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  1. All above posts show a natural true Chelsea approach knowing too much optimism will challenge the Football Gods . After all this is the club that voted a lunatic goalkeeper Player oF the Year and continued to cheer Kezman on despite his inability to score (and greeted his penalty goal with sheer delight!) Guess all this says more about the real spirit of the fans than some of the recent somewhat tawdry bickering on certain sites..
  2. Sorry,forgot Kante (as if one could!!) from Leicester. Understand the thread and not really confused just think it is all a bit academic as what top club willingly sells its top players?
  3. I'm confused again. The starting "11" has only one Englishman (Moses not technically English but) TC apart surely Chelsea acquired the rest from European clubs?
  4. I get so confused with all the "tactics" skirmishing I just thought it was all football and we win or lose depending upon how well we play on the day plus a bit of luck and refereeing errors either way and the opposition getting less goals than Chelsea. But now I know I need to look deeper I realise that I watched Barca play against Valencia using a new defence tactic..a "no defense" system that allowed Valencia to play alone in the barca half and score two goals. Amazing now thanks to all the bickering I can see what I was missing!
  5. Yep missed out on Everton and the program character..and yep I'm 117 with only my Chelsea faculties working!!
  6. Perhaps I'm getting too old as well. Watched the Pool/Citeh game. Enjoyed the result but for me it was another EPL game, Not bad to watch but certainly not one for the memory bank.
  7. Overthinking,,SOB..Son of a Bitch...mild in UK somewhat more profane in USA.
  8. Spot on Bob..Leeds remain my all time most hated club even now! Now Leeds were a great side but the dirtiest overall in my time..the present "nasty" sides have only the dirty stuff to try and level a game needs a shakeup at refereeing levels. The mantra that creative players need to be protected has lasted forever but has yet to be followed!!
  9. All normal Chelsea fans naturally choose to be somewhat wary of predicting success under most circumstances but after last season we all just wanted stability. Conte has worked a miracle almost of the Leicester/Ranieri variety but with a more far reaching plan (I hope..see?) My post as I remember basically hoped for stability and base for the future. Would have taken a lot to predict where we are now.
  10. When Willian seemed to be the only Chelsea "trying" he dropped back and was forever t harassing opponents and winning the ball back or disrupting oppo play, Oversimplification I know but could be a good choice as Wb IF he sticks at that and doesn't "wander" Stoke always a difficult game.
  11. Great post Nobly...doesn't matter if I agree or not points made The great thing about "knowing" is the inner satisfaction and the "oppo" knowing that you know!!..During the Spurs defeat game I had a call from UK asking if I was watching the game. After the Arse game I refrained from returning the call knowing it was being waited for..sooo much more rewarding.
  12. Very good point re the fact that most fouls were on one player and pretty cynical at that. If a traffic cop gives you a warning not a ticket for going over the speed limit and you immediately in his sight speed then what happens? No sympathy for Manure (well that's aa given) or the many excuses for the first yellow as if it wasn't intended,watch it again and it is absolutely intentional and right in front of the ref. He got it right and the second was a foul and after a team warning seconds before. Duh!
  13. The squad is still small. To date with less pressure from midweek games injuries have been minimal and a small number of players have played most games with the early cup rounds providing rest for regulars and experience and playing time for fringe/young players. The number of unsuitable players has been cut back (dead wood really) and Ivan Mikel and Oscar have moved on. Conte has done better with an even smaller squad ( that also means with youngsters in the group) than Jose. Conte lucky re game and injury details? Always mindful of the old adage re luck..the harder you work at it the luckier you are>
  14. "Windmills"?..that was an easy one..try Louie Louie ..NO one knows those words!! Any news on the bloke who tried to congratulate our guys?,,sure that's what he came on the pitch for.
  15. Sorry Kev..watched it at least four times and although as they say Seen them given!" it would have been harsh as Dave's arm really didn't move and it was a bouncing ball coming up at him very close. Watched the game and a replay of it and am a bit surprised at the negative comments. Looked to me as if Chelsea pretty much ran the game and only lacked goals until late in the game.looked much fitter and sharper than Swansea who really only had one clear chance from which they scored and that was due to really sloppy defending from really a not dangerous position. Well taken header but shouldn't have had so much room. A very difficult shot for their keeper from Pedro. Any shot hitting the ground so close to the keeper is really hard and gets a lot of criticism.Certainly not a "lucky" goal imo. Fabergas scored pulled a great save from their keeper and hit the bar...more results around the area than Swansea all game. Three points and onwards..a game in hand for "chasers" is just that. Chelsea have the points from the extra game. Pressure on chasers.