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  4. @PaulHeatonSolo Paul Mersin

  5. @CubaDrive_Vinny Thanks Vin 😬

  6. RT @megansuttton: If you can’t make it out to drop off items in person, it takes a minute to donate £ online. Please help if you can ❤️

  7. @AlexHigerty Off to Dallas 🏃‍♂️

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  9. @gubbinzzz Glorious.

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  11. @O2academybrix I locked eyes with my bae @JordanOttz whilst eagerly awaiting Curfew's set at Brixton Academy in 201…

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  13. @Cameron__Innes Beat me to it ffs

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  16. @samjbeasley @thatguyjmes It’s v good, you lot must just be bad at it.

  17. @Cameron__Innes @OfficialFPL Rico 🙂

  18. RT @PurleySG: One of our players has had their van nicked and all of our kit was in it 🤦 If you've got any kit we could borrow whilst we s…

  19. RT @rufcjoe87: Corbyn. What a man. Whatever happens today, he's 70 and he's never stopped. He's campaigned passionately and tirelessly, not…

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  22. RT @megansuttton: Anyone who feels Labour's tax plans are 'unfair' should watch and reflect on this film. More care and funds being put int…

  23. @cccccameron Who you captained in FPL this week mate?

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