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  1. Shame Steve Holland left , would have been perfect.
  2. Media / Press
  3. As it stands we might aswell make Tammy our first choice, just put our trust in him and give him a proper go.
  4. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Harry Redknapp has just said on talksport it would be a major surprise if Lampard doesn't get the job.
  5. I think every single Chelsea fan would love Frank here at some point but we should be appointing a manager based on what they have done, not who they are.
  6. I said very early on that Sarri was just keeping the seat warm for Frank and he was always going to be our next manager, which I was incredibly excited about. I have no doubt he will become successful, some people just have it and Frank certainly does. The only problem I have with it, if it does happen, is the timing. We have a squad that needs an insane amount of work to make us competitive, have just lost our best player, have a transfer ban and Frank has only just completed his first year as a manager. I, for one, would love to see him come in and play Mount, CHO, Abraham, James etc but it's a huge gamble and one that is more likely to back fire than succeed. I, for one, would give him the time it would need to make it even remotely successful. I've witnessed, first hand, us win everything and would happily take a few years of not being as successful if we implemented a proper philosophy at the club of brining in our own and using the youth to complement the first team but unfortunately a lot of our fans have proved they are completely unwilling to give a manager the time it needs to change things. What happens if we are 10th at Christmas? It would have been far, far better to have Frank spend a few years as a manager and come back when our squad has had the overhaul it needs and he has money to spend to make the changes he would want. What we are looking at right now is an almost impossible job, for any manager, and we want to give it to one with 12 months experience. Absolutely barmy.
  7. Looks like it's a case of when not if Sarri goes, which will be a real shame. As for his replacement, I said a while ago I'd love to see Nuno here, he's just got something about him and I hope we go for him but have a horrendous feeling it will be Frank. I have absolutely no doubt he will become a successful manager but it's just the wrong time for him.
  8. I'd happily accept it if you really want to put Willian and Luiz from Conte's second season in the same bracket as Cahill and Drinkwater from this season.
  9. Eden Hazard

    I can only assume you have not seen Pulisic play much. I have. A lot. He definitely has something special about him. I've seen a lot of people question his signing based on his stats. Those people have quite clearly not watched him play football as those that have are extremely excited about his arrival. They also haven't looked at his stats properly. 20 years old 127 games for Dortmund :19 goals 26 assists 25 caps for USA: 10 goals 7 assists Total 152 games: 29 goals 33 assists. A goal or assist roughly every 2.5 games. It gets even better when you look at how may minutes he's actually played, he averages a goal or assist every 147 minutes. His stats are comparable to Ronaldo at the same age. Also, I'd like to know how many 20 year olds are out there right now that have better stats than him. I'd guess not many, if any.
  10. That some of the squad players that haven't played very much are unhappy. It's the same at every club, everywhere.
  11. Pretty desperate reason for having a pop at Sarri.
  12. Squad players that didn't get a look in unhappy with the manager. Shock horror.
  13. Looks like Fabrizio Morano is the source.
  15. Eden Hazard

  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was massively impressed with how Ajax played in the champions league this year, sure they were naive against Tottenham but at times they were quite simply breathtaking. Some of the best football I have seen in a long time, but then again Napoli under Sarri were brilliant to watch too.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    No worries Bob, thanks. In terms of them having the option to increase the ban due to a failed appeal I thought they could only that when a club fails in their appeal to them but not CAS. It would make a mockery of being able to appeal to a legal court only to have your ban extended if the appeal failed. In fact I think it very unlikely that they could legally do it. Is there any precedent for this anywhere else outside the world of football?
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    You seem to have an understanding of all this Bob but do you have any links showing that FIFA have changed their rules?
  19. Transfer Talk Topic there's a bit in here about us not asking for the ban to be frozen whilst they consider our appeal. “For a challenged decision to be stayed during the CAS proceedings, a specific request to this effect must be made. At the time of writing (June 7), a request has not been filed in the Chelsea/FIFA matter. Accordingly, the FIFA decision remains in force.” CAS statement; source: Football.London
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not saying Matt Law is wrong but there is absolutely no precedent for this to happen. All 3 Spanish clubs went to CAS, were allowed to buy players whilst they looked into it, the bans were upheld but none of them increased. It would be strange if the club took the route Law is suggesting as looking at the length of time it took for CAS to conclude all three cases, if it was similar for us, we would miss this window regardless. If they uphold the ban, which seem likely, there would have been no point going to them. If they rule in our favour we probably would have wasted this transfer window, whilst losing our best player and not replacing him.
  21. Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco

    The international transfer window does not open until next week.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Personally, I think the opposite. If we were not going to appeal then I'd imagine the club would have already decided and released a statement. I think the timing of our appeal to CAS is absolutely key, hence why we haven't yet lodged it, the international transfer window hasn't even opened yet, so maybe the club felt there was no point rushing through the appeal.
  23. Indeed it is . One gets his name sung week in week out and was worshiped by the fans yet completely destroyed the second season as he is a petulant child, the other gets booed week in week out with people signing **** sarriball yet does his absolute best to keep our season going to the very end.