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  1. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    So the manager has •Made us 'stronger than last season by far' •Got our best players playing some of the best football of their careers, which when you consider the level of Hazard and Kante that says a lot. •Got Rudiger playing at his best. •Got Emerson into the side. •Kept the ever brilliant, but coming to the end of his career, Pedro his ever brilliant self •Got our striker not missing chances, not only for us but also his country. •Improved on our biggest weakness from last season with his only outfield purchase. I'll add these •Got us third in the league with three games remaining. •Reached the final of one cup competition and the semi final of another. •Given three of our brightest youth team players proper regular football. •Managed a massive squad ridiculously well, all the talk from a few on here about countless players wanting to leave and Sarri having no idea how to use a squd seems a bit silly now. Just imagine what might happen if he's given a bit of time and money but maybe your right, maybe none of this happened and we are, as you say, a shambles of a team.
  2. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Being stronger than last season by far after only buying one outfield player and getting the best out of our key players is probably the biggest endorsement I have heard for keeping Sarri as manager.
  3. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Thank you. An almost impossible scenario then.
  4. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Do you have a link please as it doesnt make sense to me. If Tottenham or Liverpool win the champions league or not and us or Arsenal win the Europa league we will have 5 teams entering the champions league next season. Why does it matter if an English team wins the champions league?
  5. Chelsea 4 Slavia Prague 3 (5-3 Agg)

    Try telling anyone that was in Munich that Garry Cahill was average and see what sort of response you get. As you say a wonderful defender and club servant that will rightly go down in our clubs history as a legend
  6. Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0

    I like this. You seem to be one of the most unbiased posters on here and if I recall rightly were not overly keen on Sarri at one point but didn't jump the gun calling for him to be sacked after a few games or within 6 months. My feelings are pretyy much exactly the same as yours, unfortunately I can't make any comment regarding this season without being called a Sarri fan boy, which I've said numerous times I'm not but they don't listen, so hopefully some will read this and take it on board. I think it sums up our current situation perfectly.
  7. Chelsea 2 West Ham United 0

    Not sure I follow you Kev. Is it because I don't hold the same opinion as the vast majority that I am the one being influenced? Seems a bit backwards to me. Go for it. Please.
  8. Best post I have read on here in a long time. Sums up more or less everything I have been all season and I agree with pretty much every word.
  9. Slavia Prague 0 Chelsea 1 Absolute bell ends.
  10. Chelsea 2 West Ham United 0

    He hasn't abandoned the system at all, it's just two posters who have slowly been proved more and more wrong as the season progresses trying to find anything to have a moan about.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I dnot understand it either. Loftus cheek 1423 minutes Christensen 1750 minutes CHO 1067 minutes Plenty of game time for all 3.
  12. Chelsea 2 West Ham United 0

    Nice one Paul, that video will do absolutely nothing to sway those that have already made up their minds though. The most interesting part is the second half where it details how he dictates play. Its something I picked up on very early after watching him live for the first time and made a point of it on here. I think those not as fortunate to go very often will miss a lot of this but he really does does orchestrate the whole team, in terms of telling them where to go, who to pass to, when to press, when to hold, when to speed it up etc. He is constantly telling everyone what to do but unfortunately it goes unnoticed by most.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe or maybe he gets a better package as there will be no transfer fee involved. Well yes, everything about him possibly being kept if our ban is upheld for this summer is almost certainly irrelevant as I think there is very little doubt we will be able to buy in the next window.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    And I'm sure that's what they would tell him, however if he did stay this year and left on a free the following season I very much doubt they would turn him down if he still wanted to go there. Maybe I'm naive but I really don't think he will leave if the transfer ban is upheld and we are unable to replace him this window.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree with all this. If we can buy players this summer Hazard can leave, I wouldn't begrudge him one bit. But if the ban is upheld and we can't bring in anybody he should be told he has to stay and can leave on a free the following summer. I actually think he would fully understand and be fairly ok with it.