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  1. "I left my lunch bag here!"
  2. West Bromwich Albion vs Chelsea

    That goes for me too MBiB....stick with us.....and Mark...yep..I get it wrong so often I wonder why anyone bothers to comment on my stuff!...perhaps a boob Hall of Shame needs to be started!!! (Especially for those who delight in puns...a shameful elite!)
  3. Man on....runner...move your f'ing a***....and..."I'm so sorry you missed your header, missed your tackle,lost your bad.......I should have saved that three inch out shot/header"..easy really.
  4. Chelsea 6 Barnsley 0

    Cabs made two very good saves...the hand to the ball that was slipping through Silva in particular....great concentration and reaction....the long shot tip over of course... solid for most of the game and got away with the spill....the "lucky" versus "unlucky" keeper syndrome as it stands at the moment. Cabs Emerson and Barkley showed how good they are at the Barnsley players at that level that is.....Chilwell looked to want to be involved as opposed to easing in..Silva eased in and far too classy and experienced for lowly opposition early slip aside...the real work day games will be different. Sort of game SFL needed to be able to watch players without too much worry about the result. CHO trying too hard not to make an error and not daring to let his "muse" flow..or maybe just following strict instructions?. Wish I had watched Collins game a bit more closely but as ever more intent on the Chelsea performance. Question....if that had been Kepa conceding those six goals what would have been the comments here?...not an "agenda" or trick question...just interested... S
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I suspect most views based on the video were really comments on the somewhat uninspiring filming rather than comments on ability. As pointed out a well edited video can make anyone look spectacular and the opposite of course...Bats anyone? isolation could look a world beater....let the man show his worth or not. I wish him well of course.
  6. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Right...thinking it all over ref. var....I have come to the conclusion that until we have a completely new generation of referees who have been brought up on using var properly we will have the inevitable mis handling ignoring and downright in reinforcing bias. The ref had made his decision long before he even got to the incident on Sunday and in fairness..which I hate to looked nailed on in as far as it confirmed his done decision. This happens all the time and more so before var....lets take an obviously impossible scenario as an example...referee A decides JT is a bully yada yada and every time JT attempts something the ref is looking for proof of his suspicions...I know highly unlikely but lets just go with it as an example...inevitably his view whether obstructed or not is going to see an offence...instant "justice" with only a lino to confirm or question his decision. With a new generation of clued in refs at least they will be prepared to use the system as it is an aid to officiating the game rather than an aid for their justifications. Too much to hope for?
  7. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 2

    Not sure even that Mark....the side shot shows AC's leg being where for him to go....var replays look nailed on red/yellow card but as ever real analysis..not possible it seems at the a different picture...only an appeal would get any joy from Kepa first argument....ref's decision was already made before any review so no choice but to suck it up on the day...however I remember at least one SFL red being rescinded (West Ham?) because what was deemed simulation was shown to be a definite clip on his ankle.....swings and roundabouts they say...but more like a one way slide for us usually!
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep....amazing really...first knee op I had was two weeks and out with crutches..refused to use them but!.....anyway knee replacement "down" at 11'ish ..came round at one...out by 12'30 and home next day....lot of hard rehab but no more pain...except at SB!
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absolutely right ..but...catching the ball is's keeping hold of it that is the hard bit!!!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good point PeteR....but a cool head or unaware?...not a serious question of course...and good to see you back here..missed you.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    PS...rereading my post I see some very silly grammatical and spelling errors so not sure what category I fall in!
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hmm..can't comment on musician jokes...I never was a musician of note but concur with the respect for PC....a quirky observation (!) oversimplify....footballers can be divided into one's with "imagination" and those without... as a rough example..SFL and goalkeepers it is a blessing and a curse....interviews with some keepers basically show there is really no one at home of the pitch..usually successful because the lack of imagination leads to an ignorance is bliss attitude..the more imaginative keeper can easily see the pitfalls and minefields ahead......when on their game that becomes an enormous asset because they KNOW they cannot go wrong...conversely when things aren't so hunky dory self doubt crashes in and disasters abound......who would anyone here prefer?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I regularly fall into the trap of being reluctant to bad mouth any keeper let alone a Chelsea man because of my very modest playing days and having had to face the consequences of "misjudgments" on my part. I expect PC and most keepers ex and current pretty much see it the same way....most adverse criticism is dragged out of keeper "pundits" if you read or watch between the lines. Most vocal are non keepers...but they usually are when playing!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    SFL.."Well Petr what do think of this Mendy guy?"..PC.."Seems ok"......cue DM et al......
  15. Sorry Ham...not off the hook...I was on to them begging for a comeback.