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  1. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I remember when we signed Remy that the announcement of his signing was delayed for a few hours due to a 'medical problem'. At the time I was a little concerned about that as we were also bringing back an ageing DD. When DD went, and we brought in Falcao, I am sure that I wasn't the only one thinking about Costas' hamstring last season, Falcao's dire record since his injury, and Remy's ratio of injuries to minutes played last season. As things have panned out, I don't really see that replacing Remy or Falcao with Bamford as being that much of a risk for Hiddink. A lot depends of course on how much money the board are going to allocate to a temporary manager. Personally, I am looking for a few wins to take us well away from the relegation zone, and then, the chance to give some of the youngsters real playing time in what will probably turn out to be an otherwise meaningless season.
  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Surely, in our present situation, it would be sensible to give him a few chances to play. He couldn't be a worse option than Reme or Falcao as a back-up to Costa.
  3. Following Chelsea's Loans

    A bit of good news to start 2016 with?
  4. Given that the PL is in so topsy-turvy this season, I don't think that it is safe to assume anything. I hope that he is correct, and particularly about the players coming to peak fitness, but I'll reserve judgement for at least a month,
  5. Hiddink in London, and the BBC 'copy and paste' man working overtime! LOL
  6. Wenger has received the most stick from Arsenal fans, which of course they have the right to do. To compare his treatment by the media with their merciless persecution (and that's what it is) of Jose is ridiculous. If Jose was manager of Arsenal or Man Utd, do you think that he would be treated in the same way? I'm honestly surprised not to wake up this morning and find Jose being held responsible in some way for the Russian airliner crash.
  7. Jose has been managing for over a decade now. Everybody knows his style of playing so if players don't like it, there is no need to sign for him in the first place. Good to see Fabregas not only denying the rubbish, but also talking about the efforts to destabilize the club from outside.
  8. Whatever the reason for what's happening this season, I get the strong impression that the anti-Chelsea brigade want Jose gone, and have been slowly but surely ramping up the pressure on him. I don't think that it matters who we may get to replace him, if they weren't successful, it would be job done, and if they were, they would get the same treatment as Jose to destabilize the club once more. I really believe that CFC will not be permitted to have any chance of a run of success, regardless of playing staff, or manager.
  9. I certainly am not blaming the present run of form (or lack of it) on the media or referees decisions. But the thread is about JM, and why he acts as he does. And part of that is down to how CFC is treated by the media and football authorities. If I have one disappointment in JM, it's that he allows himself to be goaded by the media, and says things that they have set him up to say, and then amplify what he says, or simply take it out of context. I don't know how some of the media sleep at night, but I guess to them it is all a game that they get well paid for taking part in.
  10. I would like to know when the anti-Chelsea bias started. I felt that our team back in the early 70's (Osgood and Co) unintentionally got us disliked by the football establishment. Footballers then were meant to play football, and then go home on the bus, and not appear again until next match day. Our lot were out on the Kings Road, with models, and having a very good time. I don't think that went down with the flat cap wearing hierarchy at the FA etc. As regards the media bias, did that stem from Ken Bates era. He really did call a spade a spade with them, and I wonder if that is where it started, and then snowballed when RA took over and we became less of a joke, and more of the top side in the country. The refs are human. I reffed in my teens. It was an awful job, getting abuse from both sides, and nowhere near the fun of playing. If you did it, it was because you loved football. And show me a person who loves football, and doesn't have a favourite team, and I'll show you Father Christmas. In addition they are all as influenced by the media as anybody else, so with the public image of CFC as the naughty boy of football, some of them are going to be wanting to take us down a peg or two. What needs doing, and I don't think that the club can do this for obvious reasons, if for somebody to collect actual evidence from games over the recent seasons, showing how many times we don't get penalties etc. Enough to show that is more often than could be put down to mistakes, or the law of averages. I still remember the home leg against Barcelona in the CL, where the only consolation was DD saying to the camera what we all felt.
  11. And let's not forget that not only has Jose changed but Roman has a lot more experience under his belt too. The icing on the cake would be if he can mentor somebody like Frank Lampard or John Terry to take over when he eventually does go. Or is continuity at Chelsea unthinkable?