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  1. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    He was quiet for about 10 minutes in the first half when we sat very deep trying to counter. Other than that he was exceptional. I think you need to be careful you don't become like Droy with Matic in your views about Moratta. You made your views very clear before we signed him and this post and your one in the match day thread scream of someone trying to save face. You are quite clearly wrong about him, he is absolute class.
  2. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    It's far more than just his goals though. I've watched him play every minute of every game he has played for us in the flesh. He's as good as any centre forward I have seen in recent years.
  3. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    What's he now, 10 in 10 for club and country? World class. Genuine world class centre forward.
  4. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    Loved him and will miss him. Shame he's such a tool. DIEGO, DIEGO, DIEGO, DIEGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Transfer Talk Topic
  6. 2017/18 predictions

    I think, and I may be wrong, that our wage bill is so high because of the amount of young players we have that are of a certain level. We have a lot, and pay them a lot. Some of this is no doubt paid for by the loan clubs but I doubt we will know for sure how much. I can't imagine for a second that our first team squads wage bill has been anywhere near United's or City's for the last couple of seasons. We have also got rid of an awful lot of high earning players in recent years and we don't seem to pay our top earners anywhere near what other clubs now do. I doubt Morata is on as much as Lukaku, Alonso/Moses/Zappacosta as much as Mendy or Walker, Kante/Bakayoko as much as Pogba or Matic. In fact the only one of our recent singings that is probably paid more than our rivals in the same position is Luiz but he is by far and away the best centre half any premier league club has signed in a long time.
  7. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    I'm surprised at the level if negativity, whilst we were not great we really were not that bad. Other than a spell in the first half we completely dominated then and controlled the game. It can be hard to score against a top 6 Prem team when they come with zero intention of winning the game. It's taken 20 odd years but Wenger finally has realised how to play away from home against better opposition. Bakayoko is an absolute beast of a player. I said before we signed him how good he would be for us, seeing him in the flesh it just reiterates it. He will become the best all round midfielder on the planet. Just think we got Kante AND Bakayoko for less money than Paul Pogba.
  8. 2017/18 predictions

    3rd. Can't compete with two Mnchester teams that have spent nearly a billion pounds since either last won the league.
  9. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Never, EVER a red card. Scandalous
  10. Eden Hazard

    I'll take the opposite, more positive view and say it's absolutely great news and will hopefully end any possibility of him leaving any time soon.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I just think there is a handful of clubs who might want to buy an even smaller handful of players this may be applicable to. I doubt those type of deals can be done in two weeks without any groundwork done before hand. I think the players this applies too, Hazard, Sanchez, Coutinho etc will have to accept that if a bid comes in for them after our deadline then it will be rejected out of hand. After all if you are Hazard and you know Madrid want you and you want to leave it may well leave you extremely pissed off with them if they left it that late knowing that the bid will be rejected. Premier league players will be completely aware that 99% of bids received after our deadline will be rejected. If they really want to leave they will have to push for a move early in the window. But we can do deals long before the 1st July, we just can't officially sign them until then. Between the middle of May, when the season ends and the 9th August should be plenty of time. I really think a manager should be aware of what he needs without needing three games to tell them. The positive of having your squad in place before the season starts far outweighs any negatives for me. I appreciate I'm in the minority but I think getting your business done early and having your full squad ready before the start of the season is a huge benefit.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    If a European team wants a premier league player then their best bet will be to sign them early so the selling club can then replace them before the window shuts. Leaving it until the window shuts will make it so much harder for the selling club to agree to sell. Trying to buy premier league players after our window shuts will be no advantage to them whatsoever. I'm amazed people are thinking it will.
  13. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 2

    It has indeed but I can't help getting more and more annoyed at the Burnley result.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Do you really think the date of the deadline day will make any difference to how clubs operate?