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  1. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Just have the argument Droy... It's late and I can't be bothered with this nonsense.
  2. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    I'm sure in the years ahead when Hudson writes his biography ( probably in German) he will gives special thanks to Sarri for the faith, trust and vision he showed in making him the player he became. Sarri too will look at the now English superstar and think " one of the proudest products of my career ".
  3. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    I suppose that depends on what you call a lot. Do you mean a lot for an academy 18 year old or a lot compared to say... Jorginho. The phrase " a lot" is a little vague. I suppose he has played a lot of the meaningless/ less important games...the type that we should win comfortably, but hardly any of the other kind I.e PL games . Would you agree that that is a fact and then perhaps we can go from there and see how sillier a joke it is. Out of interest , why do you think he has put a transfer request in?
  4. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    he's put in a transfer request so yes its clear Bayern want him and it's clear he wants to go. I am genuinely hoping you are right all along with this, but I'm not sure you are. You did say that the Bayern thing had nothing to it ( just gossip and paper talk) but it turns out it wasn't. It will be terrible in so many ways if he only have to see how the anti Chelsea brigade are desperate for him to go. We need to refuse all offers, say he's not for sale and offer him a great extended contract because it will be worth it. What we seem to be doing is just ramping up his price . His goal today will add another few million but Bayern have deep pockets.
  5. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Can I ask some serious question to you or anyone. Did Hudson show enough in his many cameo appearances ( well I'm told he has had many) to justify 4 or 5 starts this season? Has William or Pedro kept him out on merrit? Have we had the players to provide good crosses and amo for Giroud and Morata and has Morata paid the price for the appailing service? Have we at time looked bereft of ideas and energy like the Arsenal game when this forum was distraught? Has he not deserved those 4 or 5 games and would that not have indicated to him that Sarri valued him and trusted him a little? One PL start is not integration it is isolation. I don't know of course but I reckon if Bayern thought we were serious about integrating this player and Hudson thought the same, none of this would be happening. Now it is probably all Too- I was one of the ones screaming for him to be given proper game time ( on merri) or risk losing him months ago. Forgive us for a bit of I told you so.
  6. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    I don't think it's about money I think it's about playing time. He must think his chances are better at Bayern ....he has to make that judgement but if they are paying 40m it looks like they have plans for him.
  7. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    I'm totally delighted we're not going there again. Edit; but you'll still go there a little bit
  8. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    I often see Kante playing in a position so far up field and on the right that Hudson would be my prefered option there. . I prefer Kante at DM where he is totally brilliant. I don't think Jorge is totally brilliant there ( but surely this argument is as old as the hills?)
  9. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Spot on.
  10. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Simples...Sarri doesn't rate him or trust him in big games, hence he hasn't played him in any.
  11. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Starting?? We are at the end of Jan, he's started one PL game and he's offski because a huge club has come in for him. Seriously, what is anyone expecting.
  12. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    There was a space for Hudson in this team. Not every week but far far more than he got. But Kante was playing there so Jorgy could play every week where he did. This is Sarri's decision .
  13. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    It is obvious except to the Sarri's main supporters . We will see that play out now on these pages.
  14. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Big big club rhough you would agree?
  15. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Well he will probably be doing his " slow intergrating" in Bayern team now , unless of course Sarri or Chelsea really want him. Would you say the intergrating period is over or should he expect to be on the bench for most important games next season too?
  16. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Why are you failing to see or accept the obvious. One PL start this season in and you have just seen what he can do.
  17. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Actually Martin it's not about Chelsea the club missing his talent it's about Sarri not thinking he's ready. Bayern have probably been looking at him about the same period of time as Sarri.
  18. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    One the best typos I've ever read
  19. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Hard to believe but there you are
  20. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Trouble is Bayern were quicker to spot his talent than we were. I honestly don't know what your stance has been on him this season but many on here backed Sarri on his one PL start this season as he was " too young/Not ready/ time will come etc etc. Bayern on the other hand had seen enough. Call him all the names you want but he has a right to look after himself and judge whether his career will be better served at Bayern. But we dont have to sell him you know. I hope we don't.
  21. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Entirely predictable . It's now up to us to say no to Bayern and prove that we want him. Or maybe we don't, in which case sell him.
  22. Chelsea 3 Sheffield Wednesday 0

    Apparently Hudson O has made a transfer request.
  23. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    When you say playing, did you ask him what with? Give him the benefit, maybe he has settled down with his pipe slippers.
  24. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    If you wanna be in our band mate you need to be a bit of a maverick... like a cop who doesn't play by the rules. Its us against the world ( unless MT tells us to shut up and move on)
  25. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    If I could pull off a Daniel O'Donnell tribute act it would be the easiest money in the world ever, and women of a certain age would be crawling out of the woodwork to see it.... I'm on it.