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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'll also happily admit if I'm proven wrong and this system with these players doesn't turn in to what I fully expect it to. It's got to be something pretty special to be successful compared to our recent title winning teams where we played with more attacking players and a front 3. Lose to Liverpool and potentially the only thing keeping us from being 6th would be goal difference.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I can't be bothered to go back and forward arguing anymore. If people are happy playing 7 defensvie players then so be it. I've had a season ticket for 20 plus years and can never remember being so underwhelmed when I see the current starting line up. I 100% guarantee as soon as Fabregas or Hazard, or God forbid both at the same time, have a bad spell people will be screaming about the lack of creativity and attacking players. It's worked because of the form of those two. It's ultra defensive football that we have got away with due to two world class players at the top of their game. I hope you all enjoy it when one of them is unable to play or have an off day. For what it's worth, I absolutely love Conte and hope he stays for years, I just believe he has got it massively wrong right now, regardless of a few wins against West Brom, Watford and Bournemouth. I've purposely left out United, we were superb, but that has nothing to do with tactics or formations or players, it's about playing them at home as anyone that goes will tell you.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    What are you talking about? Why do I need to grow up? Because I'm not happy seeing 7 defensive players line up at the moment and put the blame 100% on Conte? It has nothing to do with our club, other clubs or other players . He is quite blatantly showing that he wants to play with an ultra defensive formation. We could have bought any number of attacking options in the summer, or kept the ones we already have. Instead we bought in two more defensive midfielders and zero, ZERO, attacking midfielders. It's not the boards fault, it's not other club's falut, it's not other players fault. It is the managers fault. If we had ended up with sub standard players the blame could be laid elsewhere. We bought zero attacking players, other than a forward who replaced a forward, ZERO!!!! The board can be held responsible for many things but I refuse to believe that they could not get ONE attacking player through the door if the manager asked for one. He was quite happy seeing Traore, Oscar, Costa, Loftus Cheek, Abraham, Baker, Remy, Cuadrado, Atsu, Solanke, Salah and probably more all leave. Yes, I know there is various reasons why they all left and not all his fault, but the fact is all of those attacking players have left since he has come in. We have bought Morata and Bastshuayi. That's it in terms of attacking reinforcements. It says it all really. It's a fairly obvious trend. It's not something I'm overly happy with but I need to grow up? Please explain why.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    And there Bob is the problem. I personally would not blame Conte for having such a small squad but he 100% takes the blame for having such few attacking options.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's massively different in my opinion. One of the main reasons we were so successful last year and two years before that was our front 3. The best teams around all have a really good front 3 and have done for years. I see absolutely no reason to change that. If we want an extra man in midfield goto a back 4.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    No, I'm suggesting playing less defenders and going back to a 433 if we really want to compete going forward. We have zero chance of competing with Man City or the best teams in Europe lining up the way we currently are. It's not just about the last few games it's about moving forward and trying to win the champions league again. Switching to 343 worked last season and we were great. We had problems this season, mainly Kante being injured and Conte's answer is to add another defensive minded player and take off an attacking one. Going forward that's not what I want to see.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    We were nit playing this formation with this set of players last year.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    But he's not and he probably never will add enough goals to his game. He's just not that sort of player. Of course if we were lining up with two attacking midfielders and two forwards this debate wouldn't be happening. But we're not we have 3 attack minded players in our starting 11 at the money and 7 defensive minded players. I love Conte but I'm amazed people are arguing this point, it's like he can do no wrong. This formation with this set of players will not win us any major trophies.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's great but nobody will be able to tell me that lining up with: Azpilicueta , Christensen , Cahill , Zappacosta/Moses , Alonso , Bakayoko , Kante in the same team Isn't defensive. I don't care what tactics we play or how well we play. That is about as defensive a line up as I can remember us ever playing. We are 100% reliant on Fabregas and Hazard, which at the moment is wonderful as they are both playing well. What happens when one or both have a bad game? We may not look like we are playing defensively because those two are playing so well but the moment their form drops I can guarantee you we will not be winning ANY big games if that's how we line up.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Time will tell but I would wager a lot of money that 433 will be the dominant formation In the Champions League for quite a long time.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe, but I thought there was some merit to the way we lined up in the 343. Playing 7 defensive minded players and relying entirely on Fabregas and Hazard for any sort of creativity is not going to win us much. In my opinion. So the answer is one team and a few league titles in Italy?
  12. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    Which is wonderful when we are beating teams such as West Brom and Bournemouth playing that way. We have absolutely no chance of competing with the best teams in Europe playing this system. We might not get hammered but there is no way in a million years we would beat any of the top European clubs over two legs.
  13. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    Hazard is absolutely phenomenal when he plays well regardless of which position he plays. I don't think he's suddenly playing better as he's playing more centrally, he's just playing well in general. I agree about Fabregas, he's one of our 3 most important players for me and should start every game, I just don't think we need to play 7 defensive players to get the best out of him or Hazard. If one of them has a bad game we have zero creativity in our side. We are basically playing with two players that are likely to create chances, if they don't we have very little chance of scoring. It's working at the moment as both are playing exceptionally well. I Seriously worry when one or both have a dip in form.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just buy Sanchez, whatever the cost, and play a front 3 of Hazard-Morata-Sanchez and all this horrible talk of 352 will go away. Whatever way you want to look at it a good front 3, especially when you have a player like Hazard in it, will always be better than a good front 2. Is it a question of money? The fact that to buy another top class attacking option will cost a lot more than any other position on the pitch? Is that why we are playing with 7 defensive players at the moment? I love Conte but I really can't get behind this switch to 352.I'm all for seeing a midfield 3 but not at the expense of an attacking player. How many team's has won any big competitions playing 352? Genuine question.
  15. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    It's not lazy at all, we play with 3 centre backs and 2 wing backs. That's quite simply 5 defenders however you want to dress it up. Everything you have said here would apply if we played a back 4 just as much as it does when we play a back 5 In my opinion it is. We have won the league two out of three seasons playing with a front 3. Pedro has been absolutely superb for us and is criminally underrated. For me he should be one of the first names on the team sheet. Willian is what he is, he's nver going to score or assist loads, it's just not him. People either get him or they don't. That doesn't make him less of a player. He certainly won't contribute less to the team than whoever is currently playing in front of him. Azpilicueta would indeed go back to full back, either side. Not sure why that would bother you as you have said for ages he shouldn't play at centre half. Yes Alonso would go back to left back. It's pretty much the same position. Ditto Zappacosta. I'm just not having any argument that the role of a full back or wing back is any different. At all. It's not. Rudiger could also play right back, Moses become 4th choice AM. Suddenly we have 4 full backs and 4 AM's so more options straight away. I've wanted Hazard playing as a number 10 for years and have argued why he should that whole time. That was of course when we played a number 10. If the choice is him playing uofront with Morata with no wingers or on the left in a 3 I'd take him on the left all day every day. Indeed it is, which is exactly my point. Our squad, as it stands, couldn't really be less suited to a 352 compared to 433 or 343. We have 2 strikers ( one of them Batshuayi )and 4 centre mids. It's not sustainable to play 4 out of 6(5) players in every minute of every game. At least if we keep playing 2 up top you can claim you always said Morata needs to play in a 2 and you don't look quite so silly with your rather strong opinion on him. Which of course was completely wrong. A good 433 will always destroy a good 352. Its just a much better formation. How many teams have been successful at the highest level playing 352 compared to 433?