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  1. Season expectations/predictions 20/21

    Just read a nice, little stat based preview. The new attack is going to be electric. https://statsbomb.com/2020/09/chelsea-season-preview-2020-21/
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Your right it's never easy to do a direct comparison and you have to bear in mind the context when looking through the stats. Usually you would expect to see the player at the lesser club with higher tackles/interceptions given they will be out of possession for longer. What that does highlight is how much unsung work Jorginho is doing especially from a possession stand point. People suggesting you can replace a quality, experienced 28 year old DM with a 21 year old who is not setting the league on fire may end up disappointed when the team suffers. That's not to say Rice can't grow but at the prices it will cost I would expect something closer to the finished product.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    You can also look at Fabinho, Fernandinho, Casemeiro as destroyers in the DM role. My concern is that all of these players including Matic and Mikel are more technically proficient than anything I've seen of Rice. If you have aspirations to be the best you might not need a Jorginho style playmaker but I do think that DM needs to be very comfortable in possession. In modern football you often see DMs drop to CB to improve the teams ability to pass out from the back but I can't think of too many recent examples of big CBs sitting in midfield at the elite level.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    For the Jorginho haters, not sure Declan Rice is the answer to any questions. A bit like Dier he looks like a CB in midfield however with his lack of experience at the back I doubt he's an upgrade there either. These stats back up the eye test thats he's a decent shield but certainly no world class DM and I can't see him having the quality on the ball to be a long-term success. I'm certainly hoping that the Sarri exit will mean we get to keep Jorginho another year. Would love to see him surrounded by quality forwards on his wavelength. A goalkeeper, defensive coach and if there's any spare change, a left back should be the priorities this summer.
  5. Official: Willian Departs And Signs For Arsenal

    Will be sad to see him go especially if it is Arsenal but probably the right decision at this point in his career. A 3 year contract for a 32 year old winger is incredibly short sighted and it seems that Arsenal are running their transfer strategy through agents. The fact they've just laid off most of their scouting network only adds to this theory. Willian has always been a lightning rod for abuse and I think he's been one of our most underrated players for a long time. For me, he was our best player this season albeit in a year when no player really stood out significantly above the rest. There was a run of games earlier in the season following Southampton away when he was unbelievable every single week. Particular stand out games were Villa at home and especially the Spurs away game. Since lockdown as well both he and Pulisic together have been superb. He's provided balance to the side for years and must be a managers dream as he will follow tactical instructions to the letter. With a team totally built for Hazard it's no surprise he has often played a supporting role which has meant he does a lot of the unsung work that makes a great side tick. With all of these exciting, flair players coming in he would have been an ideal squad player and I think people may now see the critical role he has been performing once he's gone.
  6. Bayern Munich 4 Chelsea 1 (7 - 1 on aggregate)

    Great comeback, hopefully the second most impressive of the day. Team news out a little early. That bench looks awfully bear, 2 goalkeepers included. Didn't realise Alonso was suspended as well! First game since lockdown for Emerson. Will be watching from behind the sofa.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    As alluded to above, Ake is going in as a back up option for City. Given they are both left footed I would assume he is basically cover for Laporte. It is incredibly rare to see 2 LCB playing together and neither player would have any real experience playing on the right side all the way back to their formative years. We might see them play together every now and then but I can't imagine a long term Laporte-Ake combo the balance doesn't feel right. For us I don't see Ake as an upgrade on anything we already have. He certainly doesn't add the leadership, height or physicality we need. There are deeper issues at hand and I really hope SFL doesn't genuinely believe its just a personnel issue at the back like he's been saying. Our four CBs are not bad players whilst Zouma and Rudiger are clearly physically capable. It's clearly an organisational issue and evidently one that Derby had major problems with last season. It's been mentioned on here quite a few times but the inexperience of the whole coaching staff is becoming apparent. Perhaps the best move we can do this summer is bring in an experienced set-piece specialist. Wonder how much it would cost to get Steve Holland back.
  8. Liverpool 5 Chelsea 3

    The performance against City is the blueprint. Stylistically this might be a good game for us as we can cede possession for the most part with Liverpool probably happy to play open. The best way to play against us would be to let us have the ball deep in our half and spring a press as soon as we try to advance into midfield. Often we get stuck playing it between the back 5 and if they time their attack, fast forwards can really hurt us. Usually Liverpool would be perfectly suited to this especially with their lightning quick strikers on the break however I can't see them putting in a disciplined tactical display. Since the title has been won their defence hasn't looked quite the same. They of course could still kill us with their forwards but I do think if we play this right we have a big chance of at least a point. Currently with GD and both our rivals still to play we need 4 points to mathematically guarentee top 4. Leicester's next 2 games don't look easy either. We know first hand how difficult Sheffield United are to play and Spurs are looking a bit better of late. Last up they play Man United who I expect will win their remaining games.
  9. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Time is running out for him. Lamps, CHO, James, Tammy ect have all benefited this year from the transfer ban and will face significantly more competition in the future. The club isn't waiting any longer we will be signing high quality players and it's sink or swim. All of these players have shown promise at some stage and the ones who survive will do so because they can raise their game to the level expected at Chelsea. The one thing none of them can complain about in the future is a lack of opportunity.
  10. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    RLC unfortunately just does not look up to it as the game completely passed him by. This was a typical performance with no risks and very safe passing. At least pre-injury he could beat a man. Most frustrating is how static he is playing the ball and then just standing still. Cesc who was far less physically gifted was the expert at pass and move. Constantly getting to the byline and ahead of the forwards to create triangles to move forward. It pains me to say it but even Barkley looks a better alternative now. Mount streets ahead.
  11. Bayern Munich 4 Chelsea 1 (7 - 1 on aggregate)

    Well their last game was on 4th July so will have been over a month without competitive action for them.....
  12. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    Willian has been absolutely outstanding since the restart, seems pretty committed to me. Our POTY in my opinion. Incredibly underrated player especially by his own fans.
  13. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    To be honest coming 5th and qualifying on a technicality would always have felt like a bit of a damp squib. We win our final 4 games, which is hugely unlikely, and we will end on 72 points which in most seasons might just get you 4th place. All of our competitors have flopped this year with United only now looking a good side, we are fortunate to be in 3rd place. With the remaining games I think we will just about hold on however I think it will be Leicester that drops out.
  14. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    On the subject of playmakers stuck on the bench, I certainly felt Diego's pain here.
  15. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    They have a couple of major players back from injury now and seem to have turned the corner after a dodgy couple of games. This will be a tough, tough fixture. Your right, a win here and we leave ourselves in a very strong position. Really hope we have at least one of Kova, Kante and Jorginho for this one, this will be a real battle.