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  1. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    I'm sorry, but there is no comparison between the counterattacks of Conte and what is passing as counterattack so far under TT. Our counterattacks were unstoppable under Conte. I dont know what TT's counterattacks look like. What I see is that we win the ball, take a deep breath, pass it amongst ourselves, allowing our opponent to regroup. Then we try and zig-zag our way upfield. That is called possession, not counterattack. We would struggle to break down any serious team in the PL or Serie, A playing like this. It can only work in leagues where defending is not such a big thing.
  2. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Agree We can always sign better players. But the squad we have is superior to Man Utd.
  3. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Maybe we should play Rudiger and Mount as our attacking pair. They had the right approach and the drive
  4. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    We could do with better attackers. But we could also stop sitting back after we've won the ball. Big teams attack you straight away. That is your best moment. Why wait for your opponent to reorganis Makes no sense. When we are attacking, we are not quick to support the man with the ball. Other teams do it better. We can't create chances playing at one speed.
  5. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    TT has to start showing the attacking side of his game. We are good in possession but 8 games or so gone and we are yet to start creating goal chances. Rudiger was easily MoTM. Mount also did well. But he could be even better of he polished up his final decisions. He could end up carrying this team from the attacking point of view.
  6. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Good tenacity from Mount there. I can't see what Pulisic has done so far.
  7. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Rudiger has been absolutely sublime
  8. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Last time I said we'll lose money on Ziyech, it didn't go down well with some. Now he looks even worse. He looks like he's just ran a marathon.
  9. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Kante has been effective, defending very well .It's Ziyech who needs to come off
  10. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Don't know what needs to happen for ziyech to be subbed
  11. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Good to see Rudiger doing what our midfielders should be doing.
  12. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Ziyech has got to come off
  13. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    That is what I see. And the stats don't lie, not that I need stats to verify what I see. I can't think of any top midfielder who has so little involvement in goals. He's a decent midfielder, but not one that will take us to the top level. 90% of his passes are recycling or possession passes. Not every midfielder must be blessed with pace and physicality. But if you can't take the ball forward, you have to make your passes do that for you. I think our CMs are coasting a little bit right now. Someone else is having to do the heavy lifting in attacking and defending. That has to change. I'd like to see them break up attack and set off a counterattack in one breath. It's no too much to ask for at this level.
  14. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    I hope that Havertz will be fit for that second leg. Because this will be the best opportunity for him to show his qualities in a Chelsea shirt. Mount covers so much ground. He is literally everywhere across the front. There is an upside to it. But there is also a downside in that Havertz would not have as much freedom playing together with Mount. Every creative player needs a bit of freedom to roam. Lets see if Havertz can step up.