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  1. woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah we've got alex woodyard

  2. RT @HectorBellerin: Come on mate, don't take it personally @piersmorgan 😂

  3. RT @LukewSavage: He's literally rallying Democrats to make healthcare a human right while you do a vanity book tour and relitigate 2016 htt…

  4. @michaelhortin @LincolnCity_FC I prefer 'typical' in an FGR context as a winner at their place!

  5. I think I've had my worst fantasy week ever. Well done captain Mane...

  6. Thought first ep of #BackC4 was great...

  7. RT @DMReporter: SAD FACE: Congratulations to the Daily Mail for winning today’s Most Inappropriate Use of an Emoticon award.…

  8. only manager I like on the lists is Pellegrini - not a knobhead, has won things, quite interesting on tactics etc. but he would never do it

  9. Got to hand it to Mourinho, awful smug bastard whether his teams are winning or losing 😂

  10. RT @johnlegend: By that logic, you would take everyone's guns away. Because someone is gonna kill somebody at some point. But I guess that…

  11. yes Feyenoord! Great club

  12. Shame about the dour draw for City tonight but draws for FGR & Tranmere, tough league and can't win them all #imps

  13. well played everton

  14. Only girl talking any sense is the one that said this is awful and basically that Labour look like absolute mugs #bbcqt