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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Chelsea apparently have told Bayern to "name the price" for Tony Kroos. Told player "wages no problem" (via @JanAageFjortoft) #CFC #FCBayern
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ben Smith ‏@BenSmithBBC 10 mins Salah may not be the last one in the door at #CFC. Busy at the Bridge
  3. Transfer Talk Topic Missed training today. *Gulp*
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sky Sports - Negotiations to take Juan Mata to Man United are under way (via @GraemeBailey) #CFC #MUFC
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Coaentrao to Utd on season long loan..
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mata stays. CASHBACK!:P
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Window closed according to Big Ben...
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Silly, silly decision. Not sure why Lukaku is seen as a third choice behind the ever failing Torres and Eto'o. If we were going to let him go on loan then why didn't we just go for top quality alternatives to Rooney. He gives us something different and a more genuine physical threat. This could be the difference between winning the title and not, our forwards, on paper, are not good enough. I just pray Eto'o makes a big impression. I have a bad feeling that Lukaku could become another Sturridge situation. He had momentum from at the end of last season and we didn't capitalise on it, he should have been starting against Hull. But now, I can't see him ever settling here. Just a feeling! Ugh.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Vinny O'Connor ‏@VinnOConnor11m Everton Interest in Lukaku loan is genuine.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah thats what I thought, it doesn't make sense for both of them to go out on loan and no one to come in. I doubt it's true, just adds to the spice of deadline day and keeps us chels fans watching SSN I reckon.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    My brother, who is watching the deadline day stuff religiously, said that there is talk of Lukaku being loaned to Everton? I am fairly sure he is winding me up.
  12. Willian Willian's interview on signing for Chelsea for anyone interested! Great signing in my opinion. He was brilliant against us, so I am chuffed to see him in blue!
  13. Transfer Talk Topic Done and dusted. Quality player!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Chelsea FC ‏@chelseafc3mMourinho says another player will be chosen in next 24 to 48 hours if Wayne Rooney is not coming. #CFC ChelsTransferGossip ‏@ChelsTransfer20mMourinho:"We're going to choose another player if Rooney isn't coming" Reporter:"So Eto'o?" Mourinho: "We don't like to speak [smiles]" #CFC Most likely Eto'o will conclude our window business.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mourinho Press Conference: - Confirmed that Willian is an extra target to Rooney. - Said there is no speculation about Mata because he doesn't want to sell. -Says if we buy one then one will go out, not to sell but on loan.