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  1. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    He certainly does play the Fabregas pass however clearly not as often. That's no slight as Cesc was a genius and they are different players. His real quality is playing a vertical pass through the lines with his first touch that others need 2 or 3 just to control. By the time Kante, Kova or Zouma have the ball under control the space has gone. It maybe only a 5 or 10 yard pass and it likely won't be an assist but these passes get you into dangerous positions. If your playing a controlling possession based style these subtle changes of pace are so important to break teams down. Thiago is also brilliant at this, watch how many times the number 10s receive the ball to feet and in space. Against Southampton this was non-existent and those players were rarely receiving the ball. When they did receive it Southampton already had the time to sit 2 blocks deep making it incredibly difficult to break them down.
  2. Well worth a watch. I remember being surprised at the standard of Conte and Sarri's English however Tuchel is on another level. He speaks with so much authority and you can imagine him inspiring. You also wouldn't want to get on his wrong side, I'm pretty excited about where we get to next season. Even Mount who has been great all season is hitting new levels.
  3. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Very satisfying performance against a side who made it very difficult to break them down. Mount, Jorginho, Werner, CHO, Christensen, Rudi all excellent. Azpi's passing was uncharacteristically off all night and he also inadvertently got Mount booked. Should have been his yellow card and we will really miss Mount and Jorg second leg. At least with a 1-0 lead there should be more space which should suit us. Alonso I thought did as good a job as he could however I couldn't shake the idea that this was a Chilwell game. The pitch was very big which meant that Alonso couldn't really get into either box, his biggest strength. He did well to hold onto the ball but having a player out there with pace, mobility and the ability to occasionally go past a man would have really helped. If TT has learned anything this week it should be that Jorg and Thiago are our most important players in this system. They unlock the front three. Also that when playing controlling possession football a Christensen/John Stones type player is worth a lot more than Zouma.
  4. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    I'd probably give Mount a break before Atletico and give Ziyech or Havertz a go. Havertz is one who should fit in this formation wonderfully. Should see his creative strengths really shine and means defenders shouldn't be able to bully him as much. Having the twin number 10s really is a nice set up. Defenders must have no idea who to mark especially with them all rotating and with Werners ability to run in behind. It then begins to make sense why CHO is always wide open. Havertz can run in behind too and I really want to see him play on the turn now. Unlike Mount who can also play deeper, I think the final third is really where he should be. To keep the fluid front 3 I'd like Tammy in there as well providing he's fit. If Tammy doesn't play I wouldn't be suprised if we see Havertz play 9 in this set up with Werner very close to him.
  5. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    The opposition also can't score against us if we have the ball. The main reason City are so good defensively, and Sarri as well, is the possession domination which allows them to control games. Not a huge fan of Christensen but he's been excellent since TT came in. Another similar player John Stones has been brilliant this season, would he still be great playing for Southampton?
  6. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    He certainly wasn't playing as a DM but it was clearly a move to 352 which was odd given the game state and opponent. My first thought similarly was that he was trialling different shapes before Atletico next week. I wasn't that keen on it, if we move to that formation then Mount has to be in the midfield 3.
  7. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    I think Kovacic vs Kante is very close but agree he is likely to start. Kante is still working his way back to full fitness/form. Reece James has done nothing to warrant being left out but I can see CHO at WB again. Chillwell vs Alonso a coin toss. Tuchel has already mentioned a couple of times he's played Alonso for his height so I guess it depends on who else is in our side and the oppositions set piece record.
  8. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 0

    Interestingly since Newcastle brought in a new assistant coach the other week they've been far more expansive with more goals at both ends. Very unlike a Steve Bruce team. I wonder how Callum Wilson being out will effect this. I expect this will play into our hands particularly given the little firepower they have. Mendy, Rudiger, Azpi, Jorginho, Mount & Werner are all nailed on to start and deservedly so. Due to form I'd like to see CHO and Tammy join those. The rest is more open.
  9. Barnsley 0 Chelsea 1

    Not a great performance at all. Has to be said the pitch was awful and I think even Man City would struggle to play beautiful football on that one. This was a chance for many to stake their claim but what TT has found out is he's been selecting the right team. Tammy the only one from those sidelined recently who made a case for himself. Besides the goal and the clearance off the line, I loved him sending the physio back so that he could stay on and defend the corner. CHO great again especially when moved to the left. I think we will see 4 at the back more and more as the season goes on. Ziyech and Pulisic worryingly poor. We know what they are both capable of and they need to find some form quick. Neither will be near the starting line up against Newcastle. Mount, Timo and CHO are performing at levels above these guys at the moment. I worry about Pulisic following the recurring hamstring injuries whether he is playing within himself as he doesn't have that Hazard-like explosiveness that we saw last year.
  10. Jorginho sitting and 3 centre backs for cover. Jorg isn't perfect but similar to Cesc, he puts in a much greater defensive shift than he's ever been given credit for.
  11. Tommy Tuch reiterating again he thinks Kante is better as a double 6 rather than a single sitting midfielder. "We do not want to clip his wings" very reassuring to hear. I wonder if the media will ever get over this narrative that he needs to play as a holding midfielder. He played there for 6 games at the start of Conte's spell and looked lost. Also under Lampard since lockdown and again he was being wasted. Kante is at his best roaming around the pitch and pressing high.
  12. Official: Ross Barkley Departs And Signs For Aston Villa On Loan

    Barkley has undoubtedly looked great for Villa. I think it's always been clear when you give him space he's got a lot of talent. His big problem has always been decision making or to be harsh, his football intelligence. Playing rubbish qualifiers for England, league/fa cup against lower league he was always useful. Playing as a number 8 for Chelsea against a packed defence was never going to see him thrive. Living with a Villa fan, I've seen a lot of them and Barkely gets free reins to do what he wants and loads of space as they can play on the counter. They've encouraged him to try the spectacular and not worry about defending and it suits him. He was never going to be given the keys to the attack in the Chelsea team and undoubtedly he was being coached into a ball recycler and forced to play deeper. He is capable of brilliance however needs to be as far away from your own penalty box as possible and he certainly cost us on many occasions. I've never been a fan of Barkely even going back to his Everton days but would admit he was useful for a short period post-lockdown. The general thinking from Villa is they will not sign him as we are asking for too much money and given his age, wages plus injury record it's too big of a risk. They've just signed Sanson who is believed to be the Barkely replacement. Expect him to either come back as a bench option or go out on loan again next year.
  13. We ended on 66 points last season and conceded 54 goals. Top four was only possible because Spurs and Arsenal were terrible whilst Leicester barely picked up a point post-lockdown. We started great and then teams quickly worked out if you press us high, we concede. It really wasn't that impressive. This season after spending a fortune the team got worse. Besides a couple of routine FA cup wins against lower league teams I haven't enjoyed watching Chelsea since we beat Leeds nearly 2 months ago. I think many of us said it, Frank really needed a bit more experience sat next to him. One thing United have got right with Ole.
  14. Chelsea 2 Burnley 0

    Gilmour is 19 with huge potential, currently he isn't close to the level of Kante, Kova, Jorginho or Mount. He played two brilliant games against Everton and Liverpool last season but after lockdown when he got minutes he was very poor. People forget him being subbed off at half time against Leicester when he was well out of his depth. This year he's looked okay in his appearances but playing for Chelsea against lower league teams with no intent to press is not an great indicator. If he stays he's on the bench for the season, if he goes on loan he gets 15-20 starts. No brainer.
  15. Chelsea 2 Burnley 0

    Would be shocked to see Gilmour involved. Not included on the bench against Wolves which included 2 left backs. Would be best for all if he gets a loan move and gets 15-20 starts. Think we will see lots of rotation. I expect Mount, James, and either Tammy or Werner will come in, although no idea what shape we will go with. If Kante is fit him as well. It was always going to end in tears with Frank one way or another and obviously sad to see him fail in his dream job. In the last few weeks he really did look stressed and this resulted with him snipping at journalists. Unfortunately Chelsea is too big a job for an inexperienced, developing coach and I actually think leaving now before things got really bad is good for him. Hopefully we'll see him smiling again soon either as a pundit or in a job that gives him a chance to hone his craft with less pressure. So far Tuchel is saying all the right things and he certainly looks like a coach with a clear plan and the authority to deliver it. After a couple of months of very poor performances it's nice to feel excited to watch Chelsea again.