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  1. Ok let me reword that. The last two goals we conceded were from free kicks from teams that we really should not be conceding against... a bit like West Ham. It also appears to me that most clear cut chances against us are from crosses to the far post OR crosses into the box from free kicks. We therefore seem very vulnerable to arial threats from players like Carroll who has hurt us before. Re your edit, I think 5 goals conceded from set pieces for a team in our position with our defensive record is not that great at all. It's hard to find too many weaknesses in our team this season but this I feel this is an area that is avoidable a lot of the time. Any team in the prem has a player capable of riffling one in from 25 yards. There are not many teams who can break us down through open play (would you not agree?).
  2. Now that's the spirit.
  3. Yet another goal from a set piece on Saturday. No question that crosses to the far post or well delivered set pieces are our Achilles heel. Carroll could be our worst nightmare . The answer is to pressurise the crosser and don't give away pointless free kicks in dangerous areas (which we love to do).
  4. Pretty astute move to bring him in then I think you would agree. JM gambled and with a bit of insider knowledge it paid off. And what do you think he's going to do in this close season...sit on his hands. JM at that club with there spending power will be a serious threat next season and we all need to come to terms with that. But let's not get carried away because this season is about US. United have won the smaller of the cups but the big prize is within our grasp. I'd rather Southampton had won it but I'm very pleased Arsenal or Liverpool didn't. Next season the CL will be within our grasp again so lets win the prem (and maybe the double) and re focus.
  5. Thank you for your generous words Chara but I'm really only relaying the facts as they happened :) Re Bonetti - I was a goalkeeper at school and college and The Cat was my absolute hero too. I wore his make of boots, shirt and even those little green gloves that were good for nothing. I also had a small family connection. When I was 7 or 8 my Dad taught French to a Director of Chelsea who knew Bonetti well. He got me a signed photo of him (which I've still got) and my first tickets to a Chelsea game. A couple of years back I managed to meet the great man at the Bridge and even had a little chat... it was a lovely moment for me after all those years. An absolute gent too.
  6. Ok I trust you :)
  7. Talking of which, I could never quite get myself to go out with a scouse girl.... soon as I heard the accent I was off. Fortunately there weren't many where I used to live. Many years ago though one girl did manage creep in under the radar. She was very nice and didn't speak like she had a plum in her mouth so I was caught off guard. Then all of a sudden YNWA came on the radio and she was up on her feet giving it large, punching the air like she was on the Kop!! For weeks I tried to get past it but I just couldn't. If she had slept with my best friend I could have put it behind me but this was just too much. I sat her down one day and we had the big chat. "It's not you it's me" I said (meaning your a bin dipper and I'm not). If I may quote Donald Trump at this point: "There's a lot of bad hombres out there and extreme vetting is needed". The big man has a point.
  8. An admirer of Mourinho?? They're a bit thin on the ground these days... how do you think Ibro came to such a deluded conclusion? Yes, but when exactly did you said so... was it just now? I'd be impressed if it was at the start of the season.
  9. I think my phrasing has caused some confusion. Just to clarify JB, as far as I'm aware Mrs NB has never been involved in the porn industry. She would probably be horrified but at the same time weirdly flattered by that suggestion, but I think I can say with some degree of certainty that Ron Jeremy is not and has never been on her speed dial. Happy to have cleared that one up.... now I need to quickly change my computer security passwords as I hear footsteps on the stairs.
  10. If Ibrahimovich is the difference then I suppose much credit must go to the person who brought him to the club would you not agree? I for one never thought he would have the impact that he has in this league at his age.
  11. Oh she was full of it. I was giving it the old " he's past it, sloppy seconds, you'll need a new one next year". As you probably know I was very pro JM while with us and will still defend him if I feel the need to, so I'm hoping Mrs NB never finds her way onto these pages! Sometimes while I'm tapping away on my keyboard replying to a post she shouts up the stairs "what you doing on that computer?" , I reply "just watching porn dear, nothing to do with you".
  12. On the positive side those 2 FA cup wins kept Wenger in his job a few more years and if they should fluke it again this year they might just give him give him another five! "We want you to stay We want you to stay Grumpy old big nose, we want you to stay."
  13. Our draw hasn't been too bad this year but you just knew Arsenal were going to get Lincoln. Mrs Nobly is a plastic Man United supporter so things are going to get very messy in our house come match day. we had better be ready for this game because United are not the same side they were earlier in the season. Full strength team please Mr Conte.
  14. Man united in the cup then. Looks like this thread has got plenty more life in it yet. Arsenal having their usual hammer and tongs fight with non league oppo. One year they are going to get drawn against Aldershot Ladies and that'll put a stop to them.
  15. I think you could be at least half right. It could or might have affected players form but we can't be sure can we. But the way he speaks to Eva or John Fearn really SHOULDN'T feck up a whole season. Pro footballers of that standard should be able to stand back and say "whoa... what's going on there... I'll think I'll keep well out of it". However I think what it indicated was that something wasn't quite sitting right in Jose's mind at the start of that season and I think he let it get the better of him. What I will say is that most of the top prem managers can also be utter dicks. I think it just goes with the territory. Fergie could be a monstrous dick... never mind shouting at a doctor- he would hurl boot at his star players face! Wenger... the king of dicks, Pep G... very dick like behaviour this season, and old Kloppy is showing fantastic potential for being a prize dick. The thing about Mourinho was that the press and media would twist and magnify any dick like behaviour far more than other managers. I will give you that the Eva thing was interesting. What would of happened to our season if Hazzard hadn't gone down injured at that moment? Personally I'm not sure much would have changed but you really don't know.
  16. Interesting debate. Your posts are always well considered but I will take the almost out of that sentence Stebz because I don't think you can quite bring yourself to say it: The hatred and bile spewed at Mourinho (during his time with us) particularly from Liverpool, Arsenal and Man United fans was justified. They were right and we were wrong.... he was and is a bit of a dick who got lucky. Or... were they wrong at the beginning of his tenure with us but right towards the end. And following that thought process do Man united fans think they were wrong to call him a dick because now they can see that actually he's ok. If you read a bit of the redcafe site, that is the general drift I don't think any of us needs to be a rocket scientist to see what's going on here. I will say this though. Mourinho was hero worshipped at this club by an awful lot of people.... maybe not at the end because of the dreadful results but for most of his time. We are not talking about Raffa or AVB or Grant or Scholari or even Ancellotti here. And he was hardly a failure when he left. The treble with Milan, the title with Madrid and the title when he returned to us (and lets see what happens at United). I for one am not going to suddenly jump on some scouse or gooner band wagon and start joining in the JM kicking. That doesn't mean I don't want United to lose every match because I always have and always will regardless of manager (unless it suits our club for them to do otherwise).
  17. It was a bit disappointing. I said at the time he might regret that decision in the years to come and I think he probably will/does, but it shouldn't overshadow what he's done for this club. He knows this is his home and has been a bloody hero for us.
  18. Yes but JM was in charge then so its null and void. Back to the game, I don't think this result will matter in the big scheme of things (hopefully) but my old chestnut has raised it's ugly head again. How many of our crosses into their box (and we must of had 20) found a Chelsea head/foot? None is the answer.How many times did we attack the flanks and get in behind them? None is the answer again. You can have all the wide possession you want but unless you are aggressive or creative with it you might as well have Luiz pump the ball into the box from 60 yards and look for flick on's. And another thing... we concede from open play very rarely so don't go fouling people in and around the box because any player who can hit a deadball can score. Courtois is not great when facing free kicks either so just don't give them the chance.
  19. Well the sad news is that he was practicing his Jeffrey Daniels moonwalk moves after watching this video and there was a tragic accident. He moon walked straight out through his patio doors forgetting that he lived fourteen floors up. He will be missed.
  20. Hopefully we can win the title the game before, then we can get our guard of honour. That is always a delicious moment especially when it's United (I'd prefer Liverpool but United will do).
  21. ..... and with valentines day on the horizon! (it'll never last till then) :(
  22. Saw it happen to a JT goal bound effort (I think last season). Players hand stopped it going in the goal... no pen and play waved on. JT far more gracious about it than he should have been.
  23. Which I suppose is a similar reason as to why Alonso goal could have stood. His intention was only to score and not knock a player out cold.
  24. While we are at it, what happens if a ball is crossed into the box and a player attempts a bicycle kick (Pele like) ,connects with the ball and scores, but also connects with the head of of a defender who is trying to clear the ball at head height and knocks him out cold. Goal or dangerous play? And what if same maneuver was done in the centre circle .
  25. What about if a ball is goal bound and it hits a defenders arm/hand (ball to hand) on the line which prevents it going in the goal. That defender then takes his good fortune and boots the ball clear. Any punishment? I don't know the answer I'm just asking the various football minds out there.