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  1. Some people are so naive. The China offer was never on. I said that on this forum months ago. The way it was hatched bore all the hallmarks of a sabotage job on Chelsea. Costa never wanted to go to China. The Chinese club knew that not even the poorest club would sell their main striker in the middle of a season where they are winning the league. Costa's agent knew the deal was a non starter. Call me a conspirator theorist, but the China rumour was aimed at derailing Chelsea's title bid. When it didn't work, Costa himself made sure he did as much to make us useless on the pitch. Which serious club (whether in China or any banana league ) would want to rush a £100m signing in the middle of a season from a club that was never going to sell ? Considering Costa's performance since the China rumour we should really have called his bluff and that of his agent and would still have won the league. But hindsight is precisely that.
  2. That's exactly what I saw; Cahill jogging along towards Giroud without making any serious attempt to block the cross, David Luiz "admiring" what was going on in front of him, in complete oblivion of what's happening behind him. This was a bread and butter situation for 2 experienced defenders. Both knew (or should have known) what Giroud was going to attempt, and what that might lead to. More than any season, the sum total of the team has massively exceeded the individual skills and abilities. Because in that back three, only Azpilicueta is an outstanding defender. And to win the league with that pack, with Moses and Alonso thrown in, and with Diego Costa on virtual holiday for half of the season, is simply remarkable. KTBFFH
  3. That reclassification thing is doing a bloody good round at the moment.You would think that the Europa cup is now more prestigious than Champions League and PL combined .
  4. I do. Hazard is not a striker in his position. His end product is realised by the striker. Costa's role is to track every move, or wink, or body movement, of Hazard. Sometimes Costa needs to move faster than Hazard to receive the final ball from him. He showed none of that today. In fact hasn't for months. I love Conte. But I don't agree with his faith in Costa. It was Costa's trip on Kante that led to Arsenal first goal. I can point you 10 other examples.
  5. What I meant is that, if we question every wrong or dubious decision, even when it favours us, even when we won the match, even when it didn't cost us the match, then referees would be more diligent. Agree, I didn't put it well, initially. Tribalism is the fuel that powers poor and dubious refereeing.
  6. I agree. But the problem with football is that we only protest about what cost us the match, not about the integrity or purity of the game. If your team wins, the referee can get away with murder. That is why refereeing is so inconsistent.
  7. I agree. David Luiz looked like he only came back to win the PL, and once he's got that he wasn't interested in anything else. Costa scored the equaliser. But I still think he looked like the minus man for most of the game.
  8. He even shaped up for the ball, then changed his mind.
  9. Agree. When Matic is not doing what Matic is best at, he is of little use. Problem is, will Costa make the runs?
  10. That's what I'm thinking. If we can just step up a little bit, and if Costa makes a little bit of effort, we should be fine.
  11. Whereas Prosecco is made from selected varieties of grapes. Not that this kind of "needless details" matters one bit to certain kind of drinkers.
  12. Tbh, that celebration was of Spurs bottling it at WHam. Now that it's over to our boys, even the most positive fans can't escape the nerves.
  13. Lol; it's Italian, and it doesn't leave you needing a hammer to release the pressure off your head the following morning. It's non pretentious, unlike champagne. And it's sensibly priced. If you choose the right quality it gets the job done without fuss. A good Prosecco comes with no artificial additives. You wouldn't find a better drink that symbolises our achievements this season.
  14. Exactly. I paid NOWTV to watch last night's match but dozed off, because I didn't expect West Ham to be up for it. One thing I must say though, whenever a team or manager starts giving lots if interviews on the eve of a crucial match, it very rarely ends well for them. Harry Kane telling his teammates to put the fright on Chelsea. It looked like they were holding the wrong end of it.
  15. You're right in some ways. However, I think most fans are quietly pleased and I would even say smug that we could achieve this so soon after what happened last season. I am pleased with so many things about the team and the club right now. Just getting on with the business of winning matches without unnecessary comedy is one of them. Even the way we've handled the Costa - China affair is top class. That's why this time I am ordering a vintage special edition proseco, lots of it, and lots of ice.