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  1. Didier Drogba

    There are couple of nice goals Drogba scored in his time at Chelsea. As I mentioned before, he tends to score those goals with difficult technique, but he can't put those tap-ins/one-on-ones in. Some great goals from him: His header from a Coley's cross at the OlympicStadion. His finish last season against West Ham. Another goal I remembered(Marseille): It was Marseille vs Newcastle, he was sent through by his teammates, he ran half the length of the pitch, tricked a defender with an brilliant skill, and scored past Given.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I really like how the Youth System at the club works. Firstly, we cleared couple of dead woods in the Reserves, such as Keeenan(players that is already 23 years old). Obviously, Brendan was last season's Youth Academy Manger works a big deal. He knows the ability of the 'HIS' players and are giving them exposure, even at such a young age. I mean some of them are only 16s/17s. Ruud Kaiser obviously is doing wonders in the Youth, emphasising alot on tactics. He is teaching those boys a lesson about football. We are even going to organise overseas trip against some big European Club later in the season. Some talented players like Sahar(Well-Built for his age), Woods, Betrand, Mancienne, Sinclair, Stoch, Portuguese-pair to name a few. Lets see how they can fair in the FA Youth Cup this year, and hopefully some Carling Cup actions. Cheers! Cmon the future of Chels!
  3. Ashley Cole

    Good work CarefreeChris, always doing a good job whole-heartedly. Always put in his best, he wouldnt upload something that isn't up to his own standards. I am waiting for the Sheva one too, take your time mate..
  4. Michael Essien

    Actually, given Essien's footballing ability and all-round game(abeit his shooting), he can play anywhere in the field except in goal.
  5. Didier Drogba

    I admit sometime Drogba is frustrating to watch, especially starting a game(instead of coming in as an impact player). We all know he hit hot and cold, nobody know when his good or bad form will come, it changes even between 1 or 2 matches. He can be very good on his day, like destroying Liverpool singlehandley.He can be very poor on his day(especially some important miss), like the CL Knock-Out Round of 16 against Barca last season, and the one at OldTrafford against Liverpool. See what difference he made when coming off the bench against Blackburn, he replaces Kalou, who is technically better than him. BUT, he physique overcome the Blackburn defence. Sometimes, during there are some games in the Premiership, physique is more important that tecnhique. Those Blackburns, Boltons.... If we sell him for 20m pound, its a good money. BUT wouldnt we be short of options with 2 centre-forwards left? No more extra options, striking possibilities to change a game? I wouldnt sell him, thats for sure.
  6. Salomon Kalou

    quote:Originally posted by JimmyMac1970One thing he does not lack is Confidence. In all his interviews he was talking about being a regular and scoring freely. The kid has a lot of potential and hopefully Jose can get the best out of him like with Joe Cole. id="quote"> id="quote">I have to agree. One thing he dosent lack is confidence, that was one the commentator said after a situation happened during the Boro game. He got himself into a good position, dribbling down the right flank in the first half, one-on-one with Taylor was it? Then he went outside Taylor and tries a shot from a tight angle, it looks like a good try too... Give this lad a chance, he is still young and will build upon opportunities given to him like the night against Boro. Cmon Salou!
  7. Ashley Cole

    I hope we dont give in to Arsenal as Jose mentioned before, never to add another pound into the tabled bid. I know that Ashley is a top class left-back( one of the best in Europe ), but we are showing that we aint desperate to get him over to SW6. So, we should just give them the 'substancial bid' (£16m I hope). We have many more options than just being desperate about Ashley.
  8. Ashley Cole

    This transfer-saga is getting really interesting. Mind games have been exchanged between two clubs. We have bid what we think its a substantial bid, Arsenal are in a trouble position. They are 'threatening' to field Ashley Cole(against his will) next week, as they think that we might panic and offer what they want. NO is the answer. We have tell them that there is still an option left for you, the bid we offered. Is there any other club willing to bid for your unhappy player? NO. So, do you want to keep this rotten apple in your basket? I feel that there is not chance of a return for Ashley after what he said in his book, somewhere different for the Stevie Me's situation. The left back slot is well-covered by Billy and Paulo, so we can tell them we are not going desperate. We can even go for another left back, or centre back if possible(most likely a left-back). I am not sure on who, thats all. Heinze and Zambrotta is definetly off the radar. Abidal might do a 'Del Horno'. I am more than happy with Bridge there. Cheers! Cmon the Chels!
  9. New Kits

    So the European kit(same as the 3rd kit) will be used in away matches. During home european games, we shall still wear the usual blue top right?
  10. New Kits

    Its definetly better than the white shirt last season. It has slightly more design than the one last season. I might consider it ...
  11. Salomon Kalou

    Wow, thats 3 person down here with the same agreement, Samuel Eto'o? If this talented forward can be half of Eto'o, we have got ourselves a gem. Eto'o is a striker that is comfortable with the ball at his feet, wouldnt be too pressure even with opposing defenders come near him. Eto'o runs at defenders with his magnificent pace, his dribbling skills, add up with his excellent technique. He can really make finishing look so easy. Eto'o has got alot of technique. I dont know what I have mentioned about Eto'o has change your opinions on Kalou, has it?
  12. Salomon Kalou

    Take notice of a recent interview done by Neil Barnett on CTV..
  13. Ashley Cole

    James, you were right about the "Sheva's decision", when you said that you were 'convinced' that Sheva will definetly come to leave Milan, he did. I really hope you can 'conviction' can be true again. * Fingers Crossed * When will we be flying to the USA?
  14. Salomon Kalou

    I haven't get myself a copy of the magazine as it haven't arrived here in my country. I think its just the way people intepret his comments on paper, isn't it? Maybe if there is a chance to hear him talking to Neil Barnett, then you can acess it again. The same apply to those rival fans lamanting Jose as arrogant. They just read papers after papers, articles after articles, but didn't really pay good attention to pre-match conference, post-match interviews. Here is a video compilation I found on YouTube:
  15. New Kits

    Thanks CFCFR, guess we dont have to wait another 5 days... greatly detailed by you!
  16. Salomon Kalou

    Welcome to Chelsea Salomon! To be honest, I dont really know much about this lad. He has won the 'Johan Cryuff Young Player of the Year Award 2005' and 'African Young Player of the Year 2005' prove that he has some talent. Carlton Cole didn't provide any threat to Didier last season, I hope this guy do. Finally PACE up front, I am sure if he can be HALF as good as Eto'o, it will be brilliant. He will have that special element of suprise to majority of the Premiership clubs next season. With a chance of a 7-man-bench(hopefully the FA grant it), I think Salomon could get better chance. Does anyone have clips of him, I can't find any decent clip on the net about him, he is really unknown outside of Holland.
  17. Michael Essien

    I feel that after entering a new league, country, getting use to his teamates and other stuff regardings his position on the pitch for a year, he should be able to perform solidly cum next season. We all know Essien is our midfield enforcer, get stuck in to tackles, and fight for the team. I just hope he can get his shooting boots on and get a tip on shooting from Ballack/Lamps. Cheers on Essien!
  18. Didier Drogba

    This will come down as one of the smartest business Chelsea have done, if we sucessfully clinched the €40-45 million deal. We will just move on and sign someone that can contribute more to the squad.
  19. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    dooder12, where did you get the Miroslac Stoch news from? sounds interesting. We will also signed another serbian defender after next season. A young talented centre-half.
  20. New Kits

    Hope those 3 are fakes, and gold for our CL-only strip will be nice.
  21. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Wow, nice analysis BridgeJunky.. How about the post of 'Official CFCnet Scout'? Hope those young lads can really take the next step towards proving their fantastic talent in the next level.. I am still wishing Scott Sinclair get produce something to get into the next level, he is one of the most exciting prospects, we are in need of a good centre forward!
  22. Michael Essien

    He isn't better than Gerrard at the moment, that dosent meant he wont be better. Besides, he has play in different positions too, not the 'box-to-box midfield role' where he play at Lyon too often. He plays well in the 'Maka-Role' too. He will improve. Cmon Michael, get your 2nd goal tomorrow.
  23. Didier Drogba

    I just hope after the Bolton game next week, we will be able to single him out for praise inside this thread again :D
  24. Didier Drogba

    Another tabloid tale... give me the FULL interview...
  25. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Sporting are famous at producing good wingers. Hope that Fabio Ferreira(Right Winger) can provide some magic in the future, and gets promoted to the first team. Ricardo is also a creative attacking midfielder... Promising youth along with Scotty Sinclair and Jimmy Smith..