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  1. Van Dijk is streets ahead of Zouma. Before he got injured he was in the top 3 defenders in the league (I'd go as far as saying he was the best). 26, strong, fast, good on the ball & a leader he's exactly what we need. Bonucci would be nice but you're going to get more mileage from van Dijk.
  2. I think it will be Cahill. I would have gone for Luiz or Azpi personally.
  3. Yeah? Hardly spring chickens are they...... Almost as if they are seasoned pro's
  4. Original post. Would be class in CL. 1. I know transfer fees have gone silly but not in this world or the next does 34 going on 35 Daniel Alves go for £15m. 2. See original post above. 3. I was more referring to the signings of players like Belletti, Deco, Ballack etc Again think you've misconstrued my original post I said class in CL. Also this myth about the speed of the PL is a joke. Which opposition player do you see him coming up against and struggling with really? The other name brought up so far in this thread has been Oxlade Chamberlain which is ridiculous and laughable. Moses has been good this year but will get destroyed in the CL. Azpilicueta is much better playing in the centre of defence than as a WB. I would like us to buy a young WB who can develop and be in the side for years to come but think the money would be better spent elsewhere.
  5. This is exactly what United fans were saying when he was leaving Barca. No mate I never watch Juventus especially not in the CL. It's easy to post he's only started 14 games but leave out the fact he suffered a broken leg this year. Daniel Alves in the CL 10 games played 30 chances created 22 successful crosses 21 tackles won 4 assists 3 goals Think Moses would struggle to hit those numbers over the full season. He's a seasoned pro the type we used to sign for fun. Since 2006 he's played in 14 European Cup finals. I'm not saying go out and spend £30m on him but he's hardly gonna cost more than £5m. Him and Moses rotating for a season is perfect.
  6. I think the 2nd line is "Kante will win you the ball"
  7. I'd like to see Daniel Alves come in still the best in the world in his position and a born winner. Would be class in the CL.
  8. Yeah that was how I thought it played out now because of Fergie. You get given a set amount and hand them out as you please.
  9. One for the maths bods. If we keep winning trophies at the rate we do when roughly would we be the most successful team in England?
  10. Before the Leicester game in October said I'd be happy for top 4. What a season and what a man Conte is.
  11. Diego Costa's 19 Premier League goals this season have been worth 15 points - more than any other player in the division. Vital.
  12. Would swap Hazard for Neymar every day of the week.
  13. Robben is still the most talented player to play for Chelsea. He's been in the top 10 players in the world for around 10 years time now. I think Hazard has only been on the brink of breaking into that category.
  14. Contract talks ongoing.
  15. Been seeing this opinion on twitter a lot lately that Costa tails off in the 2nd half of the season. From January in League only 13/14 played 21 scored 8 14/15 played 9 scored 7 15/16 played 13 scored 7 Not really seeing the tailing off myself. Pretty sure he was injured for most of the 2nd half of the 13/14 season culminating in him coming off 8 mins into CL final.