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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Have to agree...suddenly it seems RLC is (again) the next big product from the youngsters..he's what? 24...done much better the end of this season but somehow I don't see him taking a game by the scruff etc...needs to do it for 90 minutes and about every game..not cameos however good they are..and I wish him well after recovering from the latest injury but don't really see him as a player to build a team around..although I wish he were and if he proves such I will acknowledge it.
  2. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Hmm...when it can cost you in many ways to express an opinion it is far easier if you are relatively untouchable regarding financial well being. I think that was the point of the observation.
  3. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    First surprise for me was how strong a Chelsea side was put out last night...second bigger surprise was the state of the pitch.... couldn't believe it was so bad for the top tier of American Soccer....I pass better school pitches every day. Seen a lot of preseason games over here and usually the players look preseason fit and sometimes allow the inferior opposition to look better than they are..last night coming at the end of the season and even allowing for some tiredness the Chelsea players were head and shoulders above the oppos without really having to push anything..stronger faster even in second gear . RLC? can you protect a player 24/7..they have to play/train with all that the day I missed a season with an ankle injury sustained in preseason someone said.."**** happens"..Shellito's ultimately career ending injury happened in an attempt to get match fitness during the terrible winter that year.(a great loss to Chelsea and the national team). I hope RLC recovers of course and wish him well.
  4. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Many thanks....the complete scene is even more appropriate!!! and the media guys(!!) who look up at Coburn over the dead body.....classic...
  5. Andreas Christensen

    Perspective..1966 WC Final....Stiles 24, Bobby Moore, 25, Ball 21, Hurst 24.Peters 22, FWIW.....Banks 28, Cohen26,Wilson31,Jack Charlton 31,Bobby Charlton28 Hunt 27, The bold print players were all established players and all had great careers...and we talk about worh in progress for players of the same age group..I know the game has changed but I think any of us would bite an arm off to take one of the "younger" group. Just saying...
  6. Andreas Christensen

    Thank you a nutshell...
  7. Andreas Christensen

    AC and RLC (and many others in the past and now)both suffer from the fan unfounded belief, encouraged by media hype, that every high profile junior will emerge from the system as a new star..wishful thinking and a feeling that if we believe/want enough it will come true. Back in the day I lost count of how many guys I played with or against who had."been at... name your own teams..." but didn't make the grade....the lower leagues and middle lower Prem teams are full of youth graduates from many clubs who although competent pro's are not quite good enough for the very top..few are. Both AC and RLC are for me "cusp" players..almost good enough long term for the very top but as yet not quite there..and time is running out for them...RLC much better this season but no longer a "youth prodigy" and with a dodgy back wonder if he will kick on..again time is running out and he doesn't seem to have 90 minutes in him for whatever reason. AC also seems to have a lack somewhere in his game..not bad but missing something..perhaps JT spoiled us..and as pointed out, no real player of stature to help him through the early trying times..Luiz is not a player to shepherd anyone through a game...Kepa has settled in eventually but I shudder to think how it must feel with Luiz having brain farts as your central defender... I wish all graduates well but many are called but...…...
  8. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    A classic Western Movie scene came to mind as I read through the comments here regarding media fawning etc. Maybe showing my age but in "The Magnificent Seven"..James Coburn is challenged to a knife/pistol competition...the pistol man insists to all around that he "won"..he goes to Coburn and tells him to confirm the result..... Coburn looks at him and says simply..."You Lost"...hmmm Wish I had the tech ability to post the clip but....
  9. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Out of curiosity I checked out Sky Sports League positions over 50 years. I did wonder why 50 years but it's a round figure so checked it who do you think is #1?..Liverpool of course. It all became clear at that point. Last twenty years?..hmmm...Sky had to go back 50 years as part of the Liverpool luvfest..have to smile..we may take the pee out of them but the "pool media fanbase actually do a better job than us... Oh and while I am here I have finally resolved my dilemma regarding the CL has to be Spurs. Liverpool without a thing this season would clinch it for me..having said that watching Spurs fanbase disintergrating would be fun as well...our Final?....can handle a loss....nothing could match JT of all people slipping with a penalty so...
  10. Pretty much on record of not being convinced about Sarri long term but have to give credit where due. In the end on paper a much more successful season than anticipated. On a different note...I am probably the oldest poster here..not a claim to fame or a first game at SB was Dec 1961 a loss to Burnley….NEVER in all these years and many ups and downs at SB have I booed Chelsea or a manager..and there have been many times when things were bad. We may squabble on here with view points but that is like a family "discussion" flabbiness about OUR club with outside people! Some really insightful posts all over of late..once away from individual dog fights there is so much sense and real appreciation of the game here.
  11. When all is said and done it's not being 4th or 3rd Europa Cup or Sarri achieved that because/in spite of the players etc It's how much did we enjoy the football being played and the overall "feel" of the progress of Chelsea. I will always take a scruffy win against an honourable defeat. For those sort of "touchy feely "results I'll watch another game rather than Chelsea!! Having said that can anyone really say they "enjoyed" the football this season?.....some magic moments as ever but as a season?
  12. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Why anyone listens to that Ian Rush clone without the talent I have no idea. My budgie could put out a better article/interview..and I don't have a budgie..
  13. CFCnet 18/19 Awards

    Done...couldn't get the link on my so called "Smart TV' panic..but ok on PC phew...
  14. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    According to Sky Sports News yesterday..NBC here show it now at 9am.....Steve Clarke was voted Scottish Manager of The Year or some such..and says he misses his time "down South" with his family,,,loves his job but misses family...any thoughts of him returning? agenda....just want to know what people here think. I'm with Mark here.....nothing about Chelsea is Black and White (thank goodness!! Blue IS the colour) Credit where it is due to Sarri but just cannot see him as a long term successful coach.If I am proven wrong I will gladly and with relief hold my hands up and apologise but I see no real coaching masterclass at any turn. Off topic completely..thought when Drinkwater signed he would be a hard working cog adding to the side..rather like Barkley is meant to be..I think...anyone have an insight as to why he is in the cold?...Remember I am a long way away and gossip trivia etc only filters through slowly if ever. Help a football innocent here.
  15. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I do love puns and word play..thanks Jane... so pleased BHA stayed up and Warnock etc dropped....sorry Fulham didn't survive but so far so good in the EPL. Think Droy was right...once all those foreign sides became well known a lot of the excitement left the competitions and RM for example became another side seen often rather than the mythical side that won so many European Cups in the day. Another thought..may post something on the match thread..but RM V Eintracht was one of the classic games of my youth..special club evenings watching a film of the match....anyone remember?