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  1. Michael Essien

    Michael Essien is quoted as saying that he would be happy to stay at Chelsea till the end of his career....whilst I know that things can change overnight in football and there is no guarantee that he will always be a Chelsea player it is refreshing to hear one of our players saying something along these lines instead of the normal bitching and moaning that comes from some players. He is only 24 and a great midfielder, who I would be delighted to see at the Bridge for many years to come........well done Michael - you are fast becoming one of my favourite Chelsea players ever.,19528,11661_2926267,00.html
  2. Didier Drogba

    Looks like someone is in trouble with the boss!! Good on you Avram.......he needs a good b*llocking!
  3. Didier Drogba

    This statement from the club strikes me as a bit of a 'You may have said this Didier - but you just signed a new contract and you have about 2 hopes of leaving' I know people will say that a player can force his way out and this may well be the outcome but as I said before this statement strikes me as a public 'warning' to Drogba that the club is not happy and he needs to pull himself in line. My view on the situation is that if Drogba wants to go then that is fine, we are all human beings and we all have emotions if he feels he wants to try something new and is upset with José's departure then fair enough - what I do take exception to is him saying that he has always wanted to leave and making his whole time at Chelsea sound like a chore. You were happy to pocket you thousands of ££££'s every week and let's not forget that you were hardly world class through you first two season - most of the fans treated you with respect and gave you and opportunity to shine (which you certainly have) how about you leave us with a little bit of dignity instead of making us and our club look like mugs again in the press!
  4. Didier Drogba

    Well done.
  5. Didier Drogba

    Not sure how much truth there is in this story - I'm hoping very little. We already need to get another decent striker - could find ourselves in a lot of trouble next season without Droggy!;channel=&
  6. Michael Essien

    What a laughable post.........for me it is a toss up between him and Drogba for player of the season so far.
  7. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by hughjars99They can have him. Far better strikers out there than the crop that we have at present. id="quote"> id="quote">Amazing!!......Yeah - Sheva, Drogba and Kalou are proper crap. Sheva - one of the best strikers in the world who is finding his feet in the Premiership after an injury - have some patience! Drogba - we all knew what he used to do to annoy us but have you seen him this season?!?! Kalou - good young prospect, who unless Drog or Shev get injured will only be a bit part player this season so I'm not sure we can write him of just yet.
  8. New Kits

    Very nice - I may like it even more than the home kit!
  9. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by SkotkanI would bet all your lives, that these are the fakest shirts you have ever seen. id="quote"> id="quote">Not sure about the shirts, but I would bet my life that 'fakest' isn't even a word!
  10. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by SkotkanI agree BlueRobbo, what's the point in winning the League and having a whole bunch of money if we can't afford some nice bloody shirts? Am I allowed to say bloody on an English website? id="quote"> id="quote">Definitely the point I was making - well done!
  11. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by mickeyI reackon there not too bad why is everyone moaning aint we gonna be league champions again id="quote"> id="quote">You are going to have to help me out here fella - what has the discussion of possible new kits and whether we like them or not have to do with us winning the Premiership??!!
  12. New Kits

    What are they??? I hope this is some sort of sick joke, that black and blue thing is a disgrace!
  13. Didier Drogba

    Can you imagine the headlines 'Chelsea star cheats on girlfriend with fan' - her exclusive story inside!!
  14. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by ap25If the cheating, pathetic fool left tomorrow I wouldn's care. I am sick to the back teeth of the **** rolling around, rabbiting away at referees on issues that do not involve him and generally playing like a dog. Lets not forget his red card in the Camp Nou last year whilst harsh due to the nature of the second yellow, the first yellow was for back chat.... unacceptable. He doesn't appear to have a braincell and the abuse he received from the MHL on Saturday was thorougly deserved. id="quote"> id="quote">Am I the only one who sees irony regarding the last comment!?!
  15. Didier Drogba

    quote:Originally posted by Duffo The BearI don't care if he wedges the ball between his buttocks and guffs it over the line. id="quote"> id="quote">Thanks for the laugh Duffo - it was needed!