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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree....change for the sake of it is silly...and Chelsea wouldn't do that..would they?
  2. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Another voice of reason.....maybe we should forbid postings until 24hrs after a a serious suggestion but the age of VAR what limits are there?
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    To prove a point.....being able to buy as an option as opposed to no movement at all...and didn't Chelsea sign a youngster?......may be another star one signing now leaves no chance he may develop...
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Transfer questions....for all the demands etc for transfers in this window who is really available?...not dream wish players or short term buys but long term REBUILD well established successful player is going to move at this time and young potentials take a bit of savvy to mark...see recent discussion about Sanchez...looked great but faded if that is the right word...I really thought he was one to go for BUT.... Slight whiff of entitlement wafting around at the moment.....Frank is neither crap nor proven....not doing a bad job with great deal of restriction he had to deal with from beginning of the season injuries and aging seniors didn't help....not being a Frank apologist....if next season with the right players coming in there is no improvement or rather progress then he is as open to censure as anyone but be realistic about the challenges he faces....for all the Derby comments where are they now? We all can comment on areas to improve but with such a restricted squad 4th ain't bad and I believe most of us didn't think we would be that high at this time....forget position this season and look at the plus side...if even only one of Mount Tammy James or Tomori "make it" then surely it will be a success.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    When I first saw this guy I really thought he was a coming star....went to Germany and I really thought he would have been good for us....goodness knows what happened to him. Even when he went to Swansea I was a bit envious that is until he started playing.....just shows as they say......buyer beware...
  6. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Made me think Mark...., not for long though.. I have to agree with you.....and thinking on even the WC Final seems me .have lost some glitter...but then I'm old and cynical.. Qatar?...
  7. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Irony is the best part indeed...but that classic photo ain't far off!!!! Agree with rest of the post sums it up the Cup has sunk to a sorry level....sad to see....once it was the THING to win when only first earned any cudos in the League...THAT final was the peak of my Chelsea days at that time...promotion had been good for a Chelsea fan but really only the fans of promoted clubs really care ..and rightly so...Progress is good and the game has benefited from the expansion of European games etc but still feel a bit of sadness that the Cup . Oh and Droy..any response to my "Sponge" question?
  8. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Well..watched replay of the game and although knowing the result alters to some extent the view of the game there just seemed to be no "Cup Passion" to the game..Chelsea always seemed to be efficient and in control against a lesser side and despite the anomalies of two disallowed goals..correctly according to the "VAR rules" looked more like a late preseason friendly. Good things of course..James CHO looking more like the "prodigy" but Bats showing all that is groanable (?) about his game...for the good it has to be taken into account the opposition strength but nowhere for Bats to hide...shame but how much longer can we give him? Watched the Citeh tie...very noticable that even with injuries Pep has such a deep reserve in his squad and his bench was frightening.....Frank has very little "wriggle room" and no real depth to fall back on....that Chelsea are coping with basically youngsters..however talented and with potential...and veterans with some dross in there is something to wonder at. On an unrelated article on line DM quoting players from THAt final....Tommy Baldwin was referred to as "The Sponge" which I remember well...perhaps I was naïve back then but DM stated it was because of his drinking ability...I thought it was because of his work and ability to absorb anything thrown at him..Droy? help me here,,,
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    My take on CTB....I now totally ignore his/her posts......on occasions when members "get into it" with each other and it becomes irrelevant I ignore those posts even when I enjoy the combatants "normal" posts. CTB's comments are silly and juvenile..if it's a windup then not a good one..but if only good items were allowed here it would be a far less interesting forum... Leave the guy/gal here but do not respond until something worthwhile is posted.....if he/she is a troll then he/she will go away when no reaction is forthcoming.... ALL on here are ultimately fair minded and pretty sensible. When we censor free speech of any kind except for malicious deliberately harmful comments then we are falling into an area that leads towards Mr Orwells vision..... I would add CTB annoys me no end BUT......
  10. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    For all the opinions passed and viewpoints it always seems that, especially during and early post game, the opposition is somewhat dismissed and almost as if they have a nerve trying to win or nick points....I agree and have stated how much I dislike watching park the bus games but that is the way of things. Not trying to defend SFL but looking at the pool available to him it is no real surprise that all is not perfect every game. It may be a tenuous hold on 4th place but did anyone really think we would go into the New Year 4th? Happy New Year to everyone here and keep up the postings!!!
  11. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2 absolutely clear BLUE sky and sunshine....have to love Colorado....but on my shade..still -10C..bit warmer in the sun..but not much...and JaneB...didn't really dismember Susan..well... in my mind!!!
  12. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    Absolutely..a lot more to that young man than sometimes meets the eye..AND he works his b******** off.
  13. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2 Colorado we have (at least in my little world) a temp scale..FCold FFCold and DFA...this am it was DFA....mind you the result today and at Spuds certainly warms one up!!
  14. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    For me the game was an early KO and I have far too much to do first thing so such games are recorded and as best as I can I avoid checking scores. The temp here was -28C and snow over weekend making roads horrible(bear with me here) so my wife did not go to I always ask her (tell) not to give me any scores OR COMMENTS during the game..however must have been into second half when she stated out loud "Oh Dear" and then "You won't like this"....I protested of course and then with great discipline assuming at least a 3 goal trailing waited until the end before checking on a scoreboard app available I checked she said "It's OK you can watch it after all"....2-1 result comes up as I fling her dismembered body out the door ...and a lot here think it was bad watching the game!!!! I watched the game and did not know the scoring sequence or scorers and shuddered as DL lined up to take a FK only to see it gathered by Kepa..whew.. One of the comments printed above the game I think early second half was that Arse had not had a shot on goal since the goal..Emerson of course greatly at fault as he ball watches but the Arse man did move well to get his header in.. A broad response for me to the game was Arse started well and whilst Chelsea were not great reading real time game comments later I realise we all react badly "live" if things are not going smoothly. Chelsea stuck with it and my comment as Frank pulled Emerson was" Bold Move"...Chelsea were far better the second half and if you could get above the frantic battle were if not exactly in control certainly looking to "get in"... Great result ..... get this season out of the way and a good transfer policy..both ways and next season see what SFL can do..or not. (Still with you JaneB..don't mistake my meaning!)