubber with zero to play for, freezing night in eastern Europe. Not ideal environment to make a big impression.
  9. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Owen reckons it could a medial ligament injury for Morata. Could be out for a month at least I guess if that's the case. Busiest few football months of the year coming up and a crucial crucial period.... and we are left with one 32 year old striker. Tbh we are idiots. A dead rubber and we risking Morata and now Giroud.
  10. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    And did you notice how when they showed a picture of the crowd at that moment, they had blurred out the faces of a least a dozen people? Why? Could you tell from that photo that they were all shouting racist abuse? If they were, why haven't they been arrested? Or was it perhaps a media attempt to make it look far far worse than it was. If the black guy sitting in the middle of it heard nothing then it would suggest it was one brain dead individual among 41 thousand other normal people. But I suppose that's not such a worthy headline.
  11. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Not quite with you here. You criticise my original post and then ask me the question ...." Which games am I talking about when I say we have been fortunate? ", so I answer you because that's what I assumed you wanted ( are you ok with that? ). I chose the first game on your list you said wasn't fortunate , the Huddersfield game. My comments on that game weren't odd because I didn't make comments. I merely quoted some other members comments as an example that there has often been an unease about some of our performances even in victory. So maybe take up your arguments about this game with chelboy, Mark Kelly and dwmh if you feel that strongly about it. Thank you for the not unexpected 'heretic' comparison comment at the end. I'll be at the Brighton game being pissed off if we lose and delighted if we win as usual. But I'll still call a spade a spade if I see it. I don't see that as being clever ( because I'm really not), just honest and realistic ( which I always try to be). With regard to my comment about you being wrong , I think you are and you have been... simple as that, partly because a third of the way through the season we sit at a precarious 4/5th position. You have directed many a post in my direction this season telling me the table doesn't lie and I'm wrong about all sorts of things from Morata to Sarri and to where we are as a team, so I'm sure both our skins are thick enough to take it. If not we can just put 'IMO' after everything we write. As to the City game itself, I think we were all pretty over the moon with that result. But dare I say that Sarri has at last come to few very important conclusions. We need to adapt, we need to rotate and we need to throw the opposition a curve ball now and again because lately we have been well and truly worked out. Nothing can take that win away from us but again, let's not get carried away. I still haven't seen the entire match but from what I hear we didn't exactly run rings round them. Maybe a bit lucky that Aguero and KDB weren't playing as that could have been different ( IMO of course!)
  12. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Well to your last sentence about our league position "I reckon we are about right" I would almost totally agree . We are joint fourth with Arsenal on points. I reckon they are the better team right now with more momentum so I would say our position above them on goal difference slightly flatters us. But yes , 4th or 5th is about where we are as a team...something I have said all season. You on the other hand have kept pointing at the league table and our elevated position saying the table doesn't lie. Well clearly it does, because not that long ago we were joint top with Liverpool. I was saying that that won't last as they, Spurs and City are better than us. For that I was virtually called a heretic, yet here we are on the 10th December with Liverpool regaining top position and us fighting to stay in top 4. So one of us was right and one of us was wrong. Regarding our performances early on in season during our winning streak. You are just plain wrong again and I'm not going to let you change history that quickly or easily. I should say, that of course we didn't score every opportunity given to us (we after all have Morata as our striker...someone you have championed by the way) but what happened IMO, was we won games by being fortunate, we won games (which maybe overall we deserved) by simply playing averagely or poorly and displayed clear signs of problems ahead. Don't get me wrong, we played some great stuff at times but that was not the whole picture. Now I'm not going to go back and anyilize every game and chance and reaction but I just went back to the first game on your list...the 3-0 win away to Huddersfield. A 'no brainer' for your argument. No way was this lucky you say. Well that is not everyone's opinion at the time. Go back and read the match day thread (during and after game). Lots of concerns and lots of negativity. The last few pages of the thread are all concentrating on whether the defence is up to it. Is Alonso good enough? Is Luiz a complete liability? Are we also wasting our time still with Morata? (any of this sound familiar?) Certainly our first half performance was particularly poor yet we went in 2 nil up. Some typical comments here reflected that game. Chelboy said during match: "2 shots two goals. Scoreline flatters. Defence looks shaky and narrow". xCeleryx said during match: Huddersfield unlucky there. We look lost on how to defend in the air" Mark Kelly said after: "a piss poor Huddersfield side played one man up front and still caused us problems" DWMH said after: Sarriball is definitely work in progress. Much to be done, especially this passing around the back lark. But Conte's 16/17 team was in evidence - we spend 30 mins playing poorer football than the oppos and then we get one against play, another with a bit of luck and it all finishes 3-0 or 4-0 as the oppos are good enough the push us hard, but not good enough to come back from behind. Plus of course Willian started and was ELECTRIC. Huddersfield pressed high for 30 mins, and caused us no ends of problem. Oh yes and our third goal was a lucky penalty! DWMH again on that pen: "By normal standards we were lucky with that decision, by or own standards it was a miracle. The ref got a lot of things plain wrong, with little help from his linesmen." So you see the pattern ?....played poorly ( though better second half) , defence looked shaky, a terrible Huddersfield bossed it for periods, score against run of play, scored with our only two chances in first half and get a lucky pen in the second. This is one of the worse teams in league and a flattering scoreline is hiding some early deficiencies that have come up again and again. Many other games reflected this type of performance yet time and again we got a result. Good for us...happy days, but lets not con ourselves that we were something we were clearly not.
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    I can think of times at Chelsea when our luck over an extended period was so dreadful it was hard to believe. And the reverse can happen (and has) .Any gambler will tell you luck or bad luck comes in chunks. The thing I most recall about our first 7 or 8 games was that we won them all but could very easily have lost/drawn many of those too. Key moments all went our way. It wasn't all about our skill or graft or never say die attitude or Sarri's brilliance. It was a lot to do with Hazards brilliance in those early games I have to say, but apart from that our chances all went in and our oppo's missed theirs on a regular basis. Then it all stopped (around West Ham game I think) and we started to struggle. I didn't see a massive amount of difference between the Wolves game performance and one or two of our earlier games which we won. The major difference was the reaction on here. I personally don't think I have been overly negative on here. I've been treading that line of "yes we are winning but don't get carried away because we have got issues that can cause us problems". Then when someone responds with " we have no issues , we are bloody brilliant" an argument naturally ensues. Now if I was a gambling man (which I'm not) I would put £20 on us never repeating that winning streak we had at the start of the season again this term, even if we start playing better. Anyone think it's likely? We still have problems and they haven't gone away but lets get a decent striker and see where our place in the line is.
  14. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    I have still not seen the game but at least We have tried something different and we got away with it. Even if we had lost I would still have been pleased that Sarri was experimenting. Now it seems we have a plan B. We had lost all momentum lately and I remain unconvinced about our snazzy start to the season. Lots of points, lots of passes but lots of mistakes, lots of luck, and lots of cracks being papered over. For me a reality check was always just around the corner, and when the luck ran out so did the points. I think Sarri knew he was on thin ice and some pragmatism took over. Who knows? But does anyone know what the Morata story was? Was he injured, was their a bust up? I mean, to not even be on the bench!!!
  15. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    It will certainly get more column inches than the vile racist abuse given to the same player from numerous Liverpool supporters when he moved to City.