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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure if this is the right place but although I agree with most Morata views I still am ,barely, a Morata wisher. Watching all the preseason games it looked to me as if no one playing at CF or whatever it is called now got any real service ...I realise I am not as analytical as many here and some are way above me but every game looked the same up top..missing key players of course. Who would anyone bring in who could alter the situation?...forget dream transfers and look at one really who would answer the question from where I sit...
  2. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Worked for Chopper and "Bite yer legs"!...(Couldn't resist..much more to both players as there is to Kante!)
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whoops it's Colorado Rapids not Rockies that's baseball (and closer to Chelsea or rather an old Chelsea)
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oh Nobly..that is all you and I and many on here have to do is find a desert Island and live our lives out in reckless postings on all and every amusing or targetable football "things' ...a noble cause that we all seem very qualified for... Into the past I can see a young Ossie coming out of the mist with Hutch and Houseman backing him up as "The Good The Good And The Brilliant" Title comes up and a group of Red clad baddies mass before them...….. I worry sometimes!!
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Me too Nobly but of course now I know everything or to be more precise don't give a flying something about opinions that disagree with me! Not that I don't respect or consider other views I just don't worry if anyone differs. Absolutely right about Steve Francis..went to Swindon I believe (Droy where are you?) I was at the "banned fans' cuptie at Wrexham with the Wrexham keeper touted as a future Welsh keeper and the Chelsea keeper touted as a future England prophecy was right! Never quite understood why Francis didn't go on to great things but I was younger then and not so critical of Chelsea players or rather now I have a colder eye!! Been trying to find a place to get this last bit in so make no apologies for losing the thread! The Kranke sister who has taken over at The Arse is the owner of my"local" MLS club..Colorado Rockies..I have vowed never to attend because of him (Tribalism at it's worst but now never even follow the side results! (Howard in goal and an English coach but..) THANKS needed to get that in!!
  6. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Good start 3-0 away.regardless of oppo's.anyone think that having three Spanish speaking players in the back four was guided by having a new keeper who is..Spanish?..having said that the Basque lot do speak funny!!! TC has been bashed enough but I have to say the new lad looks "clean" if you get my drift.. Long way to go but a penalty away from home?...some directive from above maybe? I am inclined to think the Everton sending off was caused by the ref confusing the Blue shirts and "our" ref not getting the yellow kit... anything is possible I suppose...
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Was asking myself the same question earlier today. Maybe there has been a top keeper in situ everytime a youngster gets to the stage to be considered? On the other hand there are no Chelsea produced keepers setting the game alight elsewhere. Droy rightly pointed out Sherwood might have made it but really no likely candidates for that to repeat no one hitting the headlines.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pity he wasn't more relentless when playing... a top keeper who I first backed and wanted to do well but as I watched my mind... lose interest it seemed, I felt more and more insulted as I considered he was dissing the a modest keeper I never ever played at any level with that lack of respect for myself and the team....a bad game or form is one thing..gets us all at times but lack of commitment is unacceptable..words on Kalou recently...he at least tried...
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Lots of shock horror at the price of the potential keeper signing and why no striker if we can pay that for a keeper and on and on. It's a lot of cash sure but IF the boy is as good as forecast then for a long term essential position it is a good investment..keepers improve with age unlike the top strikers who inevitably slow down earlier..I don't remember the fee for PC but had it been the same as bandied about at the moment everyone would be saying what a great purchase it was over the long period it covered. As pointed out by others the factors involving signing for a new club are many and can be complex. It's not just money, Anyone here changed jobs and moved (or not) after discussions with wife family etc?..If your partner is against moving for whatever reason it's not the road to go. Wasn't it Crespo who eventually left because of family concerns? (That was a loss for sure) Always a gamble whoever comes any position..not every buy is a Dave or a Hazard as we well know!!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Time difference means that by I get on here it is well into the afternoon in UK and I have about ten pages to wade through! Courtois ..I have been consistent for quite a while and consider he does not commit himself to the position every game..picks and chooses...look at the Citeh boy...every game goes he where it hurts and was worth points even to Citeh..TC can leave or rot..I would prefer him to rot as I feel he is a disgrace to the position and from what I can see he was well treated by Chelsea in that he was eased through the system into the first team at the expense of a club legend who handled it with class. At the time it was the correct long term footballing decision but hindsight is a lazy argument so leave it at that. In the real world his behavior would be punished at one level or another but in football bad behavior is rewarded . Most of the press rumours this closed season have been garbage (whats new?you say) take the Willian saga,,Barca RM Manure and so on...nothing happened and Willian played on Sunday! Hazard?...only press talk basically...seems a settled family man and why would he move? Will always be a star at Chelsea as opposed to having to prove himself again at a big club....doesn't strike me as that kind of player and I'm sure money is not the issue. Just thoughts and I could be wrong of course..sorry didn't mean that I'm sure such comments are forbidden here!! a comment in the mail I think..RLC referred to as "England WC star" or some such. One good "friendly" and various substitute appearances with little impact hardly earns "Star"....
  11. Official: Chelsea Sign Rob Green

    Always liked Green and was surprised that he didn't get further in his career, Need to see how he plays now but regardless of Willy's good display yesterday I have an edge for RG.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    OK.....maybe I have missed something over the years but for all the finger pointing and name calling on here do we actually know what the process is at any given time and any potential transfer/sale?...To expect that the manager/coach (and staff)has no input on transfers is decision has to be a financial one and we are not privy to any details of ongoing business but just as there is much speculation on here surely for example Carlo C as a keeper might comment to "someone" (coach/backroom) that he fancies keeper x but thinks keeper y is a bit dodgy?...Marina might be Cruella DeVille for all I know but maybe she is just someone with a very difficult job needing to balance books etc..unlike Citeh for example who from Droy's excellent list show that they can spend as much as is needed and discard at will keeping everyone happy with maybe wages? No..I'm not happy with the apparent setup at Chelsea but I am a fan who watches the game..I don't run a business that happens to be a Football Club....I can pick the best side every week and not have to answer for mistakes..I can make the best transfer decisions every season and not pay the bills or take into account individual needs of transfer targets and that includes family and personal desires to move or not move. Having lived in warmer climates and much more casual social settings I can assure you a stroll to a good outdoor restaurant in Spain and Italy sure beats a wet walk in Central London or Manchester (over simplified but you get the point)
  13. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Strange game for me in many ways...the 1-0 loss a while back to Arse in the same fixture and the goal that beat us left me very "hurt" and beaten..Yesterdays game was totally different. Being beaten didn't bother me so much..and I am a bad loser!...but the way of it..Citeh looked as if they could score if they could be bothered and Chelsea barely got a shot away that good cross from Azi and the Tammy effort well smothered by Bravo..not my top keeper pick at any time!...defensive highlight was Moses playing a great ball out of defence to start an attack..only concern was it was out of the Citeh defence..sums a lot up.... Chelsea seemed so slow thought as well as pace..I'm all for playing out of defence but with some pace and an eye for attack..not just recycling. Hopefully returning players will make a difference but where any goal threat will come from on a consistent basis I cannot fathom.
  14. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Hate being negative but no real encouragement not to be. Morata was only just a little more anonymous than Hazard and to be fair how could you expect the Chelsea defence to know a new comer to the English game like Aguero could score given space around the area and actually be able to finish a move with a fair now. Been a "wisher" for Morata but he has to move on..Alonso?..thanks for some great contributions but time to look away..Sarri?..another Scolari?...hope not but..... Positive bits....can only get better with the missing players returning (I hope!)...the youngsters looked as if they wanted to be there.about it I guess;; GK note...both keepers basically rejects at Citeh...says something I guess...
  15. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    Not Willy..the young lad should play....Willy is done.has not looked up to it for a while...go with the boy …(not RobG! who I think should be #3 if TC stays...)
  16. Media / Press

    Freudian slip perhaps?
  17. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 1 (Arsenal win 6-5 on penalties)

    Internet down all day here so haven't read earlier posts so sorry if repeating anything. First ten minutes thought it would be a walkover and first half looked good if not brilliant. PC showed what a difference a good keeper makes and Chelsea could have had four by halftime including the pen. I can't imagine anyone actually believed Morata would convert it. Body language etc was like a beacon. At last I am beginning to agree with the Morata has had enough time to prove himself band.Who decided he would take it?...(2-0 and it was all over. Deja vu as RLC stepped up..for me at least it looked as if he didn't believe he was going to score. I hate losing any game and to lose this non game is still a hurt!!!
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    For all the doom and gloom and concerns (which really is what the doom and gloom really is) is there anyone on here who can stand up and say if the sky actually falls in a football sense they will no longer follow Chelsea and will renounce any loyalty before searching for a "glory" club or current media darling to swear allegiance to and claim a forever love affair with their choice? Will a mid table or lower "6" spot be unacceptable and lead to defection?... Many here from what I can surmise followed Chelsea into the second division and back again..why?..because Chelsea is our team..simple really... Take what the season brings.... start with optimism at least..more reasons for than against as things stand.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    We make so many assumptions re players "wishes" and the boards (Marina's) penny pinching and failure to buy/sell player x y and z, When I make a major oven fridge etc I try to keep to a sensible figure and do my best to asses the current prices. If my budget is X I do not generally pay an inflated price above that figure. My last vehicle purchase involved a trade in and the salesman was "silly" with the trade in..I understand sales ploys but I just laughed and said I'd rather keep the vehicle. There is usually a point in every transaction where a decision must be made..Buy a "Messi" at a stupid figure?...not a Hazard as a youngster?..worth a punt. We do not know the negotiating that goes on but choose to deride the "board" for not completing transactions that we do not even know exist!!!
  20. The Captain question is very simple..and a bit more complex!....the man who attends the coin toss is a simple choice..real captains are the leaders on the pitch...not just one "designated" player... JT of course was the ultimate Captain Leader etc,,but also on the pitch were SFL PC and DD..all leaders by example and inclination. Hazard just has not got the mind set for a "battle" as captain but certainly has the bottle for his own individual skirmishes etc.Too often he is the target of absolute butchery and deals with it in his own way...JT and Chopper for example dealt with (and put it out!" ) stuff at a team control level if you get my meaning.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe heresy but was rooting for Citeh against Bayern....was impressed that a "shadow" Citeh still played like the real Citeh in style and looked a bit scary for the long term unlike Manure and JM's moans...get on with it not bitch and's preseason and publicity and exposure for the "brands" Even the Charity Shield is only a "bigged up" preseason game now..(Although want to win of course but no real difference to the season.)
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ah,,trips down memory lane..Larry Glinniker ..what a goal scorer....Malcolm Mc Donnell....and the great foreigners (when we could use that term) Johnny Crufts and the hated Belladonna and the Tail of Dog...Happy days!
  23. Good'ish first half...preseason look at players..second half pretty much giving runouts to lost any meaning if it had any. Worried about Christensen injury..and Willy certainly didn't look #2...TC goes without replacement and Bulka looks ok but unproven. Same old corner waste....let the opposition give their keeper crossing practice!! Same short corner foolishness...good positive penalty shootout but in the end just a preseason warm up.
  24. History and Football … no surprise on here ..oh wait,,we ain't got no history...(or good grammer) I fly both Stars and Stripes and Flag of St George...respect for where I live and where I come from..Visit from Sheriff a while back..routine inquiry re dumped boat below property..yeah 9000ft above sea level but!!... anyway after speaking to us remarked "Often wondered about the English flag"