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  1. Sceptical about the Cuadrado link. Doesn't fit the profile of player we have been going for post Jan 2010. 27 in May.
  2. Or, perhaps more pertinently, Diego Costa.
  3. And now nobody is talking about our 6 point lead. Very good from JM.
  4. Sterling is 19. He is the best player in his age group.
  5. Drogba is here as a cheerleader. An ally for José (if (when?) he needs one). Strange that he started. Maybe there's something in store for Remy on the weekend, or further down the line...
  6. I think the only thing that is very probable is that noone posting here knows how transfer addons, loan payments etc. work.
  7. 23.7-((17+wages+general costs of such a player)*inflation) Doubt we even broke even on this one.
  8. to think about...
  9. Frankly WTF was a premier league manager doing questioning his players' age on camera? To journalists no less.
  10. I'm fairly confident he is off next year though. I might suspect that even more if he is offered a new contract. I've done no research into this, but you often see players get a new contract and move a year later. I guess so they (both the club and player) are in a stronger bargaining position the next year. Then again, we've never sold a player we didn't want to (2004-). Will be interested to see how this plays out.
  11. Does anyone know why the Luiz deal is yet to go through (or Costa)?
  12. Ramires is one of our most important players. He's a freak. Forget Hazard, he is the player that would be hardest to replace (like for like) in this squad.
  13. When did we have members of the club (JM, Torres, Azpil) comment on a player without us signing him? I genuineley can't remember.
  14. Ballack, Cole (Joe), Carvalho may have been told similar in 2010.
  15. At least he might provide some entertainment as he's a bit of a WUM (as most people in jobs like his need to be). More generally I think people need to understand the incentives of those in the media. They are not trying to actively promote biased views, they are trying to generate interest in their stories. In the days of internet advertising hits on their webpage are the main aim. This goal is most easily achieved by writing stories that get a reaction. A fair and insightful article (in mainstream media) will be much less profitable for the company. Of course the ex pro "pundits" are a different kettle of fish altogether.