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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree Nobly,indeed a wing and a prayer but it is what it is.....just trying to be a bit positive..I know you remember the bad old days but at least now IF anyone is available the finances are available. Seems to me despite all the names thrown around in reality not much available.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    It crossed my mind watching the Spurs game that with specifically Hazard on the pitch Morata will (hopefully) cause lots of problems for defences. The two of them will pull defences all over the place and cause the sort of problems that Costa couldn't...not better but different,not a bad thing.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Great much negativity of late (?)...Screaming for players to be brought in regardless of real availability...Drinkwater?..not good enough is the cry...why not?...not an argument for him but a pro in one of the top leagues in the world. For all the names thrown about as below par purchases I'm sure there are others over the years who can be mentioned who came not as Super Stars but still made a great contribution...Tommy Baldwin comes to mind for those with long memories...makeweight in the deal that took George Graham to Arse as I remember. I trust Droy can come up with I'm sure you all can.................
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    I share the concerns here about the squad size etc but I do get somewhat niggled by the "slave block" approach to transfers. The players are real people with wives/girlfriends children and extended families all of whom are part of the equation when transfers are planned. Example....Club A approaches Club B with an offer for player..Club B accepts the bid and put it to the player..player goes home and talks with the missus..she says "No way Jose..I'm not leaving my family or moving the kids to another country" End of story..Mix up the story with offer initially not enough or player isn't happy with terms and so on and you see how any transfer is a complicated set of issues..even a straight forward one...not a case of a higher bid and the player goes home with top bidder. I hope players do come in but I know all here are passionate about Chelsea and would any of you slink away if Chelsea didn't do so well this season?
  5. Media / Press

    Absolutely.... but it makes good press for them...........ignore them.
  6. Chelsea 2 Burnley 3

    Always been a Courtois "defender" but wish we had bought Pickford.
  7. Chelsea 2 Burnley 3

    This game wasn't lost because of any lack of board purchases argument for another time. The team that started was good enough to win the game......Ref was looking to "make a point" from the beginning..after the first yellow I thought Oh Oh Fabergas won't finish the game.....
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    I despair and wonder if (a) Newman will appear at any stage soon....
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lot of handwringing here reference loans and "tragic' transfers. Chalobah....looked capable but really didn't have many runouts at Chelsea although I appreciate he had playing time at his loan clubs.So to be any Club is and would be... he was not a proven nailed on first team choice..and look a bit deeper..he went Watford...have a bit of time for Watford ..except when facing Chelsea...but hardly a top or even lesser rival....IF he was/is that good and a tragic loss why only Watford?...with a buy back clause then it is not a loss but another avenue..just my thoughts mind. Back in the day when a true reserve squad played in a competitive league backup players played regularily...not so now with basically a squad is the "first team" selection pool and the "youngsters" play in from what I can see as junior football at different levels. The likes of the loan players not getting regular games so a loan or buyback is a way for them to play and maybe develop,too old for the younger squads etc. As pointed out by others really no club produced youngster for a long time has gone on to greater things.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I stated last season that Citeh would win at a canter..... got that right didn't I !!!! in preseason matchups a side with the skill set of Citeh will always look great as the edge is not there as in tough league games and that slight more time allowed is absolutely capitalized by such skillful players...still think they should be thereabouts but remember the great ball jugglers etc would get kicked off the park if they tried fancy Dan stuff in a game. Basically all ball control is used to make space to work in.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well said Bob...this post should be at the top of every new page to keep things absolutely in perspective and posters from a new meltdown every day....
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    GIVE?... Not sure where to post this but preseason wasn't quite right nor Chelsea matches so as this is the most active forum here goes sixpence worth. Most of the pre season games against "top" opposition usually are only relevant for the first half as by the last half hour the sides no longer represent a "first team" and as pointed out different sides are at different stages so the interest is usually how new players look and what if any clues can be gathered as to how our club will line up on day one of the Prem. I still consider Charity Shield as a preseason game of interest only. Missing. Hazard and Pedro for a start makes judging hard and of course we all hope for new signings that will improve the depth of the squad..I await more info from you guys as mentioned before
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    My last word........I live in Colorado..........after 18 years still struggle with the language!! wife was asked in the local King Soopers "Do they speak English in England?"..I kid you not. And..on subject..Sanches?..looked great in the Euros but.....
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I love it when a subject catches hold of a forum and takes over..I'm sure CFCnet is the only place where a subject like languages etc is run with and brings out the best of all posters..serious and humorous alike. Well done guys and gals.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Interesting point here. I lived and played in Spain back in the day. I think I spoke good very bad Spanish..still do..enough to be able to lip read some of the less complimentary exchanges on televised La Liga games. Great point "knowing about" a language which is not the same as communicating.. Never had a problem on the pitch and as a keeper communicating is a key factor. I suspect Diego is not a natural student !! I think his approach overall was/is more important than his ability to absorb a new language.....absorb not learn..thats the key Pete.