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  1. Media / Press

    Talking heads will be talking heads. It's funny because Sky made a big deal about Carragher using VR to show the linesman had no chance in spotting the offside exactly because Willian was blocking his view:
  2. QPR 0 Chelsea 1

    I've only seen it from one perspective and if you look at Faria's feet compared to the line indicating the QPR-zone and Ramsay, he is not in his face at all. He's just cheering toward the end the goal was scored. It's the trickery of TV being in 2D. I haven't seen anything about the incident on Skysports and it wasn't mentioned at all on MOTD2, and I'm sure they wouldn't let an opportunity to claim "Chelsea crimes" once more get by.
  3. Chelsea 1 Burnley 1

    It was a stonewall. Like the ones we didn't get.
  4. Chelsea 1 Burnley 1

    Just don't get to the ball before Ashley Barnes and you should be fine. Maybe hide your remote while watching. They break so easily... unlike Matic' leg.
  5. Chelsea 1 Everton 0

    I thought he was booked as well, but it doesn't show on livescore or anywhere else.
  6. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Wow. It's just stupid using still pictures to show "injustices". TV-pictures showed VERY clearly that the ball didn't cross the sideline on the Costa-goal, and I'm pretty sure it hit the thigh on the Cahill-goal (the picture only shows a ball in front of an arm). Ramires v Sterling was a clash on the field, and red would have been extremely harsh. But anyways, who says you need to tell the truth to become a journalist?
  7. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    The more I see it the less I'm convinced that Luiz elbows Rafael. Okay, the arm is pretty high in the first challenge, but certainly not in the face of Rafael.
  8. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Only Rafael was to blame for the red card. Putting any blame on Luiz is laughable and stupid. I think his smiling was more because he thought it was funny that Rafael went so far, than it was a smirk for getting away with simulation.
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Pretty sad not to see Rooney get sent off. Both Drogba and Torres was sent off for tackles identical to the one Rooney was just booked for.