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  1. Media / Press

    If the incident had happened to me I would have been incensed so I can imagine how Sulemeyn S felt at the time. The strange thing is that Sulemeyn S did not report the incident to the police immediately nor did he tell his wife and it was only 24 hours later that the issue was taken up by a Parisian paper. While clearly Mr S was the victim of an assault, I share Khobar's scepticism at the extent of his suffering. Before anybody jumps down from a high horse, it is quite possible to be opposed in principle to hooliganism and racism and yet think the incident has been overplayed and is being milked by lawyers. The two positions are not mutually exclusive. I am also concerned about the lack of forensic skill used in the press and social media. Not everyone in that carriage committed assault and not everybody was racially abusive. Yet there is a lot of "guilt by association" in the air. In reality very few Chelsea fans are racist thugs butt hat doesn't suit the media's agenda.
  2. Chelsea 2 Paris Saint-Germain 2 (AET)

    What a contrast to last year when I was proud of the team despite going out to Atletico. Yesterday I felt totally deflated. I wasn't angry - the result wasfair. It's hard to add anything new to previous posts but bear with me or ignore me as you wish. The match actually started quite well with both teams displaying skill and desire. Unfortunately it soon descended into a scrappy, dirty affair for which we were partly responsible. With hindsight I don't think Zlatan deserved a red card, though at the time it did look bad. I could almost hear a crunch from across the pitch. What none of us could understand is how we didn't take advantage of our numerical superiority. There didn't seem to be any pressure on the ball. Our play was generally so tentative - for example there was a time when we had the ball outside the box and we just did a series of passes across the edge of the box but nobody tried a shot. What was the strategy for the match and did it change when Zlatan was sent off? My neighbours and I were completely mystified by the answer to that. One general concern that came to the surface last night is whether we have become too predictable. Is there enough variation and enough creativity? If there is little variation in our starting line-ups, can we be disappointed if opponents know how to contain us? Congratulations to PSG. Despite only having ten men for 90 minutes they showed no sign of tiring (admittedly because of our lack of pressure).
  3. Chelsea 1 FC Schalke 04 1

    A lot of people were expecting this to be a walk-over. I thought that we would edge it, say 2 -1, so obviously I was disappointed and frustrated. Frustrated because we promised so well at the start but then we seemed to ease up once we went ahead. Meanwhile Schalke grew into the game especially in the second half. Even then we had lots of chances but they were either stopped by good defending or, worse, simply squandered. On the positive side I was really impressed with Luis with some excellent crosses/passes. I could envisage him playing regularly at LB with Azpi back in his natural RB position and the two CB positions being shared between Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic. Eden Hazard played skilfully and diligently as ever but there were a couple of times when he lacked killer instinct. Like many, I was expecting Remy to start. I don't like some of the slagging-off but I don't think it was a good idea to start with just Didier. And I think he should have been replaced by Remy at earlier stage. Remy showed flashes of promise and who knows what he could have done with an earlier introduction. Others have commented at how vulnerable we seemed when we lost the ball in midfield. There are times when we need more defensive solidity there. Is there a case for Mikel with Matic (puts on tin hat!)? Fortunately the other match also ended in a draw, so not too much damage has been done to our CL campaign. But there could be a knock-on effect on our PL campaign if we have to play our A Team right through to the end in order to top the group.
  4. Very well put. I was as frustrated as others but enjoyed his good performances when they did occasionally come. E.g. really enjoyed Man City at home last autumn. It is too much to expect graciousness from football fans. The phrase "good riddance" is a shortening of "good riddance to bad rubbish". If that isn't bitter and hateful, I don't know what is.
  5. Champions League draw 2014-2015

    Looks like an easy draw for us. To be honest it's a bit boring, given that we had Schalke last year and Maribor is hardly a top team. I prefer a bit more competition to overcome. Would it have been so bad if we had drawn Roma? We'd still have qualified, probably top.
  6. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    Unlike others I won't gripe about the second half. Overall an excellent performance, admittedly against lower opposition. The team looks so well balanced, so congrats to Jose on the way that he has rebuilt the team. For me the signing of the summer has been Fabregas- not that Costa isn't very good, but I think Fabregas will be exceptional.
  7. Read Jose's Mind Challenge (Galatasaray 18/03/2014)

    Cech Ivanovic Cahill Terry Azpilicueta Ramires Lampard Willian Oscar Hazard Eto'o
  8. Schwartzer Azpilicueta Ivanovic Luiz Cole Matic Lampard Salah Willian Schurrle Torres
  9. Manchester City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    I rarely post post-match but last night was so exceptional I feel I just have to add my praise. That must be the best Chelsea team performance since the CL win. The thing that struck me was how the whole team seemed to move as an organism not a collection of individual players. Man City are an excellent team and just occasionally you saw brief glimpses of their usual selves, but our energy and tactics just stifled them for 90% of the time. I confess I was expecting a dull, "park the bus" performance, which means I'm even more delighted by the performance than our more optimistic bretheren. It's a bit invidious to highlight individual performances but, if forced, I'd mention not only Matic but also Willian and of course JT and Cahill in defence.
  10. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    I don't like some of the Mata-bashing above. He's been a superb player for us but, apart from not fitting our new playing style, he has not seemed himself this season. It's as if he burned himself out last season. So reluctantly I say goodbye with best wishes for his future. I only hope his departure does not affect team morale. I'm sure many team mates will be sad to see him go.
  11. They do. Go to their website and in the menu there is a "listen again" function. you can go back about a week and pick a programme. The only problem is that you need to know what day and time a particular idiot rang in.
  12. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    He was superb yesterday. To be honest, I thought Eden's performances had (surprisingly) gone a bit backwards this season, so it was gratifying to see him on such scintillating form yesterday. Let's hope for repeat performances like that, week in, week out.
  13. TBF he was composed against Benfica. Isn't the problem that he's inconsistent because his confidence needs constant boosting?
  14. Apparently there's a 10m euro gap between us and Napoli. We're insisting Torres is worth 30 m euros in a cash + player deal, but Napoli only value him at 20m. As do Barcelona. http://www.ilmattino.it/sport/sscnapoli/cavani_napoli_chelsea_torres_calciomercato/notizie/291226.shtml
  15. Media / Press

    The Spanish press are really going into overdrive against Jose. Just came across this example. "Abramovich is not giving in to the wishes of Mou. Jose Mourinho is starting to create conflicts at Chelsea. In addition to requesting the transfer of Fernando Torres and, amazingly, Juan Mata (voted player of the season by Chelsea fans and candidate for Premier League player of the year), now he has asked Roman Abramovich for the head of the technical director, Michael Emenaldo." They're obviously very bitter over there. No doubt Real Madrid want to destabilise the club as much as possible in anticipation of eventual Champions League matches next year. Also the more they can paint a bad picture, the more they think they can beat us in the transfer market e.g. competing for Cavani. http://www.mundodeportivo.com/20130610/Abramovich-no-cede-a-los-deseos-de-mou_54375502193.html