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  1. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    In fairness the Alonso tackle was pretty bad as well. When was the potential penalty? I'm watching the game with no commentary.
  2. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Crying out for Fabregas. Either for Kovacic or Kante. Unfortunately it will be Barkley on for Kovacic. Would bring Pedro on ASAP as well.
  3. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 1

    Good performance I thought. Morata followed up Burnley with an even better game. Both goals were taken quickly with one touch and a shot, he needs to do more of this. One of the big frustrations with him is getting into great positions and delaying too long then losing the ball either without shooting or after the defender has closed him down. On top of this he worked hard for the team, won the ball back in our own half and didn't go missing when he got kicked a few times. Let's see if he can keep this up. He certainly has shown in patches he can be a good player the worry is that his mental state can turn pretty quickly. Kante and Azpi both had mixed games but on the whole I would be happy with both going forward. Kante along with Rudiger saved us countless times when Palace hit us on the counter and that pacey front line has hurt us a few times in the past. Azpi was good defensively, it was great to see him mark Zaha so tightly as he's always at his best when he is all over the opposition like a rash. Earlier in the season he just wasn't getting close enough. Both he and Kante misplaced a few passes but this doesn't bother me too much as they will both get there. Barkley not so good this week. Didn't offer much offensively and gave the ball away a few times to the Palace strikers. Personally I've wanted Cesc in all season and that hasn't changed. Still waiting for Sarri to give him a chance in the number 8 role. He is made for these games. Joint MOTM alongside Morata was Pedro. Absolutely relentless pressing like an annoying flee nipping away at the heels of their defence. We missed the balance he provides throughout the last few weeks since the shoulder injury and it's pleasing to see him pick back up on his early season form. Much criticised last season and many on here called for him to go in the summer. A very valuable player to have around and one that has been brilliant whenever the team has played on the front foot. Get him on the shoulder and in the box and he will get you goals. A perfect foil to either Willian or Hazard on the left who prefer to drop deeper and create.
  4. Chelsea 3 Crystal Palace 1

    Been a touch of a bogie fixture for us the last few years and Zaha in particular has caused us problems. This season Palace have really struggled for goals however did deserve their point against Arsenal last week. They always seem to play better on the counter so we need to be extremely wary of this. I would expect the same line up as last week with Hazard in for either Pedro or Willian. Giroud is out so Morata has a chance to follow his first decent display of the season.
  5. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    The priority this season is to get back in the top 4 not to develop English players. Against the top 6 neither RLC or Barkley have shown they can be trusted at number 8 yet whereas Kovacic has been one of our best players in all of our big games. RLC is 22 and Barkley 24, both should be ready to perform. At this level you don't simply hand out minutes they must be earned. Credit to Barkley as he has worked his way back into the team and performed well against two poor sides. If he can cement his place as undisputed first choice by the end of the season then great, we do not need to buy Kovacic. If it turns out he can't be trusted to perform defensively against good sides then we have a quality alternative who can be relied upon and can potentially help us get back in the champions league. Barkley and RLC's biggest competition is each other not Kovacic as they provide a different tactical option. If either can show that they are not a defensive liability then the spot is theirs for the taking.
  6. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    With RLC also getting some minutes now all three have an opportunity to make themselves undroppable. If any of them don't make it this season then they only have themselves to blame.
  7. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    Competition for places is important and the fact that all three are getting opportunities is creating a healthy rivalry. To say Kovacic is blocking Barkley and RLC is wrong in my opinion as they perform totally different roles and will be used at different times. Having the option to completely change the shape of the team with one sub can surely only be a good thing. I would also argue if Barkley had have performed at the start of the season he never would have been dropped in the first place. That he has worked his way back in is a testament to him and perhaps a recognition that we lacked goals in the previous midfield. Let's hope he can keep it up, it has only been 2 games.
  8. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    Barkley has been a pleasant surprise in the last few games. At the start of the season I wondered what he really added as he is an attack minded centre midfielder who wasn't really doing much going forward. The last few games he has started he has begun to produce however it must be noted how poor he was when coming on against Liverpool in both games and United (despite the goal). Personally I would still prefer Cesc however currently Barkley has the shirt in these types of games and I wouldn't advocate dropping him in this form. I would still lean towards Kovacic against the top 6 as Barkley still needs to show he can be trusted against the tougher opponents. On balance he's proving a valuable squad member. I've mentioned this a few times over the years, Willian seems to have his best games when playing centrally or from the left. He is great at running around the right hand side of a defender which means when he is on the right his only real option is to cross or turn back. Playing from the left the pitch opens up for him and he can shoot, switch play, and link with the midfield. With Alonso bombing on the outside he doesn't even need to be able to get to the byline where clearly he isn't doing much with his left foot. Stylistically Hazard and Willian play in similar areas preferring to drop deep and play the creator rather than finisher. This is why Pedro dovetails so well with them both as he does the opposite by stretching the play and getting on the end of things. For balance I think we always play better with Pedro out right although Willian has still been great coming from that side as well. I would like to see all three together but unfortunately I don't think our squad can support this. A step in the right direction for Morata who for the first time this season proved himself useful. Let's hope this wasn't just a flash in the pan as he does have some qualities that should work in this system. I won't hold my breath. It does seem a huge waste that we have two of the best headers of the ball in the league and have barely put a cross in the box all season. I feel for Giroud who has many qualities and a fantastic attitude but just doesn't really fit the system. Rudiger and Luiz imperious again and both having great seasons. They seem to work well together with complimentary attributes. Burnleys tactic of firing crosses into our box seemed short sighted with these two. Besides Hazard, Rudiger has been our best player this season. Brilliant signing and much criticised on arrival. At 25 he is only getting better and better. Pleased for RLC who has had a week you could only dream of. Shown himself as a viable option out wide which could open a few doors with Moses being discarded and CHO not trusted yet. He came on initially and pushed Willian to the right but after switching both seemed more comfortable. We have made a good start to the season though it must be said we haven't had the most difficult run up until now. Still we are ahead of my expectations considering the messy pre-season we had and we do seem to be improving. Two very winnable home fixtures next up before Spurs.
  9. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    If they both play we will dominate the ball and I personally don't think Barkley offers that much defensively anyway. Would be nice to see it given a try as I thought they linked well in pre-season. Having Cesc in the team automotically gives the team a cutting edge in possession that it has been lacking.
  10. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    Looks like Hazard didn't travel. Damn.
  11. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    I've only seen the highlights of the BATE game so unable to comment on that however in the previous games I didn't really like him playing the Jorginho role. He is at his best when able to roam and link up in attack as well as spraying his long passes. It's tough on him but not sure RLC will get any minutes today as there is quite the queue forming at CM. I expect Barkley will play.
  12. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    Would it be totally out of the question for Cesc to start or at least see some minutes? Personally I would have him on the left of the midfield three all day long especially in a game like today. If he continues to receive zero premier league minutes I can't see him sticking around. With him alongside Jorginho I can see us ripping teams to pieces.
  13. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    I think the real question is how long until Hazard is playing up front. The only reason this hasn't happened so far is AM is probably our weakest position from a depth perspective. Willian, Hazard and Pedro as a fluid front three provides pace and movement that we are not getting currently. Willian in my opinion has always been better from the left as he is not the best or the most inclined crosser of the ball. Always found it odd that Conte would play Pedro on the left when Hazard was out, I think the performance of both guys in the Europa has shown this was a mistake. This would not be like last season when the team commited no men forward and lumped it up to Eden like he was Drogba. Sarri commits far more men forward and has shown with Mertens before he can make a false 9 work. It would also give an extra player on the pitch willing to press from the front. Next signing priority (January if at all possible) a young, pacey AM/Striker who can play out wide or through the centre. Arnautovic has really gone up a level since playing through the centre though is 29 and injury prone. Richarlison fits the mold perfectly but only just signed for £50million so not really feasible. Firmino another example of how this kind of player can really benefit the team as a whole.
  14. Eden Hazard

    He elaborated on his personal issues and regrets at not staying longer in an interview last year. Class player. Often thought of as a flop by opposition fans but I've never heard a Chelsea fan say a bad word about him. Not the quickest but always one step ahead with his brain. Ghostly movement and clinical finishing, would be ideal in the current side.
  15. John Terry

    Seems weird for him to sit on the bench when he is still their best defender (or even player) by a mile. They were a very solid team at the end of last season and with only him leaving they have been a total shambles this year. Not sure the new board wanted to give him a playing contract. Very odd, I assume it must be related to his wages.