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  1. Forget about the Media in all it's forms...everything was about us. Not the media...who cares what they think (oxymoron of sorts?) JT is OUR hero and deserved everything that WE the fans and the club tried to show him..and a class farewell speech to boot. Chelsea Chelsea is OUR name!!!!
  2. Congrats Seafoot..join the club..reading your great post made me shudder to think I may possibly be the oldest poster here! Mark..Chelsea mates? too... All this reminds me that I must make sure my wife gets on here should I go to the away game that awaits all of us. On to tomorrows party!!!
  3. Why why at any level are True Blue committed Chelsea die hards squabbling about yesterdays man? Right or wrong it doesn't matter. He's the old romances of our youth that seemed to be the "one" forever but went and we moved on to the reality of the present. LET IT GO please....
  4. Sorry...not Southampton ..Swansea...thought it looked wrong so checked!! Now...who for relegation next season?..Wish list ..Manure Arse and The Scousers..sigh...only three?..can't squeeze Spuds in there... and Citeh?..agree Mark..except not so much Pep "failed" lots of managers he didn't succeed..if you see the difference. Unless he adjusts I can't see him doing any better next season. Top four but something missing at this time. I can't see Conte sitting on his laurels but aiming higher with hopefully an upgrade on the "lucky"(I'm a believer in you make your own luck) that such a small ..for practical purposes..squad with few injuries completed the season,although I feel Luis was carry one after the Citeh game for most of the season. The obvious improvement in fitness was another factor. Onward..
  5. My words of Wisdom last August..Sunderland Stoke Southampton relegated ,,Citeh to win league "at a canter" glad to be so wrong!!!
  6. I am not convinced that TC will stay Chelsea on a long term..Although he has had a good season after the disaster that was the last season for most players. Thought he lost confidence and hoped he would return to form which to a large extent he has but "something" seems to be missing.Subtle stuff maybe but he,for me, doesn't seem to have regained the momentum of his early career A young English keeper like Pickford would be a better long term choice but if TC moved on the question of a backup keeper would still face the same good enough to fill in and prepared to sit on the bench. Any player not playing regularly suffers from "rustiness" but for a keeper it is even way can a keeper "play" his way into a game. For all the "progress" of the youth system I am at a loss to recall any long term keeper from the academy since the Cat and I think that was 1960 when he first played in the first team!!!
  7. Thank you ...I mentioned that earlier but no one took me up on it except Bego got caught neither here nor there. Neither came and either punched away or stayed and blocked one way or another.
  8. In some ways I wish we had held on to PC and signed Pickford this off season...I said early in the season that I thought he looked good...... to sign him now would be a drag on his career as TC is first choice (without real competition)..Would be similar to the Stepney/Bonetti situation for those who can remember back that far..shame really as I think he would be a great signing. For all the talk of Alves etc I always enjoy watching way of getting him but would work here I think. As an aside anyone think that Alonso has a running/playing style similar to Eddie Mac? (again for those whi may remember)
  9. Surely it is time for this subject to go to non Chelsea forums?...Whatever the merits of discussing Man U and it's manager are they no longer really have a place in the Chelsea forum. At some level it is almost an insult to our current manager's achievements. I know in the past there have been ,maybe, justifications for keeping it here but now?
  10. Agree with most said here....bottom line is most of those on show could play in the "regular" team and contribute as an individual...put together it was a "reserve" side with a defence lineup that has not played as a unit before. I am still a bit not sure about the first Watford goal. Very easy to watch and comment but I could see what was going to happen and was waiting for Bego to come fast and claim the ball but by he came forward the second was lost and no mans land appeared. Will watch again but if an old keeper can read it from the couch ...? E mail to my wife in Belgium at that time telling her about JT's goal..reply this am.."JT is King!!" On to the party......
  11. My wife and I dated in the 60's(yep!) went our separate ways and met up again 5 years ago and now are married and living a "frontier life" in Colorado..long story but just before we met up again one of her grandsons asked her if she had been to a football match.reply to an astonished teenager..."Of course..went to Chelsea back in the 60's".......still remembered it..and me fortunately!! Great support for me and Chelsea although the well documented on here digs about having met Peter Bonetti...comments on the family when receiving facebook etc.."^^^^ Bonetti as was",,,small price to pay !!!
  12. Hey Mark you say 1969 was your first Chelsea game..who were Chelsea playing?...maybe I was there!! my first game was Burnley the year we got relegated and the Doc dragged us,eventually back up.
  13. Indeed it always was........those who have derided and pointed fingers forget that especially us "more mature" fans suffered through many less than wonderful seasons but stayed with OUR club and now reap the good this moment of special warmth I extend that comment to Citeh fans especially ..they too stuck with THEIR do so many throughout the's players who make the game but the fans provide the heart.
  14. WAAAy off subject but Music! a way off taking my mind off the recent "issues" I sorted out my cd (remember them?) collection and realized how my lifes journey could be charted by so many songs and artists.Much like "sorting" all the greats and not so much Chelsea players over the years!.."American Pie" pretty much supports my musical journey leading on to much more and looking back at some greats..The Ca,t Cookie, Osgood looking forward and back at so many greats...JT well up there with many more. My wife's additional comment on the WBA game was "Did JT come on?"..says a lot (And gives me just a feint hold on the forum!!}
  15. Its ok kev..not anticlimax so much as a letting out of the breath we have been holding for quite some time....anticipating maybe dropping points these last two games and having to go next week worrying if the impossible could all true Chelsea followers's over and Spurs choked did Liverpool and Citeh ..wonderful..Arse didn't even get far enough to choke and manure didn't start...all those unbeaten games were not wins!!... So so smug at this time!!!