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  1. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Kovacic is class, I said it when we he joined on loan and most didn't want him here due to being a reject and not having good enough stats. I said it during the whole of last season when most couldn't see what was staring them in the face , but wanted to argue about how awful the manager and football was. I said it this summer when most/pretty much all didn't want to sign him due to those two points. He is our best midfielder right now, has been our best player this season and if I had to pick one of the three it would be him. If I had to pick a pair it would be him and Jorginho. We have played much better with the two of them than when Kante has been paired with either. It's not a dig at Kante as he is the best player in the world at what he does but it is not even debatable that right now Kovacic is our best midfielder and arguably our best player. I'm not getting drawn into a pointless argument about who said what, how it's been misinterpreted and why everybody else is wrong. Kovacic has quite simply been brilliant this season, will continue to be first choice for the foreseeable future and is guaranteed to start all our games in the coming weeks when Frank picks his best side. He only misses out when he needs a rest, other than that he's one of the first names on the team sheet.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Club statement
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agreed, If he's not in the starting line up tomorrow, and I'd be really pissed off if he's not joined by at least 2 other new signings , Marina should do the decent thing and hand in her resignation. Not sure what this board is playing at . We've finally got the ban reduced yet still haven't signed anyone.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Whilst I'm not a fan of Zaha he is exactly the type of forward we should be looking at, one that can play anywhere across the front three. Dont want him but can see it happening unfortunately.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Link doesnt work paul.
  6. Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

    I was there last night, in the middle of the middle as always, and there is no way in a million years Kepa is at fault for their goal. In real time, in real life it's just a really, really good cross that 4 outfield players got completely wrong. Kepa hasn't been great this season , although he's certainly not been as bad as some would make out, but the criticism now is getting silly. At fault for last night and West Ham according to some. Utter bollox. The biggest culprit for an awful lot of our goals conceded this season is Frank Lampard. He seriously needs to sort us out defensively and until he does I dint think any keeper in the world should be judged, the poor kid must be constantly on edge knowing full well that every time we get attacked there's a fair chance it will lead to a one v one or a free header.
  7. Media / Press

    I wasn't there Saturday but watched it on a stream and it was so blatant its unbelievable. By far and away the worst I have ever heard on tv coverage. It was truly shocking and sounded like it was almost constant throughout the entire 90 minutes.
  8. Chelsea 0 West Ham United 1

    Throw back to last season. This is what happens when you play without a striker. Makes you realise just how remarkable it was to achieve what we did last year.
  9. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Was absolutely ridiculous and incredibly naive, should have cost us not only the game but also seriously dented our chance of progressing from the group. Playing like that was quite Frankly stupid. However its ****ing brilliant to watch. We are, not always due to us being particularly good, very entertaining and I'm enjoying watching this team more so than any other since pre Abramovich days, at least in terms of pure entertainment.
  10. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    If Tammy can't come back on I'd rather see Mount than either Giroud or Bats and stick Pulisic through the middle.
  11. Manchester City 2 Chelsea 1

    He, or someone like him as I dont necessarily think we should sign him, would play alongside Kante and Jorginho. I like our midfield 3 but its severely lacking that type of player. If we look at one position that needs strengthening in our starting 11, for me that's the priority, followed by centre half. Keep Alonso, Bats, Pedro, Christensen, even Barkley. Squad players are two a penny. Players that are going to walk into our first 11 and instantly improve us should be what we are looking at.
  12. Manchester City 2 Chelsea 1

    I disagree. Someone like Milinkovic Savic is the absolute priority for me, we are desperately lacking a player like him and have done for a long time. If I was to prioritize any position to strengthen it would be midfield and it would be someone like him.
  13. 5 Chelsea Questions

    First chelsea hero - Dinitri Kharine, what can I say, I wanted to be a goalkeeper when I was a boy. Signing that excited me the most - Gianluca Vialli. Opposition player - Maldini, was never going to happen but used to always be linked with him on the back of the sunday newspapers and as a kid it was super exciting. Favourite goal - Unquestionably Drogba's equaliser in Munich. Favourite 11 - Cech Petrescu Le Boeuf Terry Le Saux Essien Wise Lampard Ballack Zola Drogba
  14. Manchester City 2 Chelsea 1

    I think that will be the team with the exception of Mount for Pulisic. Although it may be a bit harsh on Pulisic I think if it's a straight choice between him and Mount then Lampard picks Mount every time.