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  1. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    Indeed.....just when you thought it was ok to go back in the water.... About what I expected from the game...but at least three goals should have gone in for Chelsea
  2. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    Ah NB....a true unbiased man after my own I can come up with is teams I don't dislike as much as others!
  3. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    Absolutely agree...Mrs C stopped me from using the word hate by making me look at what it really means and represents,,,and what it does to oneself..... but as you say..exceptions. Actually don't "hate" Leeds...a worthy dislike and feud...
  4. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    Don't forget it's LCD.....and despite some of my efforts this is the ....blanket..Intelligent Forum..... If you ever read the DM "reader" comments you can understand that!
  5. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    OK...detention over!......another very quiet heartfelt tribute.........Thanks NB......
  6. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    Follow on to ease prematch nerves!.....the North/South "divide" was much more defined by player birth origins than today......Chelsea had a lot of "South" players Bonetti Webby Chopper Hinton Ossie Hollins Dempsey Houseman (?)...Baldwin and Hutch were North and of course Eddy Mac and Cookie were Scots..... Leeds had many ":North" players...just an aside.
  7. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    Somewhat surprised..probably shouldn't how most Leeds observations (!) pretty much mirror my own story..especially the Skiatica point about Leeds getting a "push back" from the soft Southerners.....the "We are the tough guys just roll over" attitude....with the likes of Ossie Chopper and co picked the wrong guys....funny too..played up in Newcastle a couple of Newcastle not at Newcastle!....and came up against the same ..mistaken..assumption of soft/tough ratio...
  8. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    A "fan" story.....for the OT replay I was scratching around for a ticket and my sister at that time was at Uni in Leeds. She very kindly got a ticket for me from a Leeds fan source..according to her there was a bad fan reaction and tickets were available from disgruntled fans. The group I drove up to Manchester with had a spare ticket and we had the fan belt go ...long story but got mechanic out and belt fixed....asked if we had a spare ticket...I gave him my Leeds section ticket and got the spare Chelsea charge for the job and he passed us later on the Mway........ And NB....take a detention..spelling mistake....Bonetti.....Matron has been informed!!!!!
  9. Chelsea vs Leeds United

    Ah a nutshelll...and HolyM.....makes me feel old reading of your life changing childhood events! Leeds still my #1 anti team..... not the same as the "old" days...bit like meeting the old school bully now in his dotage with a young tearaway son no where near the same toughy guy!!! The best part about the "feud" is that the "old" Leeds could also play football and beating them was a real Villa Park for the semi....Lorimers FK disallowed...stuff of fabled memory! But now is now and hope Chelsea do the business if only to bring a smile to the many ghosting the pitch.
  10. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Somewhere on the audio there should be my "Stop f'ing about with it!!"....I paricularily loved the so subtle last ;;again..sublime ball to often it is overhit and eludes the forward...but this time it was a thing of precision and perfect touch. Who needs coaches eh?
  11. Sevilla 0 Chelsea 4

    Indeed Ham...can't coach that sort of stuff!!!!
  12. Blue Beer

    OK...we stayed at a hotel fronting the river ( on Chesterton Rd says Mrs C)and a big open space park....walked from there to a snazzy upmarket restaurant..or rather event venue on the edge of the park and over the river..foodie chef type place for family from USA and brides family from New Zealand....great very enjoyable meal lots of trendy courses and fun conversations....I digress....the couple were married at the registry office and walked from there to the venue........(added,,Mrs C says Arundel Hotel) Little bit early so we all went in a pub again on the river and then I had the conversation with the landlord who was a bit puzzled regarding my accent and USA no real beer for ten years comment!.....sorry can't remember pub name but it was a well established place as far as I could see...the landlord said the beer was brewed just down the road...three miles sticks in my head but that may be wrong! Certainly it was a traditional bitter with "body"!!! Accent...not lost it although left UK last time in "87..."I just lurve your accent""Had it a long time!"..Mrs C..very English.."I don't have an do!"
  13. Chelsea vs FK Krasnodar

    I think you are confusing them with the Qarabag brothers...Stovan and Liberec,\.
  14. Chelsea vs FK Krasnodar

    Now I can't jinx it I feel free to say.....every time I see this side mentioned I can't help but picture a video game type World or Quest......"Krasnador End of Innocence" "Krasnador Rogue Warrior of Desolation"....."Krasnador...Quest For The Lost that off my chest...been driving me crazy since the start of the CL!!!!!! Apologies Matron but a burden gone!