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  1. Shouldn't be any problems mate as long as you have two valid memberships and are of the same category I.e adults.
  2. Hi Guys, Travelling from Malta for this match but going to have two kids with us (13 years old). The memberships for our two adult tickets are sorted but still need to sort out for the kids. Does anybody have a junior membership I could use for this match ? This is the only match I'll be making this season so obviously trying to save buying two junior memberships just for one game especially when the membership is more expensive than the ticket. Anyway appreciate if anyone could help just drop me a message - Thanks in advance. Cheers Chris
  3. If he doesn't pick up his form I'm sure he will be on his way to Atletico + another 20 million for Falcao. It's a shame we didn't just get Falcao or Aguero two years ago straight away for much cheaper, rather than going for him just because of the hit he made when he came to the Premier League. I have stood by him for a long time now but he seems to be on the decline since the Arsenal match again and today was just ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, the most thing I want is for him to pick up again, and quick, starting from this weekend if possible & turn things around or else he's not even gonna end up with double figure scoring by the end of the season again! Will Falcao/Cavani or anyone who has played in the Europa League be able to play in Champions League for us? or is the restriction in all Uefa competitions? Because if that's the case I don't think we can compete in Europe with just Sturridge upfront either.