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  1. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    TC also couldn't get down fast enough and rarely if ever made a brave attempt at smothering or blocking a ball at a players feet...see the Citeh boy for that....the three C's for keepers...Courage Confidence and CONCENTRATION...all feed off each other...for the good and unfortunately for the bad when form drops.
  2. Yep...but Mark you only get what you earn...good to see you back and in better spirits.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whoops.sorry Droy and all..sometimes forget where I am!...Dodge Ram competition for the Ford F series trucks...Had F250 and now have 2002 1500 Ram truck...keep dreaming between the new Ram and the new F250....relying on winning the lottery..hope springs eternal...just like us "older".Chelsea guys. Up here needs a somewhat more aggressive vehicle in the winter...favourite comment on the road in summer for the dinky flash vehicles.."See you in January" Waay of subject but did anyone see the BBC interview of the young boy attacked by a mountain lion in Colorado a few weeks back? It happened in my community {my sister said she saw the interview}.Tough on the Frontier!
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yeah lust after a brand new Ram truck so letting my want show too much!...meant on the short term old reliable {whatever that is} players can do a job before a brand new replacement is brought in and we have no choice at the minute about getting any new blood in. Rather like Mrs Chara's response to my desiring a new truck!
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure what happened but my "quote" wasn't mine!...and I do indeed wonder how we got into this mess....many theories and finger pointing but maybe the ones who should have seen it coming just didn't believe the ban for example would happen.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well presented viewpoint. Hard to argue with it. As always it's not where we need fresh players of quality more who is available. I really want a new Ram truck but have to put up with my older truck that still does a good job..but for how long? That is another long have we got until older players run out of time.Ideally young potentially very good players should be signed when it becomes possible but of course the trick is to identify them..track record not too good at Chelsea...Hazard of course great buy .and a few very bad choices. During "normal" times it usually works out over time but at the present time almost a perfect storm of bad timing given a weakening of the base with no chance of strengthening from the outside.The "kids" are doing well but early days and a long season to take it's CHO and RLC showed last season. Not all doom and gloom and as long as we the faithful stay that way and don't have too high expectations for this season hopefully Chelsea will go onto better days with a new outlook....
  7. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Well Nobly you are being reasonable and pretty much taking the line most of us do BUT I believe Droy means the "agenda" type postings that only take one view of a player.For example I'm still not convinced about RLC on a long term but am very willing to accept it if he proves me wrong and not fixated on a negative.
  8. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Thanks mate...appreciate a thoughtful response to my post. Hoping for the results you suggest. Was just worried that too much may be expected quickly....your views are not just hopeful knee jerk ones...thanks for that...and yep...the full back role is oft underrated....when a full back starts to decline in the modern game there is nowhere to hide.
  9. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Didn't see the game but I think he will blow hot and cold this season....result of the years beginning to catch up....hope more hot than cold of course..been a great servant of the club and deserves support but it is a harsh game and the years always catch up. Hope he is able to bow out gracefully over a season or two.
  10. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Now now Paul..stop being accurate ...need a said before I save every goal from the couch and although there are certainly aspects of his game that can be criticised the specifics of the goals conceded are as often as not due to less than stellar defending..bearing in mind the "defence" is not settled at this time so not surprising. PC he is not but then neither are most of the top keepers out there. It may be a shock but all sides are actually trying to score.No one pointed fingers at the Wolves keeper for conceding five but OUR guy gets damned with faint praise at every turn. No one seems to blame him for the "consequence" goals...those that result maybe 2/3 moves from lack of a clearance (defenders as well} or lack of movement..hard to pick up but those are the things I worry about and watch for rather than close in shots.
  11. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1 and again I get a bit suspicious of Father Christmas...Tinkerbell however I do KNOW is real! Didn't see the game due to hospital apt and only got back in time for missed penalty ..followed the game on here at that stage so unable to make any comments but I'm a little concerned that James keeps being mentioned more and more. Not that I don't want to see what he can do but rather there seems to be a build up of expectation that is very unfair on the boy. Almost being mentioned with the same breath as Kante coming back...Don't want to see him ease into the side and hammered because he is human not a second coming of a world class full back yet.Have high hopes for him but please let him progress without over bloated expectations.
  12. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Hmm...5 excellent goals....good away win against a good side..not great side but good...Tammy gets hatrick..first goal for Tomori...Mount with another very well taken goal...and all some posters can seem to see is an issue with our Keeper? Both goals he blocked the shot..unlucky touch on to Tammy who obviously felt Wolves needed guidance....and the shot he blocked and got bundled back in....I'm all for high standards but for goodness sake keep a sense of proportion Really didn't want to get into the "weak wrists" debate and will not comment on that so please don't come back at me with's beginning to look like a self fulfilling prophecy with everything blamed on short arms and weak comment on the header being won or the ball in that set up the second goal from close in and basically unchallenged...or was there no real merit there from Wolves or mistakes from the defence?...
  13. Transfer Talk Topic daughter brought home a little black kitten whilst we were in Spain...she called it chara because SHE said it was a version of black in Spanish....she was about ten and fluent in Spanish and reputed to have the dirtiest mouth in the village....
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh Ham...don't read too much into that! Nope..I wish..Chara was a black cat I had many years ago...not my first or last...but one I like to remember which is why I use the name.