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  1. Media / Press

    Usual considered response Droy...thank you....a discussion that can go on for a long time....get your point about other add is that I believe deer are responsible for most deaths here by "animal"...(and I know of moose threats and elk attacks so my insurance policy will stay accessible!).I hit one and was lucky..I knew a music teacher who hit a deer and is in a wheelchair for life.
  2. Media / Press

    There you go.....the real world isn't leafy suburbia....reality is hard to accept if someone has never experienced what goes on...was really afraid for my life in fault wrong place...same everywhere....never got into any trouble at games during the really bad days because knew where to be or not to be...Media is a disgusting social big s**t stirrer...
  3. Media / Press

    Sorry missed a COLORADO..all gun transfers require a background check..just get caught with an illegal firearm...
  4. Media / Press

    OK Droy..yep I could go out and buy any legal firearm today..IN COLORADO...with my Colorado ID..all States are different...because I have a clean Colorado and National record for the mandatory back ground check.... it's not the laws that are wrong..millions of law abiding gun owners go through all the hoops to purchase a you really think any person who is forbidden by law to buy a gun actually follows the system?...too lenient approach to gun violations but if I screw up with a hunting offence I lose all privileges...I'm a bird hunter and dog firearm needs are different from a target shooter or a big game hunter or home protection..I live in a rural county...the shotgun I have close at hand is for the unlikely but possible threat from a bear/lion or rabid critter ..the last being most probable...teenage girl from church a while back had to deal with a rampaging bear in her garage and a young boy was attacked by a lion in our community last year..made International news.....don't confuse inner and not so inner city gun violence with the majority of law abiding citizens. Thats the sensationalism and often lack of knowledge by a reporter...there is a problem of course..but it is part of the issues being ..again..misreported by the media..I could go on and elaborate on the laws but only wanted to undo the mainly over simplistic views from UK..and I don't mean you do look into things.. Concealed carry is different in each State..I can carry a handgun openly in Colorado..without concealed carry permit I have to have it visible..I don't have a hand quote a friend during a somewhat fraught confrontation in New Mexico,,,I was passenger with handgun under seat..close to Mexican border and 5 miles or so off the nearest (dirt) road ..after "incident" was over the conversation ended with.."..any way you are s**t with a hand gun",,"Not from two feet!"...long way from Fulham Broadway!!!
  5. Media / Press

    Ok guys...tell me what the gun laws are over here........
  6. Media / Press

    PS..sorry bit nothing to do with you!..messed up on previous post I deleted!
  7. Media / Press

    Let me give you all a closer view of "policing" my County it is a Sheriffs Dept...they have dealt with land argument issues..buffalo pushed onto another ranchers property and river bank damaged ..a nasty murder just below us ..Asian drug related is the word..young girl burnt to death..mountain lion attack near us..local deputy killed during a foreclosure issue...not your average PC Dixon "Town" and even the next county a totally different set of issues..and sorry Droy the gun laws are very tough but not inner city kid with an illegal handgun is totally different from most up here who have firearms for different reasons.I sold guns for ten years and know exactly how that works..I refused maybe 10 sales because it was not right and my word was argument from any management. Denials were rare and most appeals were a rescinding due to "errors". It's not the Wild West in most of America ..big city stuff is mainly gang related and just check the real statistics on police shootings re black/white...Oh and when stopped on the road all real people make sure the officer can see their look left look right to cross a road..... Military equipment..please....put on camo doesn't make you Special Forces...if the equipment works for the job it's just that ..gear.... This is a huge country and every state is different..different dynamics and one size fits Park County a local vote agreed extra tax to help the Law Enforcement..hardly an anti police policy...the latest troubles are politically driven and if anyone wants more info please pm me
  8. Media / Press

    A very true first hand story...from the LEO who was there...local LOE contingent sent to help control an largely unreported "demonstration" in small town Colorado......"protestors" in usual screaming tirade etc at police...but in front of the police barrier a line of quietly armed locals facing the "protestors" media reports..wonder why? The Media misreport our game..."People's Team" etc...and how on Earth can we believe anything printed is not slanted or with an agenda?
  9. Media / Press

    I'm not so sure yours is such a minority view.....
  10. Media / Press

    Hmm.....Sterling was talking about diversity in Management/Coaching I thought....not well presented but entitled to his view....a player I admire and respect...He of course only made it to the top because he worked at his game, has great talent and does "the business" on game day......whereas SFL only made it to the top because of ethnicity family connections in the game and luck... of course that is reason he has a career history that is remarkable...all the work and effort he put into his career really is of no relevance. I agree very much with Droy's view of media pressure. They just have to push an agenda that leads to division often where little exists..I have never seen team mates at any club .showing any "racial" division on the pitch...pretty much like real life..... Great talent and brilliant football career does not automatically lead to a successful management/coaching career...Bobby Moore was as great a player as you could point to but his management career was very insignificant..doesn't take away his greatness as a fact how many top players have made the switch successfully? 20 Prem Clubs..say a total of 600 many will make it as a coach let alone a top coach?.....
  11. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 1

    Well..sorry NB (and Ham) have got me going..didn't. watch either Chelsea game or any game for that read the comments here but I cannot watch games that pander to "fad politics" position?..Black lives matter...all lives matter.." Black Lives Matter" as a distasteful political entity does not matter..Quotes.."Pigs in a blanket..fry them like bacon".."What Do We Want?","Dead Cops".."When Do We want It?".."Now"...take a knee for these sort of community pledges?...Take the knee here is an insult to the National itself no big deal but it dishonours thousands who died for their country..wherever that may be..when I finish here I will be filling in my postal vote for various Federal State and County positions..something that seems to be missing from much of the events of late..... Sorry..Promise Jane and MT..... no more politics but want to make it clear what it all means to me and my life long support of MY Club.
  12. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Sorry for your loss hope things improve for you.
  13. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I live in America...been here over 20 years so not blinded by first flush of contact..... Problems?...of course.....I too have "Black Friends".........ordinary not unusual situation in real America....not rich spoilt but same as most "white friends"...worked hard got what they have by working for it....Protests in Denver BUT Denver is not Colorado anymore than NY is NY State. I DO feel insulted by Chelsea and others taking the knee....not because I can't see the real issues here..and elsewhere... but because it addresses nothing..hate Trump hate USA if you so desire..that is a priceless freedom..try that in Murcia circa 1946 for instance. If not for USA I would be speaking German..Europe would never have been rebuilt.....not a small thing.... So much protest but no answers something...yep...any suggestions?....".wait..lets break into a store and steal stuff....ok here's a food market..lets get some food..are you crazy..heres a store with designer nike boots..." And the nice supportive Brits etc raise a hand in "solidarity".....grow up and address the real issues properly. I'm done here and with Chelsea..........
  14. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Very much respect the intent but always seems ironic to me that incredibly well paid athletes (and celebs) think they are making any difference...some do but put your money etc.....
  15. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Please....look a lot closer at everything that went on and is going on......the "media" having a field day and encouraging turmoil. The non media narrative is something like.."Terrible incident shouldn't have happened and we are appalled BUT...".....bluntly?..a not very successful criminal commits a silly crime too stoned or dumb to leave the scene gets arrested things get very bad very quickly and inexcusable and an appalling outcome ensues..The "bad" cop is arrested and charged ..then protests breakout...the "Gentle Giant" with a prison record for armed robbery and such becomes Ghandi MLK and Mother Teresa all in one. The whole thing is a terrible indictment of many social ills but kneeling is a hollow gesture and rioting harms only our own neighbours and leads to nothing..empty gestures are not what is needed heads and common ever in short supply ..must prevail. Protest if you feel the speech is priceless...riot?....yep..that works.....