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  1. I suppose it might be a disaster for you, especially if you were one of those whose who predicted we'd finish mid table at best. Top 4, Cup Final, into knock out stages of CL must seem like an unmitigated disaster. Plus we gained a lot of neutral fans this season. Supporters from all different clubs ( including scousers) have said to me how they admire the blooding of youth and sometimes brilliant football we played. Lampard himself is seen as a decent coach , a fair assessor of a game and a non moaner ( how he remained calm at some of the refereeing this season is beyond me). We have peoples respect. The defence and the keeper cost us a really easy run in imo. We have a keeper with the worse save rate in the league yet we still got to 4th. Those two stats alongside side each other tell a story. But what we also have now is a war chest due to no transfers this season. So far I think he's spending it wisely but of course we need more... the future though looks bright ( tinged with blue). So sorry for the disaster Bison. Go and drown your sorrows with some Spurs and Arsenal fans ( they got some lovely EL fixtures in outer Mongolia to look forward to next season). If we can get some fans in the grounds, 20/21 is going to be fun. Interesting edit: Did you know that if you spell check scousers it turns into ' accussers' 😱
  2. Well yes I think we would all like to go back to the days when we had Drogba leading the line and not an untried academy product, or JT and Carvaliho instead of Christenson and Rudiger, or Cech instead of Kepa, or Ash instead of Emerson, or Robben instead of William or Lamps instead of just about anyone.....but we are where we are. We lost our one world class player and had to make do with what we had left. And they weren't a few romantic moments, they were moments ( and many of them) when we glimsed the future. I feel sure that 2 it 3 of these academy lads will become first team regulars...the first since JT. Its over and the long long season is done. There are a few 'if only's' I will grant you. We did get stuffed by BM but we got out of our CL group ( if only we hadn't finished second). We got to FA cup final ( if only we hadn't had more luck and not a bent ref). If only we had Pulisic available more this season because he's a game changer. But we got top 4 ( that was the Holy Grail) along with United and City who broke the bank with City cheating fair play rules yet again. Arsenal and Spurs are beneath us. They would swap in a heartbeat. Well done Frank. You're still Super.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seriously I can't even be bothered to even click on it because I'm sure you've shown it to me 50 times. We all know the sort of job Cech is doing coz we are seeing it with our own eyes. The media outlets such as telegraph and Express don't go trawling through the ancient archives ( if that what you've done) to call him an advisor instead of a director because they know ( as we do) an advisor isn't flown around to close deals with top top player, now bore on Droy because its been a bloody long season and a difficult year generally but you're still not as smart as you think you are. On a different subject this team needs work but Lampard got us top four, we got to a cup final ( without some outrageous bad luck and a bent ref we would have won) and we got out of our CL group. We did this without Hazard and without transfers ( the start of the season in particular we were dogged by injuries). That is Lampards achievement on his first PL job. You said he was the wrong man and would fall at the first hurdle. Wrong again.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I am aware that in the past we have had over long arguments on the designation of Cechs job. I thought he was more of a technical director who had quite a lot of responsibility including decisions on player recruitment .You thought he was merely an "advisor" but I never actually got to the bottom of what subjects you thought he advised on and to whom he gave this advise, so I think we just left it to see who would be closest to the bull in the fullness of time. Now if there are certain media outlets that are not useable or quotable ( unless they have been okayed and vetted by your good self) perhaps you could right us a list ...might save folks a bit of time. However it does seem that Cech has been given responsibilities to close deals on 3 big transfer targets ( bit like a technical director). Oh and stop patronising me Droy. You're not nearly as clever as you think.
  5. No wind up. Here's the very fish!
  6. Oh...well I caught a 3lb bream 😳
  7. I'm back. What happened? Did we win?
  8. Got a finger in each ear and singer random song very loudly.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Didn't claim anything, just repeated an article. Haven't quite got to grips why this issue offends you so much.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I'll tell you who Droy thinks doesn't know....all of us and all the media. He'd probably have an argument with Cech on the subject.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Dont shoot the messenger, just repeating the Express on line and how they said he was important in negotiating recent deals. Maybe you could you write a stern letter to everyone in the media then who keeps calling him a technical director because its extremely bothering... to you mainly.
  12. This is true but winds up or not it's really painful trying to follow a game via the thread. Nobody actually tells you what's going on , just a lot of this: OMG what was that!!!?? Well that's it then Why oh why did Lampard play Keppa again? Does William actually have a brain? Useless piece of shite! WILLIAN!!!!!!!! Unbelievable Kepa you idiot Girouds knackered already GIROUD!!!!!!!!! Feccccing VAR! Are you joking me?? That's it... never watching football again. Too slow....Why do we also play too bloody slow. Jorghino is the worse player I have ever seen. Without Pulusic we are nothing. Defenders are even worse than last week. Sack Lampard...Too early...told you. JORGINHO!!!!!!!!!! I have made my decision and I'm going fishing this evening. I will be out of range of 4g and any CFCnet nonsense but I will be back later to say I told you so . So Au revoir my cfcfnet friends. Enjoy the game and Vive La Chels.
  13. Listen, if my prediction comes true you are all going to look very foolish and the 'world will be my lobster'. Now don't wind me up as I'm having a hard time here in France looking after my sisters house. Its jolly hot ( 41 degrees yesterday) I don't know whether to sit on the balcony and watch the river roll by or jump in the heated pool to cool off or start to make a dent in the packed beer fridge. JaneB I expect you to keep control of this ugly mob .
  14. If you use a prawn for anything else but eating in this weather, I'm going to smell something fishy.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    An article in Express on line saying Petre Cech is trying hard to secure the services of Barca keeper Stegen. He is also working hard to push through the Havertz deal having travelled to Germany in the past to negotiate. It was also Cech that secured the Werner deal. I think Cech is a really good Technical Director for us. He's friendly, likeable ,approachable but most of all respected as a decent person. And for attracting a new keeper then who better.
  16. Maybe it was the heat Jane. Its 41 degrees here today! Worse thing is I'm not going to be able to see the come back of all come backs tomorrow night. I'm relying on the match thread to keep me up to date. My preditiction is our first goal within 15 mins, then another just before half time and the third midway through second half. We then obviously beat the pesky Germans in a pen shoot out. But seriously, well done for keeping us boys in order in a calm and unobtrusive way. I hope MT is enjoying a bit of 'me time down under' as you hold the fort.
  17. I'm hoping this year there will be a Gold Star Award. If possible I'd like to put forward the following nominations: A) Jane B) Jane C) Jane Use your vote wisely!
  18. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    More than the ref, that decided everything. I think he'd have scored. They would have caved and that would be that. Instead he pulls and our main attacking threat up gets taken off. Dave as well. Two torn hamstrings , one dislocated shoulder, a sending off and a cheating ref. It really wasn't our day.
  19. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Well Chara I'm living the dream right now. I'm house sitting in France for my sister whose away. Fab place next to a stunning river with outside heated pool... and its hot hot hot!!...its tough but sometimes you gotta help your family out. Only fly in ointment was the match which I had to watch alongside a gooner. Tbh he was decent and didn't rub it in too much. That cup saved their season...for us it would have been the cherry on the cake. Anyway time to cycle to the shops for breakfast then back to the pool to reflect on next season!
  20. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    But did the interviewer bring the issues up? Normally they can't wait......" Frank, a few things didn't go your way out there, what's your opinion of Kova 2 yellows, Pedro in incident ( with dislocated shoulder) compared to Dave pen.....did keeper handle outside the box". In the post match BBC one it just wasn't addressed! Its not a good look for a coach to look like a sore loser, so I didn't expect Frank is going to start spouting off like JM would but I did expect the BBC to do its job and mention highly controversial moments.
  21. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    It did, no question but so did bad luck. For Pulusics hamstring to go at that moment was unbelievable. He was through on goal, he'd beaten his man, he prepares to pull the trigger and maybe score the decisive goal and bang... it snaps. He struggled in severe pain for two more strides and even got a shot away but it was too weak. To then lose him completely was a disaster. Very disappointed but top 4 place trumps FA cup five times over. I can take this one on the chin and use it as yet another example of bent bias refs. My main hope is that Pulisic isn't another Michael Owen.
  22. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    I know a bad ref and I know a bent one. Anyone who says there are no such things is living in dreamland.
  23. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Well I think the reason it took all that time to show us the line was significant. We weren't allowed to see the replay during the game , we had to wait until well after the game when they had managed to manipulate the picture. That ball was outside, no question.
  24. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    I knew something was written in the stars ....