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  1. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    No one likes losing ANY game but to lose the way Chelsea are at the moment just cuts to the quick.
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Did Manure have a goal chance the second half? Another question ...why are the Chelsea corners so bad?.. So disappointing at all levels..two decent balls in from the wings and no defender gets anywhere near..don't blame the keeper.
  3. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    I look towards this game with little confidence. As stated before I do not live in the past but the past is a yardstick to measure performances etc. I was at Wembley for the Leeds Final and OT for the replay. Arguably Leeds were the "better" team but the refusal of the Chelsea lads to be intimidated or back away was what led to the then momentous victory. For those somewhat jaded by Cup wins I cannot emphasis enough how wonderful that Cup was. The replay was the toughest hardest game I have ever seen and both sides went literally toe to toe without the histrionics of todays handbag warriors...does anyone expect or even hope that such an attitude will appear tomorrow?
  4. Obvious to anyone with half an idea about the game..well stated and simple.
  5. For all the's the's's six of one etc...does anyone really think Chelsea are equipped to play in the Champions League next season?..All the debate regarding top four spot or win the Europa and qualify really is pie in the sky. Sarri is a limited manager and appears to have no coaching ability except for a belief in his "system" which whatever the limitations of his squad may be has been found out by will beat the really poor sides..the mediocre ones will park the bus and wait for a break..the top sides just roll through …. Does anyone really believe given time he will succeed?..Scolari AVB should be a the minute in my humble opinion Sarri is in the same camp..I voiced concern a long while back but really hoped I was wrong and he would be the relatively long term coach we all want. I didn't think I would ever write these words but I believe even Rafa would do a better job than Sarri.
  6. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Yesterday I watched the second half of the Ajax/RM game.... RM's wunderkid looked exactly that to me..way ahead of CHO..go figure..
  7. RIP Gordon Banks

    Bonetti was and is my top Chelsea player over the many years I have followed Chelsea..My heart was always with "The Cat" and my head with Gordon Banks. I remember a game at SB way in the past with Banks playing … I was young of course and remember two older "grizzled" Chelsea guys talking just before KO" That Banks always plays well here".... "Hmm" I thought "He plays well everywhere" Thanks Gordon...
  8. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    I used to use a phrase to cover responsibilities etc in the work place.." If you want to drive the stagecoach in the sunshine you have to be prepared to drive it in the rain"... Anyone with ability can coach great players in a good time..but it takes a GREAT coach to carry a team through bad times..Sarri is not that man.
  9. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Thank you Ham (and Kratos) No Regrets indeed... A German Dog (Wirehaired Pointer) with a Spanish name (Pedro) and a somewhat eccentric English owner (if there is such a thing!)..just about sums up our lives.....
  10. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    I voiced doubts about Sarri a long time back and take no pleasure reading similar comments of late. The players that "struggled" under JM at Manure have pulled the club above Chelsea. A Coach is there to coach what he has at his disposal. It will always be a disaster at any level to try and compete without playing to strengths not a "system" regardless of circumstances , I do not believe that Sarri is able to handle the challenges of EPL.....
  11. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    In my Chelsea/Football World I/we are in the middle of a disaster of epic the my Real World it is not even a blip.. My senior dog is a month short of 16 years old... A Legendary worker in the field an honest and wonderful dog to work with..(no word from anyone re any anti or pro place here..PM if you wish) A devoted companion through some really bad times and always a support for me... great temperament and character as honest as the day is long. Tomorrow we have a 2pm appointment with our vet... I fear the worst...
  12. Media / Press

    OK..sorry I raised the subject of less than popular CFC people....didn't want to see issues between good posters here..although I was away (abroad not jail!) for the period mainly showing disliked players..Townsend Roberts etc I can honestly say in all my years following Chelsea I have never actually disliked a player although some I feel more neutral about than others! The dislike list..Maradona always...I can accept the handball goal but will never accept the "Hand of God" and glorying in cheating..odious man.. To take away the bad and ONE only favourite Chelsea person with no justification listed.....….. me "the Cat" of course. Bad feeling about the City game BUT it is only one long as Chelsea take the points from the other matches to come..if not they don't deserve a top four is there to be earned not gifted..
  13. Media / Press

    Looks about right although might question one or two..downgrade to dislike..or is it upgrade? Would add Don Revie..and Steven Hunt would be at the top of any list...and as noted Barnes?...still shudder everytime I see Matic's leg actually bend ..and he got the red! How about a Chelsea connected list?..... would be hard but lets see some real bias!!...Tubby of course..AVB..couldn't dislike Grant..Players are far harder to pick...TC of course..took the piss (and the money)..any picks?
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Too old for RM?.....did seem to me to be a factor..not too old to impact La Liga but too old for any rebuilding, He has maybe three top seasons in a push...probably more likely two..enough to warrant a CFC extension but not for a long term RM rebuild which is where I believe RM is at. The Willian debate is beginning to irritate me.... not his greatest fan but he does a great deal of chasing back and pressurizing opposition so a lot of his "contributions" to a game are either missed or not appreciated. CHO..I am rather in the Droy camp... Last week I watched Barnet/Brentford in the Cup...intended to post regarding the lack of VAR at this game regarding a dubious penalty compared to the more favoured games but the main point of the game relevant to here is Josh....a warning flag for all who give CHO almost sainthood status....seen a lot of those... Certainly a boy with a great promise but not at the level of say Osgood and Butch at the same age.... let the boy develop without so much pressure although it seems he does himself no favours with an apparent entitled attitude...although possibly media interpretations make it look worse.
  15. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    As ever more in sorrow than in embarrassing shambles...not getting on any bandwagon as I questioned Sarri a long way back but can anyone really see his "style" frightening anyone as time goes on? All that possession around the box and then..nothing…..a packed area when Chelsea get open door when B'mouth broke..difficult to play against really good breaks but no way will Chelsea get anywhere playing like this...possession means fa if it doesn't threaten anywhere. No change of players on the pitch will change the system Sarri wants...RLC or CHO? I'm running out of real options..Ampado? I believe player for player Chelsea had the better players..on the day it didn't matter...
  16. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Had to get on here after reading the band comments..usually look at forum downstairs over coffee on smart tv but it is hard to upstairs it is and.... With all the potential members maybe it should be a Travelling Willbury type ensemble…?...change of personnel according to the gig and health..very important with this lot!! Mrs Chara had an Alexa mc for Christmas and one of my delights is throwing obscure and ancient singers at of her "shuffle" groupings had the Dubliners in the middle..knew it straight off...and for all those Laurel and Hardy guys there was a movie ad last week about an upcoming release about the duo...looked authentic but didn't watch close enough to get actors. Alexa could find Peter Osgood to my surprise and even Bankie Banks think label shows Banxs but...... OH and I want to be the shadowy backroom guy who does all the shady deals and allows Droy to profess innocence at the "missing" funds...especially as we count it up in the Caymans.
  17. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    I mentioned The Doc a while back as going straight into managing/ early version of JM but certainly to be included with Johnny Neal..and add Dave Sexton...trouble with "Greatest" as a title is that like statistics results don't show the whole picture in that what John Neal achieved for instance was far harder to my mind than JM with the players at his disposal..NOT dissing JM so don't go for my throat!..Just trying to get a balance.JM's fall here and elsewhere must be taken into account when "summing up".Doesn't lessen his acheivements but does lessen his image, Off subject but last weekend all results basically p,,,,,, me of far this weekend feel pretty happy..Hammers,Everton Arsenal out ..SFL through and hopefully Chelsea with a good result and just as important a good showing... Oh and as Droy says ..different days but....
  18. I wrote quite a while back that I was feeling a bit of unease about Sarri,long before the present outpouring of comments..I am usually slow to comment on new players and managers and probably one of the last Morata wisher holdouts! However my unease has strengthened to full blown deep concern and I really am getting to the 'get rid now' stage . Felt the same way about AVB and Scolari. I don't think Sarri is the manager/coach to carry Chelsea forward and create any sort of solid base for the future so best gone asap before the damage gets too far beyond repair. Talk of "player power" actually misses the point and whatever us armchair coaches think it's up to the man in charge to use his "assets" to their best ability. To talk of "buying the right type for a system" is utter bs as we are dealing with real people not fantasy football. Playing Hazard as a "false" 9 is ok in an emergency but not as a tactic...watching build up and no one in the box is now common place on match day. Surely there is someone at Chelsea who could do a "job" at CF?..I remember The Doc playing Frank Upton(a classic wing half) at CF at a crucial point, SFL? feeling stated before is let him sink or swim at Derby before risking him at SB..and I understand the game has developed and progressed but The Doc went from player to manager/coach via player/coach with some success! So argument and counter argument. Having said the above it always come back to who?..whether coach/manager or cf etc. I don't have the answers and Chelsea are my one club and always will "second club" although I have a soft spot for Fulham and Brighton... a soft spot not a following! When I want to watch football as I enjoy I watch Citeh without worrying about the result..and that is sad....
  19. Petr Cech retires

    Agree with everyone posting here. Bonetti is my all time Chelsea hero but Big Pete was the better keeper..and that is saying something. The only thing I can add is that with all the debate about Courtois the Club did right by PC and at the time it was the right football decision BUT none of us could have foreseen that TC would let us down and not show even a fraction of the class and club loyalty( or ability!) that PC showed all his time here especially as Chelsea nursed TC through his early days and gave him every chance to be the successor to a Legend. Thank you Petr it was an honour and great pleasure to watch you.
  20. Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco

    Second that...not my favourite Chelsea player of all time but I do appreciate what he gave to the club. Wish him well and glad he left with dignity and well wishes.
  21. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Perhaps there should be a separate sub forum for matchtime posts.... commenting on a game as it progresses always brings out the negatives as we all watch from a perspective of Chelsea needing to win and if a game doesn't become a walkover in the first half our fear of defeat focuses on all and sundry. By the time we get to next day rational views begin to emerge and proper analysis appears. I watch with my "heart" and usually get the right overall sense of a game but some here are so good at breaking down a game sensibly it's a pleasure to read. Even if I disagree with a view point or it doesn't match mine I always try to see someone else's view as ,gasp, sometimes I may be wrong or it gives a different perspective. Thanks to all who contribute and it's good to see some new "faces" here.
  22. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Wish I had a contribution but enjoyed all entries!.Love this forum when everything goes off the rails. Sort of sums up the difference between Chelsea people and the "Others"...not loveable Scouse manufactured whacky etc.... And Jane B...stop encouraging these malcontents!!! are the voice of sanity here...…..
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hey Jane,,answered you on a match post.... but don't get too upset!!… I too wish you were a softer nicer squad..I mean that nicely!!!~
  24. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Ultimately most of us here follow Chelsea with love (and Whimsy!) and I fully understand your sadness at Cesc's departure. The harsh reality is that all players move on at some stage and even after so many years of following Chelsea I still haven't got over the loss of so many players! Osgood Bonetti Zola and so on... Back to an oft repeated quote.."Better a year too soon than a year too least he was able to leave on his own terms and profit from the move..a classy move for the Club in their treatment of a loyal servant. Appreciated his contribution to Chelsea and the game but could never quite "warm" to him..unlike JT as an obvious example.
  25. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    Sorry Kev..should have stated that I am a supporter of CHO but don't want him to be blamed for not rescuing the season and I hope he breaks through properly..I feel Ampadu is the one at the moment who should be getting time and I feel a bit more "solid" about his future but as you say "fools gold" is neither rare nor hidden eventually! My comments about earlier youth successes at Chelsea(and others) again should have been tempered by the difference in the transfer market now. Back in the heyday of youth schemes there was not the availability or concept of foreign players so new blood basically came from youngsters coming through. Only the successful ones are remembered and I lost track many years ago of the number of guys I met or played with or against who had been at ... name any club.. before being discarded or moved on. The false premise that some players are good enough for the England set up but unable to command a place in their club 1st team reflects the paucity of home grown talent.Not shortsighted club policies.How many of the players mentioned would have got into the England squad from say 1966 to 2006?