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  1. 5 Chelsea Questions

    This a far more thought provoking subject than appears at first look. Not the "All Time Best " etc but far more personal. Been thinking it through and I am a bit at loss as to where to start as from my early days there is a select eleven..a "middle years" eleven..a modern'ish eleven plus era answers to the other questions. Will complete later but first Chelsea hero is easy...Doc's kids running out of the oldsecond division..the team qualifies BUT..Bonetti/Shellito definitive. PC was the best over the years but The Cat was something Highbury with John Phillips in goal. From an Arse fan.."You haven't got Bonetti in goal to save you!"..out of the mouth of babes!. For all the talk of Kepa can't and PC could watching The Cat in his prime was watching almost poetry in motion his taking of crosses was a thing to watch Shellito?...but for injury he would have been at Wembley in '66..ask George Cohen..he said it too.
  2. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Good points as ever but it is a "job" the back end of a career at a "good job" and family happy why move somewhere and start again?...not an argument set in stone just thoughts..every player is different.
  3. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Well spotted....suspect just the DL Hollywood ones were noted in the past...looked great but rarely amounted to anything..bit different to see play switched from one wing to another..happy days.
  4. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Thanks Droy..that's what I meant a rebound from the embarrassment of yesterday rather than anti Chelsea although I still detect a hint of the old Chelsea bias almost in the dna of officials!
  5. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I have no problem with the three goals stand alone viewing. All cracking goals if we are honest BUT.....first should never have been at that end of the field rather the Scousers should have been trudging back to the ko after going one down at home and all that entails. Salah may or may not have been offside but it was a well worked and deserved goal. We all can look back at many games that were swung one way by an officiating error..Frank v Germany?....and on....VAR is spoiling the game rather than expanding it.... any true offside decisions missed by the ref should be picked up immediately..not three minutes later. The "spirit" or lack of it of a decision is what all fans look for and however grudgingly accept. In a game like yesterday that first goal was the game changer....the days of hand/arm contact obviously not intentional are over.....two wrongs etc ..a hand control of the ball in the area is a penalty anywhere but the Liverpool goal area it seems... I read it here...we will suffer an injustice via VAR at Citeh.....Chelsea and Leicester are this seasons early upstarts and it's a two horse race for the media with Liverpool at last getting the title beating citeh for their just reward unfairly kept from them for 30 years. I'm not a cynic!!..(Still believe in Tinkerbell.)
  6. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    I thought var was there to clear up the sort of stuff let go today? For the table it's good to see Chelsea above Citeh but I don't see any way Liverpud can miss out on the title....13 man side?
  7. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    This is getting ridiculous....push on check...clear check..and in front of ref... But of course it can go both a one way street...
  8. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    Of course it will be soon Nobly. There is no bias in this game..shame on you.
  9. Manchester City vs Chelsea

    That is why he didn't check the monitor....and the high boot incident? a Liverpool away game a red..sorry what am I thinking...Chelsea anywhere I shudder to think.
  10. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    I think the impact the Academy boys are making really shows the positive side of the loan system. Back in the day when a youth player came through he basically came from a reserve side set up and few actually shone initially..notable exceptions of course...but managed to stay afloat long enough to hold up in the game. Now our lads have come in after experiencing the game at a tough competitive level..The Championship is not for the weak or fainthearted. James v Zaha at one time would have been more in the favour of the "experienced" player had James come in from the old it was James had no fear and ably managed Zaha. The game was far too early here for me to watch from the beginning..far too much to do first although I waited until full time to get the score..not strong enough to watch the recorded game without that! Knowing the score helped to watch the game calmly and although I didn't know who scored and when thought Chelsea looked good for the result from the start and instead of going through the same old routines of previous such games...edge of area pass back across nowhere etc the pressure was constant and Palace although defending in depth were always just a touch away from conceding. Good to see Tammy staying alert and getting the goal he deserved. Puli's goal was the sort that shows a player is on his game and making his own luck,,not lucky just aware. As ever this season a smile at every game and not just the result. Droy's comment re Kante..pure gold......
  11. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Only a true Chelsea fan would feel nervous!!!....enjoy the game...
  12. The keepers you name ...I do not basically disagree with your assessment of them but who actually was available at the time Chelsea went looking? The whole TC affair has been argued and been discussed to death. Whatever the conclusions are as to who was at fault etc it still left Chelsea needing a keeper.....seems the young lad who left wasn't fancied for whatever reason and Willie is a good backup but I think over a long period he would come up wanting. There is a reason he came to Chelsea as a backup. Not putting down his contributions over his time as he usually does the business but check back comments about his game after the Cup game that Man City sent a reserve side and to Willie but put as much a magnifying glass on him as Kepa. I hate appearing to be a Kepa apologist because I am not but do want to see a less narrow view of his performances...made an early save against Burnley that kept the game in Chelsea's hands (feet!) and saved two points at the end of the Watford game..not a small contribution to six points just there. I too worry about a lot of the stuff written about him but try to be a bit more positive about the situation.. Kepa suffers a lot in comparision with PC who was the best keeper I have seen at Chelsea..and Bonetti was and still is my hero....not many can stand against PC
  13. Respect your opinion. One of the things that always encourages me is when oppo keepers put a played out ball into touch or mess it up so something to take into account.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Spot on.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Remember the Leicester title season...anyone can make easy predictions but anyone who tipped Leicester at the beginning of the season would have been laughed at and your prediction isn't as far out that's for sure..... hate Liverpool but although I like to watch City not as much resilience ...lost/drawn games both this year and last that they should not have done as opposed to being played off the park. WE WILL SEE!!!