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  1. We win this 3-1 Costa, Hazard and Pedro with the goals. Then we will win our next 5 and wrap up the title. Up the Chels.
  2. He didn't even appear interested in making runs at times against United.
  3. Sad news, but absolute perfect timing by JT and the club designed to give the players and fans that extra lift to get us home in the league and Cup.
  4. I'll start worrying about the table and results around us if we are in the same position in February. We have a decent run home but a lot of games to go before then.
  5. I don't pop in here enough these days to buy into the narrative pushed. I think he was out of form for a lot longer than you described, but happy to agree to disagree. He has always been asked to hold the midfield by himself, even in those 18 months you say he was spectacular.
  6. I agree, mate. I never put him on countdown just think the criticism of his form was warranted at times.
  7. To be fair until the last 2 months he was a shadow of a player.
  8. Not much hope of that wouldn't help their agendas.
  9. That's a goal.
  10. I'm not even sure how you could possibly not look Italian while being Italian managing the Italian National team.
  11. People are allowed to be annoyed, gutted, happy, suicidal etc People are also quite entitled to criticise the bloke. It's the beauty of being football fan. I don't think he's past it etc but I never thought he was the only option for us either. By the time of his departure it was clear his time was up and it was best for both parties that he should leave. He will win things with United, and he's going to work earn his money.
  12. That was just the first of many one liners fed to be taken out of context. He knows what he's doing. Mourinho: "I prefer to forget the last three years. I prefer to focus on the giant club I have in my hands now." - While he was referring to the last 3 years at United, He knows exactly what he's doing. He's had plenty of time to craft this interview this was a carefully chosen innuendo aimed at ingratiating himself with the mancs.
  13. I think the idea to walk out is stupid. Would complete the scousification of our support. Utter madness. Sing his name for 90 minutes if you want to protest his move to china with a nice payrise