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  1. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    I'm going to miss this match as I'm at an Elvis Tribute Show !(and I'm not even that crazy on Elvis). I now have a dilemma. I either try and sneakily look at my phone throughout the show or I turn it off and then watch the recorded match on sky plus when I get in. But a similar thing happened for United game. I decided to go on radio silence and watch the game later. I successfully managed it the whole day. On the way home I nipped into the local chippy to get my dinner, settle down with a beer and watch the match alone. I put one foot in the chippy and the idiot behind the counter shouted "what happened to your team then?...that was a bit of a thrashing!". I'll just go hungry this time.
  2. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Fortunately (or unfortunately for you poor readers) I'm a bit quiet at work right now... but you probably guessed that!
  3. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Can you stop telling me to stop doing things because it only makes me want to do it more. I'm sure sooner or later we will incur the wrath of MT who will tell us both to shut the feck up, but until then I'll keep going, particularly as your being just a little bit disingenuous and trying to cast me as some sort of fantasist: We had a conversation in July in the Lampard thread about us hiring him. I made a claim that you said something in January about Lampard . It was specifically about Lampards and Morris's qualifications. You had said (allegedly) that their lack of a fifa pro license would make it impossible for them to manage Chelsea in European competitions. The course takes 18 months to complete and they had only started it in January .... you sarcastically brought up that point . I contested this at the time, and of course when we hired them both it rather backed up my point (unless we have a nasty surprise coming to us). You then in July denied you had said anything of the sort, and claimed it was someone else that said it, in fact probably me (attempt at wind up). Now anyone can go back to the original posts on the 26th Jan in the Arsenal thread, or the subsequent argument on the Lampard thread around July 5th and make their own mind up, but here are the brief MOTD highlights: You said to my accusation " No not me- someone else. I don't think I ever said it was impossible, just not a good idea". I replied: Think a little harder. We had fairly long debate about it culminating in a comment from you along the lines of "whats the point in hiring him if he doesn't have a fifa pro license to enable us to compete in Europe". You replied: Yes I think someone did make that remark. Not me. Searching I can only find one person that raised it as an issue, you Nobly. At that point I posted your original reply to my post about badges on Jan 26th. "Yes - good luck to Frank and Jody who I gather last week were on their first day of the UEFA pro licence coaching course to allow them to manage teams in Europe. Like Chelsea." I'm not particularly interested in what you think of that exchange because you have somehow come to the conclusion that I owe you an apology for it. I will leave it there though because we are going to get censured at any moment I suspect. Others can draw their own conclusions.
  4. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    I'm sorry? I repeated direct quotes from you that were untrue? They were your posts I repeated to you! Posts which you had previously denied you ever written! You challenged me to find them and I did and now you want an apology ?? Did someone else post them under your name? I'm sure you'd love me to drop it and never bring it up again... Happy to oblige actually. And btw, the fact that you think Zidane was far more suitable for a head coach role in terms of experience than Lampard is not a fact ( well it is in your world) it is an opinion. Personally I think there's not much in it. Both great players with glittering careers, both managed second tier teams. And I think there is a reason that the route to being a head coach doesn't follow being a sporting's of little or no help. If it was a step up that coaching ladder we should be seeing it far more often. In fact I can never remember seeing it at all...can you?
  5. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Haha hilarious!! I have put direct quotes on here in the past that you have denied you ever said and you still flap around like a fish out of water trying to weasel out of your wrongness really are one of a kind and you can take as a compliment if you like ( and you probably will) . You know I have never questioned in the past months ( and on many occassions) Zidanes various job titles that you claim qualified him to become a coach and have always been happy in the past to argue the point on the basis that we was Sporting Director . And you know, the way wikki is set out its still not clearly obvious, if ,when and for how long he was sporting director but I'm happy to concede that he was because it is an irrelevance to the argument. Regardless of his title or titles, which ever one is right, ( technical advisor, big budgets manager, sports director, Presidents bestie, teaboy, ) out trump Lampards season with Derby. Zidane' s time as coach of the not very successful B team was the only thing that is worth comparing. Others will no doubt have their opinions but it doesn't surprise me that none are really interested because it's history and we are looking at Lampard in the here and now. Now you can shout your opinion at me as many times as you like but it is nothing more than Droy being Droy. You can also shout at me that Cechs new role doesn't involve talking to Lampard, you can shout at me that we should never have hired Lampard, you can shout at me that Sarri was the man to take us forward, or that is media nonsense that Conte has tried to claim 9 mill from Chelsea through the courts ( ahh looks like he has). If you are offering me your OPINION over something , and yours has no basis in fact ( Id be interested to know if we have examples of Sporting Directors becoming great first team coaches apart from Zidane?) I might just value my own opinion above yours. And I do.
  6. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    So hang on a minute. Zidane apparently takes on a high flying all important Sports Director role , a job so high up and so crucial and relevant to first team coaching experience ( something Lampard has never had the honour and privilege of doing) and then after 2 years of that , he's promoted to coaching the Castillo B side in the second tier of the Spanish league??? Is that not some kind of coaching demotion? Now I'm not that familiar with the Spanish division but I doubt It's up to Championship level. However I'm sure that the PROPER coaching experience he gained at Castillo was vital in his being offered the first team coach job. You are asking me to accept your premise that a senior post at a football club ( the more senior and higher the better) counts as head coach experience . I'm saying I think that premise is bollocks. As an extreme example , I don't think Marina G would be coaching material and I certainly don't think Roman would even with the experience they have both gained. Now you are entitled to your opinion Droy but don't try and force it on me because it's a matter of opinion and I just don't agree with it. It was also your opinion that Frank was totally unprepared for a job such as this ( and in fact that the board would never be daft enough to offer it to him). Well we know your wrong about the second point but let's see how we get on with the first. Finally, you seem to be a bit obsessed with my "friends" whoever they may be. You also seem to think that the whole forum is waiting and hoping to shoot down the mighty Droy. You are not some heroic Game of Thrones character single handily fighting of the forces of evil. We all just write about Chelsea.
  7. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Please don't patronize me Droy, especially after effectively calling me a liar, only for me to produce the quote from the wikki page you said I'd never read. I think you're probably a better poster and person than that. A small humble apology wouldn't have gone a miss. You told me Zidane was Real' s sporting director and that I should look it up on wikki. I did and it said he wasn't , he was an advisor ( maybe you could fill in the remaining 7 years on the wikki page seeing as you know it all?) . Then you tell me that although Cech is also called an adviser, you didn't actually name anyone he advises least of all Lampard who you reckon he probably doesn't even work with, and yet an article in the telegraph says that he's the link between board and the head coach on football matters. Who do you think he's advising? Billy McCullock on the technical aspect of eating too many pies? And no I'm not looking up anymore of your links thanks when you respond in that patronising manner. And there's reasons other posters aren't rushing to my assistance. Probably they are board shitless by the whole exchange and secondly I clearly don't need or require it. Maybe it's your posse reading the page wondering if they can help dig you out of the hole you've got yourself into. They've wisely given it a wide berth. It is possible that you're wrong sometimes you know Droy. It's not a crime. I can be too sometimes....only this isn't one of those occasions.
  8. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    I think the more pertinent question is have you? This straight from Wikki. "On 1 June 2009, Zidane was announced as the advisor to the president after Florentino Pérez was named president of Real Madrid for the second time.[105] He, along with general director Jorge Valdano and sporting director Miguel Pardeza,"
  9. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    and wikki? (out of curiosity, what ARE your sources re Cechs role and it was you was it not that told me Cech job description was Technical Advisor? My point is, that it sounds eerily to Zidans role... as quoted by your source )
  10. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    I'm not altogether sure why we are still having this debate (although always happy to oblige). It was started in earnest January this year when sarri was going through a "bad moment". A debate started about the potential of Sarri not being here next season and I suggested Lampard. Well, to say you were dismissive of my suggestion was an understatement. To counter the claims that I had totally lost my marbles (and you weren't the only one) I pointed to Zidane as an example of player with limited management experience who had done well. You seem to take great um-bridge at my valid point and have been trying to prove me wrong ever since. But TBH, Lampard is here now so perhaps we can just start looking at his performances and start judging if we were right or wrong. Anyway just to tie up a few loose ends: No he wasn't. Not according to the source you keep telling me to fact check on (Wikki). Miguel Pardeza was the Sporting Director. After Zidane had finished the Real Madrid B team (about the same level as Derby County) he became an ADVISER to the president along with Pardeza and another chap whose name I can't remember. Now ADVISER is a fluid word. How much power influence did Zidane have? He may well have advised the President that a player is good for Real but we all know who makes the final decision...same here with Marina. Complete speculation by yourself. In fact Wikki gave it 2 lines amongst about 10 pages of other Zidane achievements so they are not giving it much importance. Maybe he had the ear of the president, maybe Pardeza did, maybe they all did...but a first team 'coach power' he did not have. In fact, if I had a direct comparison of his job at Real about the closest I could get is Petre Cech's at Chelsea. According to the Telegraph his designation was to take on some of the responsibilities of Michael Emanalo and "to act as a link and ADVISER between the board.. (Marina G..El Presidente).. and the head Coach and playing staff. He will provide advice on all football and performance matters". Sounds quite similar to Zidans role doesn't it only a bit more "coachy".?...... but hang on a minute! I'll tell you what Droy lets make a pact. I'll remove my head from the sand if you remove yours from an equally dark place.
  11. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    Our mates at the FA!!! FA board: "Right , Chelsea are coming in shortly, so has everyone got their story straight?" (nodding and mumbling followed by knock on the door) FA: "Come! Right sit down Chelsea" Chelsea: "to be honest we are a bit worried about all this. Have we done something wrong" (background tittering) FA: "No no not at all, you just acted in the way we told you. So we think you should appeal this immediately". (more gaffawing) Chelsea: "Ok but will that make them cross. I mean City have just said sorry?" FA: "Well thats because City are a bunch of *****'s. You appeal and everything will be fine. Close the door on the way out" (sounds of hysterical laughter echos through the building as Chelsea shuffle off down the corridor. )
  12. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    Well I've just read fifa's explanation and it says nothing of the sort. It just says in garbled gobbledegook that City got off because of admission. If our crime was substantially more why didn't they say it. Maybe if you murder two people you get the same amount of time in prison as if you murdered one? But are you saying we committed 29 offences of the same kind that were illegal by fifa rules?? Should someones head roll at our club for the consequences it has led to?
  13. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    In other news we have an explanation from fifa why we got a transfer ban and City got fined 300k for the same offence. Wait for it....... City admitted the offence and we appealed it. Excuse me for a moment while I clear up my own urine caused by me pissing myself. So in future we break any rule we want , then just put our hands up and say " you got me bang to rights guv" . We then walk away Scott free with a fine equivalent to you and I of a cup of tea. What is Chelsea's legal team doing exactly. Maybe too busy apologising and admitting guilt for things that happened 50 years ago . City know how to play the game. We don't have a scooby doo.
  14. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    I think that's a bit harsh. One kinda went under him and the other was struck with power and accuracy.. The double save he made during the game was unbelievable ( and I'm no massive fan of keppa)
  15. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    or perhaps given us a free kick for Liverpool dangerous play. Did you see where Mane's boot was? If his boot wasn't at head level Christenson has no need to put his hands up to face for protection. The pen was debatable but I think I heard Allison in an interview admit that he made contact with the player. Very honest of him but if that's the case its a pen.