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  1. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    So angry at the "racist" concentration after we beat Citeh against the odds.. Disgusted by the incident but more disgusted by the glee of the media as they fall upon the issue like a mob of vultures. I like to read UK paper reports on games even if they can be facile but trying to find a sensible report of the match was "difficult" The game...Citeh,if you watch them often, always start out trying to overwhelm the opposition with insane pressure and movement..Watford for instance they were thwarted by Foster in the Watford goal and on another day would have strolled into halftime 2 or 3 up. They ease off after about 25 minutes and try to spray the ball about at their pace. Chelsea managed to get through that initial pressure and slowly took a bit more control in the game. Playing three fast nippy players meant that Stones and LaPorte et al knew that if any of the three had the ball they would be able to run at the defence and they could not "relax" and join in the pressure game properly..over simplified of course but a factor. Giroud/Morata would have been lone attackers outnumbered and neutralized. Will and desire win games and it looked to me even if the Luiz header had not sneaked in Alonso was there unmarked to finish it off...and Kante? many times have we seen him sky that sort of shot?...great win and although the pessimism prior to the game does not make us mugs at all..just long term Chelsea guys who know enough not to put the mockers on the game and we also have a healthy regard for the Gods of The game who punish the unwary and bigmouths!! Afternote..I spent 9 years in the Caribbean and most of that time I was the only white face at the job....and I was not the disgust at the socalled racist fans is that in all the time I was there I only ever faced one incident of racial abuse. Think that one through.
  2. Pretty much agree Droy..I try to watch those times that he is supposed to have stayed on his line ..many times it looks to me that there is no real path through the body mass in front of him and although in the flow of the game it may appear a "rooted" situation as usual there is more to it all. Not dismissing criticism as unfounded but a young keeper in a new league and new players. I see also he is second with the Citeh keeper for clean sheets..8 I that's not too it?..Remember PC joining Chelsea on tour out here and commenting to a Chelsea mate that he "looked the business"...and I always liked Carlo....The Kepa didn't hit me the same way but I liked the look of him and he seems to have the right attitude..unlike TC as he progressed at Chelsea but to my mind regressed through a bad attitude in the goal. believe he will improve with age as should all good/great keepers.
  3. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Citeh are strolling to the title. The present attack consists of "average" height players basically and without Aquero KDB and anyone Pep decides not to play! many Citeh goals come from that ball behind a defender to a player clear almost at the la RLC yesterday the ball in becomes almost a tap in...of course no ref would ignore the type of launch that put AM in the back of the net. The thought of the two main Citeh "wingers' attacking Dave and Alonso (or Zappa and Emerson for that matter) is keeping me awake at night!!!
  4. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    How can a great interception become a goal kick?...Morata has many things to sort out in his game..won't happen now..but even he cannot raise enough momentum to be sliding into the back of the net without a great deal of "assistance"...As already mentioned by many..for all the digs at Hazard he was fouled at literally every turn..what ever happened to the take care of the ballplayers campaign?..we know the answer but can you imagine if..I say Salah..but choose your own example..was fouled every time he attempted to break through or turn?..the media would be up in arms at the injustice...some things never change. Any combination Chelsea put out should have beaten Wolves but without "someone" to pose a consistent goal threat results like yesterday will occur on a, sadly, regular basis.
  5. Alvaro Morata.

    As an ex-Morata wisher I think I have given him enough time to get it right...tried to watch his movement during non attack in final third..never quite seemed to be able to close down anyone and seemed to be just those few yards away from influencing least Costa kept defenders "honest" just by being there as a threat..Morata?....said it before..frightens nobody and looked to me as if all the Wolves defenders treated him as a joke and bullied him at every chance,,I say bullied..not physically so much as pressure and looks.....Oh My...
  6. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Thank you Ham..although I am still in shock that Chelsea actually gave up this game all your points are valid..I did say to myself that someone will(should) walk from Wolves but knew it wouldn't happen..and bizarre?..Willian is open on the right of their box..ref blows because Fabregas is down..the keeper is given the ball and from what I could see told to hoof it down to the Kepa..from pressure to nothing...I understand the concerns about head injuries but giving the defence a get out of jail free card? I have watched Chelsea for a long long time,,sometimes from afar but always with a passion...Glory and gut wrenching disappointments at SB and away..old second division at SB but never ever walked out of a game I had problems with the stream I pay extra for and after the first Wolves goal had to mess to get the game back to find it 2-1 and I was not surprised..pretty much gave up on the game ,,something I NEVER do.Why? lose to such a poor side and even though Chelsea were not great the first half they should have had at least three other goals..Willians fk well saved Morata and Willian again...but first real shot and 1-1... back in the day Chelsea were always capable of being great and then throwing away games..that is not acceptable in this day and age... RLC?...not able to influence a game..Morata...not able to play... Citeh yesterday..quote from pundits here.."So easy for City..slipped to 50% output and allowed Watford to scramble back"....Chelsea?....shades of games last ability to fight back against at best an "honest" rather than gifted side..Ashamed...
  7. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    can't watch this.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Have the same concerns but not sure who would be available come January or even the summer. of the very few players I think I have watched (ever)who could be part of the squad as a regular,maybe not every game, at such a young main concern is echoed above as I don't feel there is enough "stability" in the players around him..I always felt that Luiz played better when JT was next to him..don't see that same support should Ampadu be on the pitch..just thoughts... but someone who lives up to his "hype".
  9. Alvaro Morata.

    Morata "wisher" but have all but given up on him..I love to see "great" goals but if only he could scuff some in or nick a goal with a brave lunge or for the real old timers do a "Tommy Harmer"...too many ways to go with that concept so I'll leave it there ! Torres?..don't think anyone actually disliked him but was such a let wife is impressed (not justified!} with my Spanish based on a longish "conversation" last year with a waiter from Peru whilst in Cambridge ...she still thinks my many previous references to "F......g Torres"was giving him the benefit of his full name!..go figure....
  10. Chelsea 4 PAOK Salonica 0

    Perspective is all...the Chelsea lineup yesterday would finish in the "pack" if played as the EPL,maybe leading the chasers but not in the top six... individuals had time and breathing space to showcase themselves..all good and gives an idea of ability but if a player like Fabregas can't spray passes against such opposition then he shouldn't still be playing. Both full backs looked eager and attacked but does that make them nailed on starters at the weekend?..Ampadu to me looks the one youngster ready for EPL and a great future...RLC looked good but seemed to fade and really look at the opposition..thats the issue with every comment on the game and players. CHO wanted to play and worked hard..plenty of time for him.... Not a put down as of course I was as happy as anyone to watch a 4-0 victory but not exactly the best opposition to get excited about beating...any side in the EPL would give a bharder game.
  11. Meant to comment a while back..took me forever to really look at your Sea Foot "sign"....and realise actually how clever it is..well are the chickens? Now everyone..if they bother to read ….will wonder about the CODE... keep the secret...…...and flulike symptoms?..well anything to sause the opposition to catch a cold at SB>>>>
  12. Oh Jane..My sister and I have been doing an exchange of movie scenes that should have been. My first offering was the closing scene from "Shane"..The worst child I have ever seen on the silver screen calls.."Shane..Come back Shane". "Shane shifts round in his saddle and says "Not F.....g likely"..fade... Join you all with good wishes for Luca...there are far more important issues than those we choose to bandy about with each other.. Oh and a bonus...just because... "We''ll always have Paris".."Paris?..was that you?"...I'll leave now...
  13. Chelsea 4 PAOK Salonica 0

    Chelsea "Lite" beat a ten man side at the bottom of the group.....think they would have won as easily against 11....The Kepa didn't have a save or real touch. Always positives as long as you keep things in perspective. I do like Ampadu.. gets stuck in and isn't afraid to use strength..(loved his get even yellow for Wales..yeah I know be a sportsman yadda yadda) Mature years above his age..RLC looked a lot better and Fabregas sprayed passes at leisure but the oppos were pressed so much they were knackered at the end. Both full backs were effective but again keep in mind the opposition. All goals well taken and maybe Morata will benefit from the new haircut!. Perhaps the refs won't see who it is and give some of his deck kissing! Any 4-0 win is good.
  14. Tottenham Hotspur 3 Chelsea 1

    Lack of goals?.... two cfs neither of whom really score ...nobody is afraid of Morata or Giroud...everyone is afraid of Kane and Aguerro..and were afraid of Costa and Drogba. Oversimplifying but we can all see the main problem is not having a goal scorer who frightens a defence...
  15. Alvaro Morata.

    Torres was never disliked at Chelsea anymore than Kezman. Most of us here always appreciate effort and I challenge you all to actually list players actively disliked at Stamford Bridge. I don't want to see Tubby on a list!! Droy's earlier point about it only being relatively recently that we are able to see other "name" players on a regular basis including other national leagues is absolutely valid. Puskas and Di Stefano for instance ..or Eusabio Pele and onward we knew from a small selection of views..the Puskas incident at Wembley was about all we knew about him. Now I can critique say Messi or any number of "foreign" players with authority (if not accuracy!) from many games....EPL players we see every many could have opined about Wilson back in the day?... the nuances of the front runners or failures of the relegation strugglers can be discussed with reference to seeing the struggles or successes..not by the opinions of newspaper reporters huddled in the press box.... Oh..Mikel..a very good Chelsea player who certainly does not deserve to be on any "Bad List".... many players are given a rep by the way a manager/coach uses them..Hazard under Jose for instance,made to boost the defensive side of the game rather than use his talent where it is best showcased. For the very ancient I remember Chopper as a young player being more than creative going forward rather than the meatgrinder defender he was utilized as during his prime years (I'm going back to days as a junior and winning the Youth WC at Wembley with Tommy Smith the "other" half back..oh happy days!!)
  16. Media / Press

    Different commentators over here..muted anyway!...Any of the recognized Chelsea central defenders could have played for USA probably better than our "loan" player...silly argument or comment from Tyler it would seem. Game?..better boys v boys...
  17. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Sank without a trace! Missed the bullets there thank goodness.
  18. Sorry but why would RM want Conte?... heading for a rebuild they would want a defensive minded guy leading them?..EPL yes but La Liga?..with the big two plus a few stronger sides most games are against weaker teams and the Conte defensive attitude would not suit the RM faithful... I still remember my first time in Spain.(Ibiza actually when people said "Where?".)..joining a street side small crowd watching an old black/white tv in a front door with a RM game on...remember being amazed at the way the game was played..seemed light years away from the old First Division...caught up mostly now but they still expect attack in Madrid...
  19. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Oh for goodness sake!...been watching this post all week and nobody posting! Michael went to the trouble of putting up so at least I am posting SOMETHING! Somehow the Everton game doesn't seem to be exciting us.
  20. Media / Press

    Well said Jane....-18C when I got up this am but brilliant blue sky without a cloud now although "chilly" I am pretty sure I saw a video of JM attempting to poke his finger "somewhere" but wish all that stuff was put away where it the should be Jose...two past managers come to mind who had class and were gentleman..Johnny Neal and Dave Sexton..,, they did not leave a bad taste or conflicting fan opinions. As Chelsea "person" JM is not in that group. He came, He conquered, He blew it>>>> .My list of "disliked" clubs stays the same but position usually depends on the current manager. Burnley now very high as is Newcastle...Manure very high now without the grudging respect in the past (Leeds always #1..I'm from a "certain" generation.) NO MORE JOSE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Good point but apart from last nights game..a win for all that...I would far rather watch the present Chelsea offerings than certainly last seasons farcical showings and JM's last season here. Of course it's great to win the title but sometimes it's good to watch players like Hazard playing to their skills not a "plan"....over simplified but ….Conte and JM suppressed in many ways for results...first JM time...great and a feeling of our time has come... but like many a first true love reality sets in and feet of clay appear. Same with Conte maybe more so.. I am Chelsea through and through but when faced with a choice of a non Chelsea game I go to Man City...or Barcelona or last seasons RM Not to support a side but to watch a different level of football.. not an argument for either club..just examples so don't come on here with an argument for or's not what I'm trying to say..
  22. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Of course you are right Droy..sorry forgot that little detail! I was just a bit wound up about just how poor all the teams in the Chelsea group are ,despite the apparent Chelsea ability to sink down to a level the opposition can almost cope with, it just seems so silly to waste so much energy and put strain on the travelling players for such meaningless games. The entertainment level is almost nil even RLC's hattrick needs to be seen in context.
  23. The first season had JT in the dressing room which I'm sure helped keep things stable and most of us were taken by his enthusiasm and apparent Chelsea loyalty along with a stunning turnaround and title... The "real" Conte appeared to emerge the second season and we watched OUR club spiral out of control both on and off the field. Had Conte not gone I am sure TC would not have been the only one to leave and the Eden to RM debate would not have ensued because he probably would have been in Madrid.shudder….
  24. Tiemoue Bakayako

    After todays "exhibition" all I can say is come back Baka..all is forgiven!!!
  25. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    That was one of my points earlier.... absolute waste of a game....for all they hit the woodwork three times it was a game they really were intent on not losing with such a massed defence and taking advantage of Chelsea "give aways" of which there were many!! No spark from Barkley or RLC (or really anyone else) neither of whom seemed prepared to take any responsibility in a game they both should have been trying to impress. I read somewhere that Chelsea are a Champions League side playing in the "other" one. Maybe so but it makes you wonder why the "top" sides even bother with the competition...perhaps the group stages would be better with the "lesser" sides only and sides with pedigree (or what ever description you want) just come in for knockout stages. Only good thing for me was I didn't have to pay for a streaming as one of the local Spanish Language stations had it playing at the last minute,To have paid extra for that rubbish would have hurt. Someone said earlier that maybe they deserved a football you get a result ..deserving means nothing. Oh and Nobly I refused to be lured into another downward spiral although it would be far more enjoyable than the game!!