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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    According to a few sources we have made Robert Lewadoski an irresistible offer and Real Madrid and ourselfs are willing to get him.. Dortmund are keen in january, who knows.. would be great though if it happened!
  2. Samuel Eto'o

    Thought he was slow today, his reaction isn't the best from what I've seen so far from him... he had one good chance from the cross Ivanovic hit and it close to fair.. other than that nothing special, thought he was better last week against Everton, but maybe that's just me.
  3. Samuel Eto'o

    Still don't understand the reason behind this transfer oh well..... Jose must of been busy on thursday nights when Eto'o was playing in the Europa League against Liverpool last season, I thought he was awful nothing like what he used to be.. I'm hoping he proves me wrong though regardless of this rant.
  4. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    They probably thought Luiz would be like 'omg barcelona are looking me, I must push through a move and be an absolute nosiness! even though they offered 1-3m less than what they bought me for!' type of thing..... kind of back fired didn't it.
  5. Andre Schurrle

    Not crazy about this transfer but best of luck to him. Also.... couldn't resist -
  6. It's almost impossible to prove, there are no sources suggesting he was lining himself up for the job. A lot of Man United fans not all though wanted Jose to take over because he is the next best thing to SAF and got Moyes instead, and now they say that Moyes is the best choice for them blah blah, and that they snubbed him for whatever reason... now he is bitter and went to his 2nd choice which is us! crazy stuff just have a read on RedCafe: -'I do think RI are exaggerating, but I wholeheartedly believe Mourinho wanted the United job. It hardly matters now though. We chose Moyes over him even though he was available. He won't admit it and of course he's going to talk about this new "marriage” like it was all he wanted but its quite transparent imo. All this talk about doing things right this time is because he knows exactly why he was overlooked in favour of somebody unproven at the top level.'
  7. Good post, but regarding the questions the journalists asked him it was just so typical and the usual tripe "Do you still think you're the special one", "..did Roman sack you the 1st time round?", "you're relationship with Iker Casilas broke down, what happened?" and so on... I was just hoping for more about what he thought on the team and perhaps something on the board, with how things have changed.. they didn't seem interested at all which is why I said it was boring and predictable and yes I can understand why... with his answers being calm and someone mentioned keeping his cards close to his chest. Only question that was worth asking was what the Belgium journalist asked, when Jose replied something along the lines of "I don't want you to go home disappointed" something like that regarding information I can't remember exactly, and he then said Kevin and Lukaka will be in the squad this year, other than that the rest of the questions were pointless.
  8. The one word I noticed he mentioned was STABILITY and I was glad to hear it, because lets face it we have became a laughing stock hiring and firing over the years and yes I know it has worked we've won things, but we could of won things in a more suitable way without the bad press.. I just hope the club stick by this 4 year deal and see how it goes, and if he wants to stay and we want him to stay, with success then the question really answers itself doesn't it. As for the questions they asked.. very predictable and boring as we've discussed it a million times over. The funnier parts were asked on the Man U job and what is his nickname for now.
  9. I looked it up on Chelsea TV earlier on sky and it says between 1-2pm
  10. Media / Press

    Similar story in the daily mail - Rob Draper actually gets paid to write this ballocks.
  11. New Kits

    Pretty funny and it looks terrible.
  12. New Kits

  13. About time, looking forward now to see who we will be in for and of course get in as well in coming weeks.
  14. True but it's Joses' presence and the fact most of us including myself have man crushes on him, big style. Even my mum who absolutely hates football with a passion because it interrupts her TV soap schedule bloody loves him!
  15. RAFA IS GONE.I REPEAT RAFA IS GONE. I wish him well on his next destination with Napoli, and I hear they make the best pizza's in the world too. Match made in heaven right there. Thanks for everything, (very hard to type that) and I wish him well for the future.