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  1. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 1

    no.... just random goo feasting based on what has been written in this thread so far..... sorry.
  2. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 1

    so I come in here for some positivity and find out that BOTH costa and hazard could be out....... same always happens with my team in sydney...... send our best players off on international breaks..... (although we are never in the same vein of form as what chelsea have been in recently)....... and they always come back injured..... usually from some tin pot mickey mouse youth tournament. international football can GGF!
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I agree with this.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Thanks for that...... That would need a record transfer fee I would hope.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    how long is he contracted for?
  6. Manchester City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    I think two defensive mids was the mistake against wet ham....... Showed them far too much respect. all said that kind of respect needs to be shown to city. But we will be given a lot more chances as they will come at us
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm new to these boards....... were there really chelsea fans that wnted to see the back of Lampard? if true I find that absolutley astonishing! a true club great! I know that there is little room in football for sentimenality (I have had the displeasure of watching the demise of brett emerton every second week for two years now) but lamps always performed even when forced to pay a ridiculous amount of games for his age..... and still is performing! we should all feel lucky to have had such a consistant player for so many years anyhoo my two cents/pence
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    agree with this..... they may not be rivals re league positions these days but thats where it ends. huge rivalry
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    it would be a great way to ship torres...... but suarez is a vile human despite his obvious abilities. I dont want him at chelsea because of this and I'm sure many would agree. him with rvp at united would make them very formidable though. I think id rather they keep rooney
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    more of jose's mind games? I hope
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hey all first post on these boards. I fell in love with chelsea at the same time I discovered football (rugby upbringing) whilst living in west kensington in 2000. I have to say rooney or no rooney..... I can't remember being more excited for the season to start....well.....ever! Id love for them to go deep into the ECL this year as well as europa games last season meant a lot of league games on sundays. and having to get up at 2am on a monday morning each week was not good for productive work on mondays (sydney)