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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just a thought...what would Oscar look like playing under the Sarri regime?..always thought he was never quite used right but I know many didn't rate him. Ake I like but agree with general opinion that he is not quite up to top standard although a good EPL player..watched him yesterday at International level but that means little these days and especially in the "make money" latest farcical competition. A buy back would not really suit anyone..playing well and regularly at Bmth as opposed to a squad man at Chelsea? New CF? who exactly? not a sarcastic question..genuinely interested. Oh and did anyone catch the Rashford "imitation is flattery" tribute to Morata? (sure you did!!!)
  2. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    I still think of myself as a Morata "wisher" but every week sees me moving further and further away. Been long enough to prove himself and my only hope is that he will suddenly "click". After all Salah performed miracles last season. Then again I still believe in Tinkerbell!!! Shake my head that Giroud is given so much praise ,not that he doesn't work hard for it, as a non scoring CF!!
  3. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Slips on a scouse match forum? Whatever next!
  4. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    From me as well...
  5. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    OK...have to pay ESPN for a streaming "service" that isn't..terrible picture and no time or score info..never listen to commentary whichever channel I watch..ESPN have rights for this cup and the FA Cup and as far as I can tell do not intend to screen on "real" tv. One reason for this rant is that by the score was 1-0 I was convinced it would be a 2=0 loss. The equalizer I fully expected to be disallowed and I had to leave the room for a bathroom break shortly afterwards and missed the Hazard goal and due to no sound and no other info was watching what was a 2-1 game as a 1-1 heading for penalties!! The timewasting was a bit puzzling but thought it was hanging on for pens!!..the upside of course is finding that it was in fact a win.... As for the game..most here have called it as it was and mostly I agree with the player comments..first half hour or so thought Chelsea were really in command but the game shifted a bit towards the end and the second half just disintegrated and so many balls given away Willian had one of his choose wrong games in a game I wanted him to step up and be a leader..but no..Fabregas started well then went awol The argument for youngsters to be played is something of a red herring. This was not a game for youngsters to be expected to take control or to suffer the blame for defeat if it occurred. With a win hopefully a lesser side will be drawn and youngsters picked to play. Anfield against an unbeaten Liverpool is not really the game for youth. Plenty of time yet... Oh and youth at Derby?....earlier post of mine (if you missed it!)quoted family friend Derby fan who said after last nights game of Mount "..he was amazing and has been since he joined.Has a massive future and will be a massive star."
  6. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Can't imagine...nothing to do with a few yellows already for the "home" side? Thought the ref was calling it about right until then..any money on Milner getting a second yellow?
  7. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 2

    Hate these top team games early in this cup...and I'm sure I'm wrong but so often it seems the games are repeated in the EPL almost straight away!! Misery for nothing if we lose and a forgotten victory by Christmas...Need to stay in the cup to bring youngsters/fringe players in and little glory to win the cup and really the Final only of interest to the two finalists' fan base. On a more positive note..from a family friend yesterday ..a true Derby fan..when emailed asking about Mount's game yesterday. "..he was amazing and has been since he joined. Has a massive future and will be a massive star"... Onward.
  8. West Ham 0 Chelsea 0

    I try to stay away until the dust settles and the more rational considered match analysis and thoughts start to be posted. So many times I check the live match comments and wonder if I am watching the same game. I appreciate that my take on a game may not have the deep understanding that many here profess to but the game is such that it ebbs and flows beyond a definitive opinion until the end and reflection. A last minute winning goal in a poor football match trumps for opinions a game of strategic wonder and outstanding football skills. Most great stuff is missed because on tv the camera follows the ball and the sheer immediacy of the game can result in so much subtle play being missed. I do not refer specifically to this game but compare the live match comments and doom and gloom.( I am a true Chelsea man and of course see doom at every step its what most football fans do!) What am I trying to say?...dunno really but please late posters don't stop as the true sense of a game starts to emerge come the next day or later on match day.
  9. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    So pleased to see you back..
  10. Yeah..agree with you just wanted them both to have an "equal" blame!!!
  11. Sorry kev...although a good post to say Morata has shown nothing is not true... the Arsenal goal for instance... that he doesn't seem to be able to produce on a regular basis is the problem..I recall a little heralded last minute goal against Bmouth in the little cup..look at that again...I agree with most of your views but to gives Bats credit for goals and little team investment has to be also be extended for Morata not dismiss his goals.
  12. New Kits

    No I AM Spartacus!
  13. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0 usual keeper obsession!.... am still puzzled at some of the faint praise etc aimed at The Kepa....two clean sheets and really no finger pointing blame for three good goals against..early days agreed but what do you all want? I watched the "Ake Incident" a few times and I can't really see when he was supposed to have claimed the cross. A mass of players between him and the ball which should never have got past the first defender let alone at least three others plus attackers! The hardest part of the position is getting to crosses,had he attempted to get through a mass of players he probably would have been blocked and left in no mans land looking silly and hammered by all critics..sometimes the opposition get lucky or actually work well!!!!! Try being on the line and having to make a decision..then come back here and comment!!! Good luck to the guy...certainly rather him than the last guy..whatever his name was.
  14. Chelsea 4 Cardiff City 1

    To me Cardiff at the weekend looked as poor a side as any so far this season..Burnley not far behind.... In previous "bad"moments I would have trembled at the prospect of facing such a poor side,,,,, now "not so much!!!"
  15. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    I have made my views on TC clear for a long time....... firstly...the RM Navas/TC pairing is better than The Kepa/Willy pairing in a black and white analysis BUT for Chelsea having a young keeper who wants to play and commit and hopefully make a name for himself plus a backup veteran who wants to play for the club and fans is a much healthier situation with a long term benefit hopefully than a good keeper who can't be bothered except when he decides to make an effort..I voiced my feeling of being insulted a while back..I was only a modest keeper but on my worst day I had a better attitude than one of the top keepers who has yet to fulfill his early promise and unless he changes his attitude he will always fall short of the real TOP keepers. PC is to my mind the best ever keeper in his prime at Chelsea and Peter Bonetti was and is my all time hero. I also put Eddie N Carlo C way ahead of TC and even Borota (just kidding but he at least played for Chelsea!) Chelsea made TC by bringing him through properly and as I have said choosing him over PC was the right footballing choice at the time but TC never ever really appreciated the decision. I wish him well but somewhere else.he was never a Chelsea legend in the making.
  16. Chelsea 2 Bournemouth 0

    vacation maybe?
  17. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    Sorry mesnt he froze because of the blatent foul.
  18. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    Absolute penalty got a touch on the ball sure but not control or possession and Alonso was still going with the ball when the follow through got argument and would have been the same had it been against Chelsea (only given quicker!!) Funny criticism of the kepa for the goal of the game and the fact it was such a small gap made it very difficult for the attacker but Luiz "froze" and that was a close in speeding ball not a "soft" floater.....terrible decision to let the forearm throat smash go unpunished but the old age adage.."play to the whistle" still stands. Onward....Hazard enjoying himself and the deliberate kick on the back of his leg he received at the start of the game let go by the ref... some things never change...
  19. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Have to agree..I wrote a slightly more detailed post that I "lost" but most I wrote is here. My pet peeve on TV is the ball played out towards a "winger' not in frame and it appears to be a wayward pass until the camera either zooms out or in! Being able to watch every Chelsea game (and any other should I wish) up here in the Rocky Mountain foothills at 9000ft is still a source of wonder and amazement to me but I do miss SB.
  20. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Critics of RLC have not called him lazy it's as if something is missing most games. Sounds unfair but what I mean is it's been frustrating watching him unlike the few other youngsters on show at the minute. They all look to be trying to make an impression and give everything they have. RLC just doesn't seem to take his appearances as opportunities to shine. All the talent in the World can't make up for lack of all out effort. Not his fault but the media make it worse by referring to him as "England WC star "etc.
  21. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Wasn't going to comment but was surprised at various negative comments about Kepa….if you look at the two goals conceded they were pretty much unstoppable..first was just inside the post and low..he got a touch which was pretty amazing and the second was struck hard from close in...a penalty like that would have gone in and this was closer ….nervous?..the amount of times the defence let players get behind and almost on the byline clear would make any keeper "nervous". Early days but the loose ball he allowed after just getting to a dangerous cross goal ball looked bad but he got the initial block and went in where it hurt to retrieve the situation..and got hurt..something that TC seemed to think was beneath him. Do not mean to be rude or start anyone off so please refrain from a kneejerk defensive attack... Tim Howard plays here in Denver and was on local news reacting to some silly comments about a goal Rooney scored against him..and other goals..he basically said that he would be happy to sit down and discuss the goals and explain the situations because,,unspoken but implied..ITS EASY TO CRITICISE BUT ITS HARDER TO UNDERSTAND IF YOU DO NOT PLAY IN THE POSITION..... Rather Kepa than TC. Just attitude if nothing else.
  22. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    Great stuff Droy...never really liked him but that was an exception...but then again the first record I bought was Lonnie Donegan and "Rock Island Line"to (mis)quote one of the top comedians of all time . "An obscure folk song hiding on the top of the American hit parade!!".... Saw him ..Donegan.. at the "Dolce Vita' nightclub in Newcastle after playing up there ..then the man in person many years later and briefly...miserable sob... On topic..expect Hazard to feature ..the fear factor alone is worth his appearance.....
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not sure if this is the right place but although I agree with most Morata views I still am ,barely, a Morata wisher. Watching all the preseason games it looked to me as if no one playing at CF or whatever it is called now got any real service ...I realise I am not as analytical as many here and some are way above me but every game looked the same up top..missing key players of course. Who would anyone bring in who could alter the situation?...forget dream transfers and look at one really who would answer the question from where I sit...
  24. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Worked for Chopper and "Bite yer legs"!...(Couldn't resist..much more to both players as there is to Kante!)
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whoops it's Colorado Rapids not Rockies that's baseball (and closer to Chelsea or rather an old Chelsea)