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  1. Until this game I thought we might have turned a corner with refs but I think we could be back to square one next season. Taylor was eagle eyed enough to spot the dive but failed to see a blatant hand ball from 5 yards in his direct line of vision. And the little chat with the lino was about what exactly? ..."Yes Tony he was clearly off side then he ran to address the ball pulling Courtois off his line and sneakily letting Sanchez (who had thrown the ball to him in the first place) nip in to score. To allow that goal would be an outrage but it is Chelsea and I'm not sure the FA wants JT to get his dirty hands on their pride and joy before he retires, so we'll call it a goal". Normality resumes.
  2. If I may jump in here. My concern after sacking JM was "who are we going to get?". These concerns were shared by many posters as we have not always chosen wisely in the past. Once Conte was hired I was actually pretty excited. Watching him at the World Cup with Italy I made comments here that I couldn't wait for him to start. I loved his commitment and his personality. Once he did start I was worried about the formation we were using which meant the continual inclusion of Ivanovic at RB. More than anything this player seemed to be a weak link in our chain. I was expecting a 3 at the back from the start but didn't get it. Moreover although we were winning games we seemed shaky and disjointed. We got Luiz and Alonso at some point so what were we waiting for? Apparently we were waiting for the disaster of Liverpool and Arsenal where Conte said enough is enough. I will mention here that the criticism of Conte after these games came from all quarters. Anti Mourinho posters such as Blue Rod were laying into Conte with the best of them. My only strong criticism ever of Conte was that he should of made that tactical switch sooner because it became clear after the switch how well it worked. Had we lost valuable ground in the race for fourth place or even the title by persisting with a back four including Ivanovic? Who was to know at that point that we would go on such an incredible run of winning games...not one of us could have predicted how brilliantly the switch would work. I was elated that it did and fortunately other teams faltered while we climbed the league. I'm fully behind Conte and wouldn't never want JM back in his place, although I will defend JM against what I see as unnecessary bile and ingratitude. I have no idea where that put's me in the eyes of other posters or what sticker they want to place on me. I'm Chelsea first everything else second.
  3. Horrible game. Really disappointed but had a sneaky feeling this was going to happen (though not to this extent). The team has done so well this season it is hard to critisise them but you must call a spade a spade. This was a cup final. A chance of a historic double and the players (and perhaps Conte) fluffed their lines. Right from minute one we were miles of the pace. We had some very very poor individual performances. It wasn't good enough in every sense. But the title is ours and this may just give Wenger another two years....every cloud!
  4. You will have to be more specific about which certain individuals you are talking about, and even if you were specific I couldn't second guess how some posters would react to this scenario. Personally any significant improvement on last season would have been gratefully received; but ultimately Chelsea are about winning the title and that's what will be expected of all managers who come here whether it be Conte, Mourinho ,AVB or anyone else. We are not Arsenal FC. Another question for you then. Do you think it's possible (and reasonable) to support, respect and appreciate Conte while at the same time support,admire and respect what Mourinho achieved for this club? Are you allowed to do both or should you then be accused of being some kind of Mourinho fanboy love interest who now wants United to dominate the league just to prove a point? I would not have Mourinho back here because his time with us is done and we have moved on with a new man. But I still think he is a good manager with a lot to offer other clubs. He has had a reasonable first season with United and got them into the CL all be it through the back door. You will have to direct me to these bitter and lamentable posts following his departure but if your suggestion was that some support Mourinho rather than Chelsea you are indeed being both stupid and insulting. Ultimately we all want what's best for our club.
  5. really? Chelsea supporters do you mean? If so, do you think the possibility of meeting Mourinho in the later stages of the CL next season and maybe losing to him is an appealing thought to any of us? (even if he has a cutesy smile and a cheeky little turn of phrase). Do me a favour. Horrible result, stupid suggestion.
  6. It was a rumour and quite a strong one, and quite frankly would anyone on here be shocked...the game is rife with it. I'm not his bookie or his accountant so I don't know how much he has wasted or how much he has in his bank account. He earn't that money and quite frankly he can do what he likes with it, he very possibly gives a stack load to charity. The possibility remains that he may feel that two years in China and 10 mill in his bank account would come in very handy...and good luck to him.
  7. I really wish you wouldn't take my posts and completely alter the meaning and sentiment of them.
  8. I'm not sure he's been too prudent with his earnings and he may want/need one last big China pay day. It's a shame because if he exited stage left now it would be a lovely way to go.
  9. Looks like I'm the first on here to thank you to a fantastic servant and one of the greatest CBs of all time.
  10. He tried to give himself the image of this animated,enthusiastic, fun colourful coach but he has been overshadowed in every department including the football one by Conte. Must hurt:)
  11. It keeps me sane to be honest. A few hours at a gig is about the only time you completely forget about life's little worries. We play a kind of bluesy country rock. I'll send you a track if you like via a PM (if that's possible).
  12. Abramovich , Mourinho, JT were easy targets for the hate mob. Hence we were easy targets as fans. We were a club with no ''history' (but boy are we building a fantastic one now...and a future) We were boring (we now have some of the most exciting players on the planet) We tried to buy success with a rich foreign owner (cue many teams in the prem doing the same including the dippers) Our success would be a flash in the pan and then Roman would feck off....... Oh it's good to be a blue right now....always was in fact.
  13. Lead singer and bad guitarist. Been going for years with my band....bunch of old gits now really. Success has eluded us (probably rightly so) although one of our songs has been picked to be on the soundtrack of a new movie coming out in the summer .... so you never know!!
  14. Just got in at 3:30am from a gig in Derby after a four hour car journey. The bass player was driving and he's a Man U supporter. Talk about captive audience....he had nowhere to go and couldn't escape me!! That was about as much fun as you can have for 4 hours in a car ( teenage years excluded!).
  15. Batsy with acieve Demba Ba status with this. I did say during the game that the only way we were going to score was if we got in behind them and in a weird way that's exactly what happened. Much credit must go to Dave. That was a wickedly spinning ball, but he watched it like a hawk ,got his body in the right shape and laid it on a plate for Bats. I hope Dave gets vice captain next year. So happy for them and all of us!!
  16. Still feeling a sense of anti climax?
  17. Oh my beloved Chelsea! More memories to savour. You were a bit shite tonight but you were also beautiful in so many ways. What a season.
  18. got to attack flanks and get in behind them. middle is too congested
  19. He was certainly being a bit economical with his praise. Just wondering if he's on his way out?
  20. I suppose he won't get a prem medal either. How many games does it take?
  21. Ahh Worthing! The place old people go die and then forget why they came.
  22. Interesting quote from Begovic when asked what Conte had done to change Chelsea's fortunes so much. He said something like: " when a new manager comes in the energy levels automatically rise. We have generally been more consistent and things have just gone our way a bit more. That's about it really".
  23. I have an intense dislike for too many teams to include my home town in that list. When they used to play at the old crumbling Goldstone ground I seem to recall support was very good even when they were in the lower leagues. I remember watching Chelsea play them there about 1983 and the atmos was brilliant (although Chelsea did cram about 10,000 away supporters in that day!!). Since they knocked down the Goldstone and replaced it a Toys R Us it has been a tough ride for supporters. Withdean Stadium was no better than a non league ground and Gllingham was a two hour drive. Of course a brand new stadium and a team doing well will attract more dormant supporters (that's why they built it) and I can certainly remember being in Stamford bridge one cold soulless night in the 80s with about 8000 other folk scattered around the stands....people in glass houses and all that. I say well done to the Seagulls because promotion from that league on a limited budget is pretty good going. That said the Prem is a different ball game and I'm afraid I can see them going straight back down. It will be interesting to see if JT ends up there as one rumour suggested. At least he will feel comfortable in the blue and white!