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  1. Sunday's parade has been cancelled
  2. I'm absolutely amazed anything has been made of it, it's a nothing situation that occurred in a nothing game. How many managers have predetermined times when they are going to bring on particular players if the game is already won? How many times has a player been bought on at a particular time after coming back from injury? How many players come on in the last couple of minutes to waste time? All predetermined substitutions, it's happened thousands of times, week in week out in every league in the world.
  3. That video alone would make me want him above Lukaku, who I wouldn't touch with a barge pole. Have we even been linked with him though?
  4. Lukaku will cost stupid money, the sort of money that if we are willing to spend on one player we could sign almost anyone in the world. Griezmann, Dybala, Lewandowski, Mbappe, Aubameyang, Aguero would all be gettable if we were going to spend nearly £100m on a striker. I'd rather we bought Sanchez and played him as a striker or try to sign Bale, Reus or Verratti and spend less on a striker. I'd much rather see us line up with Verratti in midfield and someone else upfront, or Reus and Hazard either side of someone other than Lukaku. I know some might say that all the players I mention are unrealistic but I don't think they are if you are going to be approaching a world record fee. My point is that if we are willing to spend so much on one player I genuinely believe that money could buy a player that has far more impact on our team than Lukaku, even if he plays in a completely different position. I'd even prefer us to give Batshuayi or Abraham, as unlikely as that may be, a proper go and use the money on a different player altogether.
  5. Another question I'd like to ask is how many 22 year old cm's are playing reguarly in Europe's top leagues, let alone for one of the top 4 teams in Europe in the past 12 months?
  6. People who don't watch Chelsea regularly could quite easily say the same about Hazard.
  7. Bakayoko, to me anyway, looks like he could become an absolute monster. Everyone on here seems to say he goes missing in games but I'd genuinely like to ask how many games anyone has actually seen? He may not be the finished article but he has ALL the attributes to be a top, top level cm and I can see exactly why we would want him. We're not gonna sign Veratti or Vidal or Nainggolan so I'd live to know who people would see as a genuine, attainable alternative?
  9. I agree 100%, he is no longer our manager and I can see why some want to put the boot in to him now he's there but we can not and should not ever forget what he achieved here. Without him we wouldn't be the club we are today but some don't seem to want to see this and want to re-write history to suit their own agenda. Give him stick by all means for what he does there, I can even see why some would dislike him now we are seeing him from the other side but never, ever forget what he done for this football club ( not aimed at you by the way).
  10. Most fans that attend games on a regular basis didn't want Jose sacked last year. Most fans of this club in general are incredibly loyal and when we see someone as 'one of our own' we back them 100%. It's what makes us as fans some of the best in the country, whatever the media and opposition fans try to claim, it's the tiny minority that give the haters all the ammunition they need.
  11. It was daft because we sacked our greatest ever manager and an absolute legend of the club one year after winning the league and failing him massively in the transfer market that summer. We were never in danger of getting relegated, no matter where we were in the table. Hiddink came in and we were still rubbish so maybe it wasn't all Jose's fault? Personally I would have backed the manager, let him got rid of whoever he wanted in the summer and allowed him to start again. He deserved that. I love Conte and have enjoyed this season massively but that doesn't change my opinion that we should never have sacked Jose last year.
  12. Both times sacking Jose was daft. Sacking Ancelotti for finishing second, a year after winning the double, was more than daft. Sacking Di Matteo six months after winning the champions league was absolutely disgraceful, that's before you think about who we replaced him with. There's even a good argument to say that getting rid of Avram Grant when we did was also daft.
  13. We won the league two years years ago, as bad as we were last year we were hardly 'in the doldrums'. We were never going to be as bad as last season, it was a freakish season for whatever reason. Conte has taken over a team that has won more in the last 13 years than any other team in England. Jose took over a team that had not won the league in 50 years. I get people having a dislike for Jose but some are trying to rewrite history. He is, and quite possibly always will be, our most successful ever manager. Without him we would not be where we are now
  14. Not sure how you can claim that? Jose not only moulded a team that won things, including our first league title for 50 years, he built a team and a winning mentality that went on to achieve great success long after he left. It was the basis of his team that went on to win the champions league. You can argue that some of the players were already there and some that went on to win the champions league were added after he left but to claim he didn't mould or build that team, the most successful in our history, is just absurd.
  15. Full strength to hopefully get 30 wins and get them ready for the cup final.