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  1. Forgot about goalkeepers, if you add the two they have bought that makes it well over £200m in the last year.
  2. Mendy on his way to L.A. for a medical with City. There defensive signings in the last 12 months: Mendy £51m Walker £50m Stones £50m Danilo £28m All fees are approximate but that is quite simply shocking.
  3. Danilo to city official.
  4. What amazes me is that the Lukaku fee was £75m + £15m +Rooney when the story first broke. It's almost as if United have their mouth pieces in the press now saying it's a £75m transfer full stop. Completely different to last year when they couldn't shout loud enough about Pogba being a world record, it's almost as if they don't want to break the record twice or certainly not break it with Lukaku .
  5. I thought this transfer market couldn't get any more crazy, then I see Matic being linked with a £50m move. 50.MILLION.POUNDS??????
  6. £70m Morata and £75m Lukaku sounds a lot better to the Manc loving media than £58m Morata and £100m donkey.
  7. If we made a combined 11 of that lot and ours it would have 10 Chelsea players in it.
  8. That team, for the money they have spent is nothing short of embarrassing.
  9. Barcelona apparently offering Rafinha for £27m. At that price I'd be all over him if he is genuinely available.
  10. Well the thousands of others are irrelevant, the two best forwards we have had in recent years both had worse records than Morata up until this point of his career so those that don't want him because of his lack of goals might want to think about that.
  11. If the Sandro deal isn't completely dead and we can somehow bring him in then this will have been a fantastic window.
  12. And baba?
  13. Sandro or Mendy would be ideal but both seem unlikely. We desperately need a left wing back but I have no idea who. Was not overly keen on Danilo, he was great at Porto but woeful at Madrid. Personally I liked the look of oxlade chamberlain when he played as a wing back at the end of the season. Plus he can play in midfield and right wing if needed. He makes an awful lot of sense to me.
  14. Drogba age 21-24 73 games 15 goals. Costa age 21-24 109 games 34 goals Morata age 21-24 112 games 38 goals
  15. We need a left wing back, a Central midfielder and an attacking midfielder. These are an absolute must in my opinion. If we get someone like Sandro he can play further forward too, if we get someone like Sanchez (not happening I know but a player like him) then he can also fill two positions. That's what we need as a minimum to give us a squad of 18 senior outfield players, 3 goalkeepers and a few youth players. It's slightly small but not too bad and has players that give us quite a bit of flexibility.
  16. If the Morata fee is around £60m then that is a steal compared to the prices of other forwards.
  17. Luiz was the best centre half in the league last year and one of the best in Europe. He is woeful in midfield and will hopefully never see him there again.
  18. As I said they are a bit late on this one.
  19. The Morata story is now being picked up by literally everyone, including the Spanish press. The original source is Di Marzio but for everyone to be reporting it I'd like to think they've done a bit of research and found a modicum of truth
  20. Danilo makes loads of sense for City, even if they have just signed Walker. He can play either side so will provide cover for both Walker and potentially Mendy without the quality dropping too much.
  21. The Spurs fans I know genuinely think they can't, realistically, improve their first 11 so are happy to just strengthen the squad.
  22. Just waiting for sky's 'breaking news'. They like to break a story after it's already broken, their sauce on this one will unquestionably be Di Marzio.
  23. Di Marzio used to be so reliable but as his profile has risen so has his need for people to take any notice of him. He can't only report on things that are definitely happening so like most journalists he makes a lot of stuff up. However when he says a deal is done or close to being done he is normally right so I'd guess there may be quite a bit of truth in this. Also everybody is now running the story, which again suggests there may be some truth to it. Let's hope so.