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  1. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    New kit being launched today and will be worn tonight apparently.
  2. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 1

    Saw a stat on the CFC app that we have won the FA Cup the last 4 times we have beaten them in the competition. Given we've won it 8 times that seems like a good omen. Leicester have been in bad form now for quite a while, since around January. Only 1 point behind them in the league and their run in looks very tough. Our remaining fixtures don't look too bad with the City game out the way. Liverpool away 2nd last game of the season might not be the tough fixture it would have been earlier in the season. With United on fire and the easiest games left of all I think Leicester will be starting to get seriously concerned about missing out on top 4 all together. They might be left to wait out the Man City court case to save their season. Now the games are coming thick and fast, squad depth is going to play a huge role in the remainder of the season. The teams that are built to play in Europe mid-week should really benefit especially given the quite controversial 5 sub rule. I think our squad is much superior to theirs and I really fancy us to win tomorrow and to overtake them in the league.
  3. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    If my memory is correct there was an incident in the Liverpool vs City game where City should have been given a clear penalty, play went on and Liverpool scored. On that occasion VAR didn't have the balls to make the correct call which would be to disallow the goal and award a penalty up the other end.
  4. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    I thought last night was a very good, disciplined performance. There was of course the same old problem of finishing our chances however defensively we looked much better. Kante was solid but looks very restricted in the new role. Kante at his best is winning the ball high up the pitch and turning defence into attack very quickly. Once the squad is back to match fitness would expect him to shift higher up the pitch again. I was very surprised to see Barkley in the team. He has in the past often looked the fittest player on the pitch in pre-season so perhaps he's just come back in shape whilst Kova and Jorginho are not quite there. The whole back four were excellent, a significant improvement from the Villa game. Christensen in particular was great. Playing against Bernardo and then Jesus probably suits him as it's the more physical forward where he has struggled in the past. Was strange to see Tammy benched again, especially in a game set up to play on the counter against a high line. He was a nuisance when he came on. I can't really understand the criticism of Mount who alongside Azpi was our best player against Villa. Yes he can improve some decision making but he gives so much to this team pressing from the front, beating players and getting in the box. He's 21 and only getting better. Another constant lightning rod for abuse is of course Willian. 2 more great performances and a strong contender for player of the year. It's between him and Kovacic I reckon. Finally, a fantastic game from Pulisic who has been sorely missed since he last played in January. Many fast wingers in that scenario last night would have gone for a straight sprint to goal. He had the intelligence to slow down after his initial burst, draw Mendy in and then blitz him in a race to the goal followed by a composed finish. I love how direct he is and if he continues to get himself in the 6-yard box he is going to get a lot of goals as our team improves.
  5. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    On Luiz. An unbelievable player on his day and we were probably the perfect club for him in that he was usually in a very organised team surrounded with disciplined players. Even last season he was very good alongside Rudiger who was the ideal partner to cover any mistakes with his pace. One thing we have majorly missed this season is his aerial ability, especially from set-pieces. The home game against City last year he was an absolute collosus. The Arsenal move though looked a disaster from the get go. You put Luiz in a team full of indisciplined rash players such as Xhaka, Guendouzi, Mustafi, Torreira, ect and you will see his worse tendencies get out of control. Add to this his ever declining pace and it is a recipe for disaster. Jose once he would love a team of Azpilicuetas but you certainly wouldn't want a team of Luiz's. One however can be brilliant in the right set-up.
  6. Official: Callum Hudson-Odoi Signs New 5-Year Contract

    Some positive news on CHO.
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    One possibility I've not seen spoken about much is to finish the season without a deadline. Eg. If we start playing June, October, 2021, whenever, to finish off this season. I understand there is complexities with contract situations however I don't see the point starting a new season when this one is 70% done. Let's say they go down the null and void route. Assuming they start next season in August, there is still a very strong possibility that 2 months into next season we are back in lockdown. Surely it makes more sense to finish off the remainder of 19/20 and have one completed season rather than risk starting a new one and have consecutive null and void years. What would that mean for the credibility of the game? We've seen plenty of strong opinions for null and void, I wouldn't be surprised to see many completely change their views should United or City be 10 points clear and next season gets suspended. I'm sure there are other factors I've not considered and FIFA have made clear it won't happen, however to my mind finishing off this season without a few out of contract players is the lesser evil.
  8. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 2

    Given the Leicester game was just after the transfer window closed, Frank said something along the lines of they both needed a few days apart. I Imagine there was a lot of frustration on his side from not being allowed to leave especially after how he's been used this season. It's been puzzling why Michy continues to be preferred when Giroud offers so much more. Now he's here until the summer we may as well use him, Giroud as a ST2 is significantly better than what most other teams have.
  9. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    Best performance at home in a while however Burnley were very bad. James and CHO both excellent. If ever you need an indicator to his quality, look at the amount of times the senior players give James the ball. His delivery is wicked as we all know, he also displayed a high quality first touch and an ability to beat his man. Very impressed. CHO has slowly started to hit form. After a big blip he's been improving ever since that minor hamstring knock and deserved his goal. He has been putting in mature performances - not trying silly things at bad times, winning important fouls, keeping possession when we are ahead, the criticism has been totally unjust. He wasn't mind blowing but didn't put a foot wrong. Loved our set-pieces today and plenty were worked short to James or Willian. We've scored from maybe one all season so quite liked the routines set up today. Tammy back on form. Should have had 1 or 2 more but the most important thing is he's back in the box getting big chances. The goals will continue to come. Surprised with the line up but the back four did well. Ake clearly isn't coming given SFL defence of Christensen pre-match and his start. He was good. Finally some praise for my least favourite player in the squad - Ross Barkley. I still do not rate him, I still cannot wait for him to leave, but he was good. Offered us an attacking impetus from midfield that we have been missing in these home games. If only he was good enough to repeat or we had another option in that position. Mount has been great but at times we have needed another option. One of the positions we should be looking at, I'm not holding my breath for RLC anytime soon.
  10. Chelsea 0 Southampton 2

    He has always been very good on the right but I've always felt when he gets a chance either from the left or at 10 he goes up another level. He is very one footed so coming from that side opens up half the pitch which better utilises his fantastic range of passing and also as you mention, to shoot more often. With Hazard around it was rarely an option, without we should be putting our best forward in his best place. He's been our best player all season predominantly from the right, would love to see him finally get a run from the other side.
  11. Chelsea 0 Southampton 2

    Kova out and Azpi has a slight knock. Expect Jorgy and James to come in. I would personally lean towards Tomori and Emerson however Zouma and Alonso could easily get the nod. Interested to see if Willian continues on the left. Kepa James Rudi Tomori Emerson Kante Jorginho Pulisic Mount Willian Tammy
  12. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 2

    Best performance of the season. Willian again unplayable. Unquestionably the player of the season so far. He really has stepped up in the absence of Hazard. Interesting he was moved to the left. Wonder if that's where he will stay. The back three were all excellent. The aggressive approach completely stifled their attack and the extra cover meant they could step in front of their forwards without too much concern. Mount and Tammy ran them ragged especially Tammy who gave their CB's a torrid time. Remember when he was just a poacher? ;)
  13. Chelsea 2 Lille 1

    Great to have Rudi back. Besides one bad touch he was excellent and will only get better. Like the Villa game last week Willian and Kante had some quality one touch play in tight areas and Azpi got involved as well. All three were excellent, Willian our best player all season. Pulisic electric just lacking that final decision slightly however proving to be a very good signing. CHO been much better since the hamstring injury and was very good when he came on. Lacking a bit of confidence in front of goal but his winning of fouls and long switches of play released pressure when we were under the cosh. Most importantly Jorginho back in the team. Kovacic has been very good all season and Kante is Kante however unless your playing City/Liverpool, both are unnecessary. Pick one (Kante) with Mount at 10 and Jorginho dictating. That gives us the best balance. Nice confidence boosting win and a great result. A note of caution, they were significantly understrength. Their excellent striker from the first leg replaced by Remy who apart from his goal, was anonymous. Bring on whoever in the next round. Testing yourself against the elite is what it's all about.
  14. Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

    Essien did his cruciate ligament twice and had a third serious knee injury. He missed the vast majority of a season each time and visibly lost all of his pace pretty quickly after. Kante's problems are not even in the same ballpark at this stage. I don't think anyone can doubt him whilst he has been on the pitch. Motm in a couple games against Liverpool and excellent in the Europa final. He quite clearly is still the same Kante as before. I think both he and Rudiger are suffering from slightly premature comebacks but will soon be back to normal.
  15. Chelsea 1 Newcastle 0

    Do you really think we could fetch anywhere near that price? I would be happy to recoup the original transfer fee and move on. Personally I didn't rate him at all at Everton. He had one good season at 19 with a few moments of magic but very raw. Ever since the moments of magic are few and far between, he's bang average offensively and poor defensively. 3 league goals last season in a number 8 role for a top 3 club. Mount has eclipsed that already. He would of course look slightly better at a mid table club. That's probably his level. They can afford to give him freedom. At Chelsea if your that poor defensively you need to be elite on the ball.