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  1. Whereas Prosecco is made from selected varieties of grapes. Not that this kind of "needless details" matters one bit to certain kind of drinkers.
  2. Tbh, that celebration was of Spurs bottling it at WHam. Now that it's over to our boys, even the most positive fans can't escape the nerves.
  3. Lol; it's Italian, and it doesn't leave you needing a hammer to release the pressure off your head the following morning. It's non pretentious, unlike champagne. And it's sensibly priced. If you choose the right quality it gets the job done without fuss. A good Prosecco comes with no artificial additives. You wouldn't find a better drink that symbolises our achievements this season.
  4. Exactly. I paid NOWTV to watch last night's match but dozed off, because I didn't expect West Ham to be up for it. One thing I must say though, whenever a team or manager starts giving lots if interviews on the eve of a crucial match, it very rarely ends well for them. Harry Kane telling his teammates to put the fright on Chelsea. It looked like they were holding the wrong end of it.
  5. You're right in some ways. However, I think most fans are quietly pleased and I would even say smug that we could achieve this so soon after what happened last season. I am pleased with so many things about the team and the club right now. Just getting on with the business of winning matches without unnecessary comedy is one of them. Even the way we've handled the Costa - China affair is top class. That's why this time I am ordering a vintage special edition proseco, lots of it, and lots of ice.
  6. Most people just had a perfectly rational worry that we were going to throw away that 10 pts lead. A couple of results against us and it could have been a different story. Of course we are in a much better place right now. But let's be honest, the tone would be a bit different if Spurs had beaten West Ham tonight. We still have to win it, and win it we will. The trick is to enjoy the ride without feeling too smug or cocky.
  7. I'm rather stoic about this one. Forget about Spurs playing 3 days before us, and forget about any configurations that might give Boro a chance, if we are to become champions we've got to win this one, no matter how we do it. I could afford to wet myself thinking about the Everton fixture, but I'll spare myself that discomfort on this one.
  8. True. But as Pete puts it, Eden is coachable, and rather unique in some of his abilities. And importantly for me, his attitude this season has been nothing but exceptional, which counts for a lot. £100m is a serious temptation, and Conte has already pre-empted that scenario by suggesting that he's powerless to stop any player from leaving, if Real Madrid come after him. In other words, the board might choose to take the cash. £50m for Costa would do. It is a loss for us compared to his valuation in January. But I'm sure there will be no shortage of fans willing to chip in to help the poor guy get his dream move.
  9. As poorly as we might have played in spells of the first half I didn't think we ever lost control of this match at any point. Everyone was trying in their own ways apart from the usual person. When you go into a semi defensive formation (which we did after the first 20 min) You need your big and powerful No 9 to come to live. Because if not, the ball just keeps coming back. Their Lukaku tried his best to cause us problems. Our Costa seemed to have recovered from that hiccup against Southampton, to continue on his journey down. I wouldn't say I can test the double just yet. I can definitely smell it.
  10. Not far off my predictions at all. TSO won't last two seasons at OT. I'm not sure though about him rolling over for Spurs. He wold have loved to, I rather suspect that someone from their Board has told him that CL is a must rather than try to outdo Chelsea. And I repeat that I don't think they'll win the "rubbish" Europa Cup.
  11. When we played poorly, someone had to take the blame. For those who felt the manager was beyond criticism, the Board of Directors were the obvious target.
  12. Can't understand why Costa is still playing. We would be better off 10 v11
  13. And you're right, too.
  14. There is more to a CF's performance than goals. And Costa didn't just have a dip in form, he had a collapse of form We can't be sure we're out of the wood yet, as far as Costa's form is concerned. It's too early to call what happened in the past 4 months a dip. Tuesday's performance could turn out to be a bump on the way down.
  15. We just have to hope. Because even Conte can't magic a new CF for us now. Costa is our CF till next season for better or worse.