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  1. N'Golo Kante

    I doubt we'll sign a player we need more than Kante in the next two windows. he's an amazing team player. Never stops running.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Let's hope we do get kante and he continues his form from last season. What a beast!
  3. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Happy that he's signed up again. Never in doubt but always nice to know it's done.
  4. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 1

    So one result without the leagues top scorer which I might add is a good result and youre talking about jose going?
  5. Tottenham 5 Chelsea 3

    We were awful but the ref deffo made some strange choices for free kicks etc.
  6. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Did Di Maria get r ko'd at the end because I definitely didn't see branna foul him at the end. He sees everything for United but completely misses branna being man handled in the box first half. Fat Phil must be moving to Manchester soon to webs old house!
  7. Official: Loic Remy Departs.

    Great signing he scored 4 less goals than all our strikers combined last season... at Newcastle too :)
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    20 goals in 42 league games playing for QPR and Newcastle..... I'd take that as backup. Hardly a panic buy, the guy is class and well worth the 8/9m he'd cost.
  9. Everton 3 Chelsea 6

    I think if oscar was ok we wouldn't have seen a 6-3 win because I honestly believe Fab's best position is next to matic.
  10. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    Soooooooo Virgin media will definitely be getting a very serious phone call tomorrow morning. 27 minutes in and everything goes offline. I already told one person there how much tonight meant to me and that I expect compensation haha
  11. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    If I didn't have my phone. You guys and Sky sports app I'd go crazy
  12. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    So gutted virgin is down in my area.... Both tv and Internet.
  13. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    I feel like a kid again... like I'm waiting for Christmas morning. I was off work all last week and all I could think about was monday coming round for the match, even if it means I'm back at work!! This is the most excited I've been for the opening game in about 7 years!!
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Remy to chelsea? according to I know I know goal is tosh.
  15. Turkey Charity Tournament - Chelsea Vs Fenerbahce/Besiktas

    3rd place is made from wood.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd take 28m for him everyday of the week!!
  17. NK Olimpija Ljubijana 1 Chelsea 2

    Costa is a huge huge huge upgrade on Torres!
  18. Andre Schurrle

    I was buzzing when we signed Schurrle, I watch a lot of German football (German Family) and said when we signed him he'd be great for us. When we played united and he was up front he didn't get the service and the media slated him. His finishing is great as everyone here has seen. Hope some of the nay sayers are on board now!!
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Would love Pogba to sign... Just watching SSN and John Aldridge was on, what a muppet that bloke is. He honestly just said liverpool made Suarez they player he is; no one knew who he was before!! - Think most people knew who he was but know the mans record!
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    To think people questioned Schurrle's quality when we signed him. The guy can finish, hope we can sign kroos up!
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    Costa will be a great addition to our team, when we signed Schurrle people were saying he's not good enough; now they're saying he should have played more. People said that about Schurrle on this very site!
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pretty sure stats wise they are both almost identical last season.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Cech has to go for us to keep a keeper who is already pretty much at the same level and 10 years younger then go he must. It's not often you need to buy a keeper and finding one so good at his ages is very rare.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    People not wanting Costa due to his 2 games for Spain make me laugh, Spain do not play in any way to help a main striker out. They want to play tiki taka and that style has been found out. Costa made numerous runs into the box which our players would have seen and played a pass; Spain ignored his runs and wanted to pass it around 15 more times. Nothing Costa could and can do to help that mentality out! The man made his runs but nothing came his way!
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    SSN have luiz having a medical ahead of his psg switch, going to miss the crazy dude but as everyone else has said.... 50 MILLION POUNDS!!!!!