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  1. @Jazzainnit He tried telling me Gilmore was a better prospect than him🤣

  2. How’s my sister on Salt Baes IG story 💀

  3. RT @WeAre_TheShed: Frank Lampard: "real fans will appreciate Mount" You know who you are 🤣 #OurManager

  4. @Jazzainnit He passes the eye test though 🤣

  5. @__g0lfw4ng__ Her last name wouldn’t sound right anyway 😅

  6. Chillwell

  7. Ngl SBK is looking like a star

  8. @Jazzainnit Morata vibes

  9. Actually can’t believe Sarchie is rattling YBN Nahmir

  10. @Gaemechanger @Donconway_ The conversation has been going on you just gotta find #WarOnPedophiles

  11. RT @rantsnbants: ✍🏾

  12. @FFSYTHO Only the smelly ones


  14. This guy 🤣

  15. RT @JustZayon: Me no black, I Dominican 🤷🏾‍♂️

  16. RT @matissearmani: @CFCMod_ You are back on the right track now bro after that Mendy, Silva tweet. If Frank chooses to play Kepa he can't b…

  17. None of dem bum sucky vibes round ere

  18. RT @shaunattwood: what a waste of taxpayers money! could have been spent on arresting pedos! cheshire police should be ashamed, end the wa…

  19. Tammy simping for a Kardashian? Kmt

  20. Mans got more class than his club

  21. RT @KanivaOH: Hitting billboard in multiple countries is mediocre LOOOOL I can’t even have debates with ppl like this man loool I’m signing…

  22. Bally RV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  23. The Drogba slander is unbelievable

  24. RT @devsbluearmy: HOW IS THIS APP FREE 😭😭😭

  25. You ain’t even won the europa league yet 🥴