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  1. Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco

    Second that...not my favourite Chelsea player of all time but I do appreciate what he gave to the club. Wish him well and glad he left with dignity and well wishes.
  2. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Perhaps there should be a separate sub forum for matchtime posts.... commenting on a game as it progresses always brings out the negatives as we all watch from a perspective of Chelsea needing to win and if a game doesn't become a walkover in the first half our fear of defeat focuses on all and sundry. By the time we get to next day rational views begin to emerge and proper analysis appears. I watch with my "heart" and usually get the right overall sense of a game but some here are so good at breaking down a game sensibly it's a pleasure to read. Even if I disagree with a view point or it doesn't match mine I always try to see someone else's view as ,gasp, sometimes I may be wrong or it gives a different perspective. Thanks to all who contribute and it's good to see some new "faces" here.
  3. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Wish I had a contribution but enjoyed all entries!.Love this forum when everything goes off the rails. Sort of sums up the difference between Chelsea people and the "Others"...not loveable Scouse manufactured whacky etc.... And Jane B...stop encouraging these malcontents!!! are the voice of sanity here...…..
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hey Jane,,answered you on a match post.... but don't get too upset!!… I too wish you were a softer nicer squad..I mean that nicely!!!~
  5. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Ultimately most of us here follow Chelsea with love (and Whimsy!) and I fully understand your sadness at Cesc's departure. The harsh reality is that all players move on at some stage and even after so many years of following Chelsea I still haven't got over the loss of so many players! Osgood Bonetti Zola and so on... Back to an oft repeated quote.."Better a year too soon than a year too least he was able to leave on his own terms and profit from the move..a classy move for the Club in their treatment of a loyal servant. Appreciated his contribution to Chelsea and the game but could never quite "warm" to him..unlike JT as an obvious example.
  6. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Sorry Kev..should have stated that I am a supporter of CHO but don't want him to be blamed for not rescuing the season and I hope he breaks through properly..I feel Ampadu is the one at the moment who should be getting time and I feel a bit more "solid" about his future but as you say "fools gold" is neither rare nor hidden eventually! My comments about earlier youth successes at Chelsea(and others) again should have been tempered by the difference in the transfer market now. Back in the heyday of youth schemes there was not the availability or concept of foreign players so new blood basically came from youngsters coming through. Only the successful ones are remembered and I lost track many years ago of the number of guys I met or played with or against who had been at ... name any club.. before being discarded or moved on. The false premise that some players are good enough for the England set up but unable to command a place in their club 1st team reflects the paucity of home grown talent.Not shortsighted club policies.How many of the players mentioned would have got into the England squad from say 1966 to 2006?
  7. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Droy seems to be the only one..sorry if I missed anyone else..trying to keep a sense of perspective with CHO.. he may come through big and full time but it doesn't help trying to portray him as the answer to all our problems... I remember the great side that basically came through the "juniors" waaay back in the day....The Doc had them "run" out of the old second division..and others added...Bonetti Shellito Alan Harris Bobby Tambling Venables Boyle Osgood (signed as a "late" junior I think) Bridges Chopper Hollins and so on... I don't live in the past but I also don't forget the past. So many "second comings" over the years as Droy points out and the standards are so high now in the EPL it is much harder to break through at a younger age. Newcastle..I find my "dislike" list of clubs apart from the "usual suspects" tends to reflect my feelings regarding the manager/coach..Burnley a good example..first side I saw at SB so until recently always a soft spot...Newcastle sort of neutral until now..definitely on S*** list...think Tubby the only coach/manager most here disliked....Hope for a good result but it doesn't take much football sense to know our problem is goals. Played a couple of times in Newcastle..(Not against Newcastle!) and my memory is of a bunch of posers with a "we are tougher than you soft Southerners!" attitude.... wasn't true of course and I think a few silly misconceptions were busted!
  8. Have to agree..always liked Pedro. All players have "lesser" games but Willian of late seems to be unable to influence a game. I can't work it out if Chelsea are starting a big "rebuild" quietly or just muddling through with bits of sense and bits of foolishness! New effective as TC so far without the attitude and looks like the ability to progress...CHO and RLC getting time...older players moving young potentially good signing for next season. Once the foolishness of buying "older" strikers" is disregarded as the rubbish I think (hope) it is then maybe decent signings will follow... Still don't think Sarri is up to it and do not want to see SFL or JT here in the foreseeable future..let them sink or swim in their first efforts..and of course I wish them both all the best and the well wishes possible...
  9. CHO is a YOUNG player and over exposure at this stage could lead to diminishing impact as the butchers in the EPL target him. Hazard is so strong mentally regarding being fouled but is CHO able to reach that level?..a question not a statement> I hope he goes on to a great Chelsea career but please don't expect a Duff or Robben at this stage especially as Sarri doesn't seem to have formed a team identity on the pitch. All sort of rumblings regarding new players..a lot are rubbish of course but still don't feel confident that Sarri can forge a new Chelsea.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sorry Droy..of course you are right Jimmy not Danny..Freudian slip perhaps?..then again Murphy's law kicking in?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Interesting article in the Daily Mail following the careers of the Danny Murphy awards to youngsters at Manure... a lot of solid careers around the leagues but very few "stars". Sound familiar?
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hate to seem to put down great club servants but Cesc has not played a full 90 minutes for some time. I mean in the sense that he contributes for 90minutes..about 60/70 minutes is about right. The time comes for all players to move on or retire however much we don't want that to happen. Shankley,I think, said it's better to let a player go a year too early than a year too late. Benefits the player allowing him a choice and a career rundown and shows appreciation of his contribution and benefits the club in the long run as it frees up wages and room for younger players to advance (hopefully!) Could he contribute to Chelsea for a season or so?..of course, but surely allowing him to bow out of his career at SB gracefully is important as he would get less and less time on the field regardless of the coach. Wish him well, CHO? ever... RLC and others..Forest are not Man C or even lets keep our feet on the ground..looking at high scores this weekend I am a bit disappointed that the score line for us should have been much higher..penalty miss and at least three other goals that somehow didn't get over the line..5/6/or even 7 would not have been too top heavy. I believe Sarri will not last long..another season possibly but I see no long term future for his coaching..hope I'm wrong but...
  13. Chelsea 0 Southampton 0

    Soton's red card maybe was a mistake from the ref not realizing it was Chelsea they face next!!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can't believe this a real event...transfer window time brings out any name a hack can think of...
  15. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Well said Mark...but what people? Don't hate wife cured me of that phrase..too strong unless death wished!..BUT dislike about as much as it is possible..the Lovable Scouser is about as authentic as a Cheeky Cockney Chappy……… and I'm a London boy!!