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  1. 1. You're quibbling. 2. You're begging the question. The fact we're 10 points ahead is the subject of this discussion. Are we 10 points ahead because we're solely counter-attacking team (as Mourinho claims) or do we rely some other strategy. You can't use the fact we're 10 points ahead to prove why we out possess other teams. It's hopelessly circular argument, something you're fond of doing. Other less trained CFCnet members may not notice but yours truly does. So, try again son.
  2. The behaviour of Stoke is the direct byproduct of the incompetence of PL referees. I know Stoke City has history of thuggish behaviour but what would you expect from lower teams when big name teams like Man United are allowed to literally injure players as part of their game tactics. That's all United did in the FA Cup tie - kick all game and the ref did nothing. Something has to be done about this or we'll soon see key players succumbing to injury after injury.
  3. You're missing the point. A counter-attacking side is one that concedes possession to the opposition, sits back and waits to capitalize on mistakes by the opposition. If this is the case then one of the most telling statistic would be possession and goals from counter-attacks. Counter-attacking sides normally have low possession share and high proportion of goals from counter-attacks. And yet the stats emphatically show we're 6th in possession with only 5 goals from counter-attacks. So, what on God's green earth are you arguing about? We all know that you and Droy are chief Mourinho puppets on CFCnet. The only reason you guys are peddling this silly counter-attacking slur is because your master, Mourinho, used it against. But we won't stand for folks attacking our team.
  4. Why do you guys take Droy seriously? It's obvious that he's windup merchant. He's not only taking contrarian view for the heck of it but taking viewpoint that he knows is patently false.
  5. Your own words belie you. Clearly, you got a lot invested in Mourinho. You would square off against total stranger over a man who doesn't need your sympathy? Let it go man. Whatever goodwill Mourinho had at Chelsea is all but gone. And Mourinho is wholly responsible for it. All Mourinho had to do was keep his mouth shut about Chelsea. But his psychopathic tendencies got the better of him. He made his bed and now he must lie in it. I feel no shame in admitting that I get great pleasure in watching Mourinho lose and take United down with him. You should do likewise and admit that you're pained at the plight of Mourinho.
  6. Conte is clearly a manager who believes a team is more than the sum of its parts. This is evidenced by the fact we're first even though we only have 3rd best squad (or worse) in the league. After failing to invest in the club last season, relative to Manchester clubs by net spent yardstick, the club must massively back Conte this summer.
  7. Frankly, I'm insulted that you're not insulted by Mourinho going to United. It's beyond Ultimate Insult, it's the Mother of All Insults! I'm righteously indignant! Seriously, Mourinho is uncouth, classless, sour loser and nothing you or any other Mourinho aficionado says will persuade yours truly otherwise. But yours truly is not vindictive fella. I'll promise you this: If Mourinho comes groveling and profusely begs for our (Chelsea fans') forgiveness, I'll forgive him.
  8. Of course not. I was being facetious with that comment and it was mostly directed at the Mourinho worshipers who are now trying to interpret for us his very words.
  9. Your comparison with Lampard is rather puerile. Lampard was on his last legs when he joined City and would never have been a 10th of the player he was for us for City. His move was insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If he went to City back in 2008 or 2009 during his prime, that would be different matter. But that didn't happen, so no reason to engage in a hypothetical. Jose, on the other hand, chose to go to United out of spite. He wanted to prove a point to us and Roman. But things went horribly for him and now he's characteristically lashing out at us. And stop interpreting for us what Mourinho really meant by this or that quote. You're in no position to be Mourinho's interpreter. He clearly knows what he's doing. He's taking swipes at us and the club. We've had enough of Mourinho's incessant digs and we're not gonna take it anymore! Today he went step further by instructing Man U players to deliberately injure Eden Hazard so that his injure may derail our season. This is how vindictive Mourinho is.
  10. Well, some of us hear things while others close their ears to what's loud and clear. Just about everything Mourinho had done and said about Chelsea since leaving us precipitated the regrettable reaction of some fans (FYI, I don't support the use of foul language in sports arenas). First, he hurls at us the Ultimate Insult by joining one of our chief title rivals - Man United. Besides, City, United is our main title rival. So, by joining United he has made himself an instant enemy of Chelsea fans. And he knew that full well. Then, he starts taking digs at our accomplishment this season. When he's not pejoratively calling us "defensive team," he's trivializing the hard work and accomplishment of Conte and players by chalking up our success to us not being in Europe. As if he has a crystal ball and can see how we'd perform if we were in Europe. And now he ups the ante with this red herring about winning us 3 trophies. It's OK for Jose to petulantly react to the goading of some fans but the fans are to remain silent? Notice how he's arrogating himself all the credit for the trophies we won while he managed us? So, no credit goes to the Club staff, to Roman for investing hundreds of millions allowing us to acquire world class facilities and players, to the credit for players... it was all about Jose. But when it comes to our failures as in our abject performance last season under Jose assigns some of the blame to the players. No class. No grace. Just a crass and sour loser.
  11. He brought it on himself with his incessant digs at Chelsea. Do you think true Chelsea fans will take it lying down? Get real dude. There's so much people will put up with before they push back. Just as goodwill is earned by conduct it can be lost by conduct. Jose is working overtime to erode whatever goodwill has left at Chelsea. The ball is really in his court.
  12. I beg to differ. They beat us once and we beat once, so I don't get how they outplayed us. And yes, we will destroy them in the FA Cup. You heard it here first.
  13. A leopard doesn't change its spots. Mourinho being Mourinho, we can safely assume he did send his players to rough us up and hope we lose some of our key players to long-term injury.
  14. Oh, I forgot to add: Liverpool lost and if there's a favourable outcome in the Spurs and City matches (Spurs currently huffing and puffing against M'Brough), we can see a clear daylight between us and chasing pack.
  15. United has not been in the title race all season, so not sure why you're lumping them with teams that actually performed better than them (Spurs, Liverpool, City and Arsenal). But our fixture list looks good. So long as we don't grow complacent and take teams for granted, the title is ours. We are now clear-cut favourites.