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  1. There will never be sensible discussion with The Sun, the guttersnipe press and their apologists.
  2. Costa has clearly been off the pace since the start of this calendar year but I'm not sure it's because of China offer. It could equally be because he knows there's no ready replacement and he's virtually guaranteed a start every game regardless of performance. This is really more of a failure of the club's recruitment department. United rested Ibra and Mikhi and lost Mata to injury and yet they could field Herrera and Rashford. Why don't we have the squad depth of United?
  3. Really, dude? You're seriously making that argument? First, there's no such thing as "mixed race," for the concept of mixed races presupposes the existence of "pure race." Care to tell us the pure races? Second, I had no idea Barkley had recent Nigerian heritage. He looks like typical white dude to me. But that is irrelevant because the source of this is story is The Sun. The Sun has editorial filter whose sole purpose is to denigrate visible minorities, religious minorities, the poor, the weak and the powerless all the while glorifying the rich and the powerful. Had this story been written by anyone other than a Sun reporter, I might have dismissed it as badly written article. But it was penned by The Sun reporter, so I can't give the benefit of the doubt. If this so-called reporter is genuine in his denials, he should do the honourable thing and resign.
  4. Nope. Try again. Denying/minimizing blatant racism is nothing new. If you want to defend racist institutions you'll welcome to do it. Just be prepared to take the responsibility for it because others will you hold accountable. It's 2017 FFS!
  5. Actually, the edge is Spurs themselves. The Spurs always collapse the moment they're under pressure. They did this year both in the league (when they had a fair chance of closing the gap on us) and they did in the CL. Of course, THIS year could be the year they break the spell and actual step up to the plate. But I'm not convinced. So, the title is ours barring some unexpected collapse.
  6. And who's fault was that? The media? The refs? The players? Roman? Emanalo?
  7. You can't be serious! The whole raison d'etre of the Sun and other guttersnipe British outlets is to propagate racist ideas. All they do is traffic racist stereotypes day in and day out.
  8. Yes.
  9. Surreal result! And just about our worst performance since the Arsenal defeat. United were the deserved winners. Anders Herrera got away with murder today. How many times does a player have to commit a foul before a yellow is brandished? Never watched a football game a where player persistently fouls the other team with no repurcussion. No wonder players resort to play acting. If Refs lack the intestinal fortitude to make the tough call, they should recuse themselves. Herrera should've had 5 yellow cards by half-time. Suprisingly, there was no thuggish behaviour from Man U today. Beside the persistent fouling, hey played with greater intensity and focus than us but fair approach overall. In our last 8 games I budgeted 2 bad results (because we haven't replinished the squad in the January transfer window), 1 fair result (loss/tie) and 5 wins. We've clearly used up our bad results after C. Palace and United results. No, we must win remaining games. The only upshot is our only title challenger is the Spurs who are the consummate capitulators. As soon as it's crunch time and they need step up they'll capitulate.
  10. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, I guess. We all know Moarinho is rank hypocrite but the above takes the cake. Desperate to win the very trophy he publically traduced! You couldn't make it up even if you tried it. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing this vindictive loser get stuffed. So, can't wait for Sunday when will trash them, again.
  11. 1. You're quibbling. 2. You're begging the question. The fact we're 10 points ahead is the subject of this discussion. Are we 10 points ahead because we're solely counter-attacking team (as Mourinho claims) or do we rely some other strategy. You can't use the fact we're 10 points ahead to prove why we out possess other teams. It's hopelessly circular argument, something you're fond of doing. Other less trained CFCnet members may not notice but yours truly does. So, try again son.
  12. The behaviour of Stoke is the direct byproduct of the incompetence of PL referees. I know Stoke City has history of thuggish behaviour but what would you expect from lower teams when big name teams like Man United are allowed to literally injure players as part of their game tactics. That's all United did in the FA Cup tie - kick all game and the ref did nothing. Something has to be done about this or we'll soon see key players succumbing to injury after injury.
  13. You're missing the point. A counter-attacking side is one that concedes possession to the opposition, sits back and waits to capitalize on mistakes by the opposition. If this is the case then one of the most telling statistic would be possession and goals from counter-attacks. Counter-attacking sides normally have low possession share and high proportion of goals from counter-attacks. And yet the stats emphatically show we're 6th in possession with only 5 goals from counter-attacks. So, what on God's green earth are you arguing about? We all know that you and Droy are chief Mourinho puppets on CFCnet. The only reason you guys are peddling this silly counter-attacking slur is because your master, Mourinho, used it against. But we won't stand for folks attacking our team.
  14. Why do you guys take Droy seriously? It's obvious that he's windup merchant. He's not only taking contrarian view for the heck of it but taking viewpoint that he knows is patently false.
  15. Your own words belie you. Clearly, you got a lot invested in Mourinho. You would square off against total stranger over a man who doesn't need your sympathy? Let it go man. Whatever goodwill Mourinho had at Chelsea is all but gone. And Mourinho is wholly responsible for it. All Mourinho had to do was keep his mouth shut about Chelsea. But his psychopathic tendencies got the better of him. He made his bed and now he must lie in it. I feel no shame in admitting that I get great pleasure in watching Mourinho lose and take United down with him. You should do likewise and admit that you're pained at the plight of Mourinho.