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  1. Following Chelsea's Loans

    How is Kalas doing in Vitesse at the moment? Haven't heard anything of him lately (besides that he won Czech Talent of the Year!).. Always rated him very highly, can't really believe he is still only 19, even a few months younger than Mceachran! Last time I saw him, his style of play reminded me a lot of Thiago Silva (I know, a long shot..), in the way that he is not the tallest CB (if that is still his favored position) and therefore relys on pace, timing and positioning. If he is progressing as hoped, which the talent of the year award might suggest, I really think he should be given a chance next season. Not saying he is ready for the first 11, but as I see it, CB is really one of the positions in which we lack quality depth.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    have been following this site for a while, and when I read about the comments from Viveash and Drummy, I felt an itch to ask what that is all about? I've been watching every single youth- and reserve team match over the past couple of years, but this is completely news to me.. would very much like to know whats been said :)