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  1. Sevilla vs Chelsea

    Next one a header for a perfect hat trick.
  2. Sevilla vs Chelsea

    That is what an accomplished striker looks like.
  3. Sevilla vs Chelsea

    Very disappointed by his decision-making tonight, and I'm saying it as a big fan of his. He's playing a CL match like a Sunday league kickabout.
  4. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Whatever worked in other matches obviously didn't work this time. Within 25 min it was obvious that the crosses were not effective, either because of our selection or our opponent or both. We had 75 min to come up with something else. I don't think we have beaten any team of great quality this season so far. You can see why. And I don't think Spurs played particularly well either. How long before we to start measuring ourselves against the top teams, head to head; another 2 seasons?
  5. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    With a decent striker we could have won the match yesterday. I hear that Timo played centrally would not have done better than Tammy. Well, 2 headers and one ball to feet glaringly missed. If Timo can't do better than that heaven help us. My concern is that with a squad of so many attacking talents our attacking remains quite primitive; to the left, back to centre, to the right, then a cross. If we couldn't cross, we just repeat the whole sequence. If the cross is dealt with, we just start all over again. Do we practice any other attacking move in training?
  6. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    I can make an excuse for Tammy if he actually got his head to the ball. I have no idea whether he was trying to avoid the ball or attack it. I can't count his efforts as attempts, I'm sorry. From the moment James pulled up with the ball, you know there is only one thing coming , a cross. Yet Tammy seems to be in utter shock that a cross has just flown past him. I don't think he is good at meeting a cross with his legs either. He misses too many opportunities to attack the post. I think he lacks anticipation and timing. If the ball comes to his feet, fine. But if he has to time his run, or jump, to meet the ball in the air or on the ground, forget it. It is a big, big minus for any striker, I'm afraid.
  7. Chelsea 0 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    We lacked ideas going forward. One of our few ideas, that of playing Tammy Abraham as central striker, was a bad one from the start. He is a master of tap-ins, goals under little pressure. But this was never a match for that kind of goals. I couldn't understand why Frank Lampard took so long to sub him. This match was always going to take something extra to win. Pass, go, and cross is predictable against any opposition never mind a Jose Mourinho team.
  8. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Interesting because I can remember winnable matches where we have gone and put 10 men behind the ball and lost, and Conte was not even in England at the time.
  9. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Funny because I tried ever so hard to make this a constructive debate about our counterattack without brining in Sarri, Conte and Jose Mourinho. I failed miserably. I should have known that I was debating Droy. I have nothing but praise for what Conte did with our team in that first season. He is not without flaws. But to rubbish what we did, winning one of our most t unlikely PL titles, is just plain weird.
  10. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    If that is what a defensive position looks like, then we should have it all day. Because the point I was making was about a position from where you can make the most of a counterattack. I have seen an entire team retreat to the box, get behind the ball, and when the ball is won, they struggle to get back into any attacking shape. Becaue ultimately, if there is no run, there is no pass. And a perfect run starts from a perfect position.
  11. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    Its a matter of what you consider to be deep defending. The snaps show that three forwards- CHO, Tammy, and Timo are clearly in offensive positions at the start of the counter. None of them had gone anywhere behind the ball, when Mount wins it.
  12. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    It may be a coincidence with unfitness then. Because most of his underperformances have been when paired with Jorginho. Whereas he has bossed it in last two matches that he has played without Jorginho. I am yet to see him play very well as one half of a CM pair, to he honest.
  13. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    I thought that as well. Referee impressed me last night. Most referees can't spot a handball with both arms raised above the head. So how they could be so quick to decide who is fouling in a tussle is a mystery.
  14. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    So what would you say his position has been this last two weeks. Because I think we are seeing Kante getting back to his best since he had the freedom to roam in front of the back four. All the pundits are saying the same. But what do they know? Kante would find himself where the action leads him, thanks to his imobility and anticipation. But I cannot imagine a formation that would accommodate him in an advanced starting midfield position plus our cavalier of attacking midfielders.
  15. Rennes 1 Chelsea 2

    I do agree that Kante has a lot of attacking qualities that are underrated probably because goals seem to mean everything. He is an incredible player, not just by being one of the best at nicking balls and moping up dangerous loose balls, his whole package of skills is second to none in the team. I like his unique way of hitting his passes. That having said, Kante's best performances this season have been from him operating from the base of the midfield as a starting point. To my earlier point, there is no excuse for the complete lack of creativity that we are getting from Jorginho these days. Kovacic lacked intensity and commitment yesterday. He was almost completely absent from the game in the first 30 min.