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  1. Champions League 2019/2020

    The Costa "affair" has always puzzled me....He was wanted "got rid of" Conte (?) and went relatively quickly if messily...yet Morata and Torres who both really needed to be "got rid of" quickly seemed to linger longer than was decent !....Baka & Baba were soon "sent away" after found somewhat wanting but Costa who was "effective" was almost embarrassingly kicked to the kerb ..more efficiently kicked by ? than any opponent during his Chelsea sojourn . I appreciate there was talk of his desire to return to AM but he my untrained eye... always put in a great deal of heart and sheer aggression for Chelsea...pity some of the seemingly more Chelsea loyal squad members don't make the same my untrained eye , as I stated. I write not for argument but for any clarification from many here who's opinions and views I appreciate and respect even at times of disagreement. Anyone?
  2. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    Yep..that was my rationale .
  3. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    I would just like to ADD my "Thank You"" award to EVERY one on CFCnet.....from the outrageous humour to the sometimes bitter in-fighting and all the great and silly talking points in between....a pleasure and honour for me to be part of a very TRUE BLUE group........AND the prestigious "STEP UP WHEN IT MATTERS" award to Jane.
  4. That's amazing ..we have our own Nostrildamis on CFCnet....Nobly I salute you....
  5. Sur le pont indeed mon grenanola amigo.... hop to it....
  6. Hmm..I have just shown Mr's C the last few exchanges.....she said something like.."You are all flaming crazy"..and I said..."Moi?'.
  7. Oh Ham...would WE do that?....or as Dell Boy might put it...Moi?..mon petite crossauntie....
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bit behind the curve over here but if the Willian tf is a done deal..or even if genuinely quoted.... I can't get the sense in a three year deal for a player of his age..and type... Felt Chelsea were being really generous with a two year deal ....usually it is off to China or MLS for retirement "bonuses".not North London.
  9. Thanks NB.....after reading this I was struggling to choose A) B) or C) may I nominate Jane?
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    As Droy said earlier...all of us here and the vast majority of Chelsea followers could make as good a guess as all the media's not rocket science....not hard to list most of the squad and say they "appear" to be heading out or to the transfer list. The real transfer news sort of slowly emerges as in the new signings and as yet no outgoings apart from Pedro and the Willian non-saga..I mean major player movement..not loans etc of youngsters or fringe players.
  11. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Indeed Strange days......anyone got an opinion regarding what might have happened if there had been no transfer ban?....who would have gone or been seriously Mark says about half the squad not being here next year..... was the ban a stay of "execution" for some?....would Frank have been appointed..tend to think he would as can't really see anyone else ,,,,, views?
  12. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Ah NB....impressed by your self sacrifice... a true tough Chelsea man.....I don't envy you that breakfast..fresh bread rolls maybe?...a great cup of coffee?....and probably in tshirt and shorts...oh the hardship..... but of course...SOMEONE has to do it.
  13. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Hey just got up?'s nearly 11-00pm here...did you really think anyone let alone bbc would actually ask for a balanced view of what might not suit the anti Chelsea maybe we are paranoid but that doesn't mean they aren't out to get us!!
  14. Media / Press

    The Community Shield has always been a taster for .the opening of a new season after the long..or so it always seemed ...summer break. This year it is just another unneeded extra and should be put aside. Means little in real terms ..some bragging rights but only really for the fans of the two one else really near Wembley I went to quite a few of the games...interesting but no tension..
  15. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    And in Life many cases we make our own luck or rather take the chances given us that look "lucky".
  16. TC?...I don't remember ultimately disliking any keeper here more than TC...not his undoubted ability..but not as good as he thought he was....but his arrogance and lack of application as he engineered a move away after Chelsea had guided his career with almost text book application. For all the barbs at Kepa he has never shown the same disdain that TC put on display week after week..and the League Cup issue has been covered and is an incident not a serial offence..... Hilario?....hard to judge as many good and great coaches were average players..Bobby Moore and Jose......not an argument re either man but just a lazy example. Can't coach confidence or basic ability ...muscle memory repetitive training should be well in place by 24 (?) but watching the clip posted earlier it looks to me as if Kepa is second guessing his instincts at every turn, that split second "blink" is the difference between a proper stretched hand contact and a weak fingertip for example. Given a less than rugged defence in front of him everything just gets worse...sad to see and I hope the guy gets a good move and regains his "cred"....
  17. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Bit behind the curve with the time difference..nearly 8-am here but HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!
  18. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    RLC injured again!,,,and how did that happen? training?.....Feel sorry for the guy (was gonna write lad but no longer) but never seems to be fit for any length of time even discounting the absolute tragedy of the injury over here...foolish game and so costly for him.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good point Mark..agree but not quite such a hard no.....just a "not really".....I think we were so spoilt with JT's complete focus on the game (most of his contemporizes at Chelsea had "that" focus) so missing at this time..
  20. Thanks Mark for a proper response..... I am not trying to excuse him or attack's the almost question that bothers me...not your point about it ..sensibly pointed out. I'll check it through as best I can...won't make my conclusions the ultimate definitive answer of course but thanks again for the link.
  21. OK...just a genuine question...not any attempt to justify anything either many games has Kepa lost for Chelsea this season? A top keeper will win games,not that many but enough, those aren't the games I'm looking for and the argument or opinion I am looking for does not cover this issue..even if there were's the actual direct link to a defeat I seek. If Tammy or Giroud fail to score does that make them to blame for a nil Chelsea loss score line? I believe that Kepa is part of a very leaky defence and is not an asset at the back or a confidence builder and he should be moved on as I cannot see him regaining any confidence at Chelsea but I also feel it doesn't matter what he does he is the reason according to some for everything wrong at the back and I suspect for all the ills in the World! Bonetti was and is my all time hero but I remember waay back in the Doc's promotion season him actually dropping an easy shot behind his head for a silly goal..and he had hands like a magnet as anyone who watched him can confirm. My point?....all keepers make errors and often ungraded errors in midfield lead to goals but rarely leads to condemnation..unless it's Baka of course... my original question stands on it's own without prejudice and I do understand that glaring errors are not the only way a keeper can let down a side.
  22. Well put is possible to criticize whilst still acknowledging a few good things..few as they may be!....he still plays against top teams and players behind a less than solid defence and that has to be taken into my very modest peak I probably could have had a couple of reasonable games in the EPL but week in week out? way,,,,just wasn't that good.....Kepa is being judged against the very best...seems to be found wanting..I believe it's the lack of mental toughness..think JT playing under extreme outside pressure and prejudice...SFL taking THAT penalty with a family tragedy on his shoulders .....that is my ultimate take on the Kepa question.
  23. Sorry..have to agree with Droy......not a good fit in anyway at the minute for Chelsea...probably never will be but such one dimensional criticism is not worthy of so many astute football aficionados on here...he's not playing well but when he does do something good it's ignored or derided..... My other input....all the best..and not so best!...keepers I have watched especially at Chelsea..lets say The Cat,PC and Eddie N as examples....were instantly recognisable if a quick shot of a game came up with no attribution as to teams any of the three I mentioned would be instantly recognised by the way they moved. Same for any Chelsea player of standing you have watched for any time..think a b/w montage fuzzy with no team that Zola? is that Drogba? it would be that's Zola that's Drogba .....with Kepa I don't get that immediate personal identification.....thereby hangs a question.....and please no comments about picking the ball out of the net shot..and I know what I just typed! We all agree he has not fulfilled his potential but he has been on the winning side occasionally!......and.if you have never seriously stood on a goal line please do not get into deep arguments about what HE should have's enough to state an opinion rather than analyse every second of what is always a very individual response to the situation and indeed..some you win some you lose....the very best lose less than the also rans....
  24. Apologists?....come on one on here has disagreed regarding Kepa's loss of form this season. The closest to what appears to be the definition of an apologists are voices calling for a little more balance. On balance I think he should be replaced as I really don't feel he can "come back" at Chelsea....confidence shot and seems to lack the inner strength to overcome setbacks. However some of the criticism at times borders on the ridiculous. To read bitter squabbles regarding his performance or lack of it in games he is not playing would be funny if it was not taken as proof of a bad keeper! TC was a better keeper but it would not be hard to point a finger at some of his weaker points..or any keeper for that matter... Kepa..too short..stands wrong..should have done this...wrong colour boots badly tied......promising keeper when bought..regressed for what ever reason...may revive his promise elsewhere..he's a person..not an Aunt Sally target...move on.......
  25. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0

    Not the points I was trying to's the extreme every time...."every time" ?......I'm all for blame where due..anywhere on the field....but Kepa is part of a defence problem..not all of it...opinions differ as to how culpable and that is a sound area to argue but I can't remember..certainly of late....anyone defending his form one as far as I can see claims he has done well .... a promising buy that didn't work out....Drinkwater and Baka pretty much the same result but they could..and did...hide on the pitch..a keeper is under the spotlight all the time . A move for him is the right thing.