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  1. If I had to pick one it would probably be the top one but I would be more than happy with either. Lets just hope its not: Willian-Lukaku-Pedro
  2. It might be wortn watching his goals from the last two seasons. I'm failing to see how anyone can come to the conclusion he needs space in behind to score goals. He's very, very good when he does get in behind but there is a lot more to his game than that.
  3. Lukaku is 23 and has played over 350 games already, has a ratio of roughly a goal every other game and is 100% proven in the premier league. He's only going to get better and I don't buy the argument that he would score less goals here as teams sit back agaisnt us and he needs space in behind to score goals. If that was the case then it would actually be a good thing as we do tend to play deep and look to exploit space in behind. It's not though, although he is very good when playing on the counter, most of his goals are scored inside the box after attacking pressure from Everton. He also gets a lot of goals from set pieces and crosses, something that we lack. Does anyone actually watch him and Everton or do people just assume thats the case? I suggest people look at his goals over the last 2 years before answering that as you may be suprised to know that very few of his goals have come because teams are pushing further forward than they would against us and he has loads of space in behind. Saying he is at his bestwhen he had space to run into not only makes him actually quite suitable for us but it is also not true at all, although if enough people say it enough times maybe it will be.
  4. Long, but well worth the read.
  5. Wonder if these are the same sauces that said Costa was off to China?
  6. Hazard has a contract with us until the summer of 2020, there is a lot of talk about us offering him a new one on more money. He is our best player, the best player in the league by a mile and ability wise the third best player in the world arguably second above the ageing Ronaldo. We do not sell him, no mattet what. Do not entertain any bid whatsover. Offer him the contract and if he rejects it then so what? He can spend the next three years here earning less money than we are prepared to pay him.
  7. I don't see how anyone can really argue with this and the way I see it the only reason people are is because Jose said what he said. It has been taken as a negative because he said it, when in fact it is not negative at all. We do sit deep and allow the other team on to us, we do allow the opposition to have the majority of the ball and we do look to hit them on the counter attack, something we do incredibly well. The only thing I would add, and I've said it previously, is that at times we do very much go on the front foot. We generally start very deep with little or no press in the middle third, allowing the other team on to us and we are extremely confident in our ability to not only stop them scoring but also limiting them to very few chances. We seem to up the tempo and push further forward, start pressing the ball higher up the pitch and play with a much higher intensity for the last 15 minutes of the first half and first 15 minutes of the second. Depending on how that goes will determine how we finish the game. Sometimes we dominate the ball and the territory and other times we drop deep and revert to how we start games. This is how I see it and would also explain your stats regarding possession and territory and why some don't agree. Some may only remember the middle/end parts of games when we can dominate both but don't realise just how much possession we give away in the first half hour. People can call it negative, cautious, defensive, counter attacking or whatever they want. I have no problem with it and in fact find it not only a joy to watch but also fascinating the way we can suddenly switch and change things round. Not many teams anywhere can do that. I love tge way we are playing this year, find it very enjoyable to watch and give Conte massive credit for implementing it.
  8. L'Equipe reporting we have bid €38m+ add ons.
  9. I think we do start games a in very particular way, I wouldn't call it cautious as I don't think we are particularly worried about the oposition but we do start off playing deep. I can see some would call it cautious or defensive and they would have a case but to me it is a very deliberate way of playing. A way that allows the other team to have the ball with little pressure up until our defensive third but we are extremely confident in our ability to limit the amount of chances they have and very rarely score. That's how good this side is defensively. After the first 30 minutes we then push/press further up the field and play with a lot more intensity and attacking threat. We repeat this for the first 15-30 minutes of the second half and then drop deep again. Or if the opposition is so tired from chasing us all over the pitch without the ball we can generally dominate possession in the final third. The united match is a good example of this. The media thought they were great but in reality we allowed them to play for a while then as soon as we decided to up the intensity and push further forward we absolutely dominated them. It seems to me that it is a very deliberate tactic by Conte, one that I really like. I absolutely love the fact that we allow teams to play however they want at the beginning of the match, fully confident that we will not let them score, whilst conserving enery ourselves. We then say 'now it's our turn' and play them off the park for the middle third of the game. It's incredible to watch and genius tactics from Conte.
  10. Yes but even if he did see it there are rules in place that they can still step in a ban players if the officials view was such that they didn't have the oppertunity to make a decision on an act of misconduct. Suerly that is there way of saying that sometimes the refs do see an incident but not clearly enough to make the right decision so they can step in? If Oliver did see it and feels he acted appropriately then the FA, by their own rules, can still make a judgement that he didn't see it clearly enough and retrospectively punish him. If he claims he saw it clear as day and dealt with it at the time,then what came of it? A free kick? A yellow card? How exactly has he dealt with it?
  11. And what about the Valencia 'challenge', can only assume he will also escape retrospective punishment?
  12. But by their own rules it says " where one or more match official did see the players coming together, but the match officials’ view was such that none of them had the opportunity to make a decision on an act of misconduct that took place within that coming together." That to me suggests that even if the ref did see it tge FA can still act if they deem that they "didn't have the opportunity to make a decision on an act of misconduct ".
  13. Ammended rules from a few years ago for exactly this sort of thing. Claiming Oliver saw it and dealt with it at the time is irrelevant according to their own rules : "and secondly, in off-the-ball incidents where one or more match official did see the players coming together, but the match officials’ view was such that none of them had the opportunity to make a decision on an act of misconduct that took place within that coming together." They have well and truly ****ed up this time and it is clear as day. The corruption is so blatant its laughable yet nothing will happen.