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  1. I must admit when AVb came in I was delighted with his appointment and indeed I have stuck up for him on all occasions until these last few weeks Setting aside for one moment all the potential disagreements between players and AVB I do find myself looking at the facts from the four main competitions as at today and find the following: Sitting in fifth place in the Premier league table with every chance of failing to make next seasons Champions league Looking like there is every chance that we will exit this seasons Champions league at the first knockout stage after just about making it through from the group stages Knocked out at home by Liverpool in the Carling Cup Quarter finals Looking like having every chance of going out of the FA cup in the sixth round after failing to beat a championship side at home Maybe it's just me but surely those disappointing statistics are simply not good enough. I liked AVB as a person but as a club we have been moving backwards this season and as such if I was on the board I wouldnt be accepting of this, as such I have to agree with their decision to remove the manager. Good luck in the future Andre
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Barca in the final ?...happy days when I get confirmation of that one. Guess whos making the 50 miles journey to tomorrows final :-) For those who can't make it, you can always watch it on the dodgy web :-) C'mon ye wee blues !!
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    1-1 now Scott Sinclair equalised c'mon ye blues
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Late notice I know but Chelsea youth are playing FC Porto youth in the semi-finals of the NI Milk Cup and the game is live on the web @ Kick off is at 8.00 pm and I expect the final will be on live tomorrow as well.
  5. Didier Drogba

    I can't believe what I'm reading here, a Chelsea supporter (and mates) who poke fun at one of our players when he misses a chance. I assume it is now okay to boo Frank when he hit his shot wide last night, or indeed any of the other players when they miss a chance ? 100% perfect finishing from all of our players is now the expected norm is it? And how should we react when Drogs scores (16 times this far this season - 17% of our total goals), I guess we should all label him lucky .. perhaps you tell us how you celebrate when he does score ? You surely can't celebrate with the same feelings of elation that the rest of us do. As I see it given Drogs has missed 2-3 months with injuries and returning to fitness to have notched up some 16 goals is a very good return. Yes he has missed chances but as any true football supporter knows a good striker will always create chances, a poor one will not even create them. My belief is that Drogba has been playing the lone striker role this season and has been doing it really well. Opposing defences simply hate him because they can't handle him, ask Munich for proof of that. They all have to squeeze him hard and that in turn creates spaces for the likes of Joe, Eidur, Duffer, Frank to work within. If we sign another top striker this summer (and I feel we should) I reckon a top many strike force of Drogs (and one other) would be awesome. Lay off the guy and start to see the positive and don't always be so negative.