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  1. Boom boom! I wonder if he's partial to a kit kat? He's probably stuffing them down his face right now.
  2. So what do we do with him?
  3. There's obviously a connection between Chelsea and Rangers but can someone tell me where it stems from?
  4. The hilarious thing is if you chat to a City fan they will tell you the world is against them.
  5. A friendly?? The Man United idiot that lives next door to me tells me has a new highly regarded system of calculating a teams success over a season that everyone agrees with. Community Shield = 1 point League Cup = 2 points FA Cup = 3 points Europa League = 4 points Premier League = 5 points Champions League = 6 points He has therefore calculated that Man U have just had a better season than us.
  6. Sweet baby Jesus is nothing sacred! I only just popped back into the site after 2 months sabbatical and I'm greeted by that monstrosity....take it away now!! :( (what's been happening by the way?)
  7. I think you are. You sure about that?
  8. but a goal in 5 mins doesn't help a performance. And really their first goal needs no forensic examination....hand ball /off side - clear as day. At least Wenger got his contract.
  9. Well I will say this. Can you imagine if that goal happened up the other end and won us the game. How would the media have reacted to that situation? And reversely, how would they have reacted if it was an Arsenal player that dived for a pen? And I will ask the question....would that player have been sent off? Antonio has yet to see the worst of our press or the worse of our reffing. He's in for a treat.
  10. Spot on. There's a dodgy explanation but no one outside of this club will talk about it or or demand an explanation. The lino got it right but was quickly talked out of it. Conspiracy is probably too big a word. Blatant bias probably fits the bill. As mentioned before his eyesight was pretty good for the Moses dive.
  11. To this poster Dave I would say "put up or shut up". Show me the posts...the vitriol against Conte (he got some stick after Arsenal game from ALL quarters but never vitriol) , the revelling when things go badly for Conte and well for Mourinho. Apparently these comments are not far back so I'd like to see them and join in the condemnation. Just make-believe to enforce a terrible point. A lie in fact.
  12. I'll try and answer these in order: 1) Quite frankly anyone.... but Dave is the obvious answer.....believe it or not he is actually at RB. We then have the issue of who do we play at left back. I'll come to that later. 2) Exactly. Getting clued up tactically is about trying new systems with what personnel you have in games that are not crucially important. Why not try Ake as the anchor of a back three in pre season for 45 mins? He might find something interesting about the player. Are you suggesting Ake has no future at this club? He's tried the player since in the back three and he has much potential in my eyes. 3) Optimistic? maybe - but delusional ... I hope not. Better than a RB at LB and an aging CB with no legs at RB. That's what made me cringe. Liverpool and Arsenal games made to cringe AND cry. Not a hope in hell you say... based on what experience? If Luiz had sustained an injury mid season who would be your anchor? No one? Conte must have had a plan B so why not try it pre season or in a cup game. 4) I didn't miss it. He must have been very close to full fitness or he wouldn't have played 90 mins in that cup game. He had been with us since transfer deadline day (Aug 31st). I assume he had been in summer training somewhere but I have no details of that. This was a £23 million player who looked far fitter and match ready than Ivanovic yet he warmed the bench for best part of a month. Ake was another potential left back and I would probably have kept Kennedy for cover. 5) Yes 14 ...I counted them. I would put it to you that ALL these games were important to a new manager. Vital in fact when assessing players and formations. Obvs the PL was our big target so they are the ones to take fewer chances but he had opportunities. Your argument is that he had no opportunities and I'm just not buying that. I don't want to labour the point but there were quite a few voices screaming for a formation change after the Pool game (and even before). Whether the players were available /fit/ clued up with system is not entirely clear... I'll give you that. I don't think that your voice was one of them calling for change or at the very least saying "the change will come when players are ready". Is this what's griping you?
  13. Thanks for your detailed post which as usual is intelligent and reasoned, but I still think you are putting a slightly different spin on that crucial early part of the season to the way I see it. I maintain he could and should have changed earlier. And more than anything he could and should have dropped Ivanovic at the very start of the season (without changing the system). He could have checked the vids for the previous season, seen it first hand in pre season and seen it again (if he really needed to ) in our first few prem games and EPL games. For me it is not a coincidence that our great run started once he had gone....a combination of this player dropped and a new system. It looks like we are rehashing this argument which seems a bit silly seeing as we are champions and clearly have the best manager in the league but I will make these points. I just had a quick at our fixtures for last season. We has 6 preseason games and 7 games proper before Arsenal game. I include cup games because these are just the sort of games to try out a new system. The Hull game was the first game he played 3 at the back over 90 mins. That was his 15th game in charge! So when could he have experimented? Well certainly in the league cup game against Leicester in between Liverpool and Arsenal fixtures...what an opportunity. But a little look at the system could have taken place in our pre season fixtures. That pre season was a bit dodgy. We won three and lost three. You surely must agree that even if we didn't have the ideal personnel, if 3-4-3 was in his mind for this season, playing 45 mins in one of these games with a back 3 might have been illuminating? I'll give you examples of the possible 3 he could have tried earlier (and yes I think Ivanovic could have played ok in a back 3). Dave- Terry- Cahill Ivanovic-.Cahill- Dave Dave -Terry- Ake (or Dave - Ake- Terry) Ivanovic- Ake- Dave Ivanovic- Terry- Dave Ivanovic- cahill- Terry I'm pretty sure we have subsequently used at least one of these systems this season. I also recall a fit Alonso spending an awful lot of time on the bench when we could have played a back four of Dave Terry Cahill Alonso . Many of us at the time time were saying "why has he bothered spending good money on a proper left back to sit him on the bench". Now we can point at our PL trophy and say "who cares" and actually I don't now, but that was an unpleasant worrying 14 games for me. It could have been vital but in the end it wasn't.
  14. Not sure. Beg has gone to Bourmouth.
  15. Never was a stadium so united!