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  1. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    It would be just awful if the good were directed at him. It's not his fault that Sarri is just the manager he is.
  2. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    I'm talking about surgeons who have performed hundreds of ops, psychiatrists who have treated thousands of patients and never been to medical school. I don't see how It would be too difficult to bluff your way and get lucky.
  3. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    How did a layperson impersonate a surgeon, opening up and stitching people? Teams have won matches without a manager. I can bet that if the current Chelsea team was asked to play without a Sarri, they could not play worse
  4. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    Just the way a layperson, who has never been to a medical school can work as a surgeon for decades.
  5. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    I would like to believe you. But the more I watch his methods, or lack of it, the more I listen to him, the harder for me to make any sense of what he's doing.
  6. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    That is the problem, Pete. It always seems to happen when confidence gets the better of you, and you want to climb up the next level. That is when you get exposed. Because people like Sarri are confident in what they are doing, flawed as it may seem to most people (how many bankers become football managers?) BUT, what confidence gives a bluffer, confidence takes away from a bluffer. That's the important lesson.
  7. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    To be fair to Sarri, we've all done it before. You take a wrong turn, and the passengers are telling you it's the wrong way, but you're having none of it. After 5 of miles in the wrong direction, you are now completely lost. Your argument now is that this road connects to the correct one, and so you're driving on to find that connection. We know how it ends. Sarri has reached the point where he is too embarrassed to change his tactics. Moreover he has spent so much energy finding excuses there is nothing left for change of tactics. Conte changed his formation in the middle of a match and went on to win the league. But Conte understood football in the real world. How Sarri bluffed his way into managing a top PL club is worth a Hollywood blockbuster. But then people have worked as surgeons who never went near a medical school. Sometimes it takes nothing more than bad luck or just " bad moments" to be found out. I also think Sarri made his own bad luck. If he had just lied low in Serie A, chances are that no one would have found him out
  8. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    How typical of you to confuse where Chelsea FC club ends and Sarri begins. It was like this in the days of Jose Mourinho. For some reason, your blind loyalty did not extend to Antonio Conte at any time. It suggests to me it's not about loyalty. Instead, it's a lack of any objectivity. I for the life of me could not understand why anyone would want to defend any shite that comes from such a poor manager as Sarri. Even more difficult to understand is why you can't say one good thing that he has done or is doing, and yet you berate anyone that dares to criticise him.
  9. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    I fully understood what you wrote and what you meant. I think it's you who is not uunderstanding. You meant that CHO was not involved in the melee, jamboree, orgy, that is going on in the middle of the pitch, instead staying out wide. I explained to you that a lot of what goes on in the middle is unproductive. Continuous sideward, backward passing, only allows our opponents to regroup. That is why it's so easy to defend against us, a team that boasts some of the best attacking players in the PL. In my time as a Chelsea supporter, I have it seen football that makes so little sense as the one offered by Sarri. I can remember a Chelsea team that was almost completely bereft of talent. I can't remember a manager wasting so much of what he has on the pitch in pursuit of such a stupid football ideology. You keep using the phrase stick to beat Sarri. believe me, if I were to say everything I think about the manager, you'd be severely traumatised.
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Shame, Solanke should have waited to be loaned out a few times before asking to go. Perhaps the problem with CHO is that he is trying to buck the trend. Some find that out of keeping with Chelsea tradition on young players. I don't understand what you mean by easy role staying out wide. Hugging the touchline and beating your markers face to face on a straight line is a winger's skill. Not many players have it. It is different from dribbling around in circles. You are travelling in one direction, and your teammates know where to go. That is what the likes of Arjen Robben do, and is what CHO has shown already. It gives your team an attacking option away from the sarriball shite that goes on in the middle and produces absolutely nothing.
  11. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Those guys are playing sarriball, whereas CHO is a direct player. Just watch his display against Malmo, where he beats 2 players, turns around and lays the ball across the box. It's the kind of play we could do with, but which we haven't been seeing under this sarriball regime.
  12. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Well, no kid has really seriously knocked at the door of the first team the way CHO has done. Those other kids like Solanke, for example, were fighting against being loaned out endlessly. I could completely sympathise with them. CHO's case is different. For all the crap that I read here (someone repeatedly comparing CHO to Jody Morris), I don't think we have faced a situation like this in our recent history. CHO has hardly put a foot wrong when he has played, at least compared to the guys leaking 4 and 6 goals.
  13. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Quite funny though how many reasons we now have for not giving CHO more game times. 1. He is not yet ready to play in first team - Sarri 2. Two weeks later, he is ready to play in senior team - again from Sarri, but only after BM declared their interest 3. He is not better than the guys who are losing 4 - 0, 6 - 0 (no prize for guessing from whom) 4. He is getting more than enough playing time (19 min in 5 games is too much for the feeble bones of a 18 year old, even though he has been playing almost non-stop throughout his youth career). 5. He is running down his contract, so now we will not be playing him. 6. He needs to be patient - Zola (so it's nothing to do with him running down his contract then. Zola has since taken ill. I hope he recovers, or Sarri has placed him on a gardening leave for questioning the shite that we are playing) 7. He is being disrespectful to the club that nurtured him (that is for wanting to play more games) How dare an apprentice wants a proper work. Please keep the reasons coming. Who knows we might get to the bottom of it. I suspect though that Sarri will be gone by the end of the month, and a new manager will start playing CHO.
  14. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Classic fanboy logic. It goes like this: Conte who won a PL title in his first season, is a worse manager in your book than Sarri, who has won nothing even in a Sunday league. And last season, the "brilliant team in their prime" underperformed because Conte pissed them off. After a summer break of less than 3 months, the same brilliant team is again underperforming, but this time it is because they have suddenly fallen off their prime, and nothing to do with the fact that the manager hasn't got a clue, and he hasn't pissed anyone off. What a difference a summer break makes.
  15. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Of course, I do see the pattern., unlike you and Droy who can't see it even when it's happening under your nose. I swear that you have never seen it before; a manager or so-called top manager runs out of ideas, (or is found out not to have one) his fanboys instead blame the team's performance on the players. The manager is sacked. Another manager steps in and the same squad are performing brilliantly. Another pattern that I see is fanboys like you defending a hapless manager come what may without actually saying what it is that he is doing well. Sarri will soon be gone. His replacement will most probably improve the team's performance. But it would not be good for some, because there will be players standing in the wrong place, and all that crap. That is another pattern. ,