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  1. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    I think I have seen a small change this season with Keppa now and again launching it when a passing option was possible. Last season this never happened. The only time Keppa would boot it was when a defender passed back to him and forwards bore down on him and threatened dispossession other words an emergency boot. But your right, it needs to change and Lampard needs to deal with. Keppa , Zouma, Christenson, Dave are not turning into twinkle toed footballing geniuses anytime soon. A long ball aimed at Tammy is not football heresy, it can be an effective part of our game.
  2. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Only seen the highlights but every season it seems this the game that matters to them more than any other in the world. The crowd scream for everything , the ref agrees with them and we fold. I am going to put on £20 that they will lose their next game....and I dont even know who they are playing.
  3. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    And it isn't a recent thing. For the past 4 or 5 seasons we have been farting around at the back. It has been my pet hate and has often cost us dearly. I'm not saying we shouldn't do it all because if it works its great, but just to keep the oppo honest and now and again play it long . If every single time we play tippytappy around the back ( knowing that Keppa will have a least one brain fart a game) teams will work out a game plan of pressing and pressure which will eventually pay off.
  4. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Not really that well. Slow start , gained momentum , went on a great run and now lost our way a bit. With a top keeper we'd be at least 6 or 7 points better off. With Rudiger playing all season we might be in second place and pushing dippers. If Tammy stays fit and in form the thing that will keep us out of top four are clearly the lacking of a top available CB and a decent keeper.
  5. Chelsea 0 West Ham United 1

    Me too. If anyone had said at the start of this campaign that regardless of a new rookie coach, no Hazard, a transfer ban, no Kante, RLC and Rudiger for half the season yet still manage to be 4th place in December above United Arsenal and Spurs , the laughter would have been deafening. We have had a blip and now we must react the right way. I think we will.
  6. Chelsea 0 West Ham United 1

    Do I not like that. didn't see the game and not sure I bear to watch the highlights. Has to be worst result of the season in all respects.
  7. I think you know and I know that as statements go from a coach that was not a unequivocal vote of confidence...far from it . Frank will not want to devastate Keppas confidence any further by publicly having a pop and so he shouldn't , but he is still making a point that Keppa needs to improve. Having a good work ethic and striving to be better does not make you a top keeper. We can all do that. Talent and ability are the rare ingredients.
  8. I take from that statement that Frank is concerned. Key phrases: striving to be better .....he will want to get better ....he is the first one to say he can do better. Thats a lot of " betters" in one short statement.
  9. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Maybe its got to the stage where people are being over critical of him but I felt weds night (penalty aside) he was at best average. Who knows what the result would have been with Cabba in goal. But I just watched highlights of Arsenal Eintracht match and I see some random keeper make a string of great saves and get his side a win. Keppa ( because of our suspect defence) is getting plenty of chances to make his mark and be the hero. I just want to see a game where he kills it. I can still be swayed but he needs to improve and fast.
  10. Chelsea 0 West Ham United 1

    ...and just when West Ham thought they had seen the last of Lampard. I hope the Chelsea fans are in fine voice.
  11. Media / Press

    Its been said before although you're really not allowed to say it anymore, but If you were around in the 80s and going to games , Liverpool supporters had this reputation of turning up at away games en mass ,late, worse for wear through drink and ticketless. They would literally force their way into grounds or the authorities would just open gates to prevent a crush. Those poor souls that died were completely innocent. They had tickets and they were on time and looking forward to seeing their team play. .Their last moments would have been terrifying and shocking. Someone is to blame for that and I know where Id put my money.
  12. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    But paul we are not looking at it in the context of just this game, we are looking at it in the context of our season so far and a trend in performances. I have no idea how the Valencia keeper has performed so far this season but I have seen question marks on Keppa almost every single game, and I see he has lost gis place as the Spanish national keeper. I read somewhere that this season his save rate is 52%. This means that half the shots he has to save are hitting the back of the net ...and he is meant to be a save maker!! Even last season where most seemed to think he did ok, of the keepers in the top 6 teams , Keppas stats and save rate were at the bottom. As for the defence. Well its a bit chicken and egg. Is the defence making Keppa look bad or is Keppa not doing the defence any favours. Bit of both I suspect.
  13. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Kovas goal was possibly saveable but it couldnt have been better placed in the corner. The leg save from Bats looked annoyingly brilluant to me. Id give their keeper an 8 out of 10. Keppa had a pen save but question marks on 2 goals plus suicidal pass out that could easily have led to a goal. 6 out of 10 for me.
  14. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    I haven't ignored the penalty save at all on this thread...I've mentioned the brilliance of it more than once. But if we are picking keepers on the basis of ability to make penalty saves then Big Willy should be our number one. Any pro keeper is capable of pulling of a brilliant stunning save. I see it every week in the prem and championship. What makes a keeper better than the rest is consistency and doing the less eye catching stuff well and making tricky stuff look easy. Are you quite happy with him this season? As an elite sportsman I would be very surprised if behind closed doors Keppa has been satisfied with some of his performances.
  15. Media / Press

    I see Duckenfield has been cleared in the Hillsborough trial. Cue accusation of cover up.