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  1. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    ^ I will give another shout out for Barkley. He may not get a lot of game time this season and he may even leave us, but I think he is a useful squad member. He has a few faults ( which many have pointed out) but I have always enjoyed the positive aspects of his game, his physical presence in an otherwise small team, the way he runs at a defence, his eye for goal, his ability to shoot from distance. Generally he's a sound player. What do you get for 7m these days? ( David Luiz I suppose).
  2. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Nice to have you back! Well firstly he said we'd never had a conversation about it...clearly we did .... secondly he did admittedly, kinda try and duck it but you're good at reading too Droy. We were 4th at that moment in time. BR said he knew which way this out of his depth coach and his team were heading. Oh, so we were heading somewhere. Would you say he meant up or down? I mean what is reasonable to assume? He said we were equally as hopeless against a conference side let alone Europes elite. And when I said "I'll take that as a no then" he failed to respond. So I may not have a technical knockout on the prediction, but it shows he's a chicken when it comes to backing up his comments. Nice try though. I see you're still smarting. Just let it go mate, it'll only fester.
  3. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Yes you did No I'm not. It's a football forum not a dating site, but I'm sorry if my 'profile' doesn't float ya boat. Perhaps we can just be 'good friends?' So lets just have a little recap and freshen up your memory. Granted it was a while ago and the sands of time can get in the way of details, but if your gonna accuse someone of fabricating a conversation you need to be pretty damn sure of yourself. We need to go back to the Bayern thread on Feb 26th. You were doing your usual knocking Lampard after a bad result. Tbf it was a busy old thread but feel free to check my quotes: 26th Feb 0:03pm You made a post about Lampard being out of his depth as a coach and someone like Conte knows how to maximise the qualities of players would do a better job. As we were in 4th at that point I replied asking what position did you think we would be in with Conte in charge at this point, and also what position do you think we will finish, given your low opinion of Lampard and the squad. You replied that with the improved coach we would still be in 4th but playing a kind of football that makes sense... (you ignored my question about where you think we will finish). 26th Feb 8:21pm: I replied saying "so even with a better coach (in your eyes) we would be no higher up the table?". I also said if Lampard gets us top four with these players he deserves a bloody medal. I then asked the question again....and I quote..."You like a prediction Blue he going to do it (top 4) or not?"... You replied with the following....."I have watched enough football to be able to form my opinion about the way things are going. We have absolutely no consistency , and we are as clueless against a conference team as we are against a European elite club" (end quote) . So again you avoided committing yourself to an answer but just said that you knew the way things were heading and we are clueless even against a conference team. 27th Feb: I then replied : (Quote) "So I'll take that as a definite no from you that we will not get 4th. But I'll tell you what I think. Depends a bit on the teams around us of course but I think we will nick it" (end quote) And I will remind you just now what you said about Lampards performance this season and what you said back then: Feb 26 8:37pm: "Of course it would be a tremendous achievement for the club and Lampard personally if we finish 4th or higher" (end quote) ....well at least we agree on that then Blue Rod. Quite amusing all that and not a desperate gag in sight!

    Hope Mike is ok. Bit strange he should make no contact. I feel for you being left a bit high and dry. I'm sure there's a few helping hands out there.
  5. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    He used to post a lot. Just seen a post from him. Yes live music hit the buffers very early on.
  6. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    (I guess you're chatting to me). Calm down calm down I was only joking about the £500!! ( it was grand) However I did put you on the spot when you kept banging on about how useless Lampard was( and you do remember moaning about him don't you). . I said something like " well you like getting a prediction right Blue Rod , so what's the odds on Chelsea finishing 4th" and you said ( words to this effect) " absolute zero if they keep playing this dross" . So I couldn't get you to completely commit and you left yourself a little get out "if", but you barely said a good word about him after that so I don't think you had a change of heart. But if we had finished 5th I reckon you would have no problem remembering those predictions. But he did get 4th, very nearly 3rd and but for a shocking ref display ( which I still haven't got over) the FA cup. I think you should find your happy place because despite a dull opening this is going to be a great season. We are going to push all the way and win a trophy.
  7. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Yes blimey Pete, you've been lurking too!! Whole lot of lurking going on. Feels like the old team is getting back together ( Bobs back now too and I even saw chrisb back on the site!).
  8. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    I'm not going to have a go at the coach, the tactics, the players, individual performances, the fans, the weather or our 3rd strip. To suggest coherence should be evident with players that are strangers to each other and almost zero preparation is not being fair. Lets get a few games under our belt but can we please beat dippers next week.
  9. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    I think it was one of those moments when you were on one of your " everything I ever predicted has come true" moments. So I said "well predict if we will finish top 4 if you're so clever" and you said "zero chance". I then said we would definitely finish top 4 and we shook on the outcome for £500!! Pretty sure that's how the conversation panned out. Shall I pm my bank details to you?
  10. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Probably a work in progress. He hasn't yet finished the chapter on RLC.
  11. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    It was a ridiculas jibe meant to ruffle Lampard. We started this campaign with 3 academy products in our first team...AC, James and Mount, and this season will also see plenty of games for Abraham and Gilmour. As for last season , I'd like to know the last time Liverpool finished top 4 of the Prem with the amount of academy players and minutes we did. Never under Klopps reign is the answer. And probably the answer is 'never' full stop.
  12. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    One game in. 3 points. 3 goals. Same old moaning. I seemed to remember a bet we had last season at some point. I said we'd finish top 4 and you said we had no chance!!
  13. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    I wonder if this has anything to do with it?