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  1. Clearly Morata signing is huge step for the CFC. I think he has a lot of potential and may become world class player. But as others have said, we're far from having a competitive squad. We need viable backups for: 1. Alonso or Moses 2. At least two viable replacements for Pedro and Hazard. We only have Willian is ready replacement for either Hazard and Pedro. That's simply not enough. 3. Third striker/AM 4. Replacement for Matic That adds up to about 3-4 viable additions before transfer window closes or we'll struggle next season. We were extremely lucky last season with lack of serious injuries and absence from CL.
  2. Indeed, this is the defining game of our new season. We must win it!
  3. And Pedro at the start of last season based on his disappointing first seasons stats.
  4. You do know that Rudiger hasn't played a single competitive match for Chelsea, right? And yet you speak with such certitude about his future performance for Chelsea. Based on what? No one knows whether Rudiger will be a hit or miss. But we all can all agree that the nature of player acquisition is that some will come good and some will be total right-offs. Only time will tell.
  5. As the harlot Mandy Rice-Davies famously said, "he would say, wouldn't he?" Mourinho is master at erecting his own strawman and then proceeding to knock them down. His remit when hired was to compete for the league title and at the very least finish in top four position. Instead, Man U is languishing in 6th and all hpes of them qualifying for CL hinges on Europa league final win: a total punt. Finals are always a gamble. This is an overwhelming failure. You don't believe me? Then go back to the past. You know, when the past wasn't the past but the past was the present as in July 2016 and August 2016. Everyone was predicting a two-horse PL season between the two greatest living managers in world football: Pep and Jose. Both have been colossal disappointments.
  6. Mourinho was ostensibly hired to restore Man U to the pinnacle of English football. Instead he has taken them from 5th (in 15-16 season) to 6th. That's an abysmal failure by any objective standard. What's there to discuss? Stop rationalizing abject failure. Mourinho might once have been great but he's "has been" now. And no, the Phoenix will not rise again. He's finished.
  7. Completely agree but you must also agree that Mourinho is a sour loser. May the fleas of a thousand camels invade his crotch!
  8. There will never be sensible discussion with The Sun, the guttersnipe press and their apologists.
  9. Costa has clearly been off the pace since the start of this calendar year but I'm not sure it's because of China offer. It could equally be because he knows there's no ready replacement and he's virtually guaranteed a start every game regardless of performance. This is really more of a failure of the club's recruitment department. United rested Ibra and Mikhi and lost Mata to injury and yet they could field Herrera and Rashford. Why don't we have the squad depth of United?
  10. Really, dude? You're seriously making that argument? First, there's no such thing as "mixed race," for the concept of mixed races presupposes the existence of "pure race." Care to tell us the pure races? Second, I had no idea Barkley had recent Nigerian heritage. He looks like typical white dude to me. But that is irrelevant because the source of this is story is The Sun. The Sun has editorial filter whose sole purpose is to denigrate visible minorities, religious minorities, the poor, the weak and the powerless all the while glorifying the rich and the powerful. Had this story been written by anyone other than a Sun reporter, I might have dismissed it as badly written article. But it was penned by The Sun reporter, so I can't give the benefit of the doubt. If this so-called reporter is genuine in his denials, he should do the honourable thing and resign.
  11. Nope. Try again. Denying/minimizing blatant racism is nothing new. If you want to defend racist institutions you'll welcome to do it. Just be prepared to take the responsibility for it because others will you hold accountable. It's 2017 FFS!
  12. Actually, the edge is Spurs themselves. The Spurs always collapse the moment they're under pressure. They did this year both in the league (when they had a fair chance of closing the gap on us) and they did in the CL. Of course, THIS year could be the year they break the spell and actual step up to the plate. But I'm not convinced. So, the title is ours barring some unexpected collapse.
  13. And who's fault was that? The media? The refs? The players? Roman? Emanalo?
  14. You can't be serious! The whole raison d'etre of the Sun and other guttersnipe British outlets is to propagate racist ideas. All they do is traffic racist stereotypes day in and day out.
  15. Yes.