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  2. RT @megansuttton: Anyone who feels Labour's tax plans are 'unfair' should watch and reflect on this film. More care and funds being put int…

  3. @cccccameron Who you captained in FPL this week mate?

  4. @michaelgove

  5. @cccccameron You alright mate?

  6. @DavidLammy @CCHQPress

  7. RT @ThimGoodchild: don't do Mondays

  8. @jdotbond Real talk.

  9. This farmer from Bishop Auckland has absolutely smashed it here 👏🏽 #VoteLabour 🌹

  10. Me leaving the pub after losing 20 quid on Pints Make Prizes

  11. @shaj_93 @DJ6Boxes When we going winter wonderland? @georgeiscomedy @samcarguillo

  12. RT @sarge_9: “Why do you vote Labour?” Me:

  13. Preach 💯

  14. RT @SimpsonsQOTD: “Hey! Give me a slice.”

  15. @smit_faced Mad it’s knows you’re related