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  1. Media / Press

    Sad news....a man from a time when characters were to be found everywhere in the game.....we can only judge our team and players by the quality of the opposition..A worthy opponent and entertaining presenter...R.I.P...Ian.
  2. Coronavirus COVID-19

    2nd JAB for me (and Mrs C) this Saturday (6th) reaction after first jab of any note for but Mrs C had a couple of days of mild/moderate pain on jab area. Not sure crowd gatherings are a good idea until next year and time to assess long term protection.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Out of interest I check the BBC Football site for Transfers a few times a week and wonder at the story behind many of the "unattached To ..." reports...checking today I see Josh..".unattached To MK Dons".......
  4. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Echoed some thoughts of mine...watched a bit of the Brighton game and the Aston Villa game this weekend...missed out on the Manure game although had it recorded..result and comments here had me watching highlights only...I many games I watch are basically the same game...same tactics same dives same officiating etc etc...with rare exceptions very few "on your feet" moments. I read somewhere..Leeds described as "The Leeds Entertainers"!.....if that is the standard I truly fear for the game......I of course am from the Leeds are #1 on the loathed list generation although even the Dirty Leeds side had some great players and could play some great football..which of course made them worthy of our sneers and curses. Citeh I like to watch as they can and do provide some entertainment but when off song they can look a bit samey. The Chelsea input to the problem?.....yep it's there but at least we can see an improvement in some areas and we are aware that TT is looking at everyone and assessing for next season.....I don't go along with the "temporary" status of his appointment.... Indeed..."It isn't the same game anymore " and "I can't believe you'd grow up WITH THE SAME LOVE OF THE GAME AS WE DID" Progress and change is good but somehow the game be heading down a blind alley.
  5. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    More of your sensitive side Mark?.......have to agree with you but I'm an old softy anyway.
  6. Claude Makelele

    Enjoyed the "highlights" mentioned some of the tackling would get frowned upon but pity the art of tackling has long gone. Always had a smile on his face..yep.....but Joe Cole explained that.
  7. Media / Press

    Thanks Droy.. appreciate the effort to reply......seemed a bit excessive but PR agendas know no limits! WC effect on domestic ?
  8. Media / Press

    Just read a report on line..from the Guardian originally I think...seems some 6500 immigrant workers have died since 2010 working on the World Cup construction etc. Is that acceptable in our game?...... in addition to bring up old topic...what the hell is going to happen in domestic leagues with a November(?) WC date. The Lunacy continues... (Please remember "soccer" is not a first line sport reported over here so any info is welcomed by me)
  9. TT has 18 months to prove he should be offered an extension or decide he wants to move on without some of the "complications" a longer contract would entail. An extension would give TT a chance to raise his paycheck if his job performance earns an progress no offer..good progress offer? Wonder what is the thinking at Spuds about length of terms..(not sure what JM was given and can't be bothered to look it up.)
  10. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Crossed my mind a time or two yesterday......lot of guys back then would have sorted him out..not just at Chelsea.....Ossie would have crushed him and ..a bit later..Speedie would have taken him out and been sent a rapturous response. At Elland Road back then he would have gone off in tears............
  11. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Whew Martin.......that's a hard one because a straight yes/no answer doesn't really cover it for me.... To sort of hedge my bets!..I thought (and hoped) that Kepa would come in and progress.(..the thing that pee'd me off most about TC is that he stopped bothering and trod water rather than make an effort to reach a higher level..which he had in spades.} Kepa's potential I felt is/was better than Mendy's Kept faith with Kepa longer than I should have ...he should have been taken out of the firing line far earlier as he had lost everything essential a keeper needs to take into a game but having hit a wall...not as bad as Kepa' one time I could sympathise and once I got back I never faltered again to that extent. Mendy came in and steadied things and as I mentioned is a good mid table side keeper...Kepa has somewhere the better keeper hiding but I'm not sure we will ever see him. Your yes/no answer?...yes but not YES!..the last regular Kepa we As an aside....for me..easy from the couch of course....I think apart from Citeh/Scum all the keepers in EPL at the moment are sort of interchangeable and can see little advantage in getting any of them...marginal benefit at humble opinion only and more than prepared to hear..and consider other views.
  12. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Whew HM.....that's me to a T (TT?)......I'm sure we are not the only somewhat "older" posters who feel the same....teams de first real experience was the Spurs double side as all the :non sporting" kids jumped on the bandwagon...Manure had the Munich syndrome to help them and in truth had some great sides..I remember well the European Cup victory and general well done feeling everywhere,,Now?...wouldn't bother and last time they were in a final without Chelsea I didn't watch it..but do remember watching the Aston Villa Final whilst staying in Norfolk somewhere on business...not now. Oh and the Celtic winning year.......innocence?..probably.....Roy left the building a long time ago!
  13. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Day after calmer view..I hope!.....missed the second half for various reasons but eventually got to watch recording..... great result of course and most points have been covered... Nobody as far as I can see mentioned Alonso getting back and beating two players at the far post to head clear....not his greatest on pitch fan but appreciate what he has done for us and his efforts at the moment. My fear at HT was that AM were just outwaiting us and would jump on the sort of mistake made very early at the back with the less than elegant pass back to Mendy and less than elegant acceptace of the pass! for example... Ultimately AM were waiting for a bus that didn't turn up and Chelsea looked far more composed and in control in the second half..usual lack of real penetration in and around the area but enough pressure to keep AM in an almost neutral gear. TT is doing what he has to on the short term with the squad he has inherited. Will be interesting to say the least to see what happens in the Summer.... Quick comment on the Mendy/ Kepa endless debate ...Mendy is a solid enough keeper but has my humble opinion....his ceiling....steady enough for a mid table going nowhere side but not a top keeper for a club with aspirations...Kepa...always an enigma....possibly able to regain real form and progress but my gut feeling is he may progress but will always be prone to falling off in terms of form....a Gordan Sprake not a David Harvey to open the history books...up and down. Onward.
  14. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    As mentioned..they are waiting for our mistake....smash and grab....I feel less we are pushing them than they are outwaiting us....bad decision for the yellow..Daves foul....