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  1. @DriksMUFC Literally nobody has said that, in fact there are more tweets saying Costa will be called a reject than…

  2. RT @l3ahpar: I'd like to know how many passes forward/back for ALL three. Most of the stadium can play a 10 yards pass back or 5 yard sidew…

  3. RT @mj_bustillos: when you finally remember what you said on the last snap

  4. RT @Squawka: Andreas Christensen misplaced just two passes vs. Qarabag: 97.7% accuracy 88 attempted 86 completed Completed more than any…

  5. RT @CSGV: ⚠️ Unfortunately we must issue the following warning ⚠️ DO NOT SHOOT YOUR GUNS AT THE HURRICANE!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️…

  6. RT @_vixx: Thank goodness for the BBC. I don't pay my TV licence to see filth like "mother" on the telly.

  7. RT @NoLaughingMata: When you make a new world on Minecraft and you need to gather raw materials

  8. RT @TheMeninist: What should we call this giant advertising board? Phil: A philboard Bill: I have a better idea

  9. RT @DeadlyZaha: 23. ****ed around with a Bunsen burner in science

  10. RT @ChicoFlores12: 😎

  11. RT @didierdrogba: Congrats on your win bro @theowalcott but it is easy for the mouses to dance when the cats aren't there 😌😌😉😜 https://t.c…


  13. RT @SteveStfler: seriously

  14. RT @295415c: And city go marching on............ Got their manager Got rid of the chaff Got Peps transfer targets Look and learn @Chelsea…

  15. RT @RonOfficiaI: Netflix and chill 😂