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  1. World Cup 2018

    My final thoughts...WC Final provided for me the most embarrassing moments in the Competition...The second Croatia goal..even beats Willy's effort..and Pogba's almost Harold Lloyd'ish effort in front of goal near the end..Thanks guys......
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe I'm not quite so anti TC as Mark but not too far off..The bold above is what I absolutely agree with..from the getgo in the WC he actually looked as if he cared...the willingness to do anything to keep the ball out which for me was missing far too often here. He also looked a lot fitter to me anyone else think that?..much thinner,I thought, in the face. The Hazard question is a bit harder..I keep seeing the part which says basically it's up to Chelsea. I think he will stay. So a new season with another signing or two in the offering. Rather than doom and gloom lets hope for sunshine and smiles!!!!