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  1. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Thanks for asking Droy……..went back and watched my recording of the game.... both goals came from "mistakes" by outfield players.....the corner was a gift and a free header...thought Kepa actually did well to get down to it and made a "heavy" block..(as opposed to weak touch) difficult ball to get down to but he did and there was another player.Pedro?..on the line and that may have caused some distraction but when a ball is blocked and no defender gets there before an opponent you have to look at the defenders..not making excuses for Kepa but really just..again to my mind..secondary actions after a keeper has done a wasn't that easy for Kepa and without the "rub" of the green as they say there's a goal and the keeper gets the blame.. The penalty?..strangely a similar situation...and a stupid give away from Alonso ...always a chancy thing but he went the right way and again made the block...remember choosing the right way only gets you so far and the keeper is anticipating something not reacting so when he "gets" there a block is as good as you can hope for...not a bad effort at all..and where did the rebound go?..and unchallenged.....ironically as I understand it the new rule changes next season would have meant no goal. So...probably get plenty of flak for being "soft" on Kepa but after watching the replays a few times that is my humble opinion as a very modest keeper. I believe if Kepa gets through this season he will go on to be someone to be trusted for a few years...much as I love watching Luiz hit great long balls out of the back I think playing behind him and Alonso at the moment would not give me as a keeper feelings of security...JT in front of him?..believe you would be seeing a far more consistent and confident keeper. It's how the combinations work not so much individual performances. Hope that makes sense...
  2. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Just a's becoming harder and harder to find the right forum to post relevant thoughts. Not a complaint as I like the freewheeling attitude on here. Being upset by the Everton showing I pretty much agreed with most observations here so no need to repeat for the sake of it but the question of the future... I am on record of thinking Sarri wasn't up to the job a way back...not because of results so much but his weakness as a coach from what I can see. I am not good at detailed analysis of games and watch "instinctively" and do know what I am looking at. That was my feeling regarding Sarri early on...could not warm to his presentation of MY/OUR Chelsea if that makes sense. All the clamoring about top four or winning EL and getting a Champions League place is all wish list stuff..if Chelsea as is got into the top stuff I really do not believe they would progress and the negative fallout from an early exit would damage the Club in many ways.
  3. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Hey Mark,,I too remember nearly dropping down out of sight...missed the game as I was flying home from Greece I then Spurs fan Son in Law met us at Gwick and told me the "good" news. I'm almost with you on not actually liking any of the players but do understand the feeling. Indeed Chelseaness appears to be long gone but WE are all still here and I'm sure it will return but not with the present setup.
  4. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Most of us here, whilst hating to lose, have followed Chelsea long enough to accept, with relative good grace, a defeat. The situation now has gone past that and even the most optimistic of us felt a little concerned at HT and the eventual result was almost expected Whatever the reasons today the overall picture has not changed most of the season, Sarri is not an EPL manager/coach... the squad is not a bad one or a weak one but seems to show up most weeks as something of a mid to lower table side..patently not the real case... certainly not the best balanced squad but way above the football that is being produced. In the days of AVB the players on the pitch were good enough to "override" AVB's "philosophy" which was based on,as far as I could see,some sort of Fantasy Football ideas. That is not the case now and Sarri seems unable to come up with any new approach...I don't like to go back so far but Alf Ramsey forged firstly a winning side at Ipswich with a mixture of players not considered good enough for most teams and then a World Cup winning side from players he got to play at their top limit..(ok not an argument point as he had at least 4 World Class players but he complimented them with good players listening to him..oversimplified but..) Clough was mentioned a little while back...the top coaches actually coach and switch things up even if they stick to a basic format and when that doesn't work they try to adjust..sometimes it works and sometimes not..with Sarri it never works or so it seems comeback all season isn't it? Get rid now and get some sort of rebuild started with a coach who is hungry and wants to win...who?..I have no idea but to continue with the present insanity is exactly that.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ok Mark,,,go back a little further to the fifties and early sixties before The Doc changed the Chelsea image forever. At that time Chelsea were known as a "Musical Hall Club" and were regarded somewhat condescendingly by the English Football World and Media...beat the top teams and lose to no hopers etc..a nice little cliché spot for the media at a time when there was basically no real coverage on tv except the Cup Final around an old B/W tv with all the neighbors as not everyone had tv. The only way to "know" anything was to read the back pages of the newspapers and then only on a regional basis..a good number for the "journalists" as unless you were at a game there was no way of judging anything..The Doc changed all that and Chelsea went from an easy "target" the seventies..a "player" in the it is today the media resented the shift and were still milking the Munich tragedy with United as the darlings and Spurs and the double Arsenal of course the flagship of "all that was decent in the game' and here is that "joke" club trampling on the established norms. The down times later were somewhat a gift to the media but from Uncle Ken to Roman and on to today there is still a lot of sour grapes even among media "pundits" who don't really know why but they were brainwashed by the previous generations of "reporters" as they were called. I take it as a badge of honour to get the bad press because it shows WE matter......
  6. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    Well put Droy...and..for those of you who are drawn into tussles with Droy...when he is not winding you up he writes a lot of sense..just get past the digs!!!
  7. Fulham 1 Chelsea 2

    One of the best features here is the way on many posts a freewheeling off topic "discussion" springs to life and is carried on with humour intelligence and good friendship..that is the difference for me between Chelsea people and other clubs. Jane is always a good balancing voice on here and has as good a grasp of the spirit of the forum as anyone . As someone said some here enjoy a dig at chosen "foe" and as long as they stay within their chosen "arenas" I have no problem. BUT stay off digging at those who do not wish to engage in "warfare" and show respect for other's viewpoints.
  8. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    Bit late but on the first replay from behind TC my first comment without thinking was "You wouldn't have got that even if you had been in the right place"..the margins are so tight that it doesn't take much at that level to be caught out but he was "set" wrong. Second thoughts on the game was why would Hazard go to an ageing side about to do a rebuild?..think he should have gone two years back but now he would be joining "like" aged and older players and would contribute little to a just a short term fix which is the last thing RM need.
  9. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Kane..agree with most about his attitude...seems to have adopted a different approach of late..I remember at the "Battle Of Stamford Bridge" his was the only yellow that I could accept as he was obviously upset about the way his side were playing and he "tried" too hard..unlike Yesterday when he was just obnoxious. I think I noted three Chelsea freekicks in the Spurs half in first 3/4 minutes. Lot of FKs awarded but no YCards to "warn"..such a cynical side on defence...we may have "issues" but no such resorting to constant cynical fouls.
  10. Well said….goes for outfield players as well...takes focus off many other issues yesterday..cynical fouls anyone?
  11. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    That's twice...perhaps someone here can explain what cramp is?...…. if you watch how Kepa went down his legs are not quite "right".as he smothers the ball..maybe that caused the onset of cramp and why on earth is it laughable ?.. It could be said it's laughable for a highly trained extremely fit player to go down with one here woken and stretched in the night and seized up with cramp?..or perhaps its just us old folks. The whole incident should be put behind us. Had the shootout gone our way how many would be bopping along on the subject?
  12. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Bit late and sorry if I missed a similar comment anywhere. Kepa..Spanish speaking..don't know how good his English is..Back "4"..Dave Spanish..nowhere to be seen..Rudiger German..Luiz Portugese speaking..Emerson..Italian..others?..Two French speakers Italian and wonder there was some confusion!..on the bench Italian with obvious problems.. Despite my comment about switching keepers for a penalty shootout being dismissed, I was "pointer" writing on a smart tv so didn't elaborate so here goes.. I can remember a couple of times back a while when to great exposure it was stated that a keeper was being put in for a shootout..can't remember whether it was Europe type cup or International but it was certainly well publicized. It made no sense to switch the keepers at that late stage unless Kepa was indeed injured rather than cramp which was pretty obvious by the way he tried to "stretch" it away. If the switch had been preplanned it would have happened with little problem and with the talk of Kepa maybe carrying an injury I think Sarri thought the worst and was trying to get it sorted. Many times during the season you see a player ready to come on when someone is being "tended" for an injury only for the substitution not happening as the "injured" player is OK...with no comments at all... The other factor is to bring a keeper on "cold" is courting that stage of the game the keeper is in tune (hopefully!) with the flow of the game and is focused and "up" come on cold is very difficult as there is no way a keeper can ease himself into a game. I'm sure Willy would have done his best in any circumstances but Kepa was first choice and unless an injury was evident he was the best bet to continue...pretty much said and done it was a mixture of miscommunication worry and media sensationalism. To crucify a player for trying to explain he was ok is one of the sillier things I have seen on here over the years and in no way is it similar to Costa wanting to come off and being ignored..totally different set of circumstances.
  13. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    IF it was a planned switch it would have been understood from the getgo
  14. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 0 (3-4 Pens)

    Try living in the Carribean and losing to the West Indies!!
  15. Just as players can be mistaken signings so can coaches... bit like asking a girl for a date after fancying from afar..sometimes they turned out to be what you imagined and sometimes not! Because a signing doesn't work at SB doesn't mean he wont be a success or useful else where. I believe Sarri was a mistake but it's easy to say that now..last Summer he looked a good did Scolari in his time....not AVB...the players did turn/ignore him and were good enough and strong enough to dictate the games on their own terms..not so our latest group although I think it's less a revolt than trying to play to a coaches instructions that leave them no room for "open play"...just thoughts.. I will be following Chelsea as much after Sarri as before and now..all things move on...