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  1. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    It's ok mate, Bob can't help himself. He likes to jump on some people's posts without reading them properly or giving himself a little time to think. I wonder if he jumped on Zaffo's numerous posts about how bad our player's are as quickly as he did when he thought I had said it?
  2. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    No Bob, your wrong again. It's not me that thinks that of those players. I have long been a big advocate of our player's and how good they are. If you read the beginning of my post it might make some more sense. Then go back a page and see who has ludicrously claimed this is the worst Chelsea side in years.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I don't think the club have forgotten him. Clearly Conte has and will not use him much again this season. I suspect the club have asked him to stay and start again with a new manager next season.
  4. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    Only just realised who I quoted. I'm not surprised he thinks that. Willian is nowhere near good enough for us, neither is Pedro, Fabregas can't run or play in a two man midfield, Alonso can't play full back, our centre halfs can't play in a back 4 and Azpilicueta's height is a major problem playing centre half.
  5. Manchester United vs Chelsea

    You must be joking surely? We have the best side we have had in a long time.