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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    Cheers mate, sums up pretty much what I think about him, although I dont see him in direct competition with Ziyech, but then I've always thought he would end up playing as a '10' One thing I think is certain though, I dont see either of them on the bench very often. What I would really like to see is Werner Pulisic Havertz Ziyech
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Flinkers, am I right in saying you watch a lot of Bundesliga? What's your view on Havertz ?
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Maybe, I'm not sure. Tried watching them early in the season and fell asleep, checked every now and then on the league table and saw them always playing second fiddle. Yeah, not his fault the prices we paid to be fair, can only imagine his reaction when he's told he might not be able to sign a player due to the fee though, probably scared Marina into the worst period of business we have ever seen.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    We have had many a debate about this. First, second, third choice but still his choice, maybe.. However Moses, Young and Sanchez.........
  5. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Youd have to show me where these pundits talk about his inconsistency, I've not heard many people mention it at all. And trust me he does stand out almost every week. It's very much financial, due to the current climate, I mean its ridiculously obvious. 46 goals and 31 assists in 150 games for someone that has literally just turned 21 is underwhelming? Your very hard to please. The pundits I hear absolutely rave about him, sure they are going to mention his potential, the boy has just turned 21 and is already seen as one of the best players in Germany. They talk about his potential, not as a negative or that he's not that good now but because he has the potential to be on of the best of his generation. And maybe we get them all, best to wait and see maybe? Lots. I watch lots and lots of Bundesliga as both my boys have a thing for it for some reason. I can only assume you dont judging by your comments. I'd just like to point out that I was very keen on us signing Pulisic when an awful lot of people were not and had many a debate about how good he was and that's because I'd watched him. A lot Well I never compared him to Messi, he's nothing like him but he seems to be pretty highly regarded by everyone except you. For example, Dietmar Hamann claims he's the best player in Germany. Rudi Voller claims he's Leverkusen's greatest ever player. There are countless articles online about him being one of the best young players in the world, literally everyone is raving about him. Except you.
  6. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Yeah strange one that, he's very consistent, consistently crap.
  7. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Should have read it all before I replied. You clearly haven't watched much of him, he's certainly not inconsistent, pretty much the best player on the pitch most times he plays.
  8. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Not being funny but how much have you watched him? I hope your not judging him on 2 games during this strange period? I've watched him a lot and can honestly say he's every bit a £80m player already. In a year or two he will end up going for a huge amount of money to one of Europes elite.
  9. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Everything about him mate. He has amazing technique, is quick, skillful, scores goals, has a wonderful eye for a pass and can play pretty much anywhere. He seems to always be in the right place, one of those players that seems to just understand the game better than his opponent and just knows what to do when he gets the ball, like he sees what should happen long before he receives it. It's like he's a step ahead of the everyone else, a bit like a master chess player. he's a very clever, very technical player, with pace and size, so a bit of a freak, reads the game incredibly well and is just 21 so only going to get better. he's the most complete player I have seen in a long time and under normal circumstances I dont think we would have a hope of signing him. We need to strengthen in other positions, no doubt, but you just dont turn down the opportunity to sign someone like him if it presents himself. I'll make a bold claim right now and will hold my hands up if I'm wrong but I think he will be the best player in the premier league if he comes.
  10. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    And rightly so mate, he's class. I can honestly say if you asked me what one striker I could have signed this summer it would have been him, partly because of his age compared to someone like Lewandowski but I can't think of many that are better than him, certainly not at his age. If we sign Havertz, who again I have seen loads of and trust me he is extra special, a front line of Pulisic, Havertz, Ziyech, Werner is potentially up there with the very, very best.
  11. Official: Chelsea Sign Timo Werner

    Unquestionably a striker. I've seen him a lot and can hardly remember him ever playing out wide, even though some think he's come to play on the left According to transfer market he has: Played 23 out of 29 games for Germany as a striker. Played 143 games as a striker, 4 as a Second striker and 11 out wide for Leipzig. He has 95 goals and 40 assists for Leipzig, and 11 & 2 for Germany, the man is a goal scoring machine that plays straight down the middle the vast majority of the time.
  12. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    Interesting that Pulisic got the highest rating yet Kovacic won player of the year. 50% voted for Kovacic and only 13% Pulisic, yet his average rating is higher. I like Kovacic, I'd go as far as saying I've probably been his longest supporter on here. There was a time when a lot were not keen on him and quite a few didn't want us to make the deal permanent. I on the other hand was very vocal about him before we signed him and had many a debate about what he offered the team while most didn't see it. I dont really think he's been any better than last year, and really fail to see how he got such a high percentage of the vote. he's been good but at the end of the day he's Kovacic, will always be good at what he does but it's just not that good to do what he does, even when you do it well.
  13. Champions League 2019/2020

    Suuuuuuuuuuuper, Super Frank!!!!!!!!!
  14. Was pretty obvious at the time but if we look at who we have bought since its not even debatable. Then look at Conte buying the likes of Alexis Sanchez Victor Moses and Ashley Young. Allowing Conte to buy the players he wanted and let go of those he didn't set us back years.
  15. You forgot Ziyech. I also think that whilst he may not be competing directly with Tammy in terms of positions played the only way for Tammy to get minutes is by either playing Werner out wide or resting him so that's another player he will be competing with. Let's say we are chasing a game with CHO and Tammy on the bench, who comes on first? Almost certainly Tammy. Werner, Ziyech, Tammy, Giroud, Mount, Pulisic as it stands are all miles ahead of him, Havertz too of he comes. I just can't see him getting enough game time ahead of any of them even with the frequency of games next season. He may get plenty of minutes but what he needs is to be starting games regularly.
  16. Official: Willian Leaves And Signs For Arsenal

    Love him and wish he would have stayed. Shame there is no loyalty in football anymore, I know I shouldn't but can't help feeling a little disappointed after 7 years he's happy to just leave for nothing to one of our rivals. No doubt it is time to move on, shame I can't wish him all the best in the future, I hope he's a complete flop.
  17. No, he will get nowhere near our first team next year. He desperately needs a loan otherwise his career could be ended before it's even started.
  18. Come on Mark!! can't still be making excuses as to why Sarri isn't very good. he's proved everybody wrong. Everybody. You could argue Ronaldo carried Madrid for years Messi has carried Barcelona. Having one outstanding player does not detract from the manager or the rest of the team. I so hope they win the champions league. I'm not normally bothered, as long as its not Barcelona or another English club, but really, REALLY want them to win it.
  19. Problem being be was used by a lot of fans as a stick to beat Sarri with. 99% of Chelsea fans were up in arms about his 'lack of playing time' and the apparent interest from Bayern. Fair play to him and his agent, they played an absolute blinder and now we are stuck with a young player on astronomical wages that is nowhere near the first team and may never get anywhere near it.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    The city of 2 years ago wouldn't have replaced Sane with a kid or gone anywhere near Ake so I suspect you are right.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    I would 100% take Lewis Dunk. Have said for a while, whilst some think we need a top class centre half I'm more of the opinion we need an organizer and a leader first and foremost. Dont get me wrong if we could go and get an elite player we should but it isn't happening this window.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic I dont watch much Spansih football at all but have a friend that is a Sevilla fan and he raves about him.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    That made me laugh far more than it should have.
  24. VAR and Chelsea
  25. VAR and Chelsea

    This is the best I managed. Hard to tell.