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  1. RT @LucyRogersxo: Hello, I just launched my handmade candle company that specialises in paraben-free, non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan can…

  2. @bensprattjourn 🤔🤔

  3. RT @sophxthompson: My friends made me a vine cake for my 21st and I was not disappointed

  4. @AlexHigerty Turn the sound up mate

  5. RT @FuriousFPL: #FPL 2018/19 Tips Thread Follow these tips for unreal ranking! 🚀 Please RT if you found this useful #FPL #FPLFAMILY Fol…

  6. @DJ6Boxes This poll makes no sense

  7. @AlexHigerty @alhan +1

  8. @TinyDinoTom @yannickmitchell

  9. @cccccameron @RowdenJRSG Forgot he was playing tbh

  10. RT @JoshSlinger: One of my favourite ever gifs.

  11. RT @DrRosena: I have written to Theresa May urging her to support local authorities to put on big screen events to show the Semi-Final up a…

  12. RT @ellis_platten: Me throughout this entire World Cup: "It's coming home!" Me 24 hours before our first knockout game: #WorldCup https:…

  13. @JPickford1 @ProperBr00tal @JordanOttz

  14. @Conservatives 🤔

  15. RT @seanjonesqc: I’m old enough to remember when the Govt had a fabulous Brexit plan but it was a secret and they couldn’t tell us about it…

  16. @UltimateFanLive Not a good enough excuse IMHO

  17. WTF is this?

  18. @TLRailUK @Citymapper City Thameslink or Blackfriars

  19. @bglendenning Good shout on that Benteke top goal scorer bet 🙈

  20. @NUFC @mikelmerino1 "Like a new signing"

  21. RT @LosCampesinos: Love and solidarity to all those of you voting to #repealthe8th tomorrow. Travel safe if you’re starting your journey to…

  22. RT @thepigeonpost: just been reminded of the undisputed highlight of the 2017/18 season

  23. Happy birthday bro, @DJ6Boxes 🎉

  24. @AlexHigerty 6 boxes? @DJ6Boxes

  25. With a minute to spare, happy birthday @JordanOttz