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  1. Alvaro Morata.

    Is juve really interested in this guy? Snap their hands off.
  2. Conte, stay or go?

    Emry to Arsenal confirmed....Arteta didn't like managment structure!!
  3. New Stadium Plans & CXomments

    He'll get it. Terrible timing for it to run out at this point. It's us trying to make a point.
  4. New Stadium Plans & CXomments

    I have a real dislike for Wembley since it changed...shadow or no shadow. I'd rather play at Craven Cottage.
  5. Eden Hazard

    ^ he's very calm isn't he Rob. I imagine him in the lotus position surrounded by scented candles as he replies. I pound away on the keyboard like a baboon that's just drunk too cans of red bull.
  6. Eden Hazard

    I'm telling you now, if he goes we will live to regret it. I believe he's a decent chap and a family man who likes playing for Chelsea. He's not arrogant or a party boy. When he's flying he is unstoppable and players like him are the reason we pay huge money to see a game of football. Conte doesn't care a hoot if Hazard never plays for Chelsea again. We do. Or we should do.
  7. Conte, stay or go?

    Because correct me if I'm wrong (and I may be) , you apportion no blame to board for our current position. They clearly are to blame in my eyes for a large slice so I don't actually think you've got much to brag about there. in fact I'm not bragging about anything. I was merely making a point to Micheal Tucker that because you don't have access to the full facts or absolute proof on a subject, you are still perfectly capable of coming up with a correct conclusion. If I was in a court of law and was asked to vote Conte guilty beyond all reasonable doubt I would have to acquit.The evidence I have is not strong enough. But I'm not in a court of law so I'll say what I like, the same as anyone else and I think he's guity. Don't really see how much clearer I can be on that. I read a book once called Bravo Two Zero. It was an account of an SAS patrol that got trapped behind enemy lines in Iraq. It was written by the patrol leader Any McNab. It was a hell of a read and a hell of a story. Then one of the other soldiers in the patrol (Chris Ryan) released his book about the same event called The One That Got Away. Considering they were both trained observers and were both there experiencing pretty much the same thing , you'd have thought there would be certain similarities in their version of events. Nothing was the same. Not even close. It was at that point that I realised that most history must be complete bollocks. How am I to trust a version of events hundreds or thousands of years ago when these two dudes can't get their shite together about something as recent, memorable and horrifying as what they experienced. Football and dressing room stories are the same. I'd love to know the background of what went on with Eva gate but I never will. Even if I was their I'd only know half. But that doesn't stop us from picking at the bones of what we think, hear ,see , read to come up with a conclusion. Willian's little action was just us a window into what might be going on. I find it fascinating and also enlightening.
  8. Conte, stay or go?

    It wasn't a terrible squad it was just inadequate to push for the title. My huge issues were the front two. I don't know who wanted/sanctioned Morata but it didn't work . If Morata had performed well we would most likely have made top four. Not great in my eyes because I've spent enough time goading Arsenal supporters about being thrilled at top four, but nevertheless very important for morale and player/coach recruitment. Unlike Arsenal we have a history of progressing through the CL. But when it became clear that Morata could no longer hit a cows arse with a banjo (or was injured initially) he refused to play Bats. He's not the greatest all round player but his goal to minutes is as good as anyones so why wasn't he given the chance to bed in and see what he could do? Eventually an unfit Giroud arrived in January and it's a shame he couldn't have been here all season. It's a shame we couldn't have pushed for Vardy at the start of the season. He's off to Italy or Spain now I think so I'm sure we could have dragged him a few miles down the motorway. And I'm sorry, but finishing above that shambles of an Arsenal team that was so bad that it actually got Wenger the sack after 22 years, is not an achievement. And finishing 7 points below Spurs, 5 below the Dippers and having to watch them in a CL final is also not a good day out for me. This hurts and Conte has caused a significant amount of the pain IMO.
  9. Conte, stay or go?

    But rescued from what? 6th place?
  10. Conte, stay or go?

    After last season I was aiming for 1st not 4th...why shouldn't we. We won the previous year at a canter. With the closing of the window, 4th then became my target. Others were still optimistic for the top at that stage I can tell you. We needed 6 more points and I can think of so many occasions that we blew those points out the window.
  11. Conte, stay or go?

    He got 11 Prem goals. Here's the thing. He got 7 or 8 really quickly. It was a real purple patch but all my Spanish friends (and Celery) were saying thats what he does. Has a little blast then fades away. 3 goals in 6 months is bloody appalling. 11 goals wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't missed about 11 absolute sitters in the process. Baka might become a half decent squad player but for me Morata needs to go. me too. Not because of the success bit but because of the instant failure that normally follows it I have absolutely no problem with that but I think a dressing room rift is now pretty evident. I've never seen an imogie used to block out a coach from a team picture before so I suspect it's a pretty bad rift. But I'll tell you where I differ from Jose and Conte departure. I feel strongly (and so now do many others) that he wants to go and has even been trying to create a sacking environment. I never felt that from JM. I felt he struggled to the bitter end, trying every trick in the book to make things happen. He hated getting the sack. And to a man no player ever criticised him after he went . On the contrary they took the blame themselves. Can't see that happening this time.
  12. Conte, stay or go?

    Does anyone have insight into which were Conte signings and which were the boards? But so the next coach is aware, you will not get asked for your wish list when you walk in the door. And if you do you probably won't get it. The board short changed Conte no doubt. What he didn't do was knuckle down and get on with it. The conclusion I reached was that without question we had blown any chance of regaining the title with this squad. I thought we had a shot at top four if things rolled our way but it was touch and go. However they kinda did roll our way and from a position of second we could and should have closed it out a top four. But if a coach who is hard up for players then sidelines a crucial one for the whole season ( Luiz) through pettiness, one has to wonder what's most important to him. I don't know what new reasons you're talking about. I wouldn't even have brought all this up if I hadn't been told refrain from posting stuff unless I know I'm 100% correct and can back it up. It seemed an appropriate time to point out that sometimes without proof and without back up you can still be right. Maybe through luck, perception or intuition. It made me rather angry.
  13. Conte, stay or go?

    Indeed...I'm all thought out, but I put my thoughts on a screen all year long and then I'm effectively told not to, unless I can back it up! They were all pretty much knee jerks, but nearly all are there in black and white. In my keyboard pounding I also realised that we could of course have over taken Liverpool on the last day had extraordinary results happened but we would never never have deserved it. 30 points off City, 7 off Spurs and 5 off Liverpool. And there's a movement (mainly by Conte) to pretend this has been a good season. I have hated it . FA cup is nice but doesn't nearly make up for the crushing league disappointment or the the worry for the future. This club is at a serious crossroads and I will point fingers if I feel like it.
  14. Conte, stay or go?

    That's not true is it Michael (nice try on a back- track though) , you actually said this: Based on what you 'think' Conte wants? And, what if you're wrong? I can give you a whole bunch of reasons why I think that . Actually I have given a whole bunch of reasons and predictions of what was likely to happen/go wrong this season based on watching and listening and hunches and I've got enough correct not to worry too much about this particular opinion (which I strongly suspect I'm also correct about). I'm not sure how many times you've nailed it this season but here's my Top 20 predictions based on 'what I thought' and what I wrote (completely unpaid I should add): 1) Back in August when I saw the final squad 'I thought' we had capitulated our title at the first hurdle and would be lucky to make top 4. I also thought Conte was deeply unhappy at this squad and lack of new contract. 2) Back in August starting the defence of our title with Morata and Bats ' I thought' was insanity. (and I didn't know at that point that Conte was going to refuse to play Bats and that Hazard was our back up striker) 3) After one game I asked the question "is Morata a player with enough fire in his belly?" 'I thought' he didn't have. 4) After a few more games 'I thought' Morata was totally unsuited to this Chelsea team and we'd wasted our money. Eventually many, including you I think came round to this conclusion ...a conclusion that you and others initially loudly criticised me for. 5) Despite Morata having a purple patch early on of 7 goals 'I thought' and predicted he wouldn't get to 15 goals all season in prem. He got 11. 6) Despite us managing to climb into the top four (as high as second) 'I thought' it was a false position and stated that we were 'hanging on by our finger tips'. Liverpool, Man U and Spurs were stronger and would eventually over come us. Nonsense I was told. Negative Nobly. 7) 'I thought' the unravelling would take place after Christmas when the games started to mount up and this badly balanced squad would start to crack... and sure enough it did. 8) 'I thought' the whole Luiz thing was odd. An injury that might keep him out for a week or a season? What the fec kind of injury was that. When I found out that he had criticised Conte's tactics in CL I knew he wouldn't play again for us this season. At this point I was starting to get a real feeling and insight into Conte's personality. I didn't like what I saw. 9) 'I thought' we didn't have a proper replacement for Luiz in the team for that position. We didn't. 10) 'I thought' Christenson was a great prospect but was starting to show early signs of weakness and vulnerability in that pivotal role. Too much too soon. Terrible errors in the CL cost us possible progression and errors against Spurs possible put paid to any realistic top four hopes. Christenson was then dropped. Horse and bolted are the words that spring to mind. 11) 'I thought Giroud' was the smartest buy of the season. 12) 'I thought' Conte's team-sheets were getting so bizarre and irrational that something was going on other than him trying to do well for Chelsea. I also thought AT THAT POINT he was starting to lose the dressing room. (fast forward to Willian instagram). 13) 'I thought' very early on (before it was fashionable) that Bakayoko was dreadful and yet week after week there he was. His sending off in the first 10 mins of a vital game eventually got him out of the team but his constant inclusion to that point cost us many points IMO. 14) Back in February/March my major concern was that Hazard was becoming unhappy at Conte's weirdness and negative tactics. He was starting to look the shadow of his usual self. If we lost this player of all players because of Conte's relationship with him we would regret it dearly. Fast forward to todays rumours (yes I know what a rumour is). If Conte goes he might stay, however his head may already have been turned. This is now the reality. 15) 'I thought' Courtois didn't want to be here and never has done. Watch this space. 16) ' I thought' Giroud's solidarity with Luiz when he scored would cost him. It did he was dropped. 17) 'I thought' the Huddersfield game told us everything we needed to know about Conte. It did. 18) 'I thought' Conte could count but sadly he can't do that either. He went into the Newcastle game thinking we still had a chance "if others slipped up" of making the top four!! So that's what he was saving his players for! 19) 'I thought' it would take less than 24 hours after the final game for some players to start making their feelings known about Conte. Admittedly I got that one wrong . it took less than 24 minutes. 20) 'I thought' I'd have to be repeating all this at some point. So to sum up Michael, I think I have earned the right to 'think' whatever I jolly well like at this point. How did your predictions all go this season?
  15. Conte, stay or go?

    And what if Vialli is wrong? He seems to have an opinion on the subject but maybe he should keep his big Chelsea Italian mouth shut and away from the media unless he's sure of his facts. Probably fake news. But Vialli believes his fellow Italian wants out. “Conte can’t wait to leave Chelsea,” the former Chelsea player and manager said on Sky Sport Italia. “He can’t stand that they sell or buy players without consulting him. The truth is, Chelsea would like a manager who is more of a club man.”
  16. Conte, stay or go?

    And what if I am wrong? Is the football world and CFCnet going to grind to a halt? What are we on this forum only state cast iron provable facts? These are the likelyhoods as I see them with my own eyes and ears. If you or other people aren't interested in what I 'think' then no ones forcing you to read my posts. Ok how about this....If that's what he's up to then he's a disgrace. If on the other hand, all he's thinking about is the well being of this club and it's future which he is 100% committed to, then lets give the man another 5 year deal ...(sadly time constraints of a busy life don't always allow me to put these caveats but if it makes me sound less controversial I'll do my very best).
  17. Conte, stay or go?

    I have no doubt in my mind that Conte wants the sack and 9.5 mill transferred into his bank account forthwith. I have no doubt he has wanted this for some time. I have no doubt that some of his footballing decisions and team selections were knowingly not made in the best interests of this club. In my footballing lifetime I've seen many a player not pull his weight, pull a sicky, stroll around the pitch or just not even bother to play (see Winston Bogard) , but I have never seen a manager of this club or ANY club (particularly one of Conte's stature) wishing...praying to be sacked. He is not a young thrusting, testosterone filled, petulant know it all player, he is the manager for Christ sake. He is a disgrace. Edit: Oh and I'm sure sacking Willian will solve everything... the same as it did for Luiz.
  18. CFCnet 17/18 Awards

    In my opinion he's not good enough for madrid. I'd be very interested to see if they'd buy him. Of course for free most teams would take a punt.
  19. CFCnet 17/18 Awards

    ^ I suppose they wouldn't have to pay anything for him if his contract was finished.
  20. CFCnet 17/18 Awards

    How an award for the most verbose member whose posts go on and on and on and on and on before finally missing the point? (no names no pack drill)