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  1. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    I don't mean to ignore the opinion of Mr Luis. I can only speak for myself and based on my observation. Maybe we are talking different aspects of movement. There is timing, direction and off-the -block speed. I don't want to name names, but I know of young forwards of his age who have that ability to explode to a final ball. Tammy is not naturally built for that sprinter like explosion of speed. He has tried to compensate by staying on the shoulder of the defender. But the risk is that he strays into offsides under very little pressure. The not so bad news is that although his natural starting speed would have peaked by now, he can still improve through training.
  2. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Perhap your comment is for those who seek one person to blame and one solution to our problems. I have picked issues with almost everyone in the team plus the manager. That is because when a team is not performing well (and we are not at the moment despite our position in the table) it is rarely caused by one person. I don't know whether you are suggesting that Tammy has no obvious flaws that he can improve even at 22.
  3. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    There is some similarity between the two in that particular area. But whereas Drogba had other qualities to compensate for his sometimes barb wire touch, I don't think Tammy has any of those. The sheer ability to get to an impossible ball and do it in front of goal, against defenders, is what separates the likes of Costa and Drogba from merely decent guys like Tammy. It's not just about age or physicality, its about timing and positioning. Both Costa and Drogba were explosive in their final movement in the box. I don't think we will ever see that from Tammy.
  4. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    I agree with every single point of that man. I don't think I have ever seen a Chelsea team allow their opponents such an easy pass. It's like when we have the ball, we are playing football, when we don't, the opponents can do whatever they like. There is no marking and closing of space. Southampton second goal is an example. As for Tammy, not only does he have his goals made for him, they have to be served in a lovely plate on a beautiful table.
  5. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Interesting. I thought that when we had Tomori and Zouma in defence we were embarrassing in not being able to get the ball out. I remember one particular match where we couldn't get the ball out at all. It was absolutely dire in my recollection. Whatever qualties Zouma and Tomori may have shown, getting the ball out wasn't one of them. That we seem to be having a problem playing out no matter the defenders may suggest that there isn't enough movement in the midfield to create options for defenders. David Luiz, Rudiger, and even young Tomori, are all decent passers of the ball, imo. I fully agree; our complete lack of creativity in attack is a more serious problem than our defending at the moment. If we had any creativity going forward, it is conceivable that we would have been home and dry by the time Newcastle scored.
  6. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Well, I'm not criticizing him either. Most people would not expect a young manager and former player to be at the top tactically. However, they do expect that he would motivate the players to run their socks off for him. One thing that bothers me the most is that his players seem not bothered to go the extra mile whether in pace or in tackling. I remember Mourinho's first and second year. It felt like the players were possessed with some spirit of commitment and sacrifice and. It may have caused us a few problems with referees and fostered the siege mentality, but it bloody worked. Come to think of it now, that was probably a currency that even Jose Mourinho himself underrated.
  7. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    There wasn't a period as such, but there were moments when they had their midfield out in front and their defenders tried to play out. Willian even waved his hand in one of the moments, asking the other player to join in the press. Only one player, I think CHO, made some lieffort. It was clearly not part of our game plan. We seemed too posh to press.
  8. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    And that is part of my worry; that we are becoming a team of flicks and clicks. I would take an explosive No9 performance over a dozen of those flicks. He was offside in that move, something he does far too often for my liking. On the game in general, I had no idea what Frank and Jodie had in their plans. When Newcastle started coming out, you'd think, this is the time to press them and win the ball while they are in an offensive set up. Willian tried to do it, CHO joined it halfheartedly, the rest of the forward line could not be bothered. Another thing is that first pass when transitioning. It has to be an offensive pass, not a comfy pinging about. You've finally managed to catch your opponent when they are defensively out of position. So what do you do; exchange mini to and fro passes and allow them to get back in shape? They'll shake your hand for that. I am not one of those who thought Lampard would be a disaster. But I am also never one who thinks we solve every problems with new signings.
  9. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Lampard must come up with ideas on how we create goals against an opposition that is determined to defend. Other teams do it. My fear is, we could have played this match for 90 hours and we wouldn't be any closer to creating a clear chance. If our game plan is to cross onto the box then at least our players in the box could take different positions. So many times all our players in the box are attacking a space behind their defenders that actually does not exist, and the ball arrives behind them instead. Our corners and set pieces are a write off. I don't expect Tammy to be a finished item at this age. But strikers of his age would be showing the package of skills that they will be perfecting as they go forward. Just to say that Tammy's package is looking pretty lean. Our game lacks intensity in attack. We lack the ability to sniff an opportunity and collectively exploit it.
  10. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    Here we go again, the box to box crew.
  11. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    I wouldn't blow our trumpets about possession based football as yet. There have been few matches where our possession has translated into goals and actual scoreline dominance. In fact, by getting carried away with possession, we have conceded crucial goals through counter attacks by some very average teams. I believe that once the euphoria of our new found total football has died down the team will settle for a formation with a deeper DM sitting in front of the back four. Unless all our outfield players are prepared to do some hard running, to cover the ground in both directions, I cannot see us getting very far with the current system.
  12. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    Any of those chances may have won us the match. So in effect, we should treat them as a potential match-winning chance. In my book, the difference between Tammy's shot is that the other guys had made a good decision to shoot, but were let down by their execution, whereas Tammy did not need and really should not have chosen, to shoot, because to his right was Willian, who is an expert at scoring to the far post of the keeper from that position. I am getting worried about Tammy. Because it may have got into his head that he is a top striker. And yet he is coached by a manager who has played with or faced some of the finest strikers in the game. Someone needs to tell Tammy that decision making is as important as techniques in top-level football.
  13. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    Many of Tammy's goals have been created by his supporting forwards. That is how it should be. But equally, there is nothing extraordinary about a striker spotting a player in a better position and passing to him instead. That is how Lampard used to benefit from Drogba. If Tammy wants to climb to the next level, he would have to learn that and learn it fast. Because as far as I am concerned, we do need to sign a top striker to provide Tammy with a competition that he desperately needs.
  14. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    Oh for god's sake, for every goal that Tammy gets credit for, there are 10 other players working their socks off who might never get any credit or recognition for their effort. It may have been our only chance to win the match. To think that Tammy should do whatever he likes because he created the chance is just primitive football in my opinion. He is a No 9, and pinching balls off defenders is no extra work for him any more than Kepa claiming a cross.
  15. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    Agree, we do need more shots, and from all distances, including outside the box. But ultimately, it's about making the right decision, and that may include shooting. For a young player like Tammy, it's very important to develop that habit and build the trust with other forwards around him. Willian rolled back the years to provide Tammy with the assist for his goal at Arsenal. This was a chance for Tammy to reciprocate.