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  1. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    I'm absolutely sure there are lots of decent people in Liverpool Kev....but they probably all support Accrington Stanley (who the hell are they?) In all honesty some of the worst pool supporters I've met are the ones that have never even been to Liverpool. And of course they all speak very highly of us.
  2. Club announce new stadium plans

    Is it a given that we will fill a 60k seater most of the times?
  3. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Oh yes I was clapping along like a Nazi!! I saw him in Brighton and we have a lot of 'tree hugging yogurt knitters' in this part of the world. Some of his observations on immigration (from an immigrants perspective) were very funny but I could see it was a bit unpolitical correct for some. At one point a woman shouted out "all refugees welcome here". He said "of course, but it makes me feel a bit guilty... I came here 20 years on British Airways business class but they've had to swim across the Mediterranean then hang onto a lorry's axel for three days". Some in the audience didn't quite know what to make of him but I loved it!