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  1. Newcastle United vs Chelsea

    Getting ahead of yourself here MK........
  2. Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

    Thanks MT,,,,,,,,,not sure what difference it made,,,strange,
  3. Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

    Question...As usual I watched with the sound off and may have missed something but...why did Malmo change keepers ?...and I read on BBC someone stated only the second time two penalties scored against two different keepers...and claimed 22 years to the day...unconfirmed ...any updates? Training exercise for last twenty minutes or so..... steep price for an easy victor....two nasty injuries from a recovery point of view.
  4. Khobar's Legacy

    But but but PW...they "deserve" more...same as the Geordie fans "deserve" more....add any media current past or future's their "Right" .........
  5. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1 was a lazy post from me....didn't mean that AC was a youngster....I should have made your point clearer..... but still a young back three with a less than effective "leader" as you say.
  6. Chelsea 4 Malmo FF 0

    WE need a rest from Lukaku!.... but I think TT will start interesting to see his starters for this game...I keep getting the feeling he is basically trying out players in different combinations and we just happen to top the table at this time. Is there a long haul strategy simmering rather than a strike for glory one season at a time?
  7. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Up until then I think the shots on either goal were shown as one each (as I recall but may be wrong but not by much!) and the hail mary finish is what is remembered and as you say Mendy saved everything...but that is what he is there for...that's not "luck". In no way am I damning Mendy with faint praise...I love the guy....he goes in where it hurts...always. in some ways I have a stronger keeper affection for him than PC...... I can relate to him in many ways but of course many many levels down. I have sneaky feeling TT will play Kepa good a game as any to assess his return to a semblance of a good keeper..
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    The media led chorus...eagerly taken up by us masses...that the Newcastle salt of the Earth fans "deserve" better than their recent history as good honest chaps dadadada..... What about the long term Brentford fans for example?...didn' they "deserve" before .finally back to the Promised Land and enjoying it immensely. after years of supporting .as they (we) all should....what about the Sheffield fans,,,both sets ? long suffering as any real fans...don't they "deserve"?...and Norwich fans?.....why don't they "deserve"?...and so on...I don't begrudge any club getting financial stability and see it less of a threat to my Club's success but rather an increase in the competition and a raising of the bar...surely a good thing? The sour taste in the room ..... no need for me to lay it out.....that is the crux of the issue.
  9. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Chelsea had a back three of young players...even AC... and I am a great believer in making your own luck...our keeper did his job as we have come to almost take for granted..long may that continue....I wrote earlier of the myth created with Brentford as the plucky underdogs yadda yadda....completely insulting to Brentford..... great start for a newly promoted club and I truly wish them well,,,,a tough away game with a weakened...for whatever reasons...side ..... why do we as Chelsea fans take a strange delight in castigating our team for winning games?'s not a video game but real nitty gritty stuff. I think many sides will struggle at the new Brentford ground and although I feel they may well be the "new" Bournemouth and eventually slip back I think it will be a season or three with other clubs struggling more.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pretty much like now!........would love to have him back at SB but I remember Ossie coming back.....can't live on replayed old game tapes..... doesn't seem to me to be the type of player who can modify his game and adapt to a different playing style.
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    THAT should be a screen saver for every of the year so far..... When real fans look like that they are thinking of their team......not "What have we bought?.... what happened to Roy Of The Rovers?".....or even.."Who do we bung to get a result?" Over to you guys/gals....any photo headings?
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Do's a trade off.....but I only really want it for a Chelsea game....can do without most other crowd noises...except of course the loveable scousers and the erudite geordies....lower case on purpose....
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    How do you switch commentary off? Doesn't seem to be an option even in this digital age. OK;;;first Ham 1...Nothing too techy...turned off the sound...watching it on laptap stream so even easier. 2...It WAS ?...hmm...usually you don't miss my clumsy irony/sarcasm! Bob....see # 2above..... But thanks for responding..appreciated.
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I'm watching without commentary...annoys me too much.... but must be a new referee.....some strange decisions or rather non decisions not the dramatic ones just on the run bits and pieces......didn't catch his name.
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    With you there MT......I thought the sight of Geordies with ethnic headdresses was a disgrace......such stuff is sneered at over here as "cultural appropriation" as an overclever juvenile (to me) "woke" this case as something else entirely.
  16. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    There is no such animal as a "neutral" other team fans.... if anyone wants to watch weak teams hammered by top sides so be it....... one of the reasons over here that "Soccor" gets sneered at by so called sports fans is the relatively low scoring in the game.....fine if you enjoy the end to end score repeat of Basketball but once past the loyalty to a club and the importance of a result there is far more in the game that we get enjoyment from than goals...... the European Chelsea 1-0 against Citeh of far more value than the 5-0 Scouse romp at Vicarage Rd. Yep a lot of goals for is great but a high scoring loss is still a stab to the heart. On an the way the season is unfolding for Chelsea I doubt we will have the luxury of a 2/3 goal cushion with half hour to best we get used to stomach churning acid inducing last half hours!
  17. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Great stuff from Bob S and Ham......all followers of any club are happy for new fans but the epitome of "plastic" fans..... And how come one of the entourage..(the "Mr S'?) is sitting on what appears to be a fold up chair? wonder they are happy to take "the money" at Newcastle if they have a seat problem! Am I the only one somewhat p^^^^d of at the continuing equating of Roman's ethnicity and Chelsea..with the take over of Newcastle effectively by a Nation and it's exchequer? Not defending anything Russian or indeed Roman ....but...
  18. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Mrs C....came in the room near the end of the game....."Come on Newcastle"...knowing my anti Spuds stance..Me...."No No we want Spurs to win"..... Rumour has it Newcastle are preparing a bid for a new goalscorer.....Dier in January.....
  19. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Droy....of course I remember Hutch and the long throws...absolute monster of a tactic...see OT as a good example....but he was more than that, someone who never gave up and was beloved by the faithful,,,if I'm not mistaken Sciatika has him on his avatar (?). As the dust settles I think many in the football world and on for one....have been lulled into believing the media "Plucky Underdogs" starry eyed at playing with the big kids scenario as presented to us since last season's playoffs.....far from the truth....a tough side with a good keeper and no real "names" but getting good early results. The Arsenal opening game added to the myth and it was pc to laud the gutsy new boys. I think Brentford will surprise a few more sides as the season progresses and it will be hard for most visitors to come away with three points with Watford and Norwich...both in trouble already.... Three points away from home anywhere is more than welcomed.......
  20. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    The old ..." sign of.... etc ...winning when not playing well....." Two snapshots..Chalobah going forward and the Bee bounced off..a Brentford defender,,,,and Werner in a push and run totally outpacing a defender...oh and the other "bounce" off RLC..I am a critic of Ruben but he "done well" until he tired...a good strong runner with the ball ideal for this game..... for all the comments Chelsea have gained two points more from Brentford away than the Scousers did at home...3 more than the Arse did there and 3 more than WHam at home AND the goals conceded in those games were 3,2 and 2..... so some perspective?...(which doesn't mean Chelsea were at their best but results are paramount.)
  21. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Sensible summing others but a new...2 young very inexperienced in the EPL back 3.... Brentford are no mugs and were able to get "stuck in" with relative impunity...thought with the first yellow to Kova he would be the "victim"...
  22. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Yep..trouble all morning (in USA) here...relieved to read it was world wide as far as things go. Lot of problems locally with Internet...Mrs C "addressed" the issues with the provider..and got a's the English accent I believe so glad to see not a 'local"problem.
  23. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Hmm...does that make MT an underwriter or a ghost writer?..... good to see your name back on the posts...what with Nobly easing back as well...good feeling. Why don't they just say bug etc?....headache sounds weak and is open to far too much ridicule......not from me of course but a few on here don't have my good heart!
  24. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    I trust the Brentford fans, until shown something different, to be somewhat better than the qpr'ers..... time will tell...... will follow up after the game!
  25. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    So true..played up there a couple of times as mentioned Newcastle..not at St James !....yep..massive inferiority complex re The South...... great night life though..or was....