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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm honestly not sure we actually need to buy anyone, providing we don't lose any players. I'd really love if we could get Tammy to sign a new contract and integrate him back in. Giroud will go and I'd expect an Aguero type replacement. I wouldn't turn down a Haaland/Lukaku however really not sure its needed with Havertz playing so well. The fluid front three is a nightmare for defenders and we'd lose this quality with pure 9. Perhaps Zouma goes and Tomori returns, I'd be fine with that. Possibly a new back up LB but we've really struggled to get rid of Alonso and Emerson for a long time now. Either is fine as back up. Gilmour surely goes on loan so maybe we are a bit light there. Whoever we bring in however is probably going to play a similar amount of minutes. Mount as the 4th choice CM is fine anyway. Gallagher would be great for us in the double 6 however coming back now wouldn't be great for his development.
  2. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    After the Leicester result a win here puts us in a very strong position. Unfortunately with the title on the line I think this could be very, very tough. There's already fans outside their ground and a bit of a party feel. I think it'll be either 0-0 or 1-1 and to be fair, I'd take that all day long.
  3. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 2

    Agreed. There's nothing false about it. He's 6 ft 2, can hold the ball up, good in the air and runs in behind. If he'd never been seen as a midfielder before noone would question it for a second. He's a brilliant player. I can't wait to see what these players do next year under TT.
  4. Real Madrid 1 Chelsea 1

    Nerves are kicking in now. Absolutely huge game. Mendy Azpi Thiago Rudi James Kante Jorginho Chilwell Mount Werner Pulisic I think the team almost picks itself. Outside of this only perhaps Havertz, Ziyech or Christensen may come in. I expect it to be quite a cagey tie, hoping we can sneak a 1-0 win to take back to the bridge.
  5. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    He's certainly looked sharp the last 3 or 4 games and seems to have that explosive ability to beat his man back again. It has also coincided with him getting a few games off the left hand side where I think he looks so much more comfortable. All of the forwards now are showing form and as they spend more time under TT they should start to understand better each others movements and timings.
  6. FC Porto 0 Chelsea 2

    I thought Porto were good and had clearly done their homework. They flooded our midfield with a high press and forced us to play either long or through the wing backs. For one reason or another our long passing was way off which meant we kept giving away possession and failed to take advantage of the extra space the front three saw. Werner and Havertz were not great but I don't really blame them because of how Porto forced us to disconnect and the poor quality long balls. Key to remember that Mount, Pulisic and Giroud also barely had a kick which indicates a structural problem rather than individual. Christensen has been excellent however once Thiago came on he played a few brilliant early medium/long balls and we looked back to our usual selves. It's no slight on the other defenders that Thiago really is a class above. It seems the pattern is after a long lay off it takes him one calamity game against West Brom to sort himself out. James and Chilwell both battled away and defended superbly. After a slow start for both under TT I think they should now cement themselves as first choice. Kante and Pulisic both looked fit and lively with the limited opportunities they had. In what was a very difficult game we've come away with a 2-0 away win and similar to the AM tie, Porto will now have to take more risks in the second leg.
  7. Champions League 2020/21

    We are also in the best shape we've been in a long time. As you say Porto won't be a walkover, but I think it's okay to get excited at our prospects. Another Liverpool semi would be very intense.
  8. Champions League 2020/21

    Great draw. Porto won't be pushovers but certainly more desirable than Bayern or PSG. A potential semi against flawed Liverpool and Real sides, this could be fun.
  9. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    After seeing the line up I was slightly concerned. With Atletico needing to score I expected them to press high and seeing a team with no Jorginho, Christensen or Silva I was worried about our ability to pass out from the back. No need to worry that was bloody excellent. Kante and Rudiger absolutely collossus. Kante was everywhere, perfectly encapsulated by the last minute breakaway where he outpaced everyone on the pitch. Rudiger is really back to his snarling best. When he plays like this he gives us a real bite, it was great to see him getting under the skin of a team built for a battle. Kovacic and Zouma not far behind at all. The one touch passing by everyone was superb. It's so great to watch every player know where their team mate is going to be without looking. It allows us to fizz the ball around with pace to get through the press. The attack will click at some stage, this year or next. Difficult to single anyone else out because they were all superb. This felt like a real classic victory. The first goal had shades of Drogba vs Barca 2012, the second Bridge vs Arsenal. Seeing the players in the stand celebrate was a small consolation for the empty stadium and felt like one of those moments we will remember. Out of the remaining teams, I'd probably prefer to play them in this order: Porto Dortmund Real Madrid Liverpool PSG City Bayern Whatever happens I don't think we need to fear anyone, certainly we are not a team that others will want to play. I have faith we will give any team a game. It's just nice to be back in the mix again.
  10. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    I'm assuming that's Pulisic at RWB. Either that or 4 at the back. It always feels exciting to see what team TT picks, he never let's it get stale.
  11. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    Agreed early kick offs always feel like an excuse waiting to happen. The Leeds pitch is awful as well so don't expect a free flowing game. They have a brilliant attack and a terrible defence so we should be able to win this comfortably. Their record against the top 6 is woeful but I'm still super nervous.
  12. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    It does feel that way. Since he pulled his hamstring going full speed in the FA cup final we've not seen him go full speed again. There's clearly a great player in there because he's been absolutely brilliant in patches for us. I don't like him playing from the right and I do think there are big question marks whether he and Werner fit in the same team. He's had various comebacks and setbacks but not for a little while now. I was watching him closely when he came on against Liverpool and I didn't see him sprint, not on the ball or whilst pressing. His best form came after the sustained Covid break so maybe he just needs to be carefully managed. I definitely don't see him as ever being a 50/60 game player. Just reiterates what a force of nature Hazard was.
  13. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    Tuchel on injuries: "Thiago had a little setback in training at the end of the session, the day before yesterday, he felt something around the same area he was injured. He will be out, the same for Tammy who still has the ankle pain." #CFC With Christensen performing so well and potentially a new CB coming in, does Thiago get a new contract? He's been absolutely superb but difficult to rely on a 36 year old going forward.
  14. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    I'm sure it would be more lucrative to win it and we would get automatic qualification for next year anyway. Besides the point, would anyone trade a CL run for top 4? CL qualification is very important for our long term capability to compete however I'd trade that in a heartbeat for another night like Munich. I miss the days when we were a regular in the latter stages, we have to take the opportunities when we can. It won't be often that many of the super clubs are crashing out and we are coming to the boil at the end of the season. First step of course is to finish the job against Atletico, totally appreciate we have a long way to go.
  15. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    I don't think anyone's counting their chickens just yet. We should however be going full tilt to win. There's still a chance we lose to AM, there's a chance we draw Bayern into the next round and get schooled. There's also a chance of a quarter final against a team such as Porto. It's not rose tinted glasses to watch us beat AM, Liverpool and Spurs without conceding and come to the conclusion that we are playing very well. Playing in a way that should lend itself nicely to European football. We're looking great let's enjoy it until we start performing otherwise.
  16. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    Not sure where you got this information. How does winning UCL/UEL affect qualification? Should a Premier League club win the UEFA Champions League they will automatically qualify for the group stage of next season's competition regardless of their league finishing position https://www.premierleague.com/european-qualification-explained The argument of top 4 over FA Cup and Caraboa is more than valid. Top 4 over the Champions League though? What's the point of qualifying if you're not going for it? The Champions League is the pinnacle and as evidenced by our own history, you don't have to be the best team to win it. Not many teams to fear besides Bayern and City. With a good draw we have a really good chance.
  17. Leeds United 0 Chelsea 0

    I don't think Silva plays both Leeds and AM within 3 days off the back of an injury. I expect Christensen to play Saturday then Thiago back for the champions league. Mount and Jorginho certain to play given their suspensions for mid-week.
  18. Official: Ross Barkley Departs And Signs For Aston Villa On Loan

    His first 5 or 6 games he was genuinely brilliant. He then got injured and since he's come back has been terrible. His ups are really not worth the downs.
  19. Chelsea 2 Everton 0

    I think Chilwell was decent against United and excellent against Liverpool. He's been class for 90% of this season besides the 3 games before United. He's in another league to Alonso, quicker, more comfortable in possession, superior defending and a better delivery. Alonso is better in both penalty areas but Chilwell is still great at that also. Really don't understand the criticism.
  20. Excellent record and huge gains on all of our rivals. 2 goals conceded, 1 of which was a ridiculous OG and the other in the only game that Thiago and Christensen missed. Once our attack clicks this should be fun. Still not sure if that will come this season but I think there's something to be said for playing cautious in the current climate. Loads of games, tired players, no fans and teams around us struggling. It's certainly the ideal approach in big games/Europe. Besides City we arguably have the strongest squad in the league and I think that's really going to help carry us through.
  21. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Great performance. In Tommy's Tuchs first 10 games that's 7 wins, 3 draws and 2 goals conceded. One of which was a massive cockup by Rudiger, the other poor positioning by Zouma. We are very hard to lay a glove on. Difficult to level the easy opposition tag after beating Spurs, AM & Liverpool. A decent draw vs United as well when we had chances to win. Christensen brilliant again and arguably our best player since he returned. He's reading the game excellently and always seems to be in the right spot. Rudiger back to himself as well and an absolute monster to get past. Azpi solid again defensively although there is the odd moment when his lack of pace is obvious. I'll be honest I watched a lot of that game a nervous wreck and unable to sit down. Watching us pass it out from the back was heart in mouth stuff. This is however only because of my memories of Liverpool setting press traps for us in the past. Our composure building from the back and passing out was absolutely brilliant. Our patience allowed us to keep beating their very high press and afforded us a huge amount of space higher up the pitch. The back three, Jorginho, Kante, the WBs and Mendy all played their part in this. I think Mendy is a lot more comfortable with his feet than I initially gave him credit for. He didn't have many saves to make but his speed off the line was really useful in sweeping up their balls in behind. A solid game for him. Werner so, so dangerous. He frightened the life out of their back line and so unlucky not to score. He showed great hold up play last night and in the right games, he is more than capable of playing as a pure 9. He's already come good, he just needs the goals back it up now. Ziyech was okay but still not on the same wavelength as his team mates. He played one incredible ball over the top that Werner just got a toe on. He was however significantly better than Pulisic who is in worrying form. I really dislike him from the right but watching him he just doesn't seem to have that burst of acceleration. Clearly he doesn't trust his body to go full speed and he's really adding nothing at the moment. A real shame as he was Hazard-esque after the re-start last season. Finally Mason. The best player under Lampard, even better under TT. Watching him develop under a great coach is really something. The one issue with his game has been composure in the final third and he's improving that all the time. I was always of the opinion that he should play deeper but watching him in this role now we need him as close to goal as possible. The best of the young crop, the one who showed leadership when the team was in bad form. His G/A numbers on the face of it aren't mindblowing but needs to be considered how deep he played for most of the season. Pretty much all of his contributions though are game defining: WBA 3-3 - first Chelsea goal Fulham 1-0 - Winner Sheff Utd 2-1 - First goal Soton 1-1 - Won and converted pen for first goal Liverpool 1-0 - Winner This theme stretches back to last season as well. He steps up when it matters most.
  22. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    They have huge problems at centre back and midfield. I'm excited to see what a fresh Timo can do against that backline. Cautiously optimistic, walking away with a draw wouldn't be the worst result but a win would be massive.
  23. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Pulisic actually came on as RWB and CHO switched over. In fact pretty much all Pulisic's performances under TT have been on the right which I don't think suits him. I guess the issue is Werner is more comfortable from the left and playing much better.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Exactly this. Morata needed to go and we needed a replacement in January. Higuain didn't pull up any trees but he was solid. Rather than panic buy a third/fourth choice target we signed him on a short term deal and were able to reassess in the summer. Unfortunately we had the transfer ban so the big striker signing had to be delayed for a year.