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  1. Ashley Cole

    Based on Ashley's performances so far, I can only say "Bring back Bridge" ...
  2. New Kits

    The dark blue kit is by far the best - even though it looks like the Swedish National Team shirt!? Not sure about the Man City one? Seems a bit like Umbro haven't really bothered designing a nice one for us now they've lost the deal with us? Sure Adidas can up with something better!
  3. New Kits

    Haven't seen the new away kit? Where did you find that?
  4. Didier Drogba

    He was rubbish last year, so it shouldn't be too hard to improve!
  5. Frank Arnesen

    Hmmm, if this is true then we'll definately start next season on -3 points! Arnesen is great and very well connected man, but I just wonder why we need a sporting director? Anyway, BBC has the story as well: