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  1. Oscar Off To China!

    Selling mata doesnt look like a good deal to any party atm.
  2. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    Mata contributed in 51 goals for us last year, itll take some time but hell prove himself
  3. Eden Hazard

    didn't he kiss the badge yesterday? Wouldnt do that if he wasnt happy here.
  4. Mikel John Obi Off To China!

    I think he was jesting about people saying Mikel only passes sideways. Tbh, had Mourinho played him more, I feel Mikel would have deserved it, however he hasnt played much since the confederations cup, which might hurt him.
  5. Doesnt Cech have a problem with his elbow(s)? Thats why he doesnt play friendly games for the Czech anymore, if that gets out of hand and we sell the best young goalkeeper in the world, I dont see any decent stopgap that we can sign. Mind you Courtois was a similar age to Cech when he broke into the first team of Chelsea. Do you think its better to have tried out Cech or we should have carried on with Cudicini?
  6. Well its either 10+ years of Courtois or 4+ years of Cech. I know which one Id want.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    People would consider swapping our 25 year old two time POTY for a 32 year old striker?
  8. Eden Hazard

    I think he has, makes you wonder about the people last year saying he needs to bulk up like Cristiano.
  9. Chelsea Finances Thread

    In the 8 years Before RA our lowest pl finish was 6th place and we were a few points away from the title in 99, however, RA took us up a notch which is were we are now. No way would we hae won any league or Champions league titles if we stayed under KB.
  10. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Pretty funny how we went from 10th to 4th the season RA bought us, listening to Dave youd think we went backwards. Spurs are in the same position we were 10 years ago, just flirting with. the CL qualification.
  11. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Can you show me a table of our turnover in 2002-2003? Pretty surprised we were in the top 6.
  12. Torres turned a defender near the half way line and passed it to mata who crossed it to pedro.
  13. Wasnt he the one that assisted iniestas goal in the final?
  14. I can't believe why you would hate a player that plays for your club, no matter how good or ****. Ok we got he's not world class but is Ba world class? During his time here Ba scored 4 goals I think, yet no one is calling for his head. Maybe its because he didn't cost £50million, or Maybe its because we have another scapegoat whos diverting our attention. Stop bashing torres, he's going to be here for the next 3 years so deal with it.
  15. Andre Schurrle

    Before Oscar joined us he only had one full season of professional football and in his first season in Europe he played 90 matches. Hazard had 4-5 seasons in lilles first team squad before he came here. Just saying.