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  1. RT @_CarltonCole9: Just took my 93 year old Mum to vote. She’s registered blind. In a very loud voice she said “which box for the Change UK…

  2. RT @EmenaIo:

  3. Looking back at the past few years, I have wasted a disgusting amount of money what the hell

  4. RT @TheJoseEra: Sarri has taken us to two finals and secured top 4 with the worst squad in the Roman era whilst changing the style of footb…

  5. RT @KingOfKorriban: Yeah suck your mums YNWA

  6. RT @_milliepayne: Prefer night driving over day driving so much

  7. Why are governments investing millions into mental health when we could all just listen to @daintyoxdoll on twitter…

  8. Planes but with parachutes built in to the life jackets

  9. RT @lou_tredaway: Teasin a homeless man with food ent banter it's tapped

  10. @Kruddy_C Whoever disagrees needs to grow up

  11. RT @ObiPatel:

  12. RT @_iosatynan_: some of you’s never played BUZZ! as a child and it shows

  13. Maybe the tactic for brexit was the classic **** it up so badly the first time that you’ll never be asked to do it again

  14. RT @HeidiStubbingt1: My boyfriends son has been missing since last Friday in Sheffield! He has no money or phone and had just left hospital…

  15. Short hair means having a cold head