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  1. Chelsea vs Barcelona

    Unfortunately I think you might be spot on here with your line up prediction. I personally think it's absolutely vital to get Pedro, Willian or both on the pitch. If we allow them to pass the ball out from the back with no press they will kill us. Realistically it will be a 352 which will play straight into Barca's hands allowing the defenders and full backs time to feed the ball into Iniesta and Messi. Conte has said we have been working on this game for a month and I sincerely hope he will unleash our attacking players. One potential hint towards this is his recent comments about how we need to exploit Barca's defensive weaknesses. I sincerely hope we go for the throat and if we do we have a real chance. If as expected we sit deep with a 352 then I worry for us. Pains me to say it but the Spurs performances vs Real Madrid and Juve are the blueprint for how to compete against elite opposition.