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  1. RT @winslo_: crack is only illegal because the govt tryna hold us back

  2. Bring on a defender then! Brilliant idea

  3. RT @DaOBeeZY: Some of y’all are too young to understand.

  4. RT @vincentdignan: Funniest thing I've heard this year. Fast food workers can relate 😂 (via lil murda)

  5. RT @jakcub3: Happy birthday lil bro sorry for almost ending your life before it even began🤣

  6. I never really understood how someone could be “plus sized” because nobody is bloody negative sized

  7. If Chelsea beat city

  8. Hazard scores twice against Huddersfield and get called a statpadder even though he has crazy stats vs the top 6 🤔

  9. @samrowley_ @cfc_fantv Took Pep 2 years, and Klopp 3. Were not the finished package in 6 months and people instantl…

  10. Sam Hutchinson, that’s a throwback

  11. RT @ChelseaNF18: @WhoScored Most possession won in midfield and most forward passes of any midfielder in Europe’s top 5 leagues. But still…

  12. RT @_ayosworldd: best sleeping conditions: a freezing cold room with layers of blankets. you can say otherwise but you’d be wrong.

  13. Van Dijk has been the best player in the league this season though

  14. Somewhere deep down in Morata there is a baller somewhere

  15. Went to Leicester for a lecture and the guy didn’t even turn up smh