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  1. really? Chelsea supporters do you mean? If so, do you think the possibility of meeting Mourinho in the later stages of the CL next season and maybe losing to him is an appealing thought to any of us? (even if he has a cutesy smile and a cheeky little turn of phrase). Do me a favour. Horrible result, stupid suggestion.
  2. It was a rumour and quite a strong one, and quite frankly would anyone on here be shocked...the game is rife with it. I'm not his bookie or his accountant so I don't know how much he has wasted or how much he has in his bank account. He earn't that money and quite frankly he can do what he likes with it, he very possibly gives a stack load to charity. The possibility remains that he may feel that two years in China and 10 mill in his bank account would come in very handy...and good luck to him.
  3. I really wish you wouldn't take my posts and completely alter the meaning and sentiment of them.
  4. I'm not sure he's been too prudent with his earnings and he may want/need one last big China pay day. It's a shame because if he exited stage left now it would be a lovely way to go.
  5. Looks like I'm the first on here to thank you to a fantastic servant and one of the greatest CBs of all time.
  6. Wonderful day and a wonderful team. There will be those who try and piss on our parade but that's because they have nothing better to do with their piss.. And we'll have another one to piss on next Saturday !! Bring it on :) Well done everyone connected with the club and thanks JT for a wonderful career.
  7. Prefer him to Cahill to be honest. Brilliant consistency which is what you need from a skipper....and I expect respected by one and all.
  8. Sadly work beckons. I'm gonna have to sky plus it and watch it 30 mins behind actual time....I hate doing that. Have a brill night Ham, it's going to be fantastic.
  9. He tried to give himself the image of this animated,enthusiastic, fun colourful coach but he has been overshadowed in every department including the football one by Conte. Must hurt:)
  10. Can't wait!! I'm expecting to get a bit emotional at some point :(
  11. It keeps me sane to be honest. A few hours at a gig is about the only time you completely forget about life's little worries. We play a kind of bluesy country rock. I'll send you a track if you like via a PM (if that's possible).
  12. Abramovich , Mourinho, JT were easy targets for the hate mob. Hence we were easy targets as fans. We were a club with no ''history' (but boy are we building a fantastic one now...and a future) We were boring (we now have some of the most exciting players on the planet) We tried to buy success with a rich foreign owner (cue many teams in the prem doing the same including the dippers) Our success would be a flash in the pan and then Roman would feck off....... Oh it's good to be a blue right now....always was in fact.
  13. Lead singer and bad guitarist. Been going for years with my band....bunch of old gits now really. Success has eluded us (probably rightly so) although one of our songs has been picked to be on the soundtrack of a new movie coming out in the summer .... so you never know!!
  14. Just got in at 3:30am from a gig in Derby after a four hour car journey. The bass player was driving and he's a Man U supporter. Talk about captive audience....he had nowhere to go and couldn't escape me!! That was about as much fun as you can have for 4 hours in a car ( teenage years excluded!).