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  1. According to Droy there was no such thing. A team managed by St Mourinho can never deploy such tactics. It's a miracle Hazard plays so many games. I don't think I've ever known a player so aggressively fouled. I think Conte has also looked at Stoke's likely game plan and sees only more injuries upon existing injuries, for Hazard. Chance for Willian to roll back the months.
  2. I meant to say Manchester City 0 : 0 Stoke City
  3. Costa has been very poor lately, the worst in the team for consecutive matches. If Batshuayi is so poor that he can't even get a look in, then I don't know why we have kept him. He is not creating, he is not scoring (missing sitter) and he is not assisting, he is not moving to give Hazard or Pedro, or even Fabregas, the options for a pass. We can always milk out positives from his performance. But at this level there is no need to scrape the barrell.
  4. You are making the same point that I have already responded to. Obviously Stoke are not a top side, but once they get their game plan going, they would nick points from you. I will show you some stats Manchester United 1:1 Stoke City 2nd October 2016 Stoke City 1: 1 Manchester United 21 January 2017 Manchester City 1: 1 Stoke City 8 March 2017 They have robbed top six clubs of 6 points. In comparison, Burnely who denied us a win, have only managed one win and and one draw against top 6 sides, and they sit 3 places below Stoke City. What is more important is that Mark Hughes has got those draws from the top 6 sides that he is familiar with. For better or worse, we belong to that group. Mark Hughes would put simply put a fast player on JT, try to isolate him and force errors in counter attack. he would draw fouls and frustration from JT leading to bookings.
  5. Talk about ManUtd fans being brilliant supporters, is anyone watching tonight's match on Btsport? Silence has never sounded so loud. They say some people can hear sound beyond normal human frequencies. The Special One certainly does.
  6. You don't have to ride high on the table to nick points from any team. You just have to pick your tactics, stick to it, and hope that your opponent finds no antidote to it. Burnley are not exactly challenging for CL spot, are they? Stoke under Mark Hughes are a team that prey on your weakness. No other team in the PL does that better. If JT starts we are almost guaranteed to finish that match with 10 men.
  7. Oh not Terry for this one please. Mark Hughes is an expert in targeting your weakest link.
  8. I'm rather pleased and proud of the way majority of our fans have dealt with Jose Mourinho - logically, measured, with a sense of perspective. I can say we have moved away from the shadow of Mourinho. And my god, how I wanted us to. There seems to be a minority who have clung on to the cult. I'm not sure that even exorcism would help that lot. People have to understand that there are various ingredients to a successful club. If it was all a one man show Jose Mourinho's ManU would be topping the table right now. The fact that so many managers have won trophies at our club over a short time does call for a sense of perspective when talking about our past managers.
  9. Costa's performance continues to worry me. Missing a sitter in header, doing long jump when he could easily have slid in to score. .... I could honestly say, he beat Cahill as our weakest link last night. And he seemed to be growing a tummy, which is always a very worrying sign. Something is just not right.
  10. That Champions League football is bent is a conclusion I drew many years ago. What really annoys me is ex footballers sitting as pundits falling over themselves to defend the establishment when they should be speaking out for the integrity of the game. You should have seen them jumping up and down like kids on Christmas day when Barcelona scored their 6th goal agains PSG.
  11. Michael Oliver reported that he saw the stamp on Hazard by Rojo and "dealt with the incident as he saw fit at the time" Stamping on a player lying on the ground is now a normal part of our game.
  12. I won't be the first person to point out that whatever abuse was directed at Jose came from a handful of fans. If I followed your argument, Benitez committed a big wrongdoing and therefore deserved a big payback. Mourinho did a smaller sin and received a smaller payback. It's just you and Dave making a calamity of it. And before your ink dries, Jose will be off making another insinuating remarks at our fans. That's just who he is. He can't help himself. You'd find this low level abuse directed at any person on a given day depending on the context (for example, Roman Abramovich has received sticks when we have not done well) Jose Mourinho does not deserve to be treated differently. He is no saint, and nor should I expect our fans to be.
  13. Every Chelsea fan is able to decide for himself or herself how to behave. So there is no need for you to generalise. Some fans may have felt hurt by Jose's dig and decided to retaliate. Jose is not some kind of god. So, get off your anti-blasphemy pulpit. Even Conte looked like he'd had enough last night. When Benitez was being booed, I could understand, but I never condoned it nor join in. Even then, Benitez' earlier dig at Chelsea fans was more understandable in so far as it was Chelsea fans who started it by calling him all sorts of names. Jose publicly declaring or suggesting that ManUtd fans are better than our fans is harder for me to stomach.
  14. ^^^^ Jose out maneuvred Chelsea fans? Dream on. I'm surprised anyone has the time to read such crap from Man Utd fansite. Of course they have to back Jose and find a way to come out of this with any credit. Most Chelsea fans at worst left Jose alone, until he felt he needed to tell the world how ignorant Chelsea fans are, compared to ManUtd fans. Those who have any resemblance of memory would tell you that it was the same with Porto fans, with Real Madrid fans. Even a section of Inter fans got it as well. Of course all of that is the blame of bad bad Chelsea fans. I give you up to early next season before Jose Mourinho turns on Man Utd fans. As long as they continue to shift the blame to LVG right to the hospital where David Moyes was delivered, there will be some kind of peace. That will evaporate next season.
  15. Many of our Chelsea fans* Sorry for the grammatical error. Of course I cut off my support from Jose long before some others fans did. For me, there was always a distinction between what I believed was in the best interest of Chelsea FC and what served the interests of a manager or a player, for that matter. I hope I do not need to apologise for that.