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  1. Mikel John Obi Off To China!

    Excellent yesterday. Tidy, won a lot of the ball and was generally impressive.
  2. John Terry

    There is no published proof or statements because the people who might speak have agreed not to, facilitated by large sums of money changing hands. Max Clifford guarantees a good financial deal for his client and he got it. Whether the papers are doing it to ruin his career and our season or to print what is probably the biggest story of the past year is at least debatable. Your point of view may depend on where in the timeline you start. If you believe that the timeline started a few months ago, your conspiracy theory is part plausible. If you believe the timeline started when the England captain decided to visit his best mate's ex, you could take a different view of who is the wrecker and why. You see, the bit I can't get is that she was Bridge's ex when the affair started (allegedly). If she was his ex, you would have thought he might have been a bit disappointed but they are adults and he can't set the rules by which they live their lives. I wonder if he is upset because he thinks the real story may be different? And the Express is a fine upstanding paper. Now I know you are taking the p***.
  3. John Terry

    I didn't touch her. I was only nipping round her house while Peter Pan was off fighting Captain Hook to check she was OK. Well, then one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was paying off Max Clifford so she wouldn't sell her story to the News of the World and I'd lost my job as leader of the Lost Boys. Anyway, it all started to fall apart when her mother moved in. Don't worry, it doesn't affect my performances or the rest of the team (although they may be a bit worried about what happens to their fairies when they go away on international duty).
  4. John Terry

    And if you clap your hands and repeat after me "I do believe in fairies", Tinkerbell will come back to life.
  5. John Terry

    Does this news involve Hilario?
  6. Gael Kakuta

    What puzzles me is how FIFA ever reached the decision they reached if the contract was not valid. Either, the evidence presented was misleading or the committee is incompetent. Time we were told which it is.
  7. John Terry

    How many loyalty points required, do you think?
  8. John Terry

    To be fair, the press had printed one story before today and that seems to be true. The Eidur story is next and if it's untrue, I assume he'll sue them. The rest is rumour. The piece quoted about Mrs H appears word for word on a messageboard. That doesn't make it true. The press is on thin ice. They got the superinjunction overturned. If they print lies, they know they'll be dragged through the courts. So, for anything else to be printed, it will have to be well sourced before they decide to print. However, be honest, are you really surprised? My guess is that there is something scandalous at every big club. Remember the Man U Christmas party? No smoke without fire. Evans was with the girl, her boyfriend caught her and she cried "rape." She wasn't anyone's wife but she was clearly there on the pull for a footballer. She just couldn't face the boyfriend with the news. It could happen every night if you were a Chelsea player and you made yourself available. And if you are a young man with lots of money, why wouldn't you? It's just that some people decide not to grow up. It all gets hidden because the papers don't want to go offside with the club. But somehow, Chelsea seems to be fair game. Maybe someone should take a look at that?
  9. John Terry

    The Sun appears to be trying to defend its columnist. Isn't it interesting that the story was broken by the NoW, the Sun's sister paper. There is a long track record of this. People who sign exclusive deals with The Sun get stitched up by the NoW. JT's "advisers", when they weren't attending MENSA meetings and setting up under-the-table tours of Cobham, might have been expected to spot this. That might have led them to advise their client not to sign an exclusive deal with the Sun, especially as he's the England captain and every paper might expect to be able to print his thoughts. The fact that they couldn't may have been a contributing factor to the frenzy. I won't comment on his behaviour - anyone who really expects role model behaviour from a footballer is looking in the wrong place. And as for replacing him? With whom? Rio the drug tester? Wayne the granny shagger? And every paper worth its salt has stuff on lots of people. There is more in the safe than on the front page. So, you might wonder why this has emerged now (see above). This is little more than a PR disaster for the man and was completely avoidable, had he been well advised. Instead, he got Trotter's Independent Football Management Company on board and their idea of promoting him has been amateur. He has been found out for his lack of judgement in his choice of avisers, not in his choice of female company.
  10. Frank Arnesen

    Utter b******s. Who would hire him? The CEO of Citeh? WHy would he want to hire a direct competitor? Kenyon's background was at Umbro. Cook, the knob at Citeh, has a background at Nike. Can't imagine why they'd want him. I think this is just an over enthusiastic website which has a default "City alerted" subhead when anyone is suggested to be moving from their club and it inadvertantly picked up a non-player. For further examples, see Ribery, Kaka, Pele, Beckenbauer, Maradonna, Stanley Matthews, God. "God expressed displeasure with the Israelites, issues ten commandments. City on stand by for any signal that he'd consider a move to reignite his career."
  11. John Terry

    You are totally right on all counts, Ken. And this is not working out well. Roman values loyalty (And will reward it). When JT pushed too hard last time (£135k/week for a centre half!), Roman did not respond well (have you noticed that there are no longer stories of him lending one of the yachts to the players for their summer holidays?). I suspect he is not responding well to this either, yet JT seems to have expected him to cough up even more cash when Citeh came along waving their chequebook. Well, he isn't, he's digging in his heels and quite rightly. If JT stays, people aren't going to be too impressed with him. If he goes, even less impressed. I can't see a happy ever after and all because £6.5m a year isn't enough for a centre half. To those who say JT is Chelsea, I suggest you give yourselves a shake. YOu have been reading too many tabloids. Chelsea was here before him and will be here long after he's gone. If you build him into an indispensible part of the club and he goes, we weaken ourselves. He is a player and there are lots of captains in that team, not only one.
  12. Didier Drogba

    What have you seen him do this season? Did you see his performance at OT? Could you have justified playing him on Sunday on the strength of his previous performances? Could you have looked Anelka in the eye and told him you'd picked Drogba on form? No, neither could I. Star players earn the billing over and over through performances. Reputation is worth nothing unless you deliver. No doubt they are better players than historically but your point, if I remember correctly, was that we should thank him for what he's done (as if he has been doing us a favour by deigning to be present at our club - the same club that wasn't very successful in the 70s and 80s). My point is that the club is bigger than the players and that he is being very well paid for doing exactly nothing this season. Exactly nothing. If you did that in your job, you'd get the sack. If you are happy to see Chelsea players do that and take the club's money for it, you're a mug. A team is made up of eleven men. They all need to play a part. His part has been to be the disruptive moaner in the corner, not a leader on the field. Try working out whether that would motivate you or demotivate you if you were playing alongside him and earnng half of what he earns.
  13. Didier Drogba

    Very few could do what he did season before last and for parts of last season. He showed us what he was capable of when he felt like it. For his first two seasons, he couldn't trap a bag of cement, incidentally, but that is a separate matter. I really wanted him to play and play well on Sunday, but he didn't, just as he didn't show up at OT. Why? Not sure. He decided he didn't want to stay (in much the same way as he has done every close season since he arrived) during the summer. I hoped that Scolari's arrival would change his attitude. It didn't. If he wants to understand why he is playing so badly, he should take a look within himself. Motivated and interested, he plays. Where he is now, even Kalou, a man whose second touch is a tackle, is ahead of him. as for thanking him for what he did, I don't think so. He has been rewarded over and over for that. These guys earn the riches of croesus. Stop treating them as if they are working class heroes who sacrifice big money moves to the big city in favour of staying with the team they supported as lads.
  14. Didier Drogba

    When he does go, it should be with a blanket over his head. He is just disgraceful and he is stealing money from our club. He seems to have no understanding of the fact that a contract (the same thing he has asked to haverenegotiated and renewed every five mminutes since he arrived) is a two way thing. In return for the barrow loads of money that we give you, you try to do something to help the team. he should have been shipped in the summer following his "performance" in Moscow. He has been here for four seasons come May. He has performed for one of those.
  15. Mikel John Obi Off To China!

    When did the forum become Sanctimony Corner? Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.